Top 10 Best Video Doorbell Cameras in Reviews

Many things are surrounding the best video doorbell cameras – tons of remarkable things are happening. Several main manufacturers are coming up with better and better smart video doorbell cameras. These appliances aren’t just popular because of the traditional doorbell reasons, but for security advantage, it offers as well. As a fact, the best smart doorbell camera implies a great change. You’ll no longer have to get off your sofa to acknowledge a delivery or info the pizza guy to drop your order on your doorstep; you can now receive guests and orders at the comfort of your sofa. Also, you don’t have to be home to welcome guests to your home.

Having the best video doorbell cameras allows you to stream videos right directly to your phone, plus it will enable you to have a two-way talk. Most importantly, it uses motion detectors to inform you when you have a visitor before they can even press the caller’s button. Since it’s not simple to choose the best video doorbell camera, we have tabled the top 10 best models that will allow you to make the right choice. Read on.

10. MECO 1080P 2-Way Talk Green 32GB Preinstalled IP65 Waterproof Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera

You can protect your house at all times with PIR sensor detection in the Meco video doorbell camera. Unlike other brands, this unit has a longer battery life enabling it to wake up to 900 times when fully charged. In the absence of any events, it can also enter into low power standby mode to save on battery life. You have no more missed visitors because when anyone comes by and presses the doorbell, you can hear the chime. With this, you can also mute the indoor chime when you do not need any disturbances. Additionally, your visitor can be quickly responded to with you selecting from the pre-recorded voice messages.


  • Comes with a USB cable for recharging purposes
  • Has two different adjustable levels of sensitivity
  • Allows storage on the cloud or local SD card
  • It takes some few minutes to install it fully


  • It lacks a plug design.

9. HeimVision HMB1 Weatherproof 2-Audio Night Vision 2 Storage Options Video Doorbell Camera

Whenever you are, you can easily secure your front door with Heimvision video doorbell camera. It has a wider angle view of up to 166 degrees that present clear images at all times. With the 9600mAh battery, you are assured of a longer standby time of up to 6 months to avoid frequent recharging and ensure easier installation. Your entire family is well protected during the day and night because it automatically switches into night vision mode when necessary. Better still, it keeps recording clearly during rainy, sunny, or windy conditions since it can withstand all weather conditions without any damages.


  • Has built-in speakers and microphone for efficient communication
  • Can be installed in the kitchen, dining room, and more
  • Uses the latest AI humanoid recognition technology
  • You can customize the detection trigger distance.


  • The bell indicator is a bit smaller.

8. ieGeek IP66 Waterproof 2-Way Audio 32GB Preinstalled Wireless Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera

If you are looking for a video doorbell camera with longer battery life, this brand by ieGeek is an ideal choice. It features a 6700mAh battery with up to 3 months of standby time for more convenience. You can easily select from the two sensitivity options to suit all your needs. This unit is well designed to catch up with any unnecessary human movements and notifies you instantly to keep you safer. Even better, you do not need to regularly visit your door to check on your visit since you can directly talk to them through smart devices.


  • Supports pre-recorded voice messages of up to 30 seconds
  • Has a preinstalled 32GB SD card for storage purposes
  • The wide-angle view allows you to capture all details
  • Made waterproof to avoid any frequent damages


  • The motion sensor delays a bit.

7. OUCAM 32GB SD Card 1080P Night Vision IP65 Waterproof 2-Way Audio Video Doorbell Camera

Oucam video doorbell camera is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your needs. This unit allows you to capture all the ongoing events at your front door alongside your driveway because it has a wider angle lens of 166 degrees. No matter the prevailing weather conditions, you are assured of clearer and high definition videos and images. With the inbuilt 6, IR LED lights to ensure you of excellent night vision to keep your entire family safe at night. Moreover, it is equipped with an advanced chip that keeps all your videos and images stable and clear at all times.


  • Does not require any complicated tools for installation
  • Has secure cloud storage and SD card storage option
  • The PIR sensors detect mammals and send alerts
  • 6400mAh battery can last for up to 3 months


  • The battery does not hold a charge for longer.

6. Victure 2-Way Audio 1080P HD Battery Powered Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera w/Chime

Sixth on our list is this great watchman by your doorstep to keep your family safe every day. Victure video doorbell camera has a higher resolution of 1080P HD so that you can never miss any spot in your surroundings. The wider angle lens also enables you to capture all the events happening at your doorstep without missing out on anything. It has an on-demand live video and two-way audio to allow you to check and talk to anyone at your door. Say goodbye to any hidden costs because it supports both local storage with SD card or cloud storage.


  • Can be recharged with the batteries or connected to doorbell wires
  • Made lightweight, thus easier to move it from place to place
  • The cutting edge design keeps it always from falling leaves
  • Supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi for instant notifications and images


  • Lacks clear troubleshooting directions

5. XTU Easy Installation 32GB SD Card 2K Ultra-HD 2-Way Audio Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera

Interact with your visitors and give them clear instructions at the comfort of your home with the Xtu video doorbell camera. It comes with an inbuilt microphone and speaker, which enables you to hear and speak to anyone at your doorstep at any time. When the sensor detects any motion, the smart technology sends alerts via the app for more convenience. You can also mount it anywhere in your house since it is well designed to work during harsh weather conditions such as freezing temperatures. Besides, it allows you to cover every corner and detail at your doorstep with a wide-angle lens.


  • Delivers clearer images and videos with the high resolution
  • Comes with clearer instructions for easier installation
  • Works with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router to ease operations
  • Has adjustable sensitivity levels to meet your needs


  • Troublesome to connect it to the Wi-Fi

4. GEREE 2-Way Audio Night Vision 32GB Pre-installed 1080P HD Video Doorbell Camera

With home safety being the topmost priority in your mind, you might want to try out the Geree video doorbell camera. You rest assured of longer battery life because this unit automatically goes into low power standby sleep mode in the absence of events. Once the PIR detection is triggered, the videos will be automatically saved in either local or cloud storage. With the wider field of view, you can never miss any suspicious movements at your door. Furthermore, the device share function allows various persons to view and playback on the app.


  • The built-in motion sensors detect all movements
  • Has high picture quality for clearer images
  • Works well with Android and iOS devices
  • Does not require any wired connection


  • Can’t notify more than one cell phone user

3. GazingSure 2-Way Audio 32GB Card Easy Installation Human Detection Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

GazingSure doorbell camera offers crystal clear videos yet at an affordable price. It comes with real-time two-way communication that enables you to communicate without moving to the doorstep. Also, it features a built-in high-quality speaker and microphone that ease communication. Again, it has extra anti-noise tech that ensures the smoother and clearer audio quality. Besides, this device uses the best chip that delivers clarity and stability of video and image. Additionally, it has an encrypted cloud and SD card storage that delivers up to speed storage.


  • Comes with an additional indoor chime
  • Built with an enhanced Wi-Fi signal
  • It’s IP65 waterproof to last
  • Easy to install and setup


  • No cons for now

2. TOUCAN 2-Way Audio Weatherproof Battery-Powered Wireless Doorbell Chime w/Night Vision

If you are looking to take your home’s security a notch higher, TOUCAN wireless doorbell is absolute the unit you’re looking for. First off, it comes with all the necessary tools you need to install the product. Also, with very straight forward instructions, installation is very easy. Moreover, adding the system through the iPhone is very easy; setup can only take ten minutes without any issue. Besides, this appliance delivers clear and wide videos. In terms of battery performance, this model is excellent compared to another top class model. So, if this model matches your needs, you can go ahead and buy it.


  • Feature a built-in night vision mode to go beyond day time
  • The two-way audio offer reliable communication
  • Has a weatherproof body that lasts
  • It’s compact and slim.


  • You need to pay for monthly services.

1. Amcrest AD110 2-Way Audio IP55 Weatherproof 1080P Outdoor Smart Video Doorbell Camera

If you haven’t been impressed by all the above doorbell cameras, then we have a novel choice to offer you; Armcrest video doorbell camera will live up to your expectations. Your current doorbell wiring system powers this unit. It is readily compatible with electronic digital and traditional mechanical chimes to offer surveillance of all the activities in your front door in HD resolution of up to 1920 x 1080P.

This camera also comes with a wide-angle of view of up to 140° to offer you adequate surveillance. Moreover, it features a built-in microphone with a speaker that necessitates two-way communication and, as such, makes communication to visitors very easier. As if that is not enough, it comes with two faceplates; you can choose either from silver or black faceplates. What’s more, this electronic device works seamlessly with 2.4 GHz that delivers faster video relay. Finally, the night vision capability enables you to see visitors even when they arrive at night.


  • It’s compatible with electronic digital and traditional mechanical chimes
  • The night vision capability allows you to see in the dark
  • The two-way audio ease communication with visitors
  • Offer enough and reliable storage.


  • This doorbell camera isn’t a standalone device.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Video Doorbell Camera

Wired or Wireless Video Doorbell

It very important to defines your requirements; do you need a wired or wireless version of the wireless video camera. Wireless models are usually pretty easier to install; however, you’ll have to replace or charge the battery more often, plus they tend to be a bit heavier. On the other hand, wired doorbell cameras are also good but better when you have an existing doorbell wiring system; otherwise, you’ll have to do the hard work of doing the wiring from scratch. Essentially, wired is tiring and not convenient for most people.

Video Resolution

Of course, a video that is captured at 720P is adequate; however, footage captured at 1080P will be more detailed and sharper. Besides, ensure the doorbell camera you’re about to buy comes with a night vision feature to be used beyond the daytime. At least when you have a doorbell camera that works at night, you can always know who is at your door.

Two Way Audio

The video doorbell camera ought to allow for two way communication for convenience. You’ll be able to connect with smartphones seamlessly. Most doorbell cameras come with a chime but those that don’t come with need a separate one.

Other Features

There are many other factors that you need to consider before you can make a buying decision. These factors include; Alexa & Google Assistant Support, Face Recognition technology, motion-sensing technology, smart locks, and doors compatibility.


That is the end of this review on the top ten best video doorbell cameras. As of now, we are sure that you’ll in a better position to make a purchase. This article has paid attention to most customers’ desires, be it budget, quality, and reliability, you can rest assured to have all that in the above products. The above factors will push you close towards an ideal choice; you can bet the value for your money. Meanwhile, read through this review and be sure to grab yourself the best video doorbell camera, putting all your needs at the front.

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