Top 10 Best Wireless Dog Fence Systems in Review

Putting up a fence around your yard in order to prevent your dog from going astray will not only be expensive but also destroy your yard. In this regard, if you have a stubborn pet that is fairly hard to train and likes going astray, you need to invest in a good wireless dog fence system. These fences will always come with a transmitter and a collar receiver just to name a few accessories. Al these accessories will therefore work together in creating some invisible boundary that your dog will never go beyond. When this is done, the unit beeps and gives some harmless stimulation to remind the pet where it should be.

Due to the humane and user-friendly nature of these fences, you will want to get these systems for your stubborn dogs. Luckily, the market has so much to offer as far as these products are concerned. It does not however mean that all the fence systems will be suitable for your dog. In that regard, you ought to do your research properly to ensure that you end up with the most appropriate pick. Below is a list of the top 10 products that will work for your dog.

10. Blingbling Petsfun Wireless Dog Fence

One of the aspects that you will appreciate about this system is that the collar receiver comes with an IP67 waterproof rating. This, therefore, means that your dog will be able to play in the rain with this dog fence system. The electric containment system is going to create boundaries with up to 5 adjustable levels. You can set the radius as 30, 60, 90, 150, or 300 meters depending on the size of your yard. This will help to reduce your worries when you are not around your pet.

Another thing that you are going to appreciate about this system is that it comes with a rechargeable collar receiver. It comes with a high-capacity battery that will eliminate the need to buy extra batteries. Apart from that, the collars are ideal for all breeds and sizes of dogs. Given that it gives a stable and safe signal, there will be no accidental shocking of your dog.


  • The dog fence system is IP67 waterproof rated
  • Rechargeable collars and ideal for all dog sizes
  • It offers a stable and very accurate signal transmission
  • The maximum radius for this dog fence system is 300 meters


  • Durability issues

9. AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence with GPS, Rechargeable, and Waterproof Collar

This fence system makes use of the GPS location technique which is accurate and more stable compared to common wireless fences. You will also appreciate the convenience of setting the play area for your dog up to 800 meters. With the error being less than 5 meters, this system will shock the dog accurately and in a timely manner when it gets out of bounds.

You will realize that the conventional wireless fences are always disturbed by metal and obstacles which makes the dogs be mistakenly warned. All the same, this fence uses the GPS technology that has stable signals which are better compared to the radio-frequency signals. This, therefore, eliminates the worries of getting your dogs being accidentally shocked.


  • An innovative positioning technology
  • Strong and anti-interference abilities
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Backed with a warranty of one year


  • None

8. Feeke pet Wireless Dog Fence, Harmless for Every Dog

This is a wireless dog fence that will help to train your dog on good habits when living alone. With this wireless fence, you are going to keep your furniture as well as the daily necessities tidy and clean all the time. Provided that you have the space area that you want your dog to be confined, you do not have to worry whenever you are not watching the pet.

The wireless receiver collar has been equipped with a durable battery that can be easily recharged. Apart from that, you will appreciate that it has been made with waterproof materials so you do not have to worry when your dog gets on wet grass. This system generally works by starting up automatically when your dog gets beyond the control range and issues warnings after every 2 seconds.


  • It comes with a rechargeable receiver collar
  • A thoughtful design and a very confident purchase
  • It has a maximum coverage area of up to 78 hectares
  • Suitable for all dog breeds and sizes


  • A very short parameter

7. PetSafe In-Ground Dog & Cat Fence with a Waterproof & Rechargeable Collar

What you will like about this product is the fact that it has a maximum coverage area of up to 1/3 acres. You will also appreciate that it has 4 adjustable levels to make sure that the pet is confined to the designated playing area. With this system, you will be able to create some in-ground fence that will fit in your yard flawlessly.

Another feature that makes this system better than other systems is that it comes with an automatic shut off feature. That simply means that your dog will remain free from warnings provided that it is within the recommended range. The battery-operated collar comes with a battery indicator that will make it user-friendly. Apart from that, this system allows you to control a number of pets.


  • It allows you to control the dog to a maximum distance of 1/3 acre
  • The tone-only mode keeps the dog secure and safe in the designated area
  • Its receiver collar has been made in a waterproof design
  • The battery-operated collar comes with battery indicators


  • Works for a short time

6. JUSTPET 2-in-1 Wireless Dog Fence with a Reflective Collar

This is a wireless dog fence system that has been made in a way that I will not be disturbed by obstacles. You will also appreciate that the distance will be very accurate and will be selected according to user needs. The dog collar is going to issue some warning sound as well as a shock function whenever the dog gets out of bounds.

Another awesome feature that you will appreciate about this product is that it is waterproof and will therefore be used comfortably in the rain. What’s more, it comes with an in-built rechargeable battery that offers a long service life. Given that the collar of the receiver can be easily adjusted, it will accommodate different dog sizes.


  • It adopts the latest technology to alert the dog when it gets out of bounds
  • The collar of the receiver is very easy to adjust based on the size of your dog
  • Comes with an in-built rechargeable battery that offers a longer service
  • The wireless dog fence is safe and reliable


  • A bit pricey

5. FOCUSER Wireless Dog Fence System for 2 Dogs

One of the things that you will appreciate about this dog fence system is that it accommodates different dog sizes from 10 to 110 lbs. you will also appreciate that the collar receiver has an IP67 waterproof rating meaning that your pet will be able to play in the rain with no worries. Apart from that, this wireless fence will be able to confine two dogs simultaneously.

The maximum radius of the confinement area is 500 meters which will eliminate worries whenever you are not around your pet. Apart from that, it comes with a rechargeable battery whose power consumption is very low to ensure that it serves for a relatively long period of time. With the in-built safety chip, you can rest assured that there will be no instances of overcorrection.


  • It supports most dog sizes from 10 lbs. all the way o 110 lbs.
  • The collar comes with a rechargeable battery that has a long service life
  • Comes with an IP67 waterproof rating allowing it to be used in the rain
  • It comes with an in-built safety chip to prevent over-correction


  • People complained that it worked incorrectly

4. WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence, Rechargeable

What makes this product worth taming your dog to your designated region is the fact that the signal is very stable and accurate. You will also have the convenience to adjust the radius from 100 feet to 900 feet in 5 different levels. When your dog gets out of range, the collar is going to sound, vibrate, and finally produce humane shocks to remind the dog to go back to its designated area.

Another awesome feature about this product is that you get to adjust the shock and vibration level depending on the dog type. The wireless fence, therefore, proves to be more humane compared to other options in the market. Other than being stable in emitting warnings, you will also appreciate that the collar receiver operates on rechargeable batteries that are in-built. What’s more, it is eco-friendly and waterproof as well.


  • The operating radius can be adjusted to 5 different levels
  • It is more stable and comes with in-built rechargeable batteries
  • Made in an eco-friendly, safe, and waterproof design
  • Adjustable levels of shock and vibration


  • None identified

3. SportDOG In-Ground Fence Systems - Remote Trainer Option

The containment kit for this package comes with all the accessories that will be needed to cover a maximum distance of 1/3 acres. You will also appreciate that the waterproof collar will take the standard 9V battery which is going to last for up to 12 months. This collar can be easily adjusted to fit those dogs weighing 10 pounds and above.

Another thing that you will appreciate about this package is that you will be able to contain extra dogs by just adding several collars. The system works by giving a beep and a buzzing warning before getting to one of the 4 static stimulation levels. You will have the convenience of choosing the stimulation level that is ideal for your pet. To give you enough buying confidence, you will be happy to learn that the system comes with a warranty of 2 years from the manufacturer.


  • Comes with everything required to cover a maximum distance of 1/3 acres
  • The transmitter features an in-built lightning protector and a wire break alarm
  • A waterproof collar with a 9V battery that will last a year
  • It has been backed by a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years


  • The collar does not interact well with the receiver

2. PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence

Among the things that you will appreciate about this product is the fact that there will be no wire to bury. The wireless boundary actually allows you to create a very safe barrier around the yard in order to protect the pets without burying wires. The system features the tone-only mode and 5 adjustable static levels to match the temperament of the persistent pets.

You will also appreciate that the static-free reentry is going to allow the pet to get back home without any correction in case it passes the boundary. As for the collar receiver, you will appreciate that it is waterproof and operates on a rechargeable battery. What’s more, it is very easy to adjust the neck size from 6 to 28 inches. Its compact nature also allows you to carry it during your camping adventures.


  • The system comes with a tone-only mode and 5 adjustable levels to curb the temperament of your pet
  • It comes with a waterproof and rechargeable collar receiver
  • The system has a very simple setup and gives your dog a secure playing area
  • This is a compact and portable fence that can be carried amid camping


  • Not ideal for stubborn dogs

1. Extreme Dog Fence, Thick Polyethylene Jacket

We finally sum up this review with this dog fence whose maximum coverage distance is up to 25 acres. It has actually recorded the widest signal field in the market as of late. The wire can simply be run above the ground or even buried and still last more than 25 years. Another feature to appreciate about the dog fence system is that it is waterproof and submersible up to 10 feet.

The collar receiver also comes with a rechargeable battery and everything that you need to tame your dog. You will also appreciate that the doge fence features a warranty of 10 years on its electronics and a lifetime warranty for the fence wire. Given that the product has been made from a manufacture that has been in the game for not less than 25 years, you should have all the confidence to buy.


  • This system is waterproof and submersible up to 10 feet
  • It has been made in the USA to help tame your stubborn dogs
  • The system can be used on 2 dogs on a maximum distance of up to 1/3 acre
  • It has a simple set up process


  • Poor quality collar

Factors to consider when buying wireless dog fence systems

Coverage area

The first consideration to make when choosing a wireless dog fence is the area that it is capable of covering. You are actually the one who knows the region in which you want to confine your pet. With that in mind, you will be able to purchase a product that will ensure that the dog does not go past that point.

Dog size

Even though most products available in the market are versatile and are ideal for most dogs, you will still need to keep this factor in mind when purchasing. In most cases, the smaller dogs will have tender necks which will mean that they won’t be able to carry heavy weight. To make sure that the wireless dog fence remains effective therefore, you need to consider the size of your dog.

Warning type

A warning is often made when your dog is getting out of the required zone. Provided that you have trained your dog, it will be easy to note when the dog gets out of range. In a similar manner, the dog will be able to go back to the confined area after the warning. Whichever the warning type you choose for your dog, it ought to be humane and harmless.


Every pet owner is required to own a wireless dog fence. The reason for that is that these units are very easy to install. What’s more, your dogs will easily learn how they work very fast than you anticipated. Apart from that, these units are very affordable meaning that you will not have to rob the bank to acquire them. In this review, we selected the top 10 best wireless dog fences that you will get today in the market. The aim of coming up with this review was to help the buyer easily find the right pick for their pets. Provided that you go through the entire compilation, it should be pretty easy to make a decision.

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