Top 10 Best Portable Freezer Fridges in Reviews

Who doesn’t need a convenient, rugged, capable and best of all, a versatile portable freezer fridge? They come with not just these features but top-notch usefulness more so when you’re on adventure travel. There is no doubt, freezers have been part and parcel of our lives for close to 100 years now; they indeed make our lives run smoothly. If you have plans to travel outdoor with your family or friends, you need one of these handy appliances to chill your drinks and keep the foods fresh.

Although a freezer is a handy appliance to have in your home, not all the freezers being offered in the market offer the best performance, that’s why you need to stick up with us till the end of this post. We’ll be going through a selection of the top best portable freezer fridges in the market today.

That’s being said, let’s find out more.

10. AstroAI 26 Quartz Thermoelectric Car Cooler Wine Beverage Sea Food for Home & Travel (Grey)

AstroAI Electric Cooler is a portable freezer for cooling your up a temperature that is below the ambient temp. Its maximum cooling temperature is 320F which is equivalent to 180. When there is no electricity supply, this freezer retains the ice-cooling capacity for one day. It is designed with a circuit system that helps in the prevention of lid burning due to condensation. It has food holding capacity up to a maximum of 24 liters. The divide is removable and design to allow separation of different food items such as fruits, beers, foods and wines. Moreover, the freezer is made using a semiconductor chip technology that is eco-friendly.


  • Designed with a circuit protection mechanism that prevents lid burns
  • Fitted removable divider for easy management of small food items
  • Has a maximum holding capacity of up to 24 litters
  • Uses an eco-friendly semiconductor refrigeration


  • Prone to regular burning up of the fuses

9. Koolatron Hard-Sided Plastic P75 36Quart Kool Kaddy Electric Cooler & Cooler (Light Grey)

This is a portable electric cooler to provide cooling services, especially for those people who like spending most of their times travelling. It does serve both as a warmer and a cooler but does not need ice for cooling. Therefore without the need for ice, there is more space for keeping additional drinks and food. It uses a 12 Volts plug-in for power supply. Koolatron achieves its cooling effect with the use of thermoelectric technology. It can hold up to 34 quarts of food items. The sophisticated technology used in the designing of this freezer has replaced the traditional ice-chest coolers. It also consumes less power in cooling or warming your food; therefore, it becomes more convenient to use.


  • Shelved to offer optimal storage management
  • Can be put to stay vertically or horizontally
  • Sidewalls are made of a hard plastic
  • Walls are insulated with foam.


  • Its construction is a little bit flimsy.

8. Coleman 40°F 40Quart Iceless Electric Cooler Portable Freezer w/Cooling for Picnics & Tailgates

Coleman PowerChill Cooler is a portable thermoelectric freezer that allows you to retain perfect food temperature while you have a road trip. It allows your food to maintain a maximum temperature of 40o lower than the ambient temperature without the use of ice. This ability makes the cooler an ideal choice for keeping perishables and beverages at their required temperatures. This cooler has been designed to easily fit into the trunk or cabins of most types of cars. With a storage tray designed in the inside of the cooler, you can keep your food items in an organized manner. The additional feature is the convertible door that can be opened either from the left or right side.


  • Has a lightweight design suitable for travelling
  • Fitted with a long power cord measuring 8 feet.
  • Offers flexibility in door opening
  • Can hold up to 40 quarts of food


  • Only cools when in a cool environment.

7. KOUDERA 110V AC Plug Heater 24 Liters Electric Portable Cooler & Warmer for Home & Car

OUDERA Electric Cooler and Warmer is a portable freezer fridge with the ability to either warm or cool your food. It is a perfect choice of a cooler and heater for use during your camping or travelling experience during any season. Its cooling temperature range is up to 18oC, and warming temperature range is 60oC below the temperatures of the surrounding. It has a large storage capacity that can hold up to a maximum of 30 cans of food items at a go. This large storage capacity allows you to store a large volume of food items. Also, with a compact design, you can easily store the freezer anywhere in the car without a challenge.


  • Allows flexibility in the management of storage
  • Suitable for cold storage of different foods
  • It is easy to transport due to its portability
  • Comes with a removable carrier


  • Can’t keep it at a constant temperature

6. IGLOO Iceless 00040374 Adjustable Food Shelf 40Qt Thermoelectric Portable Freezer (Grey)

For easy and convenient cooling of food items, Igloo thermoelectric cooler is the right product that caters for your needs. It does not require the use of any ice to create a cooling effect. It is powered by any 12 Volts output source such as the one in your car. The size of this thermoelectric cooler allows you to suitably keep it in a truck or car when you are on the road travelling. The interiors of this portable freezer are easily cleaned by wiping. Use water and mild detergents for light dirt while tougher stains are cleaned using water and baking soda solution. Also, you will have to empty cooling contents after every use to prevent the formation of stains.


  • Cools the food up to 380F which is below the ambient temp.
  • Can be used either in landscape or horizontal layout
  • Delivers conventional cooling with the help of a fan
  • Fitted with an adjustable food shelf


  • It takes much time to cool down.

5. CIGREEN DC-42F 110 – 240 AC 44Qt Portable Refrigerator Compressor Electric Powered Cooler

If you are looking for a more convenient portable freezer fridge, this model by Cigreen is an ideal pick. It has super thick insulation and compressor cooling technology that assures you of a faster cooling rate. The precision temperature control allows you to adjust the cooling temperatures to meet all your demands. It is designed from high-quality polyfoam, plastic, PP and metallic components well known for their durability. With the two handles, you can quickly move it around. Moreover, it has a compact design thus can fit into car trunks, yacht, RV trunk and many other places.


  • Prevents disturbances with low noise design of 43db
  • Has a unique exterior design to match your decors
  • Spacious enough to store up to 54 cans of cola
  • The LED interior light enhances visibility


  • It is not very sturdy.

4. Knox Gear.Lifestyle 48Qt Holds 60 Cans 6 Two Liter Bottles Electric Cooler & Warmer for Car

When it comes to a more spacious portable freezer fridge, you got to try out this brand from Knox gear lifestyle by focus. It has a capacity of 48 quartz, and therefore it can hold up to 60 cans of cola drinks. Also, it is tall enough to hold a 2 liter soda and other multiple food containers. This makes it a perfect companion while out on the beach, road trips, camping, tailgating and other outdoor events. With the easy locking mechanism, keeps the lid well sealed to maintain internal temperatures and prevent you from spilling. The two inbuilt cords have their storage compartments to hide them when not in use. Also, the dual-functioning handle makes it more convenient to carry your cooler.


  • Comes with a removable divider for easier organization
  • Equipped with two handles making it more portable
  • The wheels make it easier to move it around
  • Has plenty of space to store more drinks


  • The plug at the bottom is not leak-proof.

3. Aspenora 37Qt Dual Zone LCD Display Portable Freezer Fridge 12V Refrigerator for Camping (Black)

While travelling, you no longer have to worry about your children feeling thirsty because Aspenora portable freezer fridge offers the best solution. It has a size of 37 quartz thus you can store it in your car boot, trunk, yacht and many more. You can easily choose between the eco modes and max since it is equipped with an easy to use intuitive control panel. Additionally, it features eight fast and responsive buttons that allow you to adjust your settings as per your desires. The USB charging port allows you to charge personal devices such as phones and tablets while out during tailgating, camping, picnics and so on.


  • Ensures longer cooling hours with the thick insulation
  • The door closes at a slow-motion to prevent pinches
  • Features locking design to avoid accidental spills
  • Has a bright LCD for easier operation


  • Has inaccurate temperature indications

2. Whynter AC 110V/DC 12V FMC-350XP 34Qt Compact Portable Refrigerator for Home & Car (Grey)

You can easily keep your foods chilled whether you are out camping or picnics with Whynter portable freezer fridge. With the dual voltage, this unit is ideal for use in RVs, fishing trips, campsites and many other places. This 2 in 1 unit works as a freezer and a refrigerator for the best cooling operations. The fast freezer mode allows you to cool all the contents at a much faster rate up to -8°F. Besides, it has a capacity of 45 quartz which allows to store up to 60 cans. With the tough and reliable casing, you are assured of a long-lasting and robust unit. This makes it an ideal Christmas or birthday present for your dear ones.


  • Operates quietly to avoid any unnecessary disturbances
  • The stainless steel handles ensure easy movement
  • Has a drain plug that makes it easier for cleanup
  • Safe for use since it has been approved by ETL


  • The battery saver function can’t be disabled.

1. ICECO JP40 12V Cooler 40Liters Compact Refrigerator Fridge Freezer Secop Compressor for Car

Iceco portable freezer fridge is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your cooling needs. You can get through any bumpy roads without altering your contents since you can quickly run through slopes of less than 40° whereas keeping the contents intact. Its large capacity allows you to store up to 58 cans of cola drinks, making it ideal for use by your entire family while out camping or picnics. Ideally, the LED lights allow you to rummage through your stuff at night without facing any difficulty. The removable basket enables you to organize your ingredients and take them out easily at any time.


  • Easier to assemble with the clearly instructed manual
  • Keeps your food and drinks super cool at all times
  • Designed from quality materials that last longer
  • Has a lightweight design for easier movement


  • You can hear its noise from 5 feet away.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Portable Freezer Fridge

Check Your Requirements

Why are you buying a freezer in the first place? It’s a necessity to keep a note of this. The key thing that this aspect is going to impact directly is its capacity. Indeed, camping fridges are present in a wide range of different sizes or capacities. What are you going to store in the freezer? Confirm the number of family members who’ll be using the appliance. As such, you’ll be at a better position of choosing the appropriate freezer.


The other key factor to consider when buying the best portable freezers is the insulation. The reason behind this is the battery consumption problem. Therefore, you should opt for the freezer with thick and robust insulation as opposed to a thin layer. And the advantage of doing this is to ensure your economical use of the battery. Besides, the compressor, on the other hand, should work flawlessly by drawing less power. You should take note of this when buying a freezer.

Ease of Use

The freezer ease of use is another thing. And to ensure this factor is paid close attention to, there’re other sub-factors that you need to note. First, analyze the portability and weight of a particular car freezer. Next, consider the ease of operation of the LED display and buttons, if any. On top of that, confirm if there’s any problem in handling the freezer with respect to the wiring harness. With all that, you’ll have a full overview of the unit you’ll almost paying for.

Noise Level

The noise level is so important even if the freezer is meant for outdoor use. Most of the choices that we’ve offered you are quieter. Although the parameter may not sound that important for mobile freezers, it helps to a certain level. A quiet environment enables you to carry out some functions seamlessly.


Well, this marks the end of this post on portable freezer fridges. We haven’t just offered you the latest freezers but also offered a more in-depth guide to enable you to make a well-informed buying decision. Before you can opt for the best freezer, you should ensure to go through each detail factor-like us. With one of the products above, you’ll be in a position of chilling your drinks and keeping your foods fresh at all times. We can’t wait to hear how your camping experience will go down!

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