The Best 10 Electric Meat Slicers for Reviews

Daily, you find yourself slicing foodstuff like meat. It’s vital to acquire the best electric meat slicers to get the best slices of meat and other food. As of now, electric meat slicers are the best machine to take it in use in any kitchen. One of the reasons being their ease of use, power, and adjustability. Aside from this, they are suitable for sliding several foods and reliable. If you’re looking for one, you need to check out this review.

There’re several brands of electric meat slicers in the market, which pose a challenge for those buying this unit for the first time. Plus, it has a lot of consideration to take before deciding on the best model. However, in this article, we’ll shed light on these appliances. After researching these appliances, we managed to get the best ten electric meat slicers for reviews.

10. Techwood Deli Cheese Fruit Stainless Steel Blade 7.5'' Electric Meat Slicer for Home Use

This meat slicer delivers for you great convenience and freshness during your coking experience. The slicer is equipped with a thickness knob that is adjustable to suit your different slicing needs. This knob allows you to achieve a perfect size for your slices of meat. It is a multipurpose slicer suitable not only for slicing meat but also for bread and cheese. The slicer is designed with a mighty and sharp serrated blade made of stainless steel material. This blade is driven by a motor that uses 200 Watts of AC. It also has an extension of a side-rod, which is removable. Additionally, the food carriage is removable to allow ease of cleaning.


  • Equipped with protection lock switch for more safety
  • Uses an advance belt and bearing structure
  • Fitted with an adjustable knob for thickness
  • The slicer does not use any lubricant
  • It is quite a breeze to operate.


  • No uniformity due to the backing which is not sturdy

9. Cuisinart Premium Coated Steel & Die-Cast Kitchen Pro Food Slicer w/Removable Carriage (Grey)

The professional kitchen slicer makes slicing experience fast, convenient, and easy. It is must-have equipment that you should have in your kitchen. This is a multifunctional slicer suitable for slicing cheeses, bread, vegetables, meats, or any other type of food. This pro slicer allows adjustments of thickness to suit your different needs. It is very simple and highly convenient to use. The removable parts of the slicer create a lot of ease during cleaning. The slicer is powered by a heavy-duty motor that uses 130 Watts of power. The cutting blades measure 7.5 inches and are removable for ease of cleaning. Additionally, the blades are made of stainless steel that enhances its performance.


  • The housing die-casted with aluminum coated with steel
  • Build with removable food guide and blade
  • A cutting blade is made of stainless steel
  • Removable parts are easy to carry


  • Can’t slice frozen meat

8. Elite Gourmet Ultimate Precision EMT-625B 7.5 Inch Deli Electric Meat Food Slicer (Black)

Acquiring this meat slicer brand will help you greatly in cutting down on the expenses you incur in the purchase of sliced meat. It will allow you to start enjoying a variety of sliced food comfortably within the confines of your house. It aids you in making the tastiest appetizers, snacks, and sandwiches without too much stress. The slicer is designed with a retractable and removable steel cutting blade. This sharp blade is also rustproof and measures 7.5 inches. With a room for size adjustment, it can deliver a sheer razor-like size of meat or thick sized meat up to ½ inch. Further, its stable, safe, and sturdy slicing platform is fitted with anti-slip rubber feet to create more stability.


  • Blades are made of quality stainless steel material
  • Allows to have thick or thin slices
  • Ideal for slicing other food types
  • Fitted with sharp blades


  • Not best for commercial use

7. Kitchener 150W Stainless Steel Blade 9 Inch Professional Electric Meat Deli Food Slicer

The Kitchener brand of the slicer is suitable for slicing cheeses, Meat, Deli, and bread. It has a blade that measures 9 inches. The slicer also allows the use of a serrated bread blade. It is powered by electricity generated by a motor of 150 W OR 120 Volts from an AC source. With the adjustable thickness knob, you can vary the thickness of your food, depending on your preferences. It is designed with a compact style that creates a breeze when storing and transporting the slicer. Easy control and your safety are guaranteed with the help of a teethed food pusher. Moreover, this slicer allows you to remove o replace it with other precise blades to better its performance.


  • Comes with cup feet for firm and steadiness during slicing
  • The slicer is made of coated stainless steel
  • Food pusher makes it safe for use
  • Its design is easy to clean.


  • Not suitable for frozen items

6. Chefman Die-Cast Stainless Steel Non-Slip Feet Electric Deli & Food Slicer Machine (Black)

This slicing machine is an ideal slicer for sausage, cheese, salami, turkey, bologna, chicken, roasted beef. Vegetables, fruits, and bread. It is driven by an electric powered motor that produces up to 180 watts of power. The slicer is designed with serrated blades that are made from quality steel material. You can easily customize the thickness size of all your food using the adjustment dial. It also features a quick-release design that allows you to clean the slicer with too much ease. Its compact and sleek design makes it much smaller to fit into most countertops and storage cabinets. Additionally, the blade is removable and retractable to enable you to clean it with ease.


  • Allows adjustment of thickness for a precise cut
  • The anti-slip and sturdy feet creates a firm hold
  • Has an easy to use pusher and carriage
  • The slicers are easy to clean.


  • The motor produces some noise.

5. Excalibur 7.5 Inch EHSP75R DIY 200W Deli-Style Cuts Electric Food Slicer w/Smooth Blade (Red)

If you’re searching for a more powerful food slicer, Excalibur’s model is the best choice. It is equipped with a 200-watt motor that assures you of the optimum slicing operations. This unit is designed from quality stainless steel materials known for their strength, durability, and resistance to rust particles. The quick-release food carriages are well designed, making it easier for you to clean it. Additionally, it has adjustable thickness control to allow you to slice as per your demands.


  • Has non-slip feet for stable and safe slicing operations
  • Available in 2 different colors to choose from
  • Made from quality materials that last longer
  • It takes a few minutes to clean it up.


  • Flexes some times when in use

4. CUSIMAX Non-Slip Feet 7.5 Inch Removable Stainless Steel Blade Electric Meat Slicer w/Pusher

Cusimax electric meat slicer is equipped with a wide range of needed features to meet all your slicing needs. It does not require any lubrication since it uses an advanced bearing and belt drive structure for ideal blade processing. With a hidden track system and a removable blade, this whole unit becomes easier to clean since you can toss it into a dishwasher. The blade is made of stainless steel materials that are strong and durable. Besides that, its exceptional craftsmanship allows you to cut your food in a more orderly manner for precise slices. The blade has an adjustable thickness to allow you to slice from thin to thick cuts.


  • Can be used to cut fruit, beef jerky, ham and so on
  • More portable since it has a lightweight design
  • The rubber feet keep it more stable and safe
  • Has a safety guard to protect your hands


  • It lacks a catcher tray.

3. ZICA Chrome-plated ZBS-10A 10 Inch Steel Blade Deli Electric Meat Cheese Ham Meat Slicer

When it comes to a more versatile electric food slicer, no brand can outshine this model from Zica. Not only can it be used in slicing meat but also ham, cheese, veggies, fruits, and many more. With the adjustable slicer thickness, you can easily slice your foodstuff to the most desirable sizes. The suction cup feet and a sturdy base assure you of stable and safer slicing operations. Its blade is designed from high-grade steel materials with a longer usage life. Moreover, it features a 150-watt motor that performs slicing tasks faster without producing any weird noises.


  • The built-in sharpener ensures convenient operations
  • Can be used in kitchens, restaurants and so on
  • Has a waterproof switch to keep it dry always
  • Certified by ETL to meet all safety standards


  • Heavier compared to the Cusimax model.

2. BESTWOOD BESWOOD250 240W 10 Inch Premium Chrome Plated Carbon Steel Blade Food Slicer

Do you need a more versatile and convenient electric food slicer? Well, this model by Beswood is a great pick. The chrome-plated carbon steel blade is well designed to prevent any corrosion for more extended usage life. You can use it in your home kitchen or restaurants to slice veggies, fruits, cheese, ham, etc. Its ON and OFF switch is double illuminated to keep you safe from power shocks. Moreover, it has a premium V belt that reduces noise and vibration for more comfortable operations. Better still, the stones blade sharpener makes it easier to sharpen the blade whenever necessary.


  • The blade stays sharper for long to avoid frequent sharpening
  • Comes with a cleaning brush for easier maintenance
  • Has skid-proof rubber feet to avoid sliding off
  • Easy to assemble with the clear manual


  • Takes a lot of storage space

1. KWS KitchenWare Station 320W 10 Inch 10XT Electric Food Meat Slicer w/Non-Sticky Blade

As a chef or a caterer, you would not miss KWS kitchenware station electric meat slicer as a compulsory kitchen accessory. It features a 320-watt power motor that makes it efficient to slice cheeses, veggies, and fruits faster. The adjustment thickness control allows you to slice your foods as per your desires. Furthermore, the built-in whetstones sharpener and ring guard makes it easier for you to sharpen your blade. Even better, it is made from stainless steel and aluminum components that are strong and long-lasting. With the skid-proof rubber feet, you can perform slicing tasks more sturdily.


  • The high-quality motor ensures ultimate performance
  • Has a waterproof switch to avoid any power shocks
  • Easy to clean since it has a removable carriage
  • It takes some few minutes to assemble it fully


  • It takes some time to clean it up.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Electric Meat Slicer

Power Output

For reliable services and efficient slicing, ensure to find the perfect machine. In that regard, you need to find the one with a sufficient power output, which is about 1050watts and up. Getting such a machine will offer you perfect slicing just as you wanted. Besides, you can also get a model with an output of 500watts and down. However, such models are ideal for a smaller kitchen when your work isn’t demanding.


If you expect your meat slicer to last, then you need to take its construction very seriously. Therefore, you need to get the best choice that’ll serve you for a long time. Also, a meat slicer should be designed using the best quality materials like stainless steel. Other than this, it should have sharper and longer blades of almost 10-inches. What’s more, the base needs to be sturdy to provide the best of the best stability.


Before you can part with your money, look for a machine that can slice different foods. Finding the versatile one will save you on cost because you wouldn’t have to buy a separate appliance. Luckily, most of the meat slicers we’ve reviewed are versatile, and that implies that they can be used to slice other foods like cheese, veggies, fruits, bread, apart from meat. This kind of machine will suit your kitchen because it will meet all your slicing needs.


Those are some of the best rated electric meat slicers in the market. We’ve detailed the review to enable you to stand a chance of finding the appropriate choice. Most of these models have been fully approved and offer convenient and reliable services. Aside from this, these machines are quite easy to operate and last longer because they’re built using strong metallic construction. Besides, they’re powerful enough to enable you to use it in all kinds of foods. Moreover, these units are safe and straightforward to clean because most of their parts are easily removable. Essentially, these are the best kitchen appliances that you can’t afford to miss.

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