Top 10 Best Saucer Tree Swings in Reviews

Indeed, some memories aren’t easy to forget. Getting a super-quality saucer tree swing enables your child to think about his/her infancy. We don’t think even video games can do. Even as newer and advanced saucer tree swings come, your child will always remember their childhood and how they enjoyed with their friends. Most of the advanced tree swings will come with a wide range of safety utilities that allows the best performance without causing any accidents. Besides, their aesthetic and ergonomic look makes your yard look impressive.

Whereas there are many options available in the market when it comes to saucer tree swings, we have tailored our post to the ten best selections. We’ve compiled and discussed these products according to their prices, you can rest assured to find the kit that will suit your kid well. Also, towards the end of this article, we’ll offer you a set of factors that you’ll need to go through before parting with your hard-earned money.

10. Odoland 24'' Green Round Swing Set Outdoor Backyard Children Saucer Tree Swing

Do you want to make your children keep their memories even at old age? Well, Odoland hanging swing is the excellent choice that you need to get them. This kit for kids is suitable for outdoor swings for children. Also, this kit is from 600D fabric that stands the test of time. It can bear the weight of between two to three kids to play in the swing. Essentially, it can bear a weight of up to 330 pounds. The anti-aging feature makes it to last long, plus they are softer, more wearable, and ductile. Aside from that, this unit meets a high-quality UV test and all the safety requirements.


  • Ideal birthday and holiday gift for your child
  • Constructed with children’s’ safety features
  • Quite easy to install and remove
  • Has a safe and durable design
  • Excellent for children play


  • It’s pretty small

9. Costzon Orange 40'' Durable Steel Outdoor Round Spider Web Tree Great for Backyard

The other swing that features at the top 10 best is the Costzon saucer tree swing. This 40-inches kit will offer your family great pleasure. It comes from sturdy steel materials with thick ropes that can guarantee you and your family a sturdy swinging. Your kids can use it on their own for hours and their safety remains guaranteed. Also, construction is made to be able to withstand up to 330 pounds of static weight. Also, the rope’s height can be freely adjusted to suit different needs. More interestingly, it can be easily tied to swing hangers and trees for convenience. If you’re looking for a platform where your kids can comfortably read, play, lie down, sit, and chat, then this swing is the answer.


  • The height can be seamlessly adjusted to meet different needs
  • Made from sturdy and thick ropes that bears a great load
  • Offer a fun hang out arena for kids
  • Very easy to install and uninstall


  • Ideal for outdoor space

8. Sunkorto Green 600lbs Round Indoor & Outdoor Steel Frame Flying Saucer Tree Swing

With durable, stylish, and safe construction, the Sunkorto saucer tree swing offers great performance for your entire family. It creates a healthy and modern style for your whole family. You’ll be in a better position to swing your kids very gently while listening and enjoying the serene environment around you. This 40-inches round tree swing is ideal for the courtyard, park, jungle gym, home use, playground, etc. Other than this, it is from reliable anti-UV50+ oxford cloth, which is better than the 600D fabric. Moreover, it can comfortably support three kids or ideally one adult to swing for quite a long time.


  • For safety reasons, it is ASTM f963 certified
  • Easy to install to complete accessories
  • This kit is weather-resistant & durable
  • The unit is versatile and adjustable


  • The straps are short

7. AMGYM 40'' Colorful Oxford Outdoor Platform Saucer Tree Swing Set for Adults & Children

Unlike other swings in the market, AMGYM tree swing adopts exemplary production tech that is affordable and readily available in the market. This unit can flawlessly support up to 660 pounds. The rope can be adjusted from 42 to 65 inches to offer versatile use. Besides, it is breathable, greaseproof, waterproof, non-fading, and wear-resistant – three children can simultaneously play together. Apart from entertaining your kids, this swing also enables your kids to exercise their balance skills and physical awareness. Finally, this unit is a perfect gift for your kids.


  • The rope is adjustable to suit a wide range of users
  • Made from breathable and UV-resistant materials
  • Fit for park, backyard, playground, beach, etc.
  • The swing offers the perfect entertainment


  • Installation could be a bit easier

6. SereneLife SLSWNG350 Indoor/Outdoor Hammock Nest Kids Hanging Saucer Tree Swing

You can keep your kids enjoying every moment of their swing with Serenelife saucer tree swing. This item comes with a universal hanging rope that is easier to mount on your background tree. Also, it has a weight capacity of 600lbs thus it can support multiple passengers of kids, teens, or adults. The play tent is waterproof to ensure that it retains its structure even during the harshest weather conditions. With only a weight of 3.67 kilograms, it is easier to carry it from one place to another easily. Also, it encourages balance, improves sensory needs, and many more.


  • Has a 40-inch diameter seat thus more comfortable
  • Comes with tent portion as an additional bonus
  • Made of elasticized rubber thus lasts longer
  • Only takes some few minutes to assemble it


  • The swing does not come with the needed straps

5. Swurfer 40'' 500lbs Tool-Free Assembly Quick Drying Fabric Saucer Tree Swing

Kids believe in fun at all times and therefore you might want to get them this saucer tree swing by Swurfer. It is well designed to accommodate a maximum user capacity of up to 500lbs. This makes it ideal for taking naps, enjoying the nice afternoon breeze, doing homework, and many other activities. Since it is from water-resistant and UV protected materials, it can withstand many harshest weather conditions. The nylon meshes filter water droplets so that it drains and gets dried up right away. Moreover, the mesh padding ensures free air circulation to keep you feeling cool during hot weather.


  • Easier to carry around with its lightweight design
  • Takes some few minutes to fully assemble it
  • Made sturdy for sturdy and stable operations
  • Designed from quality materials that last long


  • Needs additional straps to hang on a tree

4. Play Wild 40'' Round Outdoor Adjustable Hanging Saucer Tree Swing for Kids, Adults & Teens

If you are looking for a high-quality saucer tree swing, this brand by Play wild is a great choice. It is from high-grade metal and steel materials that assures you of a strong and durable unit. This round swing is spacious enough to support 2-3 children at the same time. Better still, it is sturdy enough to offer your entire family the needed fun at all times. Since it is from heavy-duty outdoor fabric, you rest assured of UV resistance and rust-resistant unit. Assembly is such a hassle-free task because it takes some few minutes to fully set it up with the included assembly video instructions.


  • Strong enough to support a weight of up to 400lbs
  • Has a smoother surface to keep you comfortable
  • Satisfies ASTM standards thus safer for use
  • The fabric does not fade or tear easily


  • Does not support more than 3 kids

3. Smartsome Outdoor & Indoor Patented Soft Handles 40'' Tire Swing Easy Assembly Tree Swing

It is amazing to look at the joy on children’s faces as they swing on the SmartSwing saucer tree swing. This unit has a larger diameter size of about 40 inches to offer enough space for your kids to have fun. With this, it can accommodate children with a maximum user capacity of up to 350lbs. Both the frame and the rope are made from high-quality materials that are well known for their strength and durability. Even better, it is equipped with a larger center diameter which allows children to place their feet inside for more fun. The soft rubber handles also ensure that they swing more safely and comfortably.


  • You can hang it from a tree or a playground equipment
  • The clear instructions make it easier to assemble it
  • Its steel frame is strong enough and rust-resistant
  • Only weighs 10 pounds making it more portable


  • Not ideal for older children

2. PACEARTH 660lbs ASTM-Certified Durable Safe Child Swing for Adults, Teens & Children

Pacearth saucer tree swing comes with the needed features to keep your kids enjoying every moment of their play. It has 16 detachable jingle bells for a rectangular swing for kids to have more fun. You are guaranteed the safety of your kids because it has been certified and approved by ASTM and CPC. Additionally, it has a loading capacity of up to 660lbs thus supports up to 3 children at the same time. Since it is from high-quality textile materials, this unit will last longer compared to other brands. This makes it water-resistant, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, and toxic resistant, and more.


  • The climbing carabiners are galvanized for easy installation
  • Included all the swing set accessories for easier setup
  • Designed from ultraviolet resistant components
  • Has multi-string ropes for more safety


  • The straps are a bit shorter

1. LEGENDARY 1 Swivel 2 Tree Straps 700lbs Outdoor Indoor Flying Saucer Swing Set Toys

Are you looking for a saucer tree swing for a kid with special needs? Look no further than the LEGENDARY saucer tree swing. This unit has all hanging hardware included meaning that it will only take you some few minutes to fully install it. The ropes have foam handles that offer a firmer and more comfortable grip for your kids. Unlike other brands in the market, this model can support a maximum weight of up to 700lbs. With only a weight of 6.39 pounds, kids can easily carry it from one place to another to have fun. This makes it an ideal gift for your children this coming holiday season.


  • Ergonomically designed to keep your kids comfortable
  • Has a thicker foam padding for more protection
  • Occupies less storage space with its compact size
  • The reinforced seat stitches keep it durable


  • The half-round bars are a bit difficult to install

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Saucer Tree Swing

The Swing Dimension

When you are buying the best tree swing, it is crucial to start by looking at the falling and free-fall space area. This info is available on the part showing the required space on the description of the product. As such, you’ll be in the right position to determine whether the space offered is enough or not. Besides, it will also determine the general installation costs.

Seat Type

The other key aspect to consider is the type of seat. In general, the seat type is dictated on the special requirements and the user age. For infants, the seat that has a bigger seat area with extra padding makes them even to be more comfortable. Besides, seats that have large seating areas offer a perfect choice for adults.

Safety Features

The third parameter to pay attention to is the safety features the saucer tree swing comes with. Some of the features you should keep an eye on are sturdiness of the suspension, anti-wrap bearing found on the crossbeam, etc. Such safety features lower the chances of an accident occurring. Also, these safety features ensure the kit you’re about to buy guarantees a wonderful swinging experience while limiting accidents.

Construction Material

Finally, the construction material plays a major role when it comes to the performance of the saucer tree swing. Models from sturdy materials will last longer and offer reliable and long-lasting service. In that regard, you should opt for models that have a sturdy frame such as metallic. Aside from that, the seat should be from soft and sturdy materials to offer durable service.


The best saucer tree swing won’t only enable your child to exercise but also enable them to exercise. Besides, they are also suitable for adults to unwind and relax. You can rest assured that all the sets offered above will give you the service that you need. However, it’s important to read through the tips we have offered you before parting with your hard-earned money. You can even go a further step and make a comparison of the models we have selected to be in a position to make a well-informed decision. We hope you have found this article helpful and choosing the best saucer tree swing is easier than before!

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