The 10 Best Women’s Running Workout Shorts in Reviews

Are you out there looking for the best women’s running workout short? Your unsuccessful search has come to a complete halt because we have you covered. If you’re a pro adventure racer, then you can rest assured that you’ll that the one that fits you without budging as you run. Staying comfortable for hours as you make your workouts is treasurable. Having this short also enables you to run stylishly. Besides, you wouldn’t have to break stride since the shorts conform well to your body. These shorts also are known to dry up and remain stink-free.

Everything considered, there are no specified shorts that will suit all women there. As you know, bodies and likes vary, and that’s why we have selected the best 10 Women’s Running Workout Shorts Reviews. Also, if your selection is tailored down to a specific option, then we have added a buyer’s guide to help you out. Let’s get going.

#10. EDENCOMERS Active Yoga Gym Women's Workout Running Shorts 2-in-1

First off, EDECOMERS focuses on the design and comfortable sport that fits women perfectly. The attire is made of premium soft fabric for everyday comfort which makes it a nice gift for your special lady. Also, it is made of lightweight and breathability materials that ensure it dries quickly. The sweats don’t hamper around on your short because the breathable short ensures it eliminates them. Besides, the two-in-one design offers greater freedom of movement as you twist, run or bend. The two side pockets ensure you store safety your keys, cash or other little treasure. Lastly, the soft wide elastic waistband gives you a max comfort perfect for your running workouts.


  • The soft wide elastic waistband offers you maximum comfort as you race
  • Have two side pockets for storing keys, cash, and other treasures
  • The 2-in-1 design provides greater freedom of movements
  • Lightweight and breathable materials keep you cool and comfortable


  • The sizes are not well-known

#9. TSLA Active Performance Yoga Quick-Dry Pack of 1, 2 Women's Shorts

At the ninth position is TSLA Active Women’s Short is a brand certified guaranteed to offer you the best as far as racing and workout is a concern. The curved hemmed side design along the inner mesh lining is meant for greater comfort and support. The built-in pockets ensure your items like keys, cash, and other accessories are kept safe and secure. Additionally, the active elastic waistband with an adjustable drawcord offers you a comfortable custom fit. What’s more, this women’s attire will suit all your outdoor body exercises.


  • They are fully certified brand that makes it the best running shorts
  • The hem design along with inner mesh lining offer sufficient comfort
  • Built-in pocket offers safe storage space for your keys and credits cards
  • Have active elastic waistband that offers a comfortable custom fit


  • The outer shorts are a little baggy in the crotch area.

#8. iCyzone Activewear Workout Exercise Athletic Jogging 2-in-1 Shorts

If you certainly need to get the best out of your hard-earned money, then one sure deal to give a try is ICyzone Workout Shorts. The short has many interesting features that will ensure you get the best of it. First, the short is made of quick-drying fabric and moisture management technology to ensure you remain cool and dry during your running workouts. Secondly, the wide and flat elastic waistband offers you more comfort and enjoyment. Additionally, with the inner stretch mesh, you can rest assured to get support and protection during your entire exercise period. This short is the ultimate goal as far as your body exercise is a concern!


  • Made of quick-drying fabric that keeps you cool and dry
  • The wide and flat elastic waistband offers more comfort
  • Inner stretch mesh design offer protection when exercising
  • They are a perfect companion for a busy lifestyle


  • They don’t prevent thigh chafing

#7. Custer's Night Double Layer Elastic Waistband 2-in-1 Women's Fitness Shorts

One unique thing about Custer’s Women’s Fitness Shorts is the comfort it comes with. For sure, it is always so difficult to get shorts that are long enough but this choice is. Also, it gives extra coverage and stays in place. The shorts are a good thickness and a bonus of the pockets. The two side pockets can hold your keys, credit cards, and even your mobile phone. Furthermore, the wide elastic waistband offers you max comfort that makes it a perfect option for a serious running workout. Besides, the double layer athletic shorts assist as an anti-exposure and protect your skin.


  • They are the perfect selection as workout running shorts
  • The two side pockets compression shorts hold your cards, keys, etc.
  • They don’t cause any irritation or discomfort on your body
  • Made of polyester materials and spandex that are durable


  • Somehow both slight small and slightly large in fit

#6. Blevonh Women's Cozy Waist Running Fitness with Pockets S-XXXL Workout Shorts

Blevonh Women’s Workout Running Shorts also merits as the best exercise with many good features. The breathable and lightweight workout short is suitable for almost all types of exercise. You can wear these shorts with your t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, tank top, and fashion pullover. Additionally, the inner layer and two pocket design make everything easy when training. They have an adorable length that fits a phone with no problem. The layer underneath is just tight enough to keep your fully covered yet still loose and stretchy enough to be comfy. You should order yours soon!


  • They suit almost every woman of any age
  • The two side pockets keep your belongings safely
  • Breathable and lightweight to suit all types of exercise
  • Made of quickly-dry fabric for fast dry up


  • The inner shorts do not hug your thighs as expected

#5. PUNTU Sport Gym Workout Contrast Fabric Running Pants for Women

PUNTU shorts are made of high-quality fabrics with 95% cotton and 5% spandex. This fabric is soft and well elastic to ensure that you are comfortable as you wear it during your activities. Also, this fabric is designed to fit your body giving it that streamlined look. The waistband that it has is elastic and is attached to a drawstring to ensure that the short perfectly fit without having to pull it up each time. This makes it suitable for yoga, walking, running, gym or swimming. Besides, these shorts are lightweight to ensure freedom of movement during your exercises. PUNTU shorts can be washed using a machine. Also, these shorts are made breathable and are quick to dry in case you are in sweaty conditions


  • The materials it’s made from are skin-friendly
  • These shorts are flexible as they can be worn and removed easily
  • Have contrast color design that gives it that fashionable look
  • Made of high-quality materials to last long


  • Lacks zipper pockets for storage purposes

#4. Blevonh Women's Trendy with Inner Pocket Drawstring Banded Waist Workout Shorts

Blevonh’ women’s’ trendy shorts are made of 95% polyester material and 5% of spandex material. The materials are soft, stretchable and skin-friendly. This short also has a drawstring closure and an elastic waistband to enable it to fit your body well. Additionally, they have inner pockets for storage purposes of your keys, money or even a phone because it can accommodate it during training activities. The inner fabric has a non-see-through design to enable you to stay in these shorts comfortable without being afraid of exposing your body. They are several occasions in which you can wear these shorts like during shopping, working, running or even when playing soccer.


  • It is possible to wear with almost every clothing attire
  • You can wear it during summer, spring and autumn seasons
  • Suitable for any kind of workout exercise without limit
  • Can be machine washed or hand washed


  • Cannot be worn during winter seasons

#3. VUTRU Women's Running 2-in-1 Workout Shorts with Liner for Sport & Athletics

VUTRU Women Exercise Shorts are made from breathable and lightweight materials that keeps you cool and comfortable as you go about exercising. Also, it has a built-in compression liner and side slits design that helps prevents rubbing and chaffing. Compression short is made tight and body-hugging fit for more support while exercising. Additionally, it has an inner drawstring and wide elastic band to keep your shorts from sliding down your waist. Furthermore, these shorts are designed with a back zipper pocket and two waistbands hidden pocket that allows you to keep your money or key as you exercise. The side dolphin hem gives a sexy feminine look and adds to its flexibility.


  • Outers shots have a looser fit for extra mobility
  • Best shorts for athletics like yoga
  • Quick to dry hence creates more comfort
  • They fit perfectly into almost every woman


  • The zipper pocket cannot accommodate your phone

#2. BALEAF 2-IN-1 Women's Workout Shorts Back Pocket Non-Chaffing & Non-See Through

BALEAF shorts are the best ladies’ wear when out for a workout or any other games. BALEAF shorts are made of 100% polyester mesh fabric for the outer material and the inner material is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. These materials are durable and enable them to stay without any frequent replacement of your shorts. The inner shorts are designed in such a way that no one can see through them and prevent chaffing, this thus ensures that you are comfortable during exercise. Also, it has an elastic waistband and inner adjustable drawcord to fit you better. At the back of the short is a zipper pocket to keep small items like your keys. The fabric it is made from is also made breathable to ensure that you are comfortable as you exercise. The split leg design allows for an enhanced range of motion as you run or perform any game activity.


  • Made of lightweight materials making it portable
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • You can wash it using a machine
  • Perfect wear for workout activities, gym and any other games


  • Not suitable for women with thighs

#1. VUTRU Women's 2-in-1 Double Layer Workout Running Sports Back Zipper Pocket Shorts

Most ladies love going out for exercise. Therefore you should consider being comfortable during your exercise. VUTRU short is made of ultra-thin fabric material to ensure that you are comfortable during your exercises. Also, it gives you that soft feeling. The outer fabric has an excellent sweat-wicking ability that keeps you dry and feeling cool in a sweaty exercise. VUTRU shorts have a back zipper that allows you to keep your keys or money when you are sporting. VUTRU shorts are the best shorts to wear when out exercising.


  • More fashionable as it has a printed inner fabric
  • Convenient for various activities like yoga, cycling, and training
  • Made from wonderful materials to last long
  • Soft to make you feel comfortable in them


  • During your exercise, it oddly gathers in the front

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Women’s Running Workout Shorts

The main concern when choosing a women’s running workout shorts is the comfort that offers. That’s said, here are the things you need to consider before paying your hard-earned money with any of the shorts above.

Liner or No Liner

As the saying goes, light is right. Here, you should consider the material of the short. Ensure to avoid as much as possible the super-wispy fabrics that tend to stick to your skin which becomes annoying as you race. Select synthetic shorts which also offer you their good drying properties. Keep a close eye on the antimicrobial treatments feature to minimize the odor.

Synthetic Materials

Shorts with pockets are desirable because it enables you to work comfortably as you race around. Pockets will enable you to keep your phones and keys on the go. A pocket with zipper closure is suitable for the great safety of your items. The zipper quality is worth considering to ensure what you are choosing meets your exact needs. The pocket should have a minimalistic design for easy racing.


Shorts with pockets are desirable because it enables you to work comfortably as you race around. Pockets will enable you to keep your phones and keys on the go. A pocket with zipper closure is suitable for the great safety of your items. The zipper quality is worth considering to ensure what you are choosing meets your exact needs. The pocket should have a minimalistic design for easy racing.


The waistband should exactly fit your body. If it becomes too tight, it will tend to hurt you while a loose one will enable your short to fall. As you look at this, consider a band that lies flat on your skin. Stick to what you know it will offer you the sufficient comfort you’ve to yearn to get.


In summary, we hope the products that we have discussed above will enable you to acquire the classy and good looking women’s running workout shorts. The buyer’s guide will offer you some information about the best shorts. We’ve exhausted the list and rest assured you get what you been searching for. Life is made easy with the cozy and comfortable workout shorts. Ensure to stick to your budget to avoid over-spending what you had not planned to spend. Also, the look is those crucial factors that you might not one to miss out on the selection you make. Truly, your racing has gone a notch higher with the invention of these thrilling women’s running workout shorts.

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