Top 10 Best Skateboards for Kids in Reviews

Indeed, skateboarding is an exciting sport for kids and adults as well. To some, it’s a profession rather than a skill. For that case, if you want your child to master all the tricks of skateboarding, you better start at a tender age. On top of that, skateboarding doesn’t only need skills but also offers your child a certain extent of adventure. As a fact, skateboarding has become a thing of common good among children of small ages, mostly less than five. Besides, skateboarding is an excellent way of exercise since your entire has to participate in it fully.

Apart from that, the entertaining sport inculcates your child on virtues like patience and resilience. So, if you’re looking for the best skateboard for kids, don’t worry because we’ve done the laborious work for you. That’s why we put together a list of the top 10 best skateboards for kids in the market. Let’s find out more.

10. New Olym 4 Standard 7 Layer Complete Skateboard for Girls, Boys, Adults & Beginners

New Olym is a professional skateboard that gives your kid a flying feeling. This is a complete skateboard designed with a 31” long and 8” wide sturdy and robust deck. The deck is made from 7 layers of Canadian-maple wood. It has a reinforcement of 5-inched trucks made of aluminum alloys. Also, aluminum trucks create reliable and solid support. The skateboard supports a maximum weight of 220 pounds. It is equipped with premium quality PU-wheels with ABEC-9 bearings. These combinations of ABEC-9 bearings and PU wheels facilitate high-speed skating experience. It is also fitted with high-rebound bushes to increase shock-absorption. Furthermore, the deck’s top surface is made of an anti-slip and waterproof material with high friction.


  • Designed with an anti-slip and high friction deck
  • Equipped with high-rebound bushings
  • Its bottom is decorated with patterns
  • Made of durable aluminum trucks


  • Wheels become loose if not serviced regularly.

9. Palyshion 31Inch Easy to Adjust Cool Life Trick Skateboard Complete for Beginners & Kids

Playshion skateboard is an ideal gift if your youngster is beginning to learn skateboarding. This skateboard is designed with quality components that enable your kid to have a riding experience full of fun. It comes when it is completely assembled and ready for skating. The skateboard has a 31-inch extended and 8-inched wide deck made from 8 layers of ply maple. It also has an extension of tail kicks for use by beginners in learning new skating. This skateboard is equipped with a 52mm 95a-urethane wheel casters to facilitate a fast and smooth riding experience. The wheels are fitted with ABEC-9 bearings made of carbon steel material. Also, the deck is covered with a full-grip tape that creates secure footing.


  • Equipped with polyurethane wheels and carbon-steel bearings
  • It is designed with 5” trucks made of aluminum metal
  • Has a 31 inch long and 8-inch wide deck
  • Constructed with eight layers of maple ply


  • The wheels are not so great.

8. WOOD CITY 31'' Double Kick 9 Layers Canadian Professional Outdoor Skateboard for Beginners

Wood City is a simple but graphically designed skateboard for beginners. It is suitable for skate parks, pools, ramps, streets, and any other outdoor surface. Besides, this skateboard has durable and powerful PU wheels that spin with high speed. These high-rebound wheels are made of ABEC-7 bearings that facilitate quick ground response. This skateboard is available in different fashions and graphic designs for you to choose from. The standing surface on the deck is made of a waterproof and anti-skid matte. This material has high friction, which makes it safe and easy to ride on. With the tail kicks, your kid can play tricks and control the skateboard with much ease.


  • Equipped with high-rebound bushings that prevent shocks
  • It is constructed from 9 layers of maple wood
  • The wheels are made of anti-sleep materials
  • It has an anti-skid and waterproof deck.


  • Comes with loose wheels that should be tightened before use

7. DIYUSI 8 Layers Double Kick THMEX Pro Standard Skateboard Cruiser for Kids & Adults

THMEX Pro skateboard is a standard skateboard made of high-quality materials. The deck is constructed with eight layers of maple hardwood with higher density and stability than plastic boards. The standing surface of the board is made of an anti-skid and waterproof emery paper. Also, the skateboard deck is designed with a tail and a nose on either end. The nose and tail can be useful when displaying advanced skating tricks. This standard skateboard is equipped with 52mm, 84a-PU Wheels, and ABEC-9 bearings with high speed. Moreover, the precision bearings are made of stainless alloys. The wheels are also super smooth and are designed with anti-shock bushes to increase stability and comfortable skating experience.


  • The deck is made of 8 layers of hardwood maple
  • It is designed with highly resilient PU casters
  • It is equipped with an HD waterproof grip
  • Equipped with ABEC-9 bearings


  • Comes with small trucks

6. BELEEV 7 Layer Deck Concave All-in-One T-Tool Maple Skateboard for Beginners & Adults

Beleev Skateboard is a cruiser skating board designed to cater to the daily needs of a skater. This is an ideal skateboard for both beginners and experts. It is constructed with a compact and robust body with a lightweight design. The skateboard comes when it is completely assembled and ready for use. Its board is made of 7 layers of durable and flexible Canadian-maple hardwood. This will enhance more comfort and stability to the skateboard when your kid ride on it. The board can accommodate up to a maximum weight of 220 pounds, making it suitable for teens, kids, or adults. More so, with 95a PU-wheels, steel bearings, and PU-bushings, you are guaranteed a fun and smooth riding experience.


  • Has been equipped ABEC-7 bearings and PU wheels
  • It is made of durable and robust maple wood
  • It supports a maximum weight of 220 lbs.
  • Designed with asymmetric concave style


  • Bearings begin to slow the movement if not maintained.

5. Binxin 9 Layer Maple Wood Pro Skateboard Deck w/Double Kick Concave for Kids & Boys

If your child loves a longboard to up their skateboarding skills, Binxin double kick tub is the kit to go for. This unit is from a heavy-duty five-inch aluminum material truck that is long-lasting. Besides, the deck features a full-length grip tape with a colorful print on it that captures kids’ attention. Additionally, the non-slip top offers an irresistible flex. Other than that, it is easy and smooth to control – you can even skate in light rainfall. If you’d like to avoid incurring extra-charges on maintenance, you should consider buying this skateboard.


  • Ideal for newbies to do some basic stunts
  • Sturdy enough to support your child fully
  • The skateboard can support up to 220lbs
  • It is smooth and easy to operate.


  • Best for beginners

4. Gentle Monster 9 Layer Maple Colorful Flashing Wheels Double Kick Deck for Extreme Sports

The gentle Monster skateboard is another high-quality unit that offers you a smooth ride. It’s made of 100 percent 9-ply Canadian maple wood deck, high-speed bearing, and aluminum alloy truck. Also, it has a maximum load-bearing of up to 220 pounds. Besides, this skateboard was designed for all riders’ levels, and you can always grab it and perform some basic stunts with it. Further, it comes with a carrying bag that makes it convenient to carry. Finally, you can surprise your daughter or son with this skateboard today to take their career a notch higher.


  • Support a maximum load capacity of 220 pounds
  • The best choice for your girls and boys
  • Comes with a bonus carrying bag
  • Built to be ridden in any terrain


  • The speed is a bit slow.

3. VOKUL 7 Layer Maple Double Kick Standard Complete Skateboard for Boys, Girls & Beginners

If you want a skateboard that can withstand all the tough usage and last-longer, check out this model by VAKUL. One exciting thing about this brand is that it uses high-quality materials on all its parts. As such, you can bet for the value for your money with this skateboard. Whether you need one for your child or yours, this skateboard can support a wide range of needs. The deck is fully covered with anti-skid that makes it to be waterproof. What’s more, it’s smooth and durable.


  • Can support a weight of up to 220lbs
  • Has smooth and durable wheels
  • Comes with an exquisite design
  • It’s anti-skid for a smooth ride.


  • Could have a better design

2. AODI 7 Layer Maple Wood Kick Standard Complete Skateboard for Adults, Girls & Teens

AODI skateboard is ideal for all hard, compact surfaces like bitumen, short grass, concrete, tarmac, uneven terrain surfaces, etc. This sporting item is suitable for girls, boys, and adults as well. Being a longboard unit, kids can enjoy the ride at whichever terrain without encountering any problem. Besides, it comes with a large deck that offers enough weight distribution. As such, they’re suitable for skateboarding on the pavements and streets without losing the speed. Also, they’re pretty easy to ride and hassle-free to push and slide. Finally, we recommend that your child brace up with all the safety gear before engaging with this unit.


  • Allows you to enjoy the fun of skateboarding
  • Has a well-built body for durability
  • Comes when it’s fully assembled
  • It’s lightweight and sturdy.


  • The color isn’t that attractive.

1. M Merkapa 7 Layer Canadian Maple 31'' Pro Complete Kick Deck Concave Skateboard w/Tool

Are you trying to think about the best gift to get for your little angel? What if I offer you the best solution? Merkapa 31-inch skateboard is specifically designed to suit the children’s needs. It offers your kid an easy way to learn skateboarding without the help of a trainer. You can also take them to the skate park to have a wonderful moment as they unleash their skateboarding potential. Even adults can take this appliance with them to cultivate their passion for skateboarding. Besides, it doesn’t require any assembly. This unit has a long-lasting construction, yet it comes at an unbelievable cost.


  • Has PU HR wheels that stand the test of time
  • Excellent skateboard for performing tricks
  • Made from quality materials that last
  • Great gift for your kid


  • The grip tape is a bit too rough.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Skateboard for Kids


Of course, skateboarding is a fun sport, yet it can be equally detrimental. Seemingly, the sport isn’t ideal for all kids. You, therefore, need to recognize if your child is up for the sport or not. So, if the answer is yes, then while sifting through the market, you should be more concerned about your child’s safety. The models ushered into the market nowadays are perfectly safe. These modern boards come with all the necessary safety features like light-up wheels, balance correcting decks, etc.


Well, you want to consider the overall design of the skateboard. Essentially, skateboards have unconventional and witty designs. As such, there’re tons of designs presented in the market, and it’s your job to choose the design that impresses you and your child the most. You should also know your child’s taste before buying a skateboard to ensure you buy the desired design. It can be even a good idea to allow your child to select the model they like on their own.


As you may know, skateboards come in a wide range of sizes. Before you can make a purchase, ensure that the skateboard you are opting for you is the right size for your kid. The sizing of the skateboards is based on the kid’s age. For instance, a 5 – 6years old toddlers will meet distinct requirements than an 8 – 12years old child. Therefore, ensure to keep the size of the skateboard on the look when doing shopping.


Finally, you need to select the skateboard that is made from reliable and sturdy materials for longevity. Because most skateboards are from wood, you’ve to ensure that it’s durable and sturdy. Most of the boards are from maple Canadian maple with several layers to the skateboard deck.


Skateboarding is an excellent way for your child to thrill and have fun. Besides, it helps them to build self-confidence. With all the above-listed models, we hope that you’ll get the right skateboard for your kid. Besides, keep the tips that we’ve presented to you and shop for your child’s best skateboard. Other than that, the skateboards we’ve reviewed are budget-friendly and will offer reliable sporting to your kid.

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