The 10 Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse in Review

Dealing with a computer with wires all over is sometimes hectic and tiring. Wires dangling around your computer does not only disorient your program but it also lowers your productivity. That said, you’ll need to upgrade to the latest models of keyboard and mouse, which will end your troubles. Wireless keyboard and mouse will completely change your computing perception. These advanced keyboards and mice will improve on the range and lower the clutter.

These devices have more sophisticated features that enable you to browse from your sitting position. With various wireless keyboard and mouse available on the market, getting the one that suits you can sometimes pose a challenge. However, we have you on our shoulder. After a rigorous search on the internet, we managed to pick the best 10 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse in 2019 Review. Read along as we detail the list.

#10. HaiFen Backlit T18 Mini Keyboard with Multimedia Key & Touchpad

Browsing with a wired keyboard and mouse has never been easy until the invention of HaiFen Multimedia Key and touchpad. This is a wonderful combo mini wireless QWERTY keyboard & touchpad that comes with a USB adapter. The unit can comfortably connect to Android TV box, PC, HTPC, IPTV, Laptop, etc. As a user, you can make your presentation or browse within a range of 10M using this set. Also, the perfect size wireless keyboard gives you a natural feeling as you type or touch. Moreover, at the back of the keyboard is the small bumps that enable you to hold tightly by your hand. In case you’re using this device at night, then, the backlit will help you see as you type.


  • Presence of backlit on the keyboard enables you to type even at night
  • Built-in high sensitive smart touchpad that makes it super easy to use
  • The small bumps on the back make it easier to grip and hold by your hand
  • It is compatible with almost all computing devices
  • Comes with a perfect size that makes it easy to carry


  • The two scroll-wheels tend to hang

#9. Philips SPT6324 Ambidextrous Low Profile Plug & Play Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

If there is a company that produces super-quality products then it is Philips. The Philips combo wireless keyboard and mouse is a fabulous all-time device that takes one’s typing skills to a new level. Connecting this keyboard and mouse to the computer is very easy. The fact that it is a plug and play system means that you’ll not require any CD for installing drivers. Additionally, the mouse and the keyboard uses a single AA size battery that works for long before it runs low. This wireless connectivity is an exceptional set since it enables you to work from a distance of 10 meters. The design is stunning and the device looks durable and strong. Shop this product today for excellent browsing experience!


  • The battery can work for a longer time before it runs low
  • Built with a splash-resistant design for durability
  • Fit naturally in your hand with less stress on your wrist
  • Suits both right- and left-handed without losing any functionality
  • Lightweight and rounded edges complement any home or office setup


  • The size of the mouse is a bit small

#8. Arteck 2.4G Ultra Compact Stainless Full Size Wireless Keyboard & Ergonomic Mouse

Arteck Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is another excellent computer peripheral device that makes working convenient and effective. The mouse has a DPI switch that enables you to set the suitable cursor speed. Set up is a breeze, you just connect the Nano USB receiver- stored in the back of the mouse, into the laptop or the computer and you are ready to go. No drivers’ installation. Both the keyboard and the mouse uses the same USB receiver to connect to the PC. Also, the set is built with a high rechargeable Li-polymer battery that gives six months for the keyboard and four months for the mouse when charged once.


  • Built with a rechargeable battery that lasts about 6 months
  • The quiet keys bring a whole new level of comfort to your fingertips
  • Easy to set up and use, just insert the Nano receiver to the computer
  • Ergonomic mouse reduces the stress with comfortable use


  • The shape of the mouse is fairly generic

#7. TedGem 2.4G USB Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for Desktop, Laptop, Windows & Mac OS

TedGem Wireless keyboard and Mouse combines a traditional and modern style to bring to you auspicious looking keyboard and mouse. This full-size keyboard comes with well shape keys that complement touch typing and soothing solid feel and response. The adjustable tilt and the palm rest is an addition for your comfort and ease of use. Moreover, the mouse is so nice to use since it is shaped in a way that’s comfortable to hold. To install this unit is simply because it is a plug and play device, no installation of drivers required, so, as long as you’ve connected the Nano receiver, you’re good to go. While you enjoy your typing, the keys are quiet and give you a pleasurable typing moment. Additionally, the click of the mouse is also noise-free, so you can do your work with less stress and strain.


  • Comes with an auto-sleep option that enables you to save a cell battery
  • It offers you comfortable and quiets typing moments
  • The USB keyboard and mouse share a USB receiver thus bringing convenience
  • The full-size keyboard and mouse work comfortably


  • It doesn’t have a kickstand for grip

#6. Macally Ultra-Slim Cordless Keyboard Mouse Combo Set Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista

Are you in search of the best companion to your PC or laptop on the market? Thanks to Macally Ultra Slim Wireless Keyboard and mouse that has ended your search. The set comes with 104 keys, 13 short keys and a numerical pad that suit your computer. The sleek and perfectly design match well with your computer that makes you more productive as well. With just a plug and play, the device is ready for use. The keys are ultra-slim with a low profile with a rubber dome shape that lowers the typing mistakes thus enabling you to type in complete silence and no ghosting. The foldable kickstand enables the keyboard to sits comfortably without sliding. Besides, the battery has a long life than enables you to type continuously without fear of the battery running low.


  • It has a durable and spill-resistant design with long battery life
  • Presence of the kickstand ensures you type with comfort
  • Comfortable low profile ultra-responsive keys enable you to type with ease
  • No driver installation required because it is a plug and play device
  • The sleek and perfect design allows you to be more productive


  • It has erratic mouse control

#5. Vivefox Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Ultra Slim for Laptop, Desktop (Black)

Have you ever considered getting a keyboard that won’t strain your wrist during long typing hours? Vivefox Wireless Keyboard and Mouse do more than you expect. This unit is designed in such a way that it naturally slopes to reduce wrist pain. If you are a Pc user then this would be the ultimate type of keyboard to go for. Also, it has no drivers nor does software, hence it is easier to use anytime anywhere. Moreover, this set is compatible with almost all operating system thus becomes a multi-platform device. The keyboard keys are quiet and soft therefore you’ll enjoy a continuous typing experience. Pick this choice if you wish to learn to type with ease.


  • More productive and efficient because it has additional shortcut keys
  • It saves power because it switches off automatically when not in use
  • The wireless keyboard offers remarkable comfort and sensitive typing experience
  • Compatible with Windows PC or Laptop and Smart TV


  • The keyboard is much noisy

#4. Jelly Comb 3-in-1 Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad Compatible for All Devices (Black)

You can be anywhere browsing or doing any sort of computing anytime you want to. This would be possible only with the Foldable Bluetooth keyboard Jelly Comb 3-in-1. This kind of device is more portable and you can carry it easily compared to the other types. You can get folded and have it in your bag and have it with you all the time. When folded it doesn’t easily open when you are carrying it because when folded it automatically closes by a magnet. Thus you would not worry about closing it each time it opens up. It has a sensitive trackpad with mouse button making it easy for you to navigate faster.


  • It is more portable compared to the DC model
  • The unit readily connects with almost all computers
  • It folds so neatly and so compact for storage
  • The rechargeable battery lasts for a longer time


  • It lacks the Function, control, option and command keys

#3. DC Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for iMac, MacBook, Windows & Android Tablets

Do you have a window, android, iMac or MacBook device? And you want a wireless keyboard and mouse that will suit any of those devices? Well better go for DC Wireless Keyboard and Mouse because they are the best companion for your computer. Using this set is easy because it is a plug and play, no driver installation required beforehand. With the energy-saving mode, this appliance will save you half the energy the generic keyboards and mouse consume. Also, the two-unit AAA size battery works for the keyboard with one AA size battery for the mouse that can perfectly work for six months with maximum use. One thing that stands out different from other brands in the unique design and style that overwhelmingly impress everybody.


  • It is more compatible with Windows computer or android tablets devices
  • The wireless keyboard and mouse is easy to use with a plug and play option
  • The devices save you a lot of money with the smart energy-saving mode
  • If the battery runs low, it is easily replaceable


  • The keys feel a little bit hard

#2. Jelly Comb 2.4GHz Ultra-Thin Full Size Wireless Keyboard and Mouse with Number Pad (Black)

Are you worried about how you can get one best wireless keyboard and mouse? This is it, next time just ask for Jelly Comb keyboard and mouse. This kind will never get you disappointed because it is the best suit all computer enthusiast. If you got either a laptop or a desktop then you are well covered because it has a number pad. You will love this kind of a keyboard and mouse because of its lightweight design that enhances its portability nature. Additionally, this unit has a stylish and adjustable mouse that enables you to change the sensitivity of the mouse to your comfort level.


  • The keyboard has a silicone cover which makes it dust-free
  • More efficient because of its sleek and portable design
  • Set up is a breeze with a plug and play option
  • The adjustable mouse suit both ordinary and gaming needs


  • It lacks the ergonomic strains while typing

#1. Seenda Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard Mouse Ultra Slim for Windows Devices (Black & Grey)

Are you looking for that outstanding keyboard and mouse? Are you tired of having to connect your keyboard to mouse with some sort of wires? Then worry no more. Seenda rechargeable wireless keyboard and mouse are the best to go for. They got the enticing features suitable for your computing environment. It has an ultra-slim keyboard and mouse combo that improves on your typing skills. The inbuilt lithium battery is durable and can be changed easily. The keyboard itself is metallic. This, therefore, means that the keyboard will last longer without any frequent replacements. This kind of keyboard is nicely set up and has one dongle to link both the mouse and keyboard hence becoming more efficient


  • They save you on costs because of their outstanding features
  • Using this kind of keyboard gets easier to key in data
  • No much training is required to use such a keyboard and mouse
  • The keyboard is quiet. You can type quietly without any form of noise


  • It comes in only two colors: black and grey

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Before you make up your mind, take into consideration these factors to obtain the best out of your shopping experience.


Wireless keyboard and mouse work with different range. Others only work when you are in the same room whereas some work from a far location. The suitable one here is the one that enables you to connect to your computer even when you are seated on the couch in a different room.

OS Compatibility

One key feature about wireless keyboard and mouse are the operability. A good device should enable you to connect with Windows, Android, iMac, MacBook and more operating system. By doing so, it allows you to purchase without minding whether it will connect to your OS or not.

Ergonomic Design

The most coveted feature about wireless keyboard and mouse is the ultra-slim and lightweight design. Of course, no one would like to walk around with a device that is heavy and huge. These peripheral devices should not strain your wrists, hands, fingers as you try to use.


You want to ensure that you enjoy and get relaxed while you type and browse on the internet, so, a comfortable wireless keyboard and mouse is desirable. Other keyboards have an adjustable design to suit different needs.

Battery Life

First, it is a great thing to purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse that has an in-built rechargeable battery. But the battery you last longer before recharging it. That alone will enable you to work for a longer period before the battery can run low.

Other important features you might consider important include Bluetooth compatibility, short keys, back-lighting, anti-ghosting, USB multi-connection, optical tracking, etc.


Keyboard and mouse cords spread all over the desk is kind of annoying if not inconveniencing. They may dangle and lowers the working area or may accidentally get disconnected from the PC. All these issues can come to an end if you’ll get yourself a wireless keyboard and mouse. Besides, a wireless keyboard and mouse increases the working range and come with many other smart features. One thing for these devices, they enhance efficiency and productivity. And what we have done is simply giving you the best of the best choices for you to pick. Take your computing experience to a notch higher by embracing the above devices.

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