Top 10 Best Carpet Chair Mats in Reviews

Carpet chair mats are occasionally purchased to place underneath the chairs to keep a good distance from problems that arise from the moving over the chair frequently. As you know, there is great harm that occurs when someone sits for a long time on a chair. Besides, a chair mat will allow you to have the potential to roll successfully and rapidly from one position to another without experiencing any obstruction. So, if you need to grab one for your office chair, read this post for more helpful advice.

With different chairs in our offices and homes, there is no wrong and right carpet chair mat, everything depends on your taste and preference. A carpet chair that suits person A will not necessarily suit person B. However, after studying the market trend, we managed to bring together the best ten carpet chair mats you may want to consider. Besides, we have included a guide that will enable you to choose the appropriate mat. Here is what we have for you in-store.

10. Azadx Hard Surface Transparent 30x48 Inch Hard Floor Protector Office Chair Mat w/Lip

Are you looking forward to getting your floor and furniture fully protected with the best home, office carpet chair mat? Nothing offers the best and affordable performance as Azadx hard floor surface protector. Also, this mat can perfectly prevent the surface of objects and lower the scratches when you move your chair or furniture on the floor. Besides, the mat can improve the frictional force that helps to avoid slipping. What’s more, since it is from PVC material, you can expect undoubtable durability and reliability. Needless to say, it’s pretty affordable, hence it favors any shopper who is much concerned about the quality and price of the unit.


  • Provides your floor and furniture the best protection
  • Made from a superior PVC material that lasts
  • Ideal for home and office use
  • It’s clear and transparent


  • It doesn’t lay flat

9. AiBOB 30X48 Inch Easy Glide Hardwood Flat Floor Mat Office Chair Mat for Computer Desk

AiBOB carpet chair mat is ideal for tile, hardwood floor, vinyl, laminate, and linoleum, and concrete. Since it is ergonomically crafted, you can move with your office chair effortlessly and as such, it offers full protection to your hard floor. Again, this mat is odorless and doesn’t contain BPA and a volatile odor that offer a healthy home environment. Other than this, it comes with a unique surface texture that enables your office chair casters to move seamlessly as you carry on the daily tasks, even so, it comes with sufficient grip that ensures the chair doesn’t skid. Finally, this mat is very flexible and can effortlessly lay flat without curling.


  • Suitable for hardwood floors, laminate, tile, concrete, and vinyl
  • Made from healthy and environmentally friendly materials
  • Can lay flat seamlessly without curling
  • It’s strong and sturdy to last


  • The plastic material looks thick

8. Basic Low/Medium Floor Protector Chair Carpet Mat Pile Computer Floor Protector for Home

If you’re planning to safeguard your floor while you move your chair around, you need a Basic computer floor protector. This mat is 36-inch by 48-inch. Besides, this unit protects your office or home carpet floor from occasion wear and tear that is brought by chair casters. Aside from that, this chair mat is eco-friendly because it is from PVC materials – you don’t have to sacrifice the environment to protect the floor. Moreover, it’s durable, non-slip, and durable hence it can support heavy use. Finally, it’s discreet and translucent that blend well with the floor thus offering reliable and subtle protection.


  • Offer full protection to your floor against wear and tear
  • Offer reliable and subtle protection
  • This mat can withstand heavy use
  • The mat is easy to clean


  • It is hard to unroll

7. Seteol 30x48 Transparent Sturdy Thick Standard No Pile Carpeted Floor Protector Office Mat

We have all reasons why you need Seteol floor protector mat. As you know, chair legs and wheels can cause permanent damage to the carpet. This mat offer protection to the office or home floor to lower the chances of wear and tear. Also, this mat is from thick PVC materials that offer a full protection solution for the floor tiles. Although it is soft, the sturdy materials make it long-lasting and protect the floor against any harsh scratches and scuffs that the chair can cause. Besides, because it is clear, it’ll match any décor of your office or home. Once again, the PVC dull polish makes even the scuffing less visible.


  • Comes with a beautiful transparent design
  • Wheels do not sink in the mat
  • Protect your carpet well
  • It’s very easy to clean


  • Meet all the needs

6. Resilia 30x48 Superior Floor Long-Lasting Durability Environmentally Friendly Office Desk Chair

With an easy to install and attractive design, Risilia carpet mat offer heavy-duty protection. Besides, it is flame-retardant and protects your office or home floor from oil, grease, rust, and so on. Also, this carpet chair mat comes with the main features that make it to be the most bought model. First and foremost, it’s strong enough to keep the chair in position as you move. It has the endurance to spills and soil. Aside from that, it has improved safety with slip-resistance, plus it is pretty easy to clean. The textured and grooved patterns help in dirt and liquid channeling.


  • Quite easy to install
  • Tough and durable enough to last
  • This unit is universal and multi-purpose
  • Cleaning this chair mat is easy


  • Takes energy and time to unroll and lay flat

5. SALLOUS Dark Grey 1/6 Inch Thick Multi-Purpose Office Desk Chair for Hardwood for Home

SALLOUS hardwood floor mat for home and office is the best furniture addition that offers added protection to your floor. With anti-slip and sturdy design, this mat will ensure the floor is safeguarded against casters and legs damages. This mat is also thin enough to allow for smooth movement of the chair casters. Additionally, the 100% recyclable materials are safe with no smell left behind. Even better, it’s BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and other metals. Finally, the polyester with acrylic resin materials in the mat helps it to maintain its shape and lower the chances of it from curving.


  • Safe with no smell left behind
  • The mat is very easy to clean
  • It’s sturdy and anti-slip
  • Can lay flat quite easy


  • It’s not perfectly sturdy

4. HST ¼Inch Thick 36x48 Low Pile Glide Studded Carpet Chair Mat Suitable for Home & Office

Coming in the fourth position is the HST carpet chair mat for office and home use. This unit is suitable for both wooden floor, carpet and stone floor. If you want to prevent the chair from damaging your floor because of the occasional movement, this mat is the best solution to embrace. Whether you use it alone or buy an additional piece, this mat offers you great protection to your floor. Since this mat is from PVC material, it will slow down the rate of scrolling and as a result, offers a non-slip effect. Also, it is pretty easy to clean – you shouldn’t worry about drinks or drops of colored paint on the mat. What’s more, this unit is from highly durable materials that offer long-lasting service.


  • Offer protection to your carpet and floor
  • Slip-resistant for convenience use
  • Easy to clean
  • It’s versatile


  • Can be sturdier

3. LezGo Transparent Black Premium Hard-Floor Heavy-Duty Transparent Carpet Chair Mat

This chair mat by LezGo is ideal for the hard floor. It comes with a unique design that makes movement pretty easy. Count on this floor mat to better protect your floor and offer unrelenting safety for your office and home. We have all reasons to suggest this brand to you. First, this sophisticated mat adopts a smooth and frosted surface. Besides, it is water-resistant, wear-resistant, durable, easy cleaning, and reliable. Further, it’s versatile and can be ideal for stone floor, wooden floor, and other hard floors. Since it is waterproof, you rest assured that the floor will be protected from the liquids.


  • Waterproof to protect the chair from dirt or liquids
  • Made from environmentally-friendly materials
  • Can effectively help to prevent floor damages
  • It’s durable and sturdy to last


  • Suitable for only darker color carpets

2. MPLEYE 1/8 38X48 Lip Hardwood Floor & Tile Floor Office Chair Mat for Computer Desk

The runners up in this list are the MPLEYE office chair mat. It doesn’t come at the second position in vain – it has special features that make it stand out from the crowd. First and foremost, this mat is from multilayer composite PVC material that lasts. Even better, this floor mat is best for tile, hardwood floors, thin carpet, linoleum, concrete, and vinyl. Moreover, it is designed to offer an effortless movement of home office chair wheels and also delivers excellent protection to your hard floor surface. You’ll never regret opting for this mat – it has everything you need to make things pretty easy for you.


  • Wear-resistant & pressure-resistant
  • It’s versatile to work on most floors
  • Sleek and light for convenience use
  • The surrounding is very smooth


  • Ideal for underneath desk chairs with wheels

1. Homek Anti-Fatigue Hardwood Floor Standing Desk Office Carpet Chair Mat w/Footrest

Taking the lead is Homek ergonomic office chair mat. This 2-in-1 product combines a chair mat with an anti-fatigue foam cushion that lower stress, plus it lowers discomfort whether you work while sitting or standing at the desk. This item is easy to clean and waterproof. As if that is not enough, this mat is durable and delivers long-lasting support. It also features flat edges as opposed to curled edges for hassle-free chair rolling. Aside from that, this 2-in-1 kit won’t leave dirt or discolor the wood floor. If quality and affordance is your concern, this product is the best choice to choose.


  • The mat is comfortable since it comes with a memory foam cushion
  • It’s capable to protect hard floors or carpet
  • This chair mat is multi-purpose
  • It is easy to glide and reliable


  • Could be better with more padding

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Carpet Chair Mat

The Size of the Mat

First off, you need to consider the mat’s size because they come in different sizes, therefore, you need to ensure that you opt for the appropriate size that will perfectly fit your chair. By the size of the chair, look for a model that is almost oversize to ensure space is left on the edges. As such, it will enable you to glide easily when needed. Besides, the oversized mats can suit different chairs comfortably.


Secondly, you should consider the construction of the carpet chair mat. Pick the one that is thick and durable that will ensure the carpet and floor is safe. The mat should be scuff resistant and anti-slip. Keeping this in mind will enable you to have long-lasting service.


Because the carpet chair mats are from plastic material, it’s vital to check out the safety of those materials. In that case, the mat should be free from BPA, toxins, and off-gassing. As such, the model you select will be family-friendly, and it can be used confidently at home or office environments.

Ease of Cleaning

Last but not least is the ease of maintenance. In other words, the chair mat you want to consider should be easy to roll and clean. Additionally, the materials used in making the carpet need to be water-resistant for easy cleaning.


Well, the above list entails the top selection brands of chair mats that are suitable for both office and home use. These carpet chair mats are from top-quality materials that guarantee durability. Other than this, the carpet chair mats come in different sizes, which makes it easy to acquire the right size required. Besides, they’re versatile carpet chair mats that will suit different chairs. Moreover, they’re free from BPA, off-gassings, and toxins, hence they are family-friendly which enables you to use in any room. So, if you find any of the selections suitable for you, order it right away!

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