Top 10 Best Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers in Reviews

Of course, it’s natural to protect an item you spent worthwhile money on. In line with that, if you treasure your outdoor patio furniture, you must acquire the best patio furniture cover. Even that being the case, not all people know the essence of having the best patio furniture covers. Some individuals deem patio furniture to be flimsy cheap plastic or vinyl. But with many players up with high-quality outdoor furniture, having covers is very crucial. The covers help your furniture to stay intact for an extended lifespan.

Aside from that, these covers will protect your furniture even during adverse weather conditions. Also, these kits are waterproof to ensure it stays in good condition. In this review, we will take you through a list of the top 10 best outdoor patio covers on the market. Other than that, we offer you some sets of factors you need to consider before parting with your money. Let’s delve in.

10. Red Fox Green Tear-Resistant UV Resistant Sectional Cover Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

Red Fox-Patio is a premium quality furniture cover that is designed to last longer than woven tarps. This Tarpaulin is composed of all balanced properties and 100% waterproof material. It can withstand any extreme climate of all places. The cover has multiple layers of stabilized UV plastic and cross-laminated film lining. This will maintain its waterproof function and the breathability of the cover. In addition, it comes in different sizes that provide a perfect fit for oval/rectangular chairs, sofa, and patio tables. This is perfect for a 9-piece or a 7-piece of the patio dining-set. With a reinforcement of a pair of handles, you can easily install or remove the cover. Additionally, the adjustable elastic cords provide a custom fit.


  • It is deep and large in design for full coverage
  • The cover is heavy-duty and well-constructed
  • Equipped with PU coatings for UV resistance
  • It is waterproof and tear-resistant


  • If not installed properly, it can be blown away easily.

9. ORDORA 600D Heavy-Duty Sun & Wind Resistant Waterproof Sq. Easy Install Patio Table & Cover

ORDORA is a furniture cover with the latest zipper design. This new zipper style helps to cover your table with much ease. You can easily cover your furniture single-highhandedly without moving around the set of furniture. It is made of 3 layers of premium-quality polyester fabric material, which is rainproof and water UV light-resistant. The cover has been equipped with a pair of elastic cords and four buckles at the bottom to offer resistance to wind. It has a set of 4 handles that facilitates easy installation or removal of the cover. Additionally, the cover has four holes on the sides for air circulation.


  • Designed with a waterproof zip for easy installation
  • The fabric material is windproof and sun resistant
  • Equipped with a pair of elastic cords and four buckles
  • It is made of 3-layers of 600D polyester fabric


  • Too short for tall furniture

8. PATIO 62 Inch Diameter Dustproof UV Resistant Anti-Fading 600D Waterproof Outdoor Patio Set Covers

PATIOPATION is around furniture cover that guarantees maximum protection of your outdoor seats, tables, and sofas. It comes in a large size that fits a round table with a maximum of 60” long by 60” wide and 28” high. It is recommended that you choose a larger cover for full protection of your furniture. This patio cover is made of a heavy-duty 600D fabric that is waterproof and UV light-resistant. This material is highly durable, fade-proof, and tear-resistant, thus an ideals outdoor furniture cover for all seasons. The cover’s inner layer has a PU coating that reflects away the heat from reaching your furniture. Additionally, it has a reinforcement of 2 padded handles on the sides to facilitate easy installation and removal of the cover.


  • Equipped with PU coatings that prevent strong sunlight
  • It has a reinforcement of padded handles on its two sides
  • It is waterproof, tear-resistant, and fade resistant
  • The cover is made of heavy-duty oxford fabric


  • It is not 100% waterproof.

7. NASUM 600D 2-Pack Lounge Heavy Duty Patio Chair Cover Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Covers

NASUM Patio Cover is an outdoor furniture cover that facilitates maximum protection of your furniture from harsh climatic conditions. This cover is constructed from a quality hydrophobic material. It is designed with bounding edges that provide full cover protection against cracking. It also has PU coatings that help in repelling strong sunlight making it UV resistant. This cover is made of a highly durable 600D nylon fabric with a longer lifespan and long-lasting protection. This fabric prevents snow and rain from wetting your furniture. Every corner of this furniture cover has buckles for fastening the cover. Furthermore, the cover comes with storage used to keep the cover when not in use.


  • It is coated with PU material to protect it against strong sunlight
  • The fabric is of hydrophobic material that is rip-resistant
  • Equipped with buckles to provide wind resistance
  • Designed with a water-resistant layer


  • It is not fireproof

6. King Do Way 600D 12 – 14 Seat Tear-Resistant UV Extra-Large Waterproof Patio Furniture Cover

Protect your outdoor furniture with an upgraded waterproof King Do Way furniture cover. This cover has a watertight seam. It adds an extra waterproof protection feature to prevent water leakage via the seam. It is upgraded elastic buckles that allow it to fit more tightly into the furniture. The effectiveness of the windproof quality depends on the tight fixing of the cover.  With the thick drawstring, the cover becomes rigid and more elastic.  This will prevent the cover from blowing away and the dust from coming into contact with your furniture. Additionally, it comes with a pair of Velcro on the sides.


  • It has an elastic buckle and shrinking rope
  • The fabric cover is windproof and water-resistant
  • Made of substantial, durable, and tear-resistant fabric
  • Large enough to fully cover big sized furniture


  • Can collect dirt and debris if not propped during its use

5. LadyRosian 2-Pack Heavy-Duty Outdoor 100% Waterproof Heavy-Duty 600D Oxford Chair Covers

Your patio chairs are well-protected at all times with Ladyrosian outdoor patio furniture cover. This unit is from high-quality 600D oxford materials that are durable. Installation becomes such a more manageable task because it has a well-padded handle for easier removal. Additionally, the presence of two buckle straps allows you to fix this cover on the chair legs for a perfect fit. You can as well adjust the elastic hem cord to suit different sizes of chairs. With the air vents, condensation and wind lofting is minimized to ensure efficient air circulation.


  • Ideal for usage during both indoor and outdoor events
  • Spacious enough to fit most outdoor chairs
  • Can withstand all harsh weather conditions
  • The PVC coating prevents water seepage


  • The clips are of cheaper materials.

4. Tvird Black Anti-UV Windproof 600D Heavy-Duty Fabric Waterproof Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

If you are looking for a more versatile outdoor patio furniture cover, this brand by Tvird becomes an ideal choice. It has broad compatibility thus suits various furniture such as chairs, benches, tables, and many other rectangular furniture. Durability is top-notch because it is from high-density nylon oxford fabric materials that are thicker and long-lasting. They protect your furniture from dust, water, bird droppings, and snow dirt and do not year or wear off quickly. The presence of a drawstring rope at the edge keeps your furniture safe during harsh weather conditions such as wind and ensures a perfect fit.


  • The inner layers offer an ideal UV resistance coating
  • Comes with a storage bag making it more portable
  • Easy to fold for convenient storage purposes
  • Has four buckle clips that ensure a perfect fit


  • Lacks proper venting

3. Anglink Heavy-Duty Waterproof Durable Windproof Rip-Stop w/Double Stitching Furniture Covers

Anglink outdoor patio furniture cover has a wide range of features to meet all your demands. No more water seepage to damage your furniture because it is of quality fabric, and we’ll stitch on all sides. It has an all-season design, meaning that it protects your furniture from snow, dust, UV rays, frost, wind, bird dropping, dirt, and other particles that could damage your furniture. You can easily adjust the elastic hem cord to ensure that it fits perfectly with your chairs. With this, it retains its color for long thus looks good at all times.


  • Designed from quality materials that last longer
  • The air vents ensure proper ventilation
  • Has padded handles for more comfortable removal
  • Easy to maintain by using water and a soft brush


  • It has only two ties down clips.

2. F&J Outdoors 62inch Diameter Waterproof Fade-Resistant Grey Small Round Table Furniture Covers

Are you looking for a high-quality outdoor patio furniture cover? Look no further than F&J outdoors model. This brand is from heavy-duty 600D fabric components that are strong and durable. This fabric is fade-resistant, therefore, retains its right-looking color for a long. Better still, it is usable during summer, winter, spring, and autumn seasons because it withstands all weather conditions. The two hidden air vents keep your furniture moisture-proof and mildew proof since it ensures ideal air circulation.


  • The two reinforced handles make it easier to use
  • Comes with an environmentally friendly storage bag
  • Thick enough to avoid any unnecessary tears
  • Made sturdy to ensure safe and stable operations


  • It is not fully waterproof.

1. STARTWO 100% Waterproof Rectangular Outdoor Patio Furniture Large Furniture Cover

Do you need bigger covers that can suit different sets of sofas or chairs? Well, Startwo outdoors patio furniture cover is a great pick. It is spacious enough to cover up to 12 seater sofa set and rectangular/oval-shaped chairs and tables. The outer layer is of waterproof materials and prevents them from harsh weather conditions. Even better, it has four buckle straps on each corner and a drawstring that ensures a perfect fit for your furniture. With the handles on four sides, it is easier to put the cover and off at any time.


  • Has double stitches that provide extra durability
  • Made lightweight, thus easier to carry around
  • Easier to clean by wiping it with a dry towel
  • The air vents prevent water condensation


  • Made of thinner materials

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers


The first thing that should come to your mind when looking for the best furniture covers is the material for making the cover. As such, you need to consider materials that are durable and last long. You can opt for the covers made of synthetic materials or natural fabrics with the treated exterior. Even though natural fabrics have a more elegant, softer appearance, we advise customers to opt for polyester covers’ strong toughness.


The weight is also a very important factor to consider when finding the best patio furniture cover. You need to acquire a sufficiently heavy cover to hold onto the chair or seat even during strong wind or storm. Keeping this in mind ensures that any strong wind can’t lift the cover off and destroy your furniture. Therefore, you’ll be shopping for outdoor furniture cover; the more massive the cover, the better.


Are you searching for a cover to protect the whole patio set or solo covers for each unit? Either choice comes with their pros and cons. Of course, a single body for the entire set will cost less; however, it necessitates mildew and condensation over time. On the other, individual covers will cost you more in the long run; however, they provide excellent protection from dangerous elements, and they won’t come out in the wind.


Finally, we’ve to the end of this review on the best outdoor patio furniture covers. You are at will to rearrange the list to make you come out with the best cover. The choices have an excellent rating; you can rest assured to get the value for your money. Also, the covers are from high-quality fabric; you’ll never be disappointed by buying one. Other than that, these covers are also waterproof, windproof, and dustproof; they’ll stand the test of time. So, if you want to have a nice experience in your patio, these are the covers to look for.

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