Top 10 Best Tankless Electric Water Heaters in Reviews

Go east or west, water remains as the most important resource in daily life, more so the high-temperature water; occasionally we need water in taking bath, washing hands, washing clothes doing house chores. In the past, a tank water heater took a large space for hot water provision. But, the invention of the best tankless electric water heaters has radically changed the way we get hot water. It enables the taps to have seamless boiling water to satisfy your need. Aside from the quick performance of heating, these electric water heaters have become increasingly famous.

Currently, the market provides a wide range of tankless electric water heaters, and choosing the best option is an arduous task. However, in this review, we’ll put everything into perspective. We delved into the market aiming and finding the best of the best models of these units; out of which we managed to get the top 10 best tankless electric water heaters in reviews.

That said, let’s set off.

#10. MAREY ECO110 220V Small 11kW Self-Modulating 1.3 GPM Tankless Electric Water Heater (White)

Marry ECO110 is made with smart technology. The water does not come into contact with the heating element. This in turn will ensure that there will be no accumulation of sediments. The efficiency of this brand is 98% and can be maintained by the heater for its entire lifetime. Both the heating chamber and the water channel are made of stainless steel of high quality. For safety purposes, you will need a professional plumber or electrician to install for you s 60 Amp breaker. This model power output is 11 kW, therefore, suitable for use at one point. Also, the targeted point of use should not more than 40 feet away from the heater.


  • Allows easy programming of the desired temperatures
  • Uses electricity optimally thus saves energy
  • Endless availability of hot water
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • One unit can’t adequately serve in a house with many people

#9. BISELONG GFCI Plug Output 2.5 Gallon 1.5kW Compact 110- 120V Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

Biselong is a water heater mini-tank that gives your health a lot of considerations. Has multiple protection mechanisms for optimum safety. These safety features include protection against; leakages, scald, dry heating, and over temperatures. Also, the electricity line is separated from the water. The thermal efficiency for this water heater is 98% and the maximum temperature goes up to 167°F. Operates using self-adjusting technology, therefore reduces the heat loss that usually occurs in other bulky water storage heaters. Furthermore, the installation of this unit is easier. Can be mounted on the wall, shelf, and floor or under the sink.


  • Made of a corrosion-resistant plastic shell
  • Compact design that’s easy to install
  • Can be fixed in a shelf, floor or wall
  • It’s 98% thermally efficient


  • The unit might leak if not properly installed

#8. Bosch ES4 Shelf Wall/Floor Mounted T4-Gallon Tronic 3000 Electric Mini-Tank Water, Heater

This compact unit boasts a mini-tank that can hold up to 4 gallons of water for use at the point of need. Can be fixed under the sink to provide you with hot water for washing. Has a compact design that measures 13.75″ X 13.75″ X 13.50″. It is also 98% thermally efficient. Installation can either be as independent or together with another large source of hot water. For independent installation, you plug a 36″-37″ code to a power source of 120 Volts. The rate of recovery is faster, therefore you won’t for long once you power the heater. Moreover, the compact design makes it good to fit on the shelf, wall, or even on the floor.


  • Able to supply hot water to two sinks at once
  • Has a maximum thermal efficiency of 98%
  • Can hold up my four gallons of water
  • Its rate of recovery is faster


  • Minor leaking can occur if the pressure valve isn’t fixed accordingly

#7. Eemax EEM24013 Compact Self-Modulating Tech Consistent Electric Water Heater (Blue)

Eemax tankless water heater is an ideal heater for both domestic and commercial purposes. It uses 240 Volts and 13 Kilowatt units. It is designed for use in the points of need within your house. This tank will instantly and consistently supply you with hot water endlessly. Eemax also heats only for you the exact volume of water you need at a particular time. It is equipped with the most advanced technology for self-modulation. Based on the amount of hot water needed, this heater will automatically adjust itself and allow the input of the right amount of energy.


  • Uses an advanced technology that allows it to modulate itself
  • It heats water instantly and constantly
  • Has a smaller size that saves on space
  • Supplies continuous hot water


  • Can’t work where there is no sufficient power

#6. CAMPLUX 27kW 240V On-Demand Digital Display TE27 Tankless Electric Water Heater (Black)

Camplux tankless electric water heater offers all the solutions for your hot water needs. It is suitable and gives you all the efficiency in your lifestyle. It is designed to be operated using a remote control. The LED display unit shows the temperature settings of the heater. Using the remote control, you can easily switch the readings from °C to °F and vice versa. This heater is small in size and sleek in its design. Therefore, the design makes it suitable to be installed in salons, bathroom sinks, schools, kitchen, and hospitals. Additionally, it is perfect to be fixed at any angle.


  • Flexible and can install at any angle up to 180°
  • A durable component made of stainless steel
  • Easy to control using touch technology
  • Has a digital display unit


  • Can’t exceed 125°F

#5. American Standard Water Heater CE-12-AS 12 Gallon Point of Use Heavy-Gauge Steel Tank

Do you need hot water in large amounts? Well, American standard tankless electric water heater. This unit is designed to fit smaller spaces such as cabinets, mop sinks, counters, and many more. The inner Dura glass is lined with high-quality materials that offer maximum protection against corrosion. Additionally, it has a factory-installed drain valve that allows you to drain any sediments that might have formed. It operates at a test pressure of 300psi and a working pressure of 150psi. Depending on your needs, you can easily set the temperatures to meet all your needs.


  • Has good insulation to keep your water always hot
  • Occupies less storage space with its compact design
  • Easier to install and takes some few minutes
  • Convenient since it has a replaceable anode


  • Has terrible installation instruction

#4. AB Cabins 27kW ¾Inch NPT Tankless Electric Water Heater for Domestic Hot Water Heating

AB tankless electric water heater is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your hot water needs. This equipment allows you to set the required temperatures to heat your water and delivers results more consistently. It heats water when needed thus saves both energy and costs. With its compact design, it is ideal for installation in kitchens, bathrooms, apartments, cabins and so because it occupies a lesser footprint. The automatic memory features retain all the input settings to avoid any frequent adjustments. This makes it an ideal gift for your loved ones.


  • Made sturdy to ensure safe and stable heating operations
  • Lightweight, thus it’s easier to carry from place to place
  • The stainless steel heating element is rust-resistant
  • Has a splash-proof casing to keep dry at all times


  • Has a slower flow rate compared to other models

#3. Rheem 240V RTEX-18 Small 2 Heating Chambers Residential Tankless Water Heater (Grey)

If you’re looking for a more compact tankless electric water, this model from Rheem is an ideal choice. It is smaller in size thus takes less storage space in your kitchen, cabins, apartments, and many other places. The external thermostatic control has a LED display that shows your current temperature settings. Moreover, the two heating elements are designed from durable, high-quality copper components. With a flow rate of up to 4.4 gallons per minute, you are assured of a continuous supply of hot water in your house. Assembly is a hassle-free task because it takes a few minutes.


  • Operates quietly to avoid any unnecessary disturbances
  • The external control is easier to operate and adjust
  • Has a stylish LED display that matches most decors
  • Takes some few minutes to heat cold water


  • -The temperatures fluctuate unevenly

#2. Stiebel Eltron Tempra 15 Trend Eco Hot Water On-Demand Tankless Electric Water Heater (White)

You can now enjoy a continuous demand for hot water with Stiebel Eltron tankless electric water heater. It has a small and sleek design thus occupies less storage space while providing hot water for your entire house. The electric flow sensor activates a quiet water heater that does not create any disturbances. With the digital temperature display, you can easily monitor heating temperatures. Moreover, the auto modulation helps you to save energy whereas reducing electric costs. It only weighs 1 pound thus it is easier to carry it from one place to another without feeling its weight.


  • Can be easily mounted on the wall because it is light
  • The buttons are soft and easier to adjust settings
  • Small and compact with no venting required
  • Easier to install and takes some few minutes


  • The flow rate isn’t constant

#1. Rinnai V65Ep-Propane/6.5 GPM High-Efficiency Tankless Hot Water Heater w/Mobile App

Never again will you have to schedule your hot water need because Rinnai tankless electric water heater offers you a continuous flow of hot water. It will never leave you out to use cold water because it never runs out of hot water for your kitchen or laundry room. The thermacirc360 technology keeps hot water circulating through the pipes to get you hot water at all times. Moreover, it has a compact design thus it takes less installation space making it ideal for kitchens and other smaller spaces. This assures you of less CO2 emissions, less energy usage, and conserves water.


  • More convenient with water consumption of 65 gallons
  • The temperature setting is easier to set and accurate
  • Has a sleek design thus saves you up to 15 square feet
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last longer


  • A bit heavier compared to the Stiebel Eltron model

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Tankless Electric Water Heater

Heating System

First to be certain of continuous hot running water in your home, it paramount to find the powerful water heater. In that case, it should have a powerful heating system of around 36kW and above. Having such a powerful water heater will ensure water is boiled within a very short time and water flow is endless. Moreover, the heating elements ought to be made from stainless steel material.


Of course, you also need to consider the construction of any tankless electric water heater you wish to purchase. You should go for a model that will be in a position to serve you for long. In that case, you need to check for a heater that’s constructed using superior materials. In most cases, stainless steel heaters are mostly recommended because they guarantee longevity. More than that, stainless steel water heaters are known to be relatively faster and keep its hotness, and as such, reduces the need for preheating.

LCD Panel

If you need to control the tank with ease, it’s important to look for an electric tankless water heater with LCD panel control. The settings should be visible enough to allow you to maneuver on the system with ease. With a panel control, you can flawlessly adjust the temp and set the device to provide efficient heating performance. Such a unit is ideal to suit all users. In other cases, the water heater ought to come with a self-modulating unit that adjusts the temperature to be easy.

There’re other aspects you need to consider including design, size, price, ease of installation, power inlet, price, safety among others. Given that you follow them step by step, you’ll not be challenged by selecting the one that satisfies all your needs.


The above choices made to the top 10 best, theirs is no doubt, and they’ll surely take water usage at home to a higher level. They use a super-powerful heating system that makes boiling of water is a hassle-free task. Other than this, they’re highly reliable and efficient, hence their popularity among most households. Installation is also easy and quick, you wouldn’t need the intervention of a professional plumber. What’s more, it features a sleek and compact design that makes them ideal for use even in smaller spaces. Enjoy the flawless flow of water in your home like never before with one of the above tankless electric water heaters!

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