Top 10 Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners in Reviews

When it comes to cleaning needs, nothing beats a pressure washer surface cleaner. This accessory is ideal for cleaning tiles, wooden, concrete, etc. surfaces. It has a round-shape with several nozzles fitted inside it. The outer covering also has an attached round-shaped metal plate. This plate rotates with a perfect speed that put extra power with the water spray. If you’re planning to clean a large area of the pathway, hallway, walkway, patio, pool, warehouse, parking lots, ramps, among other spaces, you need to invest in the best pressure washer surface cleaner. This appliance will clean mold, grease, oil, algae and other naughty dirt seamlessly.

Besides, you can use this tool with both cold and hot water. The market offers countless models of these accessories, and choosing a given brand from the rest isn’t an easy task. That’s why we decided to go out of our way and research for the best pressure washer surface cleaners in the market. We managed to get the top best choices. Let’s check out what each model commands.

10. Ryobi 12Inch Quick Connect System 4X Faster 2300 PSI Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

RYOBI 12 inch cleaner is a surface pressure washer that uses electricity. This is a perfect cleaning machine for carrying out cleaning tasks on hard surfaces such as patios, sidewalks and driveways. It has a cleaning speed which is four times faster when compared to standard nozzles. Dual rotating jets clean a wide area without leaving any streaks behind. This pressure washer is perfect for use together with most brands of up to 2300 PSI pressure washers that are powered by electricity. Also, the cleaner has ¼ inch connectors that connect to the pressure washer with a breeze, thus saving you time when switching in between your cleaning tasks.


  • Fits the majority of electric surface pressure washers
  • Super-fast nozzle compared to standard nozzles
  • Rotating jets cleans a wide area
  • Easy to attach or detach


  • Rotating arms could stop if not cleaned regularly

9. LOVHO ¼Inch Plug 15Inch Surface Cleaner 3200 PSI Universal Connector for Pressure Washer

This is a time-saving pressure washer that is designed two rotating jets to cover maximum cleaning area. The jets have a rotation speed of up to 1700 revolutions per minute. It has a diameter of 15 inches and a quarter-inch plug for quick on your pressure washing machine. This pressure washer for surface cleaning has a maximum rating of up to 3200 PSI, therefore, delivers professional cleaning services. This is an ideal choice for carrying out cleaning tasks on larger surfaces. These include decks, patios, concrete floors, driveways, garage floors and sidewalks. Flexible and robust bristle brush scrubs all the dirt and control spraying during the clean during cleaning.


  • Fitted with bristle brushes around the outer housing ring
  • Constructed with plastic material which makes it light
  • It is very flexible and turns with a breeze
  • No installation is required


  • Prone to leakages if not plugged well into the pressure washer

8. Simpson Cleaning Rated Up to 3700 PSI Steel Surface Scrubber for Cold Water Pressure

Simpson surface cleaner is an ultimate choice for your pressure washer. It universally designed to fit all the standard ¼ inched quick connecting spray wands. Made of premium quality assembled parts that include shroud steel coated with powder and nozzles made of stainless steel. Has a rating of 3700 PSI and it is used with cold water. This cleaning accessory is primarily engineered to get rid of all the dirt in most of the surfaces. Its rotating jets use high pressure to spray over a full area equivalent to its 15” diameter. As the two jets spin, they quickly remove all the filth, grime and dirt from the surfaces.


  • Compatible with most of the gas pressure washers
  • Built with premium quality steel
  • Has dual jets with high pressure
  • It only uses cold water


  • Does come with wands

7. Twinkle Star 21Inch Pressure Washer Wand 15'' Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner w/Trigger Gun

Twinkle Star surface cleaner is an ideal cleaner that can be used together with the majority of gasoline-powered pressure washers with the rating of up to 3100 PSI. It is compatible with most pressure washing machines such as g3000, g2700, g3000k, g2900x, g3000x or g2700r. For safety purposes, the spraying gun has a lockable trigger that is useful in preventing jets from accidentally igniting. Handle designed is ergonomically made to provide you with an excellent grip and for more comfort. Jets pinning under high pressure makes the removal of dirt and grime an easy task. Additionally, the cleaner is best for cleaning most of the horizontal surfaces.


  • Compatible with most gasoline surface pressure washers
  • Convenient for cleaning various surfaces
  • Can also be used on vertical surfaces
  • Its connection is a breeze


  • Not compatible with water or garden hose

6. AgiiMan 4000 PSI 16Inch Power Washer Attachment 15'' Gas Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

This pressure washer delivers professional washing solution to your doorstep. It cleans a wider area covering up to 15 inches using two rotating nozzles. Better still, it leans on the flat surfaces with a speed that is four times faster compared to the standard nozzle. It is constructed from stainless steel and high-quality brass. Also, the composite design makes the power washer last long. AgiiMan surface cleaning machine is made with flexible bristles on the outer ring. These tough bristles help in controlling over spraying. Moreover, with splash-free skirt fitted on the washer, you are assured of remaining dry throughout the whole cleaning process.


  • Protects the working surface with flexi and tough bristles
  • Splash free skirt that keeps you dry during cleaning
  • Durably constructed to have an extended life
  • Dual spinning nozzles clean a wide area


  • The arm demands a lot of cleaning to remove the jam

5. Generac 6132 15Inch 3100 PSI Flexible Bristles Heavy-Duty High-Pressure Surface Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning hard surfaces, Generac pressure washer cleaner offers the best cleaning results. The spraying nozzles provides a fast and more uniform cleaning path, especially on the sidewalks, driveways and many other places. With a heavy-duty brass, stainless steel and plastic construction, you are assured of a long-lasting. Not only that, but it also equipped with tough, flexible bristles that protects your surfaces from scratches and prevents over spraying. Moreover, it mostly works with pressure washers rated up to 3100PSI, thus cleans larger areas compared to standard spray nozzles.


  • The adjustable quick-change connector ensures quick setup
  • Has a lightweight design to ease portability and storage
  • Cleans at a faster rate compared to standard nozzles
  • Cheaper if you need to replace them regularly


  • Produces some little noise

4. The ROP Shop 15Inch Craftsman Power Pressure Water Washer 15'' Surface Cleaner Attachment

If you are in dire need of a much lightweight pressure washer surface cleaner, it would be better to try out this model from The ROP Shop. It only weighs 3.99 pounds making it easier to clean surfaces at different locations because of its portability. This unit is designed from high-grade stainless steel and plastic components with a longer usage life. Better still, it has a maximum pressure of 3300psi to allow for cleaning larger surfaces within some few minutes. Installation becomes such a hassle-free task since it comes with a well-instructed manual and does not require any extra hardware.


  • Well designed to ensure that you can easily maneuver
  • Made sturdy to ensure stable cleaning operations
  • The nozzles spin faster to clean stubborn dirt
  • It takes some few minutes to assemble it fully


  • Made of cheaper materials

3. EDOU 4000 PSI 15Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner w/ 2 Pressure Washer Extension Wand

Do you need to clean larger surfaces within some few minutes? Well, you can do it correctly with Edou pressure washer surface cleaner. It has a cleaning area of about 15 inches, making it ideal for cleaning decks, driveways, sidewalks, patios and so on. With the tough, flexible bristles, your surfaces are protected from scratches and prevent over-spraying. Even better, you are assured of a long-lasting unit because it is designed from brass, stainless steel and hard composite components. Additionally, it has wide compatibility, which allows you to attach to a quick-connect wand easily.


  • Cleans at a faster rate with a rotation speed of 1800rpm
  • The jet spins at a high pressure to remove all dirt
  • Has two spinning nozzles for efficient cleaning
  • Ideal for cleaning large horizontal surfaces


  • The attachment is a bit flimsy

2. TOKHAROI 4000 PSI 5 Nozzle Tips Full Set Universal 16Inch Surface Cleaner for Pressure Washer

For efficient cleaning of larger surfaces, Tokharoi pressure washer surface cleaner is worth trial. This unit has a 16-inch cleaning disc that enables you to clean larger surfaces such as driveways, patios, sidewalks, decks, terraces and many more. With a maximum pressure of 4000 psi, it can remove the most stubborn stains on the floors. Additionally, the hard bristles are flexible enough to allow you to clean your surfaces without damaging them and reduces over spraying. Since it is made of durable brass and stainless materials, you are assured of a long-lasting unit.


  • Has a high speed rotating jets for thorough cleaning
  • Saves you on storage space with its compact design
  • The two spinning nozzles reduce cleaning time
  • More lightweight to ease transport purposes


  • Not easy to maneuver around

1. EDOU 20 Inch 4500 PSI Accessory Floor Attachment Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Power Washer

Are you looking forward to cleaning flat surfaces leaving them sparkling clean? Well, you can do it with Edou pressure washer surface cleaner. It is ideal for cleaning larger surfaces such as sidewalks, garage floors and many other places since it has 20-inch cleaning disc. Furthermore, it has a stainless steel housing that offers corrosion resistance and excellent impact. The four pieces of universal castors that aid in preventing the rotating spray bar from any damages. Also, the jets spin under high pressure to remove grime and dirt from surfaces at ease. This also helps to strip off any delicate surface.


  • Has a locking design to save your effort while cleaning
  • Prevents speed fluctuations with the iron rotary rod
  • Has a fully sealed design for less maintenance
  • The built-in filter prevents it from clogging


  • Not ideal for use on uneven surfaces

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner


These tools come in different diameters; starting from the smallest to the largest. Overall, you’ll come across a model from 12-inches to 36-diameter ones. If you’re looking for a residential surface cleaner, then the model with 12 and 15-inches is ideal because they need less GPM – water flow rate. However, if you want to clean large spaces, you need to look for the one with large GPM.

Wheels or No Wheels

Of course, this is another decision aspect that you need to make before buying a surface cleaner. You’ll arrive at the right option with regards to your situation. In most cases, these tools don’t require wheels because they float; thus leveraging on water pressure coming through the washer nozzles. Wheels at times, make it a bit challenging to control. However, when using a vacuum hose, it’s quite easier to control surface cleaning using wheels.


On the inside of the surface cleaner, the nozzle rotates at an excellent speed. The spinning is brought into action by a smooth swivel. You ought to check the bearings of the swivel to ensure it remains lubricated at all times.


Lastly, you need to consider the nozzle. In general, the nozzle used in a particular surface cleaner should be durable and strong. The water should flow through this mechanism without being prevented by any obstacle. For that case, you need to check all the nozzles carefully before opting for any surface cleaner.


This mark the end of this article, we are confident that after you read through this post, you’ll be in the right position to make a more informed buying decision. We’ve included everything you need to know about the best pressure washer surface cleaners. Besides, we’ve pinpointed some essential factors you need to consider before buying these accessories. You don’t have to rummage through the market unsuccessful for these units. Our list is from an honest point of view, so don’t dread to order one of the tools. Fantastic times ahead!

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