The 10 Best Wireless Charger in Review

With many people questing for convenient ways to carry out their day to day activities, the wireless charger is providing a more comfortable way of charging your phone. You just need to drop your handset device onto this charger and the rest is taken care of. Forget about the headache you use to have handling cables that occasionally get lost or break.

Not long ago, the major problem to this wireless charger has to do with slow charging and adoption. Despite the charging style been unpopular today, it has found its way into mobile devices like LG, Samsung, Moto and Sony phones android driven and also adoption has been felt with the Apple iPhones as well. Currently, the technology is at a point where it’s charging speed is okay to acclimatize with.

Wireless chargers pad or stand have flocked the market and choosing the best out the pool is not an easy task. However, we’ve gone out of our way and selected the best 10 wireless chargers you can comfortably acquire for your charging experience. Read on as we unveil the chargers that made to the top list.

#10. AirO Wireless Charger

By AirO

The best wireless charger to adopt while you exchange a conversation with a friend via SMS is AirO Wireless Charger. Everything ranging from its design and functionality is awesome. Its elegant aluminum body, doubled coiled charging surface and the non-slip rubberized grip makes the charger to stay durable for a longer period. You can rest assured that your charging experience will be overwhelming since it outputs 10W charging up to 50% faster than the normal 5W wireless mobile chargers.

This wireless charger does not interfere with your casing, in fact, it readily charges your phone while the casing is on. The major desirable feature about this gadget is the compatibility factor. Offers fast charge of up to 7.5 W compatible for Apple 8 plus, iPhone 8, X, XS, Max, 10W for Samsung S10e, S10, S10Plus, S9/S9+, S7 Edge, Note 5, 7, 9, LG G3, G5,G6,G6+, Nokia Lumia 830, 920,1020,1520 and 5W with Google Nexus 4 & 5, Pixel 3.


  • Case friendly charger
  • Non-slip rubberized grip
  • You can place your phone in portrait and landscape position
  • Offers faster charging, 10W output
  • Widely compatible with many mobile phones


  • Short cable limiting position

#9. YueGoo Wireless Charger

By YueGoo

Would like to have the best wireless charger that is cool and charges faster than the generic wireless charges? YueGoo wireless charger dispenses charge without any limitation. In fact, it’s capable of outputting 10W charge. Uses Qi certification standard and works with all devices like iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10E, S9, S9plus, S8, S8plus, S7, S7. As compared to your regular corded charger, this charger two times faster because of its leverage on the Qi technology.

If you think about any wireless charger that is safe and offers smart charging technology, you wouldn’t miss checking on YueGoo wireless charger. It is an integrated smart chip inside that prevents the wireless pad from overheating, overvoltage and short-circuiting. Moreover, they are built with over-heating, short circuit, over-charging protection. When in an idle mode, the charger never overcharges your battery.


  • A 10W wireless charger
  • Safety charging and smart charging technology
  • Easy to carry and LED indicators
  • Exquisite and lightweight


  • No cons work perfectly as intended

#8. BEANLIEVE Wireless Charger


Looking for the best wireless charger that starts charging without the heat up problems? BEANLIEVE Wireless Charger might be your best option. Design to have one piece ultra-thin shape that enables to fit well into your porch. This charger has intelligent temperature control built-in it. The temperature control chip and the aluminum alloy body with pure copper coil ensure it automatically adjusts the charging rate in accordance with the temperature of the charger thus ensuring overheating of the charger is dealt with. During charging time, don’t place any metal object between your handset device, otherwise, the charger wouldn’t work.

Annoying light is a thing of the past, a charger that humbling give you sufficient sleep because it has no noisy lights. However, it is built-in with LED lights and intelligent power-off chip track charging sequence – Blue indicator means it’s charging, Red indicator imply Resting. Your phone wouldn’t over-charger because it automatically switches off when fully charged.


  • Can be used with or without a casing
  • Does not give out any annoying light while charging
  • Has an intelligent charging control to prevent over-heating
  • 5W, 7.5W, 10W wireless charging models


  • Charging wouldn’t be done if a metal or magnetic objects are placed between your phones

#7. ELEGIANT Wireless Charger


What a wonderful lightning speed to have your phone charged faster without having any interaction of tiring cables! ELEGIANT Wireless charger offers the fastest wireless charging experience. As a matter of fact, this charger works 1.4 faster than other 5W generic wireless chargers. Charging angle bracket can be tilted to any angle. Expect no wires, no sounds or any lights when using these charges. This alone means your sleep wouldn’t be disturbed in any way. Enjoy your sleep because, after full charging, the LED light will go off after 10 seconds.

To get a maximum charging time, it’s recommended that you remove your phone casing. Can work with many gadgets including Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, Note 9, 8, S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge series devices 7.5W Mode is compatible with iPhone XS MAX, XR, XS, X, 8, 8 Plus.


  • Built-in charging protection
  • Great compatibility with many handset devices
  • Lightning fast wireless charging
  • Adjustable angle, simple and convenient


  • The mini USB plug port should be in the back of the pad

#6. ZOEVIEW Wireless Charger


If you have a phone that has a wireless function and want to charge in any position, look no more because Zoeview charger enables you to charge your phone conveniently and comfortable in any position. You can watch a movie while you charging your phone horizontally. Besides, the great folding design makes it a good stand to enjoy your favorite movie. Not forget, the easy to carry factor. Ideally, it works flawlessly with your iPhone XR even when the case is on.

This charger is designed with unique features for heat dispersion, for instance, to achieve heat dissipation effect and intermittent charge, carbon aluminum coated components are applied thus ensuring the max temperature is under 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it applied to overcharge, overheating and overvoltage. Temperature control, foreign object detection and anti-slip silicone seat at the bottom are also addressed. All this actually are geared towards making the charging fully protected against damaging your cell phone.


  • Unique design and heat dissipation
  • Ultra-slim and folding design
  • LED indicator
  • Case friendly wireless charger


  • The charging is not faster enough, but acceptable for its low price

#5. Bestand Wireless Charger

By Bestand

Want the best wireless charger made of high-quality standards? Bestand Wireless Charger is able to impress you. This stand is sturdy and heavy, an excellent way to keep your Apple devices organized. You can adjust the charging cables at losing or tight as you desire to connect to your devices. In addition, if you have a case on your phone, you don’t have to remove it, just adjust the stand to accommodate your case.

Explore the unending features of the wireless charger that enables you to charge your phone vertically or horizontally, while you enjoy your favorite movie, music, making a call or send a text message without interrupting charging. The goodness with this charger is the compatibility nature with Qi0enabled devices, works perfectly for the iPhone with Qi wireless receivers.


  • Has a wireless charger stand design
  • Compatible with all Qi-enabled phones
  • Top quality wireless charging stand
  • Has a humanized design
  • Transmits charging power directly through protective casing


  • Cannot charge iPhone 8+ in its otter box defender case when standing vertically

#4. ZealSound Wireless Charger

By ZealSound

Need a wireless charger that you can use comfortably in your car while you enjoy a ride? ZealSound wireless Charger is your best companion. Allows operation using one hand. Imagine the clips open automatically when the mobile device approaches and the clamps close itself to offer strong and stable grip. No need to press the button for this operation like other chargers in the market. In fact, it offers you safe driving moments. What if the charging capabilities? You can be assured that ZealSound offers great charging capabilities since it has undergone QC RoHS FCC and CE certifications.

If you wish to remove the suction cup stacked on the dashboard, you don’t need to worry. The charger enables you to lift a tab which breaks the suction and comes out with ease. It wouldn’t leave dirt in your car. Placing the stands is quite simple and easy.


  • Built-in with infrared smart sensor
  • Strong suction cup and adjustable viewing
  • Safe and quiet
  • The certified adapter enables a safe charge


  • Can sometimes overheat your phone’s battery

#3. YOUSTOO Wireless Charger


This amazing wireless charger is known for its stepper motor functionality. YOUSTOO wireless charger uses a stepper motor with strong torsion. It’s an ultra-silent motor that works with minimum noise of less than 10db. This feature brings stability to your phone when you’re driving. Aside from that, the stepper motor is more durable as compared to other motors in the market.

This high-quality wireless charger supports the power-off operation mode. Even the car is off, the button in-built battery will continue to supply power to your phone. Hence, offers a good way of opening and closing the clamp even when the car is off. When your battery is fully charged, the clamp arm is capable of stretching about 30 times.


  • Wireless charger and automatic car phone mount
  • Offers a number of mounting options
  • Support different devices
  • Offers high charging speed
  • Have FOD sensors that control clamps close automatic


  • Metal plate for mounting to your dashboard is rigid

#2. WGGOU Wireless Charger


Choosing a wireless charger is not an easy task, that’s why WGGOU wireless charger is here for you. This charger is capable of fitting any device that is Qi-enabled. It is willing to incorporate even the urgent needs of charging. Can work well for Samsung S9, S9+, Note9, Note8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge, Note 5, S6 edge plus; 7.5W iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, iPhone 8, 8 Plus. A great companion in your home or for office use. Enables you to charge in both vertical and horizontal position. You can answer to any call, reapply to any message, video call or reapply an email message while your charging goes uninterrupted.


  • Certified safe charger
  • Risk-free guarantee
  • Super fast charging speed
  • Great for office & home charging
  • Compatible for all Qi devices


  • Beeps constantly

#1. YooTech Wireless Charger

By YooTech

YooTech Wireless Charger will make you smile because it offers more than you might be wishing. The performance on most Qi-enabled devices is super-dope. It readily charges with phone case on at the rate of almost 1% every 2minutes, meaning a full charge will only take 20 minutes. It is built with temperature protection, overvoltage guards, input current protection, short-circuit protection to ensure your handset device is not destroyed. Your phone wouldn’t overheat during charging thus becomes a good wireless charger to be used anywhere. Additionally, the charger is cheaper as compared to other wireless chargers.


  • Comes with a fast charging adapter
  • A safe to use the charger
  • Has a humanized design
  • Enables both vertical and horizontal charging


  • Great charger for travel but the cord is too short

What You Need to Take into Considerations When Selecting Wireless Charger

The shape and size of the charger

These wireless chargers are designed in different sizes and shapes. It’s good to understand your taste and preference before purchasing one for yourself. If you don’t like mats and pucks just because you view them as useless, consider going for a stand.

Charging speed

How best do you want your charger to charge? Of course, you want an optimum charging speed. If you are in a hurry and your phone is very lower, consider purchasing a charger with high charging speed.

Suitability to be used in a car

The next consideration you should focus on is whether the charger is suitable to be used in your car. Current models of cars are designed such that it allows charging to be done directly in the car. A good car wireless charger comes with automatic clamps and suction cups that stick firmly on the car dashboard.

Case friendliness

A desirable charger should be capable of charging of phone with the outer casing. Cases are normally thin and the current should be capable to penetrate. Normal casing thickness is about 2 mm. If your casing has magnetic or metal objects, it is advisable that you remove to avoid interfering with the charging process.


In general, wireless chargers have created a huge impact on our contemporary society. Convenience is the main positive impact, no need to stick your phone in a charging mode for long hours in the same charging port, everything has been made mobile and simple. You can enjoy listening to your best music or chatting with a friend while your phone continues charging. The list we’ve provided to you above are among the top-rated wireless charges of the season. Use the tips we’ve offered to get your appropriate selection.

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