The 10 Best Yoga Mat Bag in Reviews

Keeping your health on the right path is an enormous favor you can do for yourself. Doing exercises and following a balanced diet is the right way to stay in shape. One way of feeling energized and maintaining shape is by practicing yoga. Yoga is an exceptional workout because it uses your weight to make you stronger while assisting you in clearing out stress in your mind. As a yoga geek, you understand how crucial it is to have a yoga mat that enables you to work with comfort and versatile enough to fit almost every environment.

Because your yoga mat is so precious to you, giving it a functional storage space is essential, which ensures it remains intact and last longer. For you to store your yoga mat safely, you need to have a great bag that keeps your yoga mat in place.

What’s more, we need to introduce you to the best selections of these bags that will end your fruitless search. We’ve compiled The Top ten Best Yoga Mat Bags Reviews for you to choose from. Besides, we’ve included a buyer’s guide that will help you in selecting the appropriate choice.

#10. Heathyoga Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry Bag, Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Yoga is now getting better will the third evolution of Heathyoga bag. Want to get convenience into your daily organization of all your yoga accessories? This multi-functional bag is precisely making your dream come true. Measuring 28″ x 7″, this Yoga bag can hold almost everything from Water bottle, yoga mat, yoga towel, yoga straps, etc. The bag is thick and durable enough to depend on. Also, this yoga bag has a style that makes it vibrant and attractive. Additionally, the shoulder straps of this bag are adjustable, thus can fit almost everyone. Say goodbye to compression and another discomfort on your shoulder. The fact that this Yoga mat bag is lightweight makes it easy-to-go for any occasion.


  • It is portable to enable you to go everywhere with it
  • The fashionable and stylish design makes it a vibrant and attractive bag
  • Large enough to hold and store all your yoga accessories
  • Made of high-quality cotton and canvas materials that are durable and quick to dry


  • It attracts pet fur very easily

#9. YanHao Canvas with Zipper Pocket for Women & Men Yoga Mat Bag

If you’re genuinely in need of a Yoga Mat Bag that holds everything for you, then this impressive bag from YanHao Yoga Mat Bag. The bag is made of 100% high-quality canvas with metal zipper, thus enhancing their durability. Absence of polyester, synthetics, or plastics keeps this yoga bag toxic-free. The two smooth and durable zippers make it easy for you to put yoga mats and other accessories for storage. Additionally, the large multi-function pockets are suitable for storing rugs and other yoga accessories like towels and bottles. The additional second small functional zipper pocket is on the outside of the bag where you can store items like a key, phones, and other small items. This bag is a perfect gift for your friends and family members.


  • Made of high-quality, durable canvas materials
  • Has large pockets perfect to store yoga mat & other accessories
  • The small pockets on the sideways enable you to keep small items
  • The bag is lightweight thus you can move with it anywhere
  • It fits perfect to the medium size yoga mat


  • It doesn’t have adjustable straps

#8. Auflyee Large Side Zipper Pockets Fits Most Size Yoga Mat Bag

How about making your journey comfortable with Auflyee Yoga Mat Bag? This bag is indeed what you’ve been searching for years. The bag has plenty of rooms for your block, mat, and yoga accessories. This gear has an intuitive, simple, and impeccably design, which makes it a top-selling and highly performing carrier bag. Also, the lightweight style and the spacious slots make the yoga mat of all sizes to fit well. Make it easy and simple, by making your movement convenient with Auflyee Yoga Mat Bag. The high-quality cotton canvas makes this unit durable.


  • It has enough space to enable you to put your mat and other yoga accessories
  • The zipper pocket is suitable for your cell phone, wallet, keys, etc.
  • The large size pocket suits all your items like sports towel, water bottles, etc.
  • Made with comfortable shoulder straps for convenience
  • Made of highly durable canvas cotton material


  • The color is not well described

#7. RIMSports Lightweight Yoga Carrier with Hoodie Yoga Mat Bags for Women

RIMSports is another type of yoga bag is another yoga attire that can be used to accompany you in your day to day Yoga practices. The gear comes with a unique ‘hoodie’ design and spacious slots to meet all your needs. The ample space is useful to store blocks, towels, straps, and all other essentials. This yoga mat bag comes as a high-quality unit, having reinforced and adjustable straps to smooth movements. Additionally, it comes with secure pockets with zippers to enable you to store valuable items. Besides, this yoga bag is compact yet efficiency and convenience for carrying almost all yoga accessories with you anywhere you go.


  • Has a compact yet efficiency design to enable you to carry all the yoga accessories
  • This bag has a unique hoodie design to protect your mat from getting dirty
  • Made of durable fabric which can withstand rough usage
  • Flexible and adjustable straps for easy carrying
  • Zippered main compartment to protect your items


  • Manduko Pro Yoga Mat will not fit

#6. INTROSPECT Transparent Yoga Mat Carry Bag with Multi-functional Leather Pouch

INTROSPECT Transparent Yoga Mat Bag stands as another unique bag that looks attractive with any color, thus enabling a gender-neutral design. The bag is large enough to hold almost any size of the yoga mat. Also, the large size makes it a multi-functional and can contain other items as well. This bag takes your yoga activity to the top-notch higher. When walking around with this yoga mat bag, it remains the talk of the town because it has an impressive and attractive design. INTROSPECT is a representation of purpose and continuous discovery of self. You can rest assured that this Yoga Mat Bag is the most durable brand and well built in the market. Moreover, transparent fabric enables you to have a vigorous yoga exercise. Grab your choice today, and you’ll thanks us later!


  • Well-built with the most durable fabric materials
  • Designed to look amazing with any color of yoga mat
  • Has a removable leather pouch for keeping essentials
  • Large enough to hold most yoga mat sizes
  • Full-zip & adjustable shoulder straps for easy access and carrying


  • The bag for your weight is too small

#5. Imarana Yoga Carrier Backpack with Versatile Zipper Pockets & Storage Mesh

Your yoga exercise is even made better with the introduction of this resounding Yoga mat bag by Imarana. The kit comes with many excellent features that make it suitable for almost all Yogis. With a zip around the closure makes putting your yoga mat after classes a hassle-free task. The shoulder straps are adjustable that ensures its fits on your shoulder comfortably. Also, the lateral and cargo front pockets are spacious enough to provide all your yoga gear, and essentials items kept safely. Purchase now this heavy-duty good looking yoga bag. It is of high-quality polyester material. This unit measures 28″ Lx 9″ W x 5”D. This product is a success for the yoga fraternity.


  • Well-designed for a standard yoga mat to fit into it without any difficulty
  • The adjustable carry straps enable you to customize the bag length for a comfortable fit
  • Made of high-quality material that enhanced their durability
  • It is lightweight and thus making it portable


  • Fabric fraying with minimal use

#4. Hynes Eagle Sport Duffel Yoga Mat Bag for Gym Travel 35L Silver

Hynes Eagle is the most loved practical yet fashionable yoga mat bag trending in the market. Being a well-established brand, it has proven its long-lasting feature and brings convenience for all. You’ll always feel light as you travel along with all your luggage packed. This carrier back is designed to be durable, stylish, and versatile hence can meet almost all your needs. The brand has always strived in enhancing your travel experience that this bag with the minimalistic design. The unit comes with many compartments that can be easily flipped to store your essentials. Additionally, this bag is water repellent.


  • Offers three different carrying options for convenience
  • The lightweight makes this bag to be portable
  • Made of water-repellant materials preventing your items from getting damaged
  • Has a spacious main compartment that lets you store yoga towel, makeup, clothes, etc.


  • The two internal pockets do not zip close

#3. FODOKO Yoga Mat Tote Bag Full Zipper Exercise Sling Bag with Pockets

FOKODO Yoga Mat Bag is designed to enable you to store maximum items like straps, towel, block, and many more essentials. This mat bag is from high-quality materials that enhance its durability. Also, the presence of adjustable straps enables you to carry the suitcase with ease and convenience. The secure gym bag has well-designed pockets that will allow you to store valuable items with attachments for your water bottles, keys, wallets, phone, etc. This unit has five pockets that you use them to store almost everything. Moreover, the bag has a compact and foldable design that helps you save a lot of space.


  • Has a compact and foldable design to help you have space
  • The five secure pockets meet all your storage needs
  • Adjustable straps for ease of carrying
  • Made of polyester material for long-lasting durability


  • The pouch is not detachable

#2. Masaya Lightweight, Multi-functional Waterproof 25L 8 Pockets Yoga Mat Backpack

Are you use to coming back home from school to pick your yoga gear? And you always get tired doing the two & fro walk? Well, you need to get a suitable yoga mat backpack that can hold your books and your yoga gears. One outstanding option we’ve for you is Masaya Yoga Mat Backpack. You can hold laptops, notepads, and books inside the main compartments together with your yoga mat and other personal essentials. This bag suits all your items, and it will save you loads of time. The bag is lightweight and durable; therefore, you can carry it with convenience and comfort. Furthermore, his unit has a sleek and minimalistic design that keeps the bags profile low. Enjoy your yoga moments now with this beautiful yoga mat bag.


  • Lightweight yet durable yoga mat bag
  • Made from stain-resistant material allows for easy cleaning
  • Has various pockets to hold your belongings safe
  • Comes with two mesh bags to carry your shoes, dry and wet clothes separately
  • Minimal design that keeps your stylish from work to the yoga studio


  • The bottom part of the backpack rub the fabric on the clothes raw

#1. Open Road Goods Eco-Friendly Full Zip, Adjustable Carry 100% Cotton, Canvas Yoga Mat Bag

Open Road Goods is one of the fully certified product by fair trade certified factory. The mat is designed to carry almost every brand of the mat. This bag fits all mats up to 26″ full, and the added rooms are meant to provide a yoga towel or other yoga gears. Included are three pockets with one zipper to keep even the most significant phone of different media devices. The two other additional pockets have secure button closure offer places to attach your wallets or wallet. The adjustable straps ensure the kit fits every body type perfectly.


  • The yoga mat bag is easy to use
  • You access the bag without removing it on the back
  • The spacious pockets hold all your essentials securely
  • Made from certified organic cotton that is environment-friendly
  • Fits all yoga mats up to 26″ wide


  • The fabric is much thinner than you might expect

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Yoga Mat Bag


Size of the yoga mat bag you select matter a lot. If you are a Yogi enthusiast, try investing in a significant premium bag and have stronger straps with thick materials. Given that you have got the measurements of your yoga mat, you’ll undoubtedly purchase a kit that fits right your mat.


You made already know that Yoga mat bag bags are of different materials. For instance, others made of Nylon are lightweight and have a good appearance. Additionally, cleaning a nylon material bag is a breeze. Others are from linen, and cotton is harder to clean. Most yogis go for canvas bag because they prevent against liquid spills and durable enough. Canvas is also suitable for those who plan to carry heavy items.


Market prices vary depending on the quality of the yoga bag you wish to buy. Yoga mat bag usually ranges from $20 – $50. You need not worry about the price because we’ve taken into consideration every budget. For people who want to spend less on this bag, go for those under $20. Try as much as possible to stick to your budget.


If style matters most to you, you’ve myriad of options to select from. Styles have no rules, and you pick what you find glamorous and unique. We’ve provided you regular style bags, top-loading options, slings and much more. Pick the style that satisfies your needs.


To sum up, there are many different types of bags in the market like a full-zip bag, tote bag, duffle bag and many more. While making your purchase for the best Yoga mat bag, ensure to check on the material quality to ensure it is sturdy and durable. Additionally, don’t forget to check on the size compatibility. We hope this article has been of help to you in guiding you in obtaining a suitable yoga mat bag. Our list is exceptional, and we hope that they stand the best chances of working out for you.

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