The 10 Best Wahl Beard Trimmer in Reviews

As a man, your beard embodies your style and look. Therefore, the way you trim is so crucial. Perhaps, you might have encountered beard trimmers that don’t give you your perfect look, that’s why the initial purchase step is being keen. If you been frustrated with such blunt and low-quality trimmers, then today you’ve found your dream beard trimmer. Bid goodbye to those irritating trimmers! What else could make your face look fabulous, without the best beard trimmer? How about preparing for a big day like social outing, barbecue, wedding or dinner? I am sure you’ll aim at looking incredible gorgeous, mainly your beard.

Gone are the days where you had to panic about the look of your beard. The only most exceptional solution to rely on is the trimmer. A beard trimmer is a beautiful gadget that offers you your desired look with no limitations. If you’ve done an unsuccessful search inside and outside the web for the best beard trimmer, then your search has come at last to an end. After undergoing through extensive research, we have selected the top 10 best Wahl Beard Trimmers with sharp cutting edges trending on the market. Each item on the list possesses its right. Take control of your elongating beard today!

#10. MIGICSHOW 12-In-1 Multifunctional LED Display Electric Beard Trimmer

For perfect grooming of your beards, you need to have a trimmer that cuts your beards efficiently without causing rashes on your skin. MIGICSHOW beard trimmer is this one unique trimmer that let you enjoy beard-cutting in different styles at once. This one-stop solution has proven to surpass many peoples’ expectation that is offering an excellent trim for your beard. Lucky enough, this brand is usable even in the shower because of its waterproof nature. Once you are done using this trimmer, you can place it on the base for charging to be done. It comes with five different combs that give you an option to trim your hair in a different style. The cutting edge is sharp and durable enough to last for an extended period. Also, this trimmer works so fast with the only 2second for complete trimming.


  • Maintenance and installation of combs is easy
  • The cutting edges are durable
  • Usable in the shower because it has a waterproof surface
  • The USB charging is so fast. Which can offer 90 minutes powerful trimming


  • Removing the head from the handle is a bit difficult

#9. MANLI 11-In-1 Multifunctional Waterproof Beard Trimmer Kit

Another type of a must-have beard trimmer in your shower is MANLI upgraded version beard trimmer that comes with a stand. It generously offers quality trimming to your beard. Also, this gadget enables you to shape, cut, and maintain your beards and other facial hair. Use this trimmer, if you have a thick beard and you want precise and clean edges on your beards. If however, you thick your beard are much complicated and you are not sure on the proper trimmer to use, then take this as your try, you’ll get marvelous results. The blades are very sharp, thus giving you superior cutting on your beard. The device can be conveniently charged using a USB system that charges so fast with any power-source for only 2 hours.


  • The battery lifespan is long and is usable for 120 minutes cordless runtime
  • USB charging makes charging easy and convenient
  • Has replaceable heads that solve all your grooming requirements
  • High stainless steel blades offer a powerful cutting and blades are durable


  • The storage container for it doesn’t seem super sturdy

#8. Remington MB6850 Adjustable Comb W/11 Vacuum Stubble & Beard Trimmer

Want a beard trimmer that does not only trim your beard uniformly but also collects the trimmed hairs making the cleanup a no-hassle task. Uses a vacuum system by suctioning the trimmed noses into the removable bin chamber unlike other that litter everything on the floor of the shower. Additionally, the sharp blades give you the precise trimming and put more effort into your sideburns, facial hair, and around the neckline. Besides, they are removable that makes cleaning an easy task. If you want to achieve an exact look using this trimmer, you can make it possible by using the 11 different available length settings. The lithium battery is rechargeable and can serve you for 90 minutes cordless runtime.


  • Adjustable length comb offer the exact look you want
  • Have a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 90 minutes of cordless runtime.
  • You enjoy a no-hassle cleanup because it trims and collects the trimmed hairs
  • The sharp-blades gives precise trimming to your beard


  • The comb is only connected to the trimmer by a slot on the back

#7. SUPRENT Portable 7 Built-in Adjustable Lengths Beard Trimmer

Are you yearning to get a trimmer that can trim your beard super-fast and leave them in a clean condition? Well, your desire has gotten an answered. SUPRENT beard trimmer has a powerful motor that works on a stainless sharp steel blade which trims your beard within no time. It saves you a lot of money and time. Also, it has a guard comb measuring 2-14 mm that gives you perfect styling, hence making you walk majestically with confidence to your workplace. Moreover, this trimmer comes with a safety lock that makes it safer to carry. Charging this machine is so easy because it uses USB cable, which is compatible with most USB-enabled devices. Additionally, the reliable Li-Ion battery can last for up to 1.5 hours, which provides long-lasting performance. It is always available for use anytime, anywhere!


  • The safety lock makes it safer to carry
  • The machine is capable of trimming fast and clean
  • Has detachable blades that are easily washable
  • Built with a durable Li-Ion battery that lasts about 70 minutes


  • The trimmer has a colossal length jump

#6. SweetLF 2-In-1 Cordless Electric Razor USB Rechargeable Beard Trimmer

SweetLF Beard Trimmer promises an efficient and faster shaving experience because it has a double-track cutter that offers large shaving area. With only one hour, the battery of this shaver will have already been charged fully, which can replicate a 120 minutes usage time. You can readily charge this machine with a 5 V USB power source. The other exciting thing about this trimmer is the waterproof nature design. As a fact, it is capable of withstanding a 30minutes immersion in water without water entering the device, therefore, making the right choice in your bathroom.


  • Double track cutter offer efficient and fast shaving experience
  • The machine has a waterproof design, an excellent choice to be used in the bathroom
  • The battery can last up to 120 minutes
  • Packaged with a travel pouch, USB cord, and a cleaning brush


  • Only work perfect when the hair is dry

#5. FARIONE Cordless Mustache Body Groomer Clippers with Hard Travel Case

With the advancement in technology, new and upgraded beard trimmers are also being made to make your beard trimming quick and efficient. Taking the lead in the improvement is FARIONE beard trimmer that offers desirable and clean trimming experience. You can get your style with ease when you decide to shift to this trimmer. The self-sharpening blades are capable of trimming your beard into your desired shape thanks to this exemplary trimmer. On top of that, all the attachments of this trimmer can be dismantled and washed except for its base. Cleaning is easy and straightforward. Besides, the heads can be replaced so quickly as well.


  • Heads are easily replaceable
  • The attachments of the head are washable
  • This trimmer can precisely cut your beard into your desired shape
  • The long-lasting lithium battery is the right choice for traveling


  • When one of the heads plastic interiors broke, it wouldn’t work properly

#4. Pritech Electric USB Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer Black

To obtain precise beard trimming, you need to have a beard trimmer that can get the same — that why we settle down for this ideal trimmer by Pritech. Whether you want to achieve a short beard or long beard, this is the trimmer to count on. Also, use this trimmer if you’re going to perfect the shape of your neck, chin, and cheeks. Additionally, make your mustache and sideburns look great and attain the desired finish by leveraging on this precision shaver. If your skin is sensitive and you might fear developments of rashes, then you should give this trimmer a try, because it trims your beard without exerting pain or pulling your beard.


  • Enables you to make sharp and clean lines in your beard
  • The high-speed motor makes it easy to cut thicker beard
  • Has a lithium battery that can last longer
  • Very safe and convenient machine to be used at home


  • Lack of standard micro or c USB port

#3. FARI Multi-functional Fully Washable Electric Beard Trimmer Kit (Black & Silver)

FARI beard trimmer is another unique shaver that works so efficiently. It is designed to cut your beard in a much cleaner way thus offer max versatility for the right style you might want. The trimmer provides good quality beard-cutting experience with minimal mess, therefore leaves you with even cut beard that goes you working confidently to your office daily. FARI blades are very sharp and robust, making them durable and are usable for a long time without sharpening. Additionally, the steel blades do not rust and supported with guards that prevent them against buckling. Plus, all the attachments of the trimmer are washable.


  • All the attachments of the machine are washable
  • The blades are very sharp and robust therefore they don’t break that easily
  • Offer perfect trim with less mess
  • The motor and edges do not produce irritating sound


  • It is not a good option for thick beard

#2. CLEVER BRIGHT 5-In-1 Rechargeable Portable Electric Hair Razor

CLEVER BRIGHT is a 5 in 1 multi-functional beard trimmer tool that offers high-quality beard trimming experience. It is the coolest trimmer to make your dream beard style come true! If you have had the urge of trimming your beard with less effort, but in the safest way possible, then CLEVER BRIGHT is the trimmer to seek assistance. Uses magnetic head to clean your beard evenly without pulling out your beard that could have exerted pain on your beard area.


  • The trimmer has a durable working power that makes trimming done quickly
  • Can be used easily and trim beard painlessly
  • Safe and comfortable trimmer to trim your beard
  • The lightweight and USB rechargeable enables you to travel with the trimmer anywhere


  • It has an unstable base

#1. Liberex PC100 Professional Electric Men Battery Operated Beard Trimmer

Caring for beard doesn’t have to cost you everything. By using an appropriate trimmer, you have it done. That said, with Liberex beard trimmer is capable of changing your facial outlook in a more significant way. By trimming your sideburns, mustaches, and beard, it leaves you looking stunning. This brand lets you adjust the trimming length between 2 – 18 mm. Forget about the extra separate attachments, because with this trimmer, you only need to adjust the size of the comb on the head. The machine uses by the size of AA batteries that are rechargeable and can be used up to 60 minutes.


  • Has a lightweight design that makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere
  • Powered by AA-size batteries that can work up to 60 minutes
  • The adjustable comb length offers you the option to select your preferred beard trimming size
  • Designed with sharp blades, that are durable and strong


  • AA batteries don’t last long enough

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Wahl Beard Trimmer

The brand and Price

If you see an expensive beard trimmer, but the price is a bit higher, yet it’s from a reputable company, don’t hesitate to buy the trimmer. As long as you are spending money that is up to your reach, at no point you regret. A trimmer from a high-quality brand will reduce the blades replacements cost because they are from high-quality materials.

Beard Length

The next factor to put into consideration before purchasing beard trimmer is your beard length. Beard that is thicker and long will need a trimmer with more extended adjustable length settings, while those with faded range requires extra length settings. Before settling down to any beard trimmer, have first-hand knowledge on the specific style you would want your beard to have.

Unique Features

You would not want to buy a trimmer that works like the typical trimmers flocked in the market. What else does the trimmer offer, unlike the traditional trimmers? Of course, it should be waterproof, which can allow you to use even in the shower place. Also, if your skin is susceptible, then you need to get a hypo-allergic trimmer that wouldn’t make you get rashes.


Having a handsome look doesn’t have to be about the expensive suit you wear, it is the small things like keeping your beard to look attractive. Make your loved ones to love you ore by trimming your beards nicely using either of the above trimmers. You have no reason to appear so bushy and messy in your memorable event because any trimmer above can change your look within some few seconds. Let our guide lead you to make even a great choice. The best look deserves the best trimmer!

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