Top 10 Best Wine Cooler Refrigerator in Reviews

If you are an avid wine lover, we’re sure you know how refreshing the wine is when chilled. And a wine cooler refrigerator offers you a large storage potential that can offer you that. Also, it even becomes important when you have different varieties of wine in your home. The unit will keep your drinks at a constant temperature you need. Unlike other drinks that come in smaller bottles, wine comes with elegant and long bottles that require special models of the fridge. This will allow effortless storing and organization of varied wine flavors.

Lucky enough, there are a wide variety of wine coolers available for you to choose from. For instance, there is a single zone wine fridge for a constant temperature for all wine and dual-zone wine fridge for varied temperatures. However, if you’ve never interacted with these vast options, choosing the one that suit you can get complicated. For that reason, we have put together a list of the top ten wine cooler refrigerator in reviews to help you in your selection. Moreover, they are budget-friendly units.

#10. NutriChef PKTEWC08 8 Bottles Quiet Operation Stainless Steel Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

NutriChef wine cooler is the 10th model that delivers a great way of enjoying a refreshing wine. This chiller keeps eight bottles of wine and it will keep them cool to perfection. For any serious lover, this refrigerator cabinet is a wonderful accessory that shouldn’t miss in your home. Nothing beats this chiller because it efficiently and effectively stores wine at its rightful temperature. With a simple digital touch button, you can control its temperature quite easily. Besides, Celsius and Fahrenheit’s units are available for selection to offer great convenience. This wine fridge is suitable for home, office space with a space-saving compact design.


  • The touch button is simple and easy to control the unit
  • The touch screen control offers a convenient control
  • Boasting sleek appearance light up any room décor
  • It enables you to store and serve your wine like a pro


  • Doesn’t have dual temperature unit for red & white wine

#9. Whynter 20 Bottles Black Tinted Mirror Glass Door Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Refrigerator

The Whynter wine cooler is a premium quality wine store that has an innovative design. Whether for the yacht, office or home, Whynter cooler is the ingenious cooler for any living space. The cooler can accommodate 20 wine bottles using thermoelectric cooling. Having a sleek countertop with mirrored glass door, present this wine cooler to be compact and stylish for any space. The door has a mirrored tint that protects the unit against UV rays. Also, the thermoelectric cooling system operates with less noise and vibration, thus maintaining against dedicated wine sediment being agitated. What’s more, the soft-touch digital control panel offers precise and intuitive temperature control.


  • Uses efficient thermoelectric cooling which is vibration-free
  • A great option for the office, yacht, and home living space
  • Adjustable thermostat stores different wine varietals
  • Has a space-saving design with recessed handle
  • The wine cooler is innovative and stylish


  • It keeps temperature 5 degrees lower than what it is set

#8. Nutrichef 12 Bottle Free Standing Stainless Steel Counter Top Red Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

If you really desire to have a sweet smelling and tasty wine, it goes without saying that you need to grab Nutrichef wine cooler refrigerator. The unit is the most affordable model you can find and it comes with impressive features. This is a must-have unit for any wine enthusiast. The sleek design will instantly turn your living space into a palace. Also, this refrigerator cabinet unit is great for its price. It uses a high precision thermoelectric cooling system that ensures your wine is stored at a perfect temperature. Temperature can be adjusted with ease because this cooler has an external digital control panel.


  • Can hold up to 12 bottles that can suit your home and office needs
  • Space-saving with an elegant design enhances any room decor
  • Air circulate freely for a quick and convenient operation
  • Operates quietly to allow you to relax in a proximity


  • Only fits 12 skinny wine bottles

#7. Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Freestanding Slim-line Upright Wine Cooler Refrigerator (Black)

If you want exclusive wine cooler from a reputable company, then give a try the Wine Enthusiast wine cooler refrigerator. It is even a better choice for people with a narrow space because it is a space-saving model. As a fact, it can fit into those empty corners, nooks of your living room, kitchen or any other living space. You can adjusting the temp of the wine is easy through the digital touch screen control on the exterior side. This model promises you a continuous enjoyment of chilled wine at an affordable price. That said, don’t look any further for a functional wine cooler refrigerator!


  • Convenient temperature control using an exterior digital touchscreen
  • It is safe for use at home because it is CFC-free and ETL approved
  • Uses thermoelectric cooling technology that is energy efficient
  • Built with two zones for varied temperature settings


  • This wine cooler does not offer service for long

#6. Ivation 24 Bottle Dual Zone Digital Temperature Display Thermoelectric Red & White Wine Cooler

In case you want to keep your wine at a constant temperature and in a stable environment, then, we suggest you go for Ivation red & white cooler refrigerator. This wine chiller fully protects your wine against direct sunlight and other unfriendly elements. The cooling system doesn’t vibrant and operates silently, hence enabling the wine to age and stored well, for posterity. You can preserve your wine for long to develop even sweeter flavor, aroma, and color. The wine served out of this fridge is full, smooth, supple, balanced and round. You can’t avoid purchasing this one because it offers unceasing advantages over the generic models.


  • Operates in low noise with no vibration for a great tastiest wine
  • Has soft interior lighting that makes it look elegant
  • Touch controls & LCD will offer effortless control
  • Uses an efficient thermoelectric cooling system


  • The system tends to get louder over time

#5. Kalamera KRC-24SS 24 Bottle Single Zone Small LED Soft Light Wine Cooler Refrigerator (Black)

Whether you drink wine together with dinner or having a few bottles in a patio, having them right at their perfect temperature and set to go is important. And if you luck the right wine cooler refrigerator to handle many wine bottles, your wine may end up staying around unprotected and making your kitchen messy. Imagine with Kalamera KRC wine cooler, you can harness all your wine bottles inside it. Well, it can store up to 24 bottles of wine at a go.

The cooling technology will ensure your wine gains its great color and aroma for delicious and great flavor. Every bottle sits inside a long-lasting metal with silver-toned waved wires shelves that keep them right no matter the situation. Also, inside this metal refrigerator is a soft LED light that illuminates everything in this cooler to enable you to read the labels of these units.


  • It operates quietly without disturbing those in proximity
  • LED soft light offers you more visibility inside the cooler
  • It is flexible and compact and holds 24 bottles of wine
  • Has a wide temperature range from 410 F to 640F
  • Built with removable chrome shelves


  • Temperature rise above the set temperature

#4. AKDY 20 Bottles Chrome Wire Single Zone Standing Shelves Touch Panel Wine Cooler Refrigerator

If elegance and modernism is your choice for the best wine cooler, then why don’t you give a try to ADKY wine cooler refrigerator? It keeps your wine up to perfect serving temperature. This great solution wine cooler is stylish and will compliment your house décor. The other reason why you should go for this cooler is that it comes from high-quality materials for long-lasting use. That’s why as a wine collector, you shouldn’t miss this affordable model. Furthermore, the electronic display, adjustable temperature range, the built-in compressor will offer quick chilling. Due to that, it is the most popular model across the globe. Bring today for your restaurant or your home.


  • Has an elegant design that compliments your room décor
  • Double pane glass offers helpful insulation against UV rays
  • Uses an electronic temperature control for quick chilling
  • It can keep 20 bottles of wine capacity


  • The set temperature climbed a few degrees higher

#3. Ivation Stainless 24 Bottles Quiet Operation Digital Temperature Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Ivation 24 bottles wine cooler refrigerator is a dual-zone stainless steel unit that keeps wine at a constant temperature and built to have zero vibration. You can rest assured that your wine will be kept properly and aged to gained delicious flavor with the best possible mouth feel. This unit is a must-have for wine lovers and collectors. It offers varied temperature control that allows you to change temperature different for reds and whites wines. The temperature that you serve the wine with affects how it tastes and feels in your mouth. Even a high-class wine can taste awful when not at its rightful temperature. That also affects the age of the wine and how it can last.


  • Tempered smoked glass door with stainless steel trim for enhanced durability
  • Uses a digital control panel and LCD for seamless control
  • It maintains the correct temperature for red and white wines
  • Low vibration will not agitate the sediments


  • Temperature is only displayed in Celsius

#2. Phiestina 46 Bottle Freestanding with Advanced Compressor 24'' Dual Zone Built-in Wine Cooler

Chill wine and cool your wine to your preferred temperature using Phiestina dual zone wine cooler refrigerator. It makes access to your favorite wine quite easy and simple. Even better, the cooler can hold up to 46 bottles of wine that give you a chance to throw elite parties for your guests. Also, its portable and compact size allows you to fit it anywhere you want. Besides, it is an incredible choice to transform your kitchen and enjoy the flowing taste and aroma of delicious wine. Turn the cabinets, cupboards, bookshelves and kitchen countertops into wine cooler spaces! No more limitations, this model is truly adjustable and the shelves are removable.


  • It turns the cupboards, cabinets, bookshelves and office tables to wine cooler spaces
  • The high-tech compressor operates quietly with an air duct system
  • Enable your perfect temp without having to guess any longer
  • Portable and compact to fit anywhere you want


  • The back legs can’t adjust as the mounting hole is stripped

#1. EdgeStar CWR532SZ 24'' Wide 53 Bottle Single Zone Blue Interior LED Lighting Built-in Wine Cooler

The surest single zone wine fridge worth investing in is the EdgeStar wine cooler refrigerator. The unit is capable of holding up to 53 standard 750 ml wine bottles. Also, it can keep all bottles from 400 F to 650F, which a great temperature level for storing red and white wines. With a stainless steel dual-panel tinted glass door, you can be assured that all the wines are cooled to the required temperature. Besides, the tinted glass door also enables you to choose the bottle of wine you would want, thus keeping the cooled air inside, for energy efficiency. The interior is illuminated with LED lighting that makes the wine bottles visible when selecting. What’s more, the temperature inside this unit is controlled with built-in electronic control that also monitors the current temperature.


  • Blue interior LED lighting illuminates the cooler for visibility of the wine
  • Has flat-faced stainless steel handle for convenient opening
  • Built with an internal fan to evenly circulate air
  • Can hold 53 standard size bottles of 750ml


  • It is a single zone, therefore, it can keep wine into different temp zones

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Before buying a wine cooler for your garage, bar or kitchen, you should consider some aspect to ensure you buy something substantial. This little guide will of great help in making you buy a great cooler fridge.


The first obvious aspect to consider is the sizing of the cooler. Sizing will have to do with various aspects. First, consider the available space in your house to fit into the small footprint without bringing inconvenience. It doesn’t stop there, how convenient can it allow you to open the 180 degrees door? Also, the sizing determines the number of bottles that you can stock your fridge. Have a smaller model if you think space is a limiting factor.

Freestanding Cooler vs. Built-in Wine Cooler

The market currently offers two define units of wine coolers; freestanding coolers and built-in coolers. Also, space is a consideration in picking either of the models. As the name suggests, a freestanding cooler is designed to stand by itself in a room while for built-in cooler, it is installable within the present cupboards or cabinets. So, how you will choose the one for your needs will narrow down to two factors: what you need and what you want to achieve.


While on the hunt for a suitable wine cooler, it’s no doubt you’ll be bombarded with options and features that sound great and appealing. That’s is when you realize the existence of two big types of wine coolers namely; Single zone and Dual zone coolers. Single zone cooler allows you to keep all bottles of wine under the same temperature zone. It is a good option for newbies because it doesn’t take much space and it’s simple. On the other hand, dual-zone offers you different storing options with different temperature zones. That said, it’s up to you to choose your preferred type.


As we all know, coolers aren’t that cheap, but to your surprise, wine coolers are a bit cheap than the standard freezer/fridge combo. For a cooler, the price will depend on many factors like the capacity, the size, and the type. We’ve offered you some great budget-friendly coolers having tons of features. Grab the model that meets your budget.


Well, we hope you now have seen the importance of purchasing a wine cooler refrigerator. By all means, try keeping your eye on the guide section to ensure your purchase meets your requirements. Getting the best model isn’t a big deal if you take your time. Whether its red wine, white wine or both you wish to store, our review has catered all your needs. We’ve presented to you a single zone and dual-zone coolers that will meet everyone’s needs. So, what don’t you give a try to one of the coolers above? It is a great investment for your home.

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