Top 10 Best Winter Coats for Men In Reviews

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide on your own which product would suit you best. My purpose is to help you make the best decision you can on which winter coat for men would be right for you. Some men want their coat to be warm, some may want it to be stylish and even better, both! There’s a great selection of coats to choose from and I will help you decide which one fits you best in terms of price and quality. It all depends on what qualities you are looking for in your coat, how much you want to spend, how durable it is, the insulation properties and many more factors that go into making an important purchase decision. Luckily for you, we have some great coats to choose from that range in prices and quality to help you make the best decision and find the best product for you.

#1. Coofandy

The first coat you have to choose from is by “Coofandy”. It is specifically designed as a Ski coat due to it’s waterproof, and windproof properties. The coat comes available in two different styles and in the colors of Olive Green, Black, Army Green, Blue, and Navy Blue. It’s made from complete waterproof fabric and it has a high collar, zipper, and button two-layer front closure. It is warm and comfortable, has multi-functional pockets, It’s great for winter weather, outdoor sports due to its freedom of movement, camping, and hiking. It is a thin coat but the lining holds heat way better than you would expect, it looks more like a jacket but keeps you just as warm as a thick, bulky coat. It just has such a nice design!

#2. Rokka & Rolla

This next option is by “Rokka&Rolla. This one is also water resistant, although unlike the first coat, it is thick, heavier and padded. It’s also insulated and quilted, making it a super warm coat. There is a thickened filler to provide better insulation and maintains high thermal performance in cold and wet conditions without too much bulk. It has a comfortable neck and sleeve design and has inner pockets for more convenience. It also has a reversible shell so it can be switched out if one side gets dirty while out camping or hiking because this coat is also great for outdoor sports. Perfect if you’re looking for something heavier, but also warm and stylish, this coat comes in Orange, Grey, Dark Blue, and Black.

#3. Gemyse

This third option is by Gemyse. It is also windproof and waterproof. It comes in Red, Blue, Black, and Navy Blue. This coat provides a relaxed fit, breathable to wear. It’s great for outdoor sports as it is moveable and still very insulated and warm. The stitching in this coat is reinforced making it very durable to enjoy for years. Yet the inside is a soft fleece lining making it very comfortable and cozy. Even the zippers are waterproof designed. It also comes with two detachable cuffs and a storm hood. It will give you all around protection, effectively. There’s also a supportive fixture inside the jacket.

#4. Spmor

The next coat is by Spmor. This coat comes in the most colors being; White, Army Green, Black, Khaki, Light Grey, Dark Blue, Red, Navy Blue, and Sapphire Blue. This coat also comes with a windproof/waterproof feature. It has a relaxed fit and is quick to dry. It has a detachable and adjustable hood. It has a breathable two-layer shell. Two outers and one inner pocket. It also has top and bottom drawcords to keep the wind out and warm. It is very functional and stylish.

#5. Wantdo

The next coat is by Wantdo, it is a three in one interchangeable coat. It is waterproof and has a detachable liner. It comes in Army Green, Black, Dark Blue, Grey, and Dark Grey. It has tear-resistant and anti-static functions. It’s filled with high-quality cotton making it warm and lightweight. It has an adjustable hood, drawstrings, cuffs, and a liner that attaches and detaches. (can be worn separately). It has a supportive fixture hole that is soundproof for headphone lines. And multiple pockets in and out for all your personal items. This jacket can handle inclement weather easily!

#6. Baleaf

Next is by Baleaf, making it on the list once again another windproof/waterproof jacket. This jacket comes in colors that are multi because of the specific design of the jacket. The color options are Black and Grey. Blue Black and Grey. Green Black and White, and then just Black, Blue, and Grey as singular options. It is the top one crafted with advanced level technology and a high-level barrier, very breathable and very waterproof. It also has a thermal lining with taped seams to keep water from leaking in. It also has underarm ventilation systems to keep from getting too warm in that area. It also has an adjustable drawcord hem for an adjustable and comfortable fit.

#7. Camel CroThiswn

The next one is by Camel CroThiswn and is another three in one customizable coat. It’s not very up there on the stylish side but does come in the colors of Blue, Grey, and Black. It’s more for a man wanting a simpler yet comfortable look in their coat of choice. It is however made with high-quality materials, water and windproof of course, copes with any winter weather conditions. With versatility in mind, you can wear the coat all together or there is a removable hood, lining, and waterproof shell that can all be worn separately depending on conditions. The design of this jacket has made it very functional and comfortable!

#8. Landcholy

The next coat is by Landcholy. It is a windproof, warm and lightweight material. It comes in colors Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Red, and Coffee. It has guaranteed the best heat retention and relaxed fit, breathable, dry material. The waterproof factor of this jacket can work under tons of water pressure always keeping you dry and comfortable on rainy or misty days. It has adjustable gloves that seal to the jacket and seal in warmth. It is multi-functional with its many inside and outside pockets as well as a special media pocket. Making sure to always keep your phone dry and even a place for your headphones.


Made by TBMPOY, this coat comes in the colors Black, Blue, Coffee, Dark Grey, Green, Khaki, Red, and Lake Blue. This jacket is waterproof and the interior is made from a soft and comfortable fleece material guaranteed to keep you warm in all conditions. This jacket has a zipper closure to keep out all wetness and provide maximum coverage. It has a windbreaker protective shell yet is a breathable material, and non-bulky and moveable so it’s perfect for any activity in the winter weather. It has two giant zipper hand pockets for storage and an interior pocket for safekeeping. Even though it’s thin it is extremely warm and makes it no need for layering underneath. This jacket is also stylish so it’s quality overall.

#10. Moerdeng

The last coat on the list is made by Moerdeng, and is a little less on the stylish side but keeps up when it comes to warmth. However it does offer more unique and manly color options being Khaki, Black, Green, Brown, Dark Grey and Black Camo (my favorite). This jacket is also wind and waterproof offering a zip closure to keep extra dry. It’s also breathable and moveable for maximum comfort for outdoor activities and sports. It is multi-purpose with the wind and waterproof shell and an interior lining with durable fabric and the best insulation for great heat retention. It has a relaxed fit and will keep you dry and warm!


Conclusively, all these coats are wonderful and they all have similar features, being wind/waterproof, stylish, affordable and high quality for the price. They all come in a range of colors and different styles to fit your needs. Some are thicker than others but even the thinner ones are still able to provide warmth, all giving breathable and moveable freedom for sports and outdoor activities. All of these coats are also perfect for any outdoor condition you may be faced with and do not require any extra under layers, which means more comfort for the buyer. These coats are the best choices out there for men and would be a smart purchasing decision for the cold weather ahead.

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