Top 10 Best Window Roller Blinds in Reviews

Whether you are trying to change the look of your home or want to furnish a new home, window roller blinds are an excellent way to change the environment in a room. As if that is not enough, blinds can greatly improve on the energy efficiency and comfort of your house by regulates the temperature of a house and also controls the brightness of the room the entire day. Window roller blinds offer you more than just that, they’re shades that allow you to take your room to a sophisticated and glamorous look.

Selecting the right blinds is a daunting task because there are tons of varieties of blinds in the market which each coming from different materials and styles. To try and make work easier for you, we have brought together a list of the top 10 ranked blinds currently trending in the market including a buyer’s guide that will help you choose the best option. Let’s find out what each brand boasts.

10. Acholo White 23x72 Home & Windows Darkening Shades Cordless Blackout Roller Blinds

If you aim at blocking out the sunlight in your home, you better look out for Acholo blinds. These kinds of blinds greatly block out sunlight and can offer you a dark atmosphere – you can take an afternoon nap without any hitch. Because the frames are from excellent aluminum materials, you can rest assured that they’ll stand the test of time. Also, it comes with a click & lock clip that comfortably keeps the frame to the mounts. On the other hand, the roller shade is silver on one side and white on the other; as such, it makes it ideal for reflecting the sun perfectly during the hot summer. What’s more, the shade is pretty easy to pull up & down.


  • Made from reliable and durable aluminum materials
  • The roller blind is quite easy to pull up & down
  • Reflects sunlight perfectly during hot summer
  • Pretty easy to clean and maintain


  • Some mounting hardware missing

9. PowerSellerUSA White 2inch 36x64 L Venetian Achim Furnishing Cordless Window Roller Blinds

Achim Luna 2-inches vinyl blind is an ideal kit for windows at home for those who need a dark atmosphere for watching movies and napping. It offers an exemplary and fresh look to any kind of room at home or office. Also, it comes with embossed slats that are very rich and vibrant with an exquisite wood grain appearance. Whether you need a blind for your basement, kitchen, bedroom, bath, or garage, with this set, your needs are well covered. The slats of this blind are waterproof, durable, and will not fade, chip or dent.


  • The easiest way to control privacy and light
  • Easy to adjust with cordless operation
  • Suitable for all rooms at home
  • Installation is easy and fast


  • Installation instruction is poor

8. Allesin Grey 24x72 Cordless Easy to Pull Blackout Roller Shade Window Blinds for Room

Sometimes keeping the child asleep becomes a challenge particularly during the day when there is a lot of light coming to your room. Allesin roller shades are here to offer your child a safe atmosphere for sleeping. Unlike using a towel or any other clothing on your window, window roller blinds make it easy to control the light coming to your room. Also, instead of spending a lot of money on custom made shades, this set is affordable and can stand the test of time. Installation takes only a few minutes, plus, it doesn’t require any experience. If you have a shoestring budget and you don’t want to use a lot of money, then this is a great solution for you.


  • Uses cordless spring unit that is safe for pets and kids
  • Ideal for living room, kitchen, and bathroom
  • Made from top-quality fabric that lasts
  • Quite easy to setup


  • Doesn’t come with all the required screws

7. HTTMT ET-ZB-W-32 Easy to Install White Cordless Dual Layer Shades Zebra Window Roller Blinds

HTTMT window roller blinds come at the seventh position as the best product for keeping light out while allowing regulated light in. The slats are from 100 percent polyester fabric that lasts. Besides, they are resistant to shrinkage and stretching. Besides, it is dry cleanable. Further to that, it is much resistant to most chemicals. As if that is not enough, it is stable and comes with two ways to install. The unique features of this kit are excellent pleat retention, resilient, and wrinkle resistant.


  • They are from durable and reliable polyester fabric
  • These blinds are resistant to most chemicals
  • It is resistant to shrinkage and stretching
  • The shade is easy to install


  • Required good installation to stay in place

6. Kyle & Bryce White Classic Sleek Multiple Sizes Blackout Roller White Temporary Darkening

Do you work night shifts and needs to have the same night’s sleep during the day? Kyle & Bryce blackout roller is your ultimate solution. This blackout shade keeps out the light while controlling the temperature in your room so that you may have a serene and cool sleeping environment. This shade comes in a wide range of colors, however, the white one is the one that keeps light out perfectly. We kid you not, this shade look spectaculars and cute in any room. Besides, mounting is pretty easy and simple like the normal curtain. Getting better sleep has never been this easier.


  • Looks great and cute in any room
  • Installing is quick and easy
  • Keeps light out for better sleep
  • Comes from high-quality fabric


  • No Cons far

5. CHICOLOGY Belgian Snow 27x64 Light Filtering Modern Fabric Cordless Roman Shades

If you are looking for an easy to operate window roller blind, this brand by Chicology becomes the best in the market. It has light filtering roman shades that create a warmer and vintage feeling around your home. With a modern twist that has a cordless function, you will operate it with no difficulty at all. Additionally, this cordless feature offers safety at home for children and your pets. The soft contemporary finish complements most decors at home. You can install it in your living room, bedroom, playroom, kitchens, and many more. Better still, it assures you of the needed privacy whereas letting in some light.


  • Keeps your room looking elegant and beautiful
  • Takes some few minutes to fully install it
  • Made sturdy to ensure stable operations
  • Lightweight thus easier to carry around


  • The lining does have a nice look from the outside

4. Lotus & Windoware FCX3460WH 34X60 White 2inch Faux Low Maintenance Wood Blinds

Lotus and windoware window roller blind is equipped with the needed features to meet all your needs. This unit is designed from high-quality wooden components that assure you of a longer-lasting unit. These materials do not crack easily not fade its color thus keeps your room looking beautiful. Installation is such a hassle-free task because all the needed hardware and instructions are included thus it will take you some few minutes. With a weight of about 10 pounds, you can easily transfer it from one window to another without feeling much of its weight.


  • Stretches easily to cover the entire window
  • Made of quality materials that last long
  • Has fewer cords thus easier to install
  • Complements most house decors


  • Takes up to 30 minutes to fully install it

3. SUNFREE White 31x72 Cordless Spring Lifting Unit Blackout Window Blinds for Office & Home

Just as its name suggests Sunfree window roller blind allows you to enjoy your stay at your house with no affecting sun rays. You can either mount it inside or outside depending on your light-blocking needs. It has a silver color on the back which blocks sunlight therefore blocks cold and UV during summer seasons. With the safety cordless design, you can easily adjust the rasing to suit your window size. The built-in spring system allows you to automatically lift this unit as you desire at any time. Besides, the included brackets make installation a breeze and it will take you some few minutes.


  • Can be installed on Windows of less than 72 inches
  • Available in 11 different colors to choose from
  • Easy to maintain by wiping with a wet cloth
  • The rail is made of quality metallic materials


  • Lacks clear instructions on installation

2. ShadesU Ecru Color 72inch Cut-Size Custom Darkening & Light Filtering Window Roller Blinds

Are you looking for a high-quality window roller blind? Look no further than ShadesU window roller blind. This unit is designed from high-grade aluminum and polyester materials that last longer and are strong. The polyester materials are windproof and rainproof to protect you from UV rays and overheating. You can install it in your bathroom, office, living room, bedroom, and many other places to create a natural indoor climate. With only a weight of 1.44 pounds, you can easily transfer it from one place to another. Better still, it can be such a permanent or temporary solution to your window treatments.


  • Includes needed hardware for assembly
  • Matches most home and house decors
  • Well designed to keep children safer
  • Keeps you feeling cool at all times


  • Only available in Ecru color

1. ALLBRIGHT Beige 34inch Striped Jacquard 100% UV Protection Cordless Blackout Window Roller Blinds

You can keep your bedroom or living room more lively with Allbright window roller blind. This item is well designed to complement most home decors. It creates a warm and comfortable space whereas blocks the rays of the sun. The thermal silver backing helps balance during both summer and winter seasons. Furthermore, it is designed from high quality and thick fabric well known for its durability. The fitting guides have all the necessary instructions to aid you while installing this unit. With this, you can fully install within 15-20 minutes to save both your time and energy.


  • Well certified thus safer for everyday use
  • Blocks up to 100% light from the outside
  • Reduces noise and ensures privacy
  • Easier to maintain by just wiping it


  • The instructions are not very clear

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Window Roller Blinds

Type of Blinds

You need to know the differences that exist between shades and blinds. First and foremost, blinds are a collection of slates that are mostly from hard materials like wood and plastic and these units can be controlled to regulate the light coming in. Besides, the light can be easily lowered or raised to enable more light in. On the other hand, shades are of a single piece of material that implies that the only way that exists to change the light coming in is by lowering or raising it. It’s upon you to choose the type that meets your lighting needs.

Child & Pet Safety

The other important factor to keep a note of when purchasing the best window roller blinds is the safety of your child or pet. If you didn’t know, there are some shades and blinds that pose a challenge to animals and young ones. If the blind that you choose comes with a string used for raising and lowering the kit, then you need to be careful because they can very detrimental around kids and pets. If possible, opt for cordless window blind because they are safe for pets and children.


The budget is the other aspect that you want to consider before committing your funds. You want to be sure that the kit you’re buying won’t strain your budget and most importantly, it will meet all your needs. It’s recommended that you settle with a set that is not cheap or expensive, check on other factors to ensure that they match all your requirements.


We do trust that this quick review has braced you with all the required information to enable you to make a well-informed decision in regards to the best window roller blinds for your home or office. Indeed, roller blinds are a superb way to add style and comfort to the home as well as boosting the energy hence allows you to stay in a greener atmosphere. The ten selections on the list above are the most ranked in today’s market, you can rest assured to get the best experience ever. Finally, they offer incomparable performance and even better, they are affordable.

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