The 10 Best Folding Hand Truck in Reviews

Carrying heavy luggage from one to point to another can be tiring and boring if you don’t use the right tool. I once underwent a tough experience while searching for the best folding hand truck. During last summer, I was preparing to go on a trip with the test of my family members, unfortunately, the packing process was hectic. However, packing wasn’t a big deal as to what we underwent carrying the heavy bags and boxes to our Range Rover Sport.

In fact, the whole experience was awful and a back-breaking task, so with immediate effect I had to search for a hand truck to make work easier. Finding the best and suitable hand truck wasn’t easy at all while perusing over the available options, I couldn’t hide my confusion because time was a limiting factor. Later, I come across expensive and cheap, flimsy and sturdy hand trucks and so on…
After making deeper considerations on the available options, I settle down for Vergo S300BT with folding hands, which just based on the basis of my preference. You are not limited to options, there were other goods and well-designed folding hand trucks that I have compiled just for you.

In this review, we are going to extensively review The 10 Best Folding Hand Truck you might be looking for to make luggage carrying an effortless task. And here we go…

10. InFocus MI-902 Folding Hand Truck

Are you searching for a folding hand truck with ease of movement and provides comfortable? Well, InFocus is designed to solve all your luggage movement issues. Once you mount it, you can move with it around with your hand. You are assured that it can carry your heavy luggage of up to 264lb and has a 42 telescoping handle with rubber wheels.

The main thing that will impress you about this trolley is the way it folds easily, designed to be a lightweight cart to enable movements of heavy objects either at home or in industries. Having this type of cart will save your back and time while you carry things around. The other admirable feature of this cart is the adjustable handle, you are capable of adjusting the telescoping handles of up to 42 inches thus making handling of cart much easier.


  • Has adjustable handles for easy load handling
  • Can carry heavy luggage
  • Save your back in carrying things around
  • Lightweight and foldable


  • The handles could be designed a bit longer but it’s good

9. Pack-N-Roll Folding Hand Truck

If you want a folding hand truck that makes your work easier without any strain, Pack-All-Roll is your assured solution. Featuring a steel frame construction and a reinforced cast aluminum plate to make your trolley firm and steady. How can you be excited with its 5-inch diameter wheel that offers smooth rolling every time? When it comes to its foldability factor, you’ll be happy to know that this one type can fold into 2-1/4- inch thickness, thus enabling it to comfortably fit into small spaces available in the car, at home, workplaces and many more.

This steel toe plate is capable of carrying up to 150-pound capacity without any challenge. Be rest assured, once you acquire this hand truck, all your heavy luggage will be moved easily from one place to another, saving quality part of your time to other duties.


  • The wheels provide smooth rolling
  • Quickly and easily folds down for convenient storage
  • Designed with telescoping handles that can extend to 39-1/4 inch height
  • Carry up to 150-pound capacity


  • Should not be a ride on it

8. RMS Royal Medical Solutions, Inc. Folding Hand Truck

RMS Royal medical solutions hand truck has proven to be the best truck with its lightweight and collapsible features. It only weights 2.8lbs, making it suitable for any of your travel. If you have any luggage that you want to carry, this seems your choice. Built with the sturdy make, hence making your opening and closing an easy task. It makes also your maneuvers so simple and fast. If you have a backpack of any size, it can be folded into because of its measures 15” x 10” x 3”.

This is a truck you can’t avoid having in your home since it makes your movement task so easier. Build with oversized rugged wheels that are durable and quiet thus making maneuvering and handling of the trolley an easy job.


  • Makes movement easier and faster
  • Can be folded to fit into small spaces
  • Constructed with lightweight materials to enables portability
  • Can carry luggage up to 75lbs


  • If your height is 5’11 or over, your strain to reach the handle

7. ENKEEO Folding Hand Truck

Want an easy to pull or push hand truck? ENKEEO has proven to be the one. Constructed with a sturdy and large capacity to accommodate large luggage, ENKEEO is one of the hand truck you can never miss to check on. You can always acquire this well-constructed truck with an amazing price. The track enables you to carry a maximum of up to 300lbs and as a matter of assurance, the trolley is durable and capable of withstanding heavyweight and can be used frequently.

One thing making this folding hand truck to stand out is their extensible handle and platform. You can adjust their heights to 53cm, 75cm and 95cm because of the telescoping handles it’s built with. Not forgetting is foldable to storage ideal feature; imagine you can fold it into a portable size of a 49 by 32 cm board, I am sure you are smiling. You can carry along and store even in an environment experiencing inadequate spacing.


  • Versatile usage
  • Can be folded and stored easily
  • Made from the flexible & quiet caster
  • Has a sturdy construction & a large capacity


  • Sometimes locks with a push but it’s a good product for pull mechanism

6. Pansonite Folding Hand Truck

How about making your life easier with Pansonite? If you want a perfect choice for delivering cargoes in warehouses, carrying food, moving into a new house, holding luggage cases and backpack during a travel, furniture appliances delivery and other movements, Pansonite offers unlimited and effortless movements just for you.

As compared to other carts available in the market, Pansonite can support more capacity of up to 330lbs. It makes you carry everything without the necessity of a second round, saving you a lot of precious time and cutting on the cost. The goodness with this truck is the fact that the drawbar is purely made from aluminum which makes the cart to be more durable and can support heavier goods and save you a lot of energy.

When it comes to handling, the truck is easy to use and easy to carry, you can fold it and unfold it within some few seconds. Whether you want a truck to use on a flat road or on a mountain road, this truck can work best for you because their wheels have been built such that they are earthquake–resistant.


  • Easy to use and carry
  • Has a stronger load capacity of up to 330lbs
  • More durable and can hold more goods
  • Has 7 wheels to provides support for the heavyweight


  • It’s more orange than red IMO, but it works perfectly

5. KOMEX Folding Hand Truck

KOMEX folding hand truck is the greatest trolley you can use it during traveling, shopping, picnics, campgrounds, and workplaces. You can carry boxes, luggage, groceries, and other heavy objects. The main thing you’ll be excited about this hand-truck is its simple pull using its handle, it is constructed with 2-wheel that makes movements easy. Once you are done using this truck, you can easily fold thus opening up for easy storage.

To make life easier and simple, KOMEX hand truck is the way to begin. You can comfortably carry a max of 220lbs with ease. Going for weekend travel is never complete without a comfy folding hand truck.


  • Makes life easier
  • The cart is durable
  • Has adjustable size handles and easy to store
  • Support heavy luggage


  • You really need to balance the load, lest tend to tip to the direction you’re pushing.

4. Tomser Folding Hand Truck

Tomser is a perfect hand truck that eases your life suitable for travel, supermarkets, stations, students and station. Bid a word of goodbye to the old makes of heavy hand truck. When it comes to its folding capability, it wouldn’t frustrate you, because it is a 4 wheel-rotate hand truck foldable. The truck is capable of carrying a max of 165lbs and being a lightweight, you can move around with ease.
Once you are done using this truck, you can fold it with ease. Being foldable and lightweight makes even more comfortable when it comes to storing and carrying in a backpack. The other factor making Tomser stand out from other brands is the fact that its heavy duty and durable. Its drawbar is made from thick steel material, is tough and durable. It cannot shake anyhow when you’re pulling.


  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Pulling is easy and light
  • Comes with flat bungee cord for carrying heavy luggage
  • It makes life easy


  • Could be even better if the handles could support more heights

3. Vergo S300BT Folding Hand Truck

Vergo S300BT has gain sufficient reputation more so with the fact that it’s has dominated the market for quite some times now. It gives you comfort and easy in carrying everyday items because it has a lightweight body yet strong enough to certain the heavyweight it carries. This matches with events like picnics, trades shows, travels, school, and campgrounds or even in work environments. Can comfortably hold large luggage, boxes, groceries, paperwork, water bottles, and potted plants.

It guarantees you a perfect carrying experience more so because it has foldable nose plates, solid rubber wheels, nestable wheels with aluminum frame and can handle a max of up to 275lbs capacity. This hand truck folds magically, it completely folds down and out of the way enabling easy storage.


  • Folds up for easy storage
  • It is made with telescoping handle for easy movements
  • Supports a max of 225lb load
  • The truck is durable


  • If kept for long without usage, the folding mechanism may fail

2. Rendio Folding Hand Truck

What a heavy duty hand truck to have with a support capacity of up to 220lbs! Carrying heavy luggage with this cart is one noble ideal you can think of. It brings results by saving you energy and having mercy on your back. It is designed with 2 rubber wheel with diameters of 5.5” enabling easily rolling during your movements.

Purchasing this trolley is never a waste of money, it offers you the best solutions to shift items from one area to another smoothly and effortlessly. Even when you’re done carrying, the truck can be folded into a small size item that can be carried and stored with ease. Go for this hand truck if you’re used to traveling on car or train every weekend.


  • For multi-purpose use
  • Easy to store
  • Made from durable materials
  • Can hold up to a max of 220lbs
  • Designed with lightweight materials for easy movements


  • Could be much better with longer handles

1. Sanoto Folding Hand Truck

Need a unique hand truck with unique and auspicious features? Worry less, Sanoto folding hand truck has timely arrived to end your problems. You can carry a max of up to 80lbs. With its lightweight features, you can always move with it anywhere you want at any time.

This foldable hand truck is suitable for different occasions like for shopping, airport, moving boxes, travel, students and even for the station. You can scale the handles with ease by just pushing the front button, extending the height of the handle to your preferred heights. More importantly, are the handles made from aluminum that doesn’t rust.


  • The handles are scalable
  • The truck can be easily be folded
  • Wheels are made from durable materials
  • Lightweight sturdy hand truck


  • Only supports a max of 80lbs

What You Need To Take Into Considerations When Selecting Folding Hand Truck

Before you tab the purchase icon to undertake the real purchase, here are set of three important factors you should consider to get the best purchase experience.

Weight Capacity

Make a rough estimate on the load weight you be using with the hand truck you wish to purchase. Don’t make any miscalculation, as it may arise to a scenario where you’ll purchase a small weight capacity truck that might be damaged because you may carry more weight than the recommended. Avoid a folding hand truck that will force you to carry luggage in rounds.


Folding hand trucks have different constructions, for instance, some are easy to fold up and down while others are rust proof. Be alert to check on the maneuverability features of folding hand truck you want to acquire.


As long as you have found a hand truck that meets all your requirements at an affordable price don’t hesitate to buy, but be keen to avoid being a victim of circumstance; cheap is expensive, stick to your stipulated budget.


With these unique high-quality folding hand truck, moving all your items can be done smoothly and in a safe manner. You can always be assured that your time and resources are saved in a big way. As long as you choose the appropriate truck to carry your items, you’ll always smile every time you’re moving items around. What should make you rush for the truck is the fact that they are pocket-friendly, keeping you on track. Buy one today and you’ll always share its goodness to your neighbors at home.

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