Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Shelving in Reviews

Wall-mounted shelving offers additional storage space in your home without taking much of the floor space. And they are even useful for those individuals who have limited room space. Their stylish and stunning look will decorate your living room perfectly. While the popularity of these shelving rises daily, furniture manufacturers are also doing the extra-work of producing high-end and practical wall mounted shelving. Are you thinking of a way of organizing your office or home space with immediate effect? You only need to buy wall-mounted shelving and install it right away.

Since there are tons of wall mounted shelving in the market, choosing a suitable model can sometimes become a daunting task. However, to end the long search, we thought it wise to offer you the best ten wall mounted shelving in reviews. The list constitutes of shelving models from reputable brands, durable and distinguishable design. Read on to understand more about these units.

#10. Giftgarden Set of 3 Multifunctional Decorative Floating Wood Wall Shelf for Home Décor

If you are hoping to get a storage shelf constructed with wood and metal materials, your hopes have now paid you thanks to the Giftgarden wood wall shelf. Also, it is crafted for quality and style to match any working or living space. Besides, it enables you to organize your room elegantly by preserving your photographs, arts, and books. The shelf is capable of reviving your living space by displaying all your adorable collectibles and photos. And if you are looking for the best quality wall ledges at an affordable price, this model is the one.


  • Offers a great way of lowering clutter and adding display space to your home
  • Comes with detailed instructions that make installation quite easy
  • Constructed from durable and reliable wood and metal materials
  • It is an excellent décor for your living and working space


  • The green brackets might take you time to put together

#9. Furinno Rossi 3-Tier Radial Corner Composite Wood Wall Mounted Floating Shelf (Espresso)

When it comes to space utilization from any location, Furinno 3-tier wall-mounted shelving is an excellent choice. It can fit comfortably to a corner while storing all your essentials more safely. The creative design offers a space-saving solution of its kind. Moreover, it enables you to display photos, collectibles, awards, toys, videos, CDs, decorative items, and so on. More interestingly, it has an espresso finish that spice your living space modestly. Maintenance is straightforward because you just need to wipe using a damp cloth and


  • Has an espresso finish that decorates your living space
  • Easy to mount onto the wall because it is lightweight
  • Affordable and comes from high-quality materials
  • It is a good looking and space-saving model


  • The screw hole is not lined up well

#8.Besse Jute Rope 3-Tier Wall Swing Storage Shelves for Living Room, Bathroom & Kitchen (Brown)

Besse wall mounted storage shelving has two-8.5ft jute ropes with three-solid boards. Also, the solid board displays a rustic-style torched finish. Most importantly, this wall shelf is ingenious set for any modern, rustic, or natural office, home, hotel, shop, coffee décor. More interesting, it can be hung in front of a window, on a wall, or even from the ceiling. Even better, the jute rope is stressed and durable; you can count for prolonged use. The shelf is a decorative method to add storage space to your living space. The installation is quite effortless since it comes as a DIY set.


  • Perfect shelf for adding dinnerware, books, and more household essentials
  • The wood pattern makes it look glamorous and adorable
  • Jute rope is stressed and durable for long use
  • The mounted shelving is easy to hang anywhere


  • It is still new in the market

#7. SODUKU Set of 2 Floating Wall Mounted Storage Shelving for Bathroom & Kitchen (Brown)

SODUKU floating shelves are from a high-quality wood metal frame with damp-proof and heat resistant potential. With protective guards and towel holders, this shelf is durable and can bear heavy capacity. Also, it offer multifunctional use. It enables you to make use of the wall space without occupying your floor space. And its look is an excellent match to your indoor décor. It makes an excellent choice for your kitchen, closet, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. This unit is phenomenal and enables you to organize your tins, spice, etc. You’ll surely like this mounted wall shelf, adopt it now.


  • The floating unit is versatile and tidies up your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc.
  • The metal structure design is durable and bears the stable weight
  • The rustic wood shelf makes your interior look amazing
  • It saves you more space in your living space


  • The anchors are

#6. Mkono Set of 2 Rustic Wood Floating Industrial Wall Mounted Shelving with Lip Brackets

Do you want to get a fresh and lively atmosphere in your home? Or are you usually wondering where to display your beauty items and small house décor? Worry no more, Mkono rustic floating wall mounted shelf is here for your needs. It is capable of saving you a considerable amount of space in your home because they are mounted above the floor on the wall. You can display photos, organize craft, small flower vases, toys, and many more. Be assured; this model is capable adds an ideal accent to your living space. What’s more, this shelf is comfortable and convenient to place on the walls of your living space.


  • It is versatile and functional, can be installed in the bathroom, bedroom, etc.
  • Made from premium quality materials for enhanced durability
  • You can showcase your style using the rustic shelves
  • Installation quite easy with hanging templates
  • Perfect home décor and organizer


  • The instructional manual is not included

#5. Emfogo Multiuse Floating Shelf with Drawer Set of 2 Rustic Wood Wall Shelving Storage

Engrave Emfogo wall mounted shelf on your wall if you want to get an outstanding look. This wall shelving is designed from high-quality solid wood and a carbonized black color. This sturdy unit can support a weight of up to 22lbs. This shelf has two small drawers and one other spacious drawer to serve you different purposes. You can store your keys, note pads, DVDs, pens and more other things in the smaller drawers. It serves various purposes as you can use it as a cosmetic drawer or bedside to keep your smaller items. Both drawers are hidden, giving that simple look and saves much of your space. The fact that it is from durable materials assures you of a longer-lasting shelf.


  • Assembly has been made easy as it comes with necessary hardware
  • The spacious space at the top allows displaying picture frames
  • The two handles make it easier to pull and push the drawer
  • Has two walls at the back that makes it easy for installation


  • With too much weight over 22 lbs. then it might crack

#4. MyGift Hexagonal Brass Set of 3 Tone Wire Wall Mounted Shelving Functional Storage

Do you need to display some decorative items around your house? MyGift shelving is the best choice so far. This shelf is a set of 3 hexagonal floating shelves. They are designed from metallic materials with brass tone finish making them durable. You can use it in your living room, bathroom, or offices to display curios or plants. You can place them individually or put them together in any arrangement that you desire. It comes in 3 different sizes: large, medium, and small size. It is an ideal holiday gift for a friend or family member.


  • You can view the decorations from all sides as it is wired
  • Well-crafted to perfectly blend with your house decor
  • Sturdy to ensure that it is always stable on the wall
  • Made lightweight to make installation easier


  • It doesn’t store smaller items

#3. Sagler 10 Sq. Cube Espresso Finish Floating Wood Shelves for Living room & bedroom

These shelves are constructed from high-quality, long-lasting wood materials. They are spacious enough to hold most of your items as the longest measures about 31 inches and a height of 23 inches. You can use it in your living room, office, or even bedroom. It has a smooth finish making it one of the best shelves in the market. It has a well-instructed manual to guide you on how to install it the best way. These individual shelves are most suitable to store smaller items like notepad. It does not take much of your wall space, but it can hold multiple accessories.


  • Looks elegant as screws are well driven hence not visible
  • Easy to hang as it is from lightweight materials
  • It is spacious enough to hold most of your items
  • Designed from sturdy and durable materials


  • Takes much time of about 2 hours to assemble it

#2. Rivet Contemporary 29.72'' W Round Floating Iron 4 Shelf Wall unit (Natural wood & silver)

Rivet shelving is all you need in your house to keep it tidy. This shelving is a round unit with four shelves to hold most of your household stuff. It designed from rubberwood and little iron materials for durable use. The iron bars hold the shelves in place, making the stable and support more weight with leaning forward. With only a weight of 13.4 pounds, you can easily install it without feeling its pressure at all. Assembly is much cheaper as it is packaged with the necessary hardware to assemble it. You can mount it in your living room, bedroom, or office place. It is used to store books, any smaller items, or flower pots.


  • Takes less space on your wall as the shelves are small sizes
  • Well-constructed to give your room that modern look
  • Perfect holiday present for a family member or friend
  • Easy to clean as it only requires a dry cloth to wipe it


  • Has a smaller size hence it hold most items

#1. BOSURU Industrial Pipe Rustic Wood Ladder Wall Mounted Shelf for House Décor & Storage

Are you looking for real wood shelves? The best option is BOSURU shelving. This shelf has up to 6 shelves, all made from wood materials and supporting iron pipes. This construction assures you of more years of usage. You can mount in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or office. It comes with simple instructions to install it, and it would be more comfortable when two people install it. Each shelf can support a maximum weight of up to 50 lbs. You only need a soft dry cloth to wipe any dust or grime. It has a height of up to 79 inches, meaning that you can easily access the top shelf. You can use it to store bookcases, spices, or even clothes.


  • Saves your time as it only takes 30 minutes to install it
  • Has a smooth finish that is resistant to any scratches
  • The open space allows for easy access to your items
  • Made waterproof thus remains dry after a cleanup


  • The upper side is only painted

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Wall Mounted Shelving

When you plan to buy wall-mounted shelving, ensure to tack keen consideration to the following factors.

Space Available

The foremost thing to consider is the space available. Although wall mounted shelving doesn’t take much of your area, it is worth considering the different shape and size it comes with. If possible, measure the extent that is available to accommodate the floating shelf. Also, while sorting out the space issue, remember to leave at least one-inch to enable you to handle the wall-mounted rack with ease.


Wall-mounted shelving is from various materials such as wood clipboard, glass, aluminum, steel, natural wood, and recycled wood. In most cases, people prefer natural woods because it gives high-quality products. Also, metal tends to a bit pricier but offers durable and suitable for a stylish and contemporary living room.

Storage and Display

Well, before you can spend a single coin, check what the unit offers to the table. How does it work well as a storage unit? How good that it fit to be a display shelf? In terms of display, you should consider our sturdy it can sustain the decorative items on it. If the stuff is more massive, you will have to purchase a more rugged and well-reinforced unit.


Cost is an obvious point, but to make a small elaboration on it, you should always have a rough estimate of the amount you wish to spend. While doing that, high-quality products should be your priority because if the cheap and poor quality models attract you, you tend to regret sooner than later. Lucky enough, all our ten selections are budget-friendly yet the best in terms of quality.


Now, it has been proven beyond doubt that wall mounted shelves are so essential in our contemporary life. The biggest challenge that faces most people is how to purchase the right one, but we know after you’ve read through this review, you have helpful information regarding the same. Even if the ten selections seem similar, you can always break the tie by learning the pros and cons of each wall mounted shelf. You’ll save more space in your house by leveraging on this incredible shelving system. Don’t shy away, if any of the units match your needs, show us gratitude by grabbing it. Have a hassle-free shopping experience!

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