Top 10 Best Vegetable Choppers in Reviews

Time and again you have heard people talking about a vegetable chopper but you wonder how best it beats a knife or a single grater. Well, a knife makes the cutting of ingredients tiring and tedious. Besides, they tend to leave you with many injuries like accidental cuts. So, whether you cook often or occasional, a vegetable chopper is a kitchen tool that you need to acquire. This prepping tool reduces the preparation period by almost half. Even better, the unit is not only meant for a vegetable but also suit other foods like nuts, candy, and herbs. A vegetable chopper is easy, fun and safe to use.

Therefore, if you want to make your life easy at home, you need to find one of these tools. But, are you wondering where on earth can you get the best quality unit at an affordable price? Worry no more, because we are here to clarify and offer you the best suits. We went on a mission to find the best vegetable choppers and managed to come up with the top 10 best vegetable choppers reviews. Read along to learn more about these exciting selection.

#10. Lopetve Multi-Functional Interchangeable Blades Veggie Cutter Slicer Chopper

Are you looking for a vegetable chopper without breaking the bank? Lopetve vegetable chopper will surely meet your needs. This chopper has 7 interchangeable blades that serve different purposes making it versatile. Secondly, it is coming from safe and high-quality plastic and stainless steel materials. With this, you are assured of long-lasting use. Besides, this kitchen tool is easy to clean without hurting yourself. Chop or slice any fruit or veggies using this functional unit now. For those who are budget-concern, you have found what will best define your requirements. The mode of operation is straightforward and easy.


  • Blade holder holds all your blades in one place for easy access and safety
  • Lightweight, thus you can carry it anywhere you want to
  • You can easily store this appliance because it is compact
  • Suitable for outdoor events like camps and picnics


  • You have to peels fruits first with hard skins before slicing them

#9. Aoloria 9-in-1 Multi-Functional Mandoline Large Capacity Portable Vegetable Cutter

This 7- interchangeable, Aoloria Vegetable Chopper is from stainless steel materials that do not rust and are durable. These blades get you the desired shape and thickness of your food. The handguard protects your fingers as you slice. The ergonomic handle allows you to slice, shred or conveniently cut your veggies and fruits. This handle has your kitchen space saved as it can be hanged on the kitchen wall. Using the drain basket you can drain any remaining water on your washed vegetables and fruits. The base also provides for stable operations as it made of anti-skid materials.


  • Great timesaver because it chops quickly and efficiently
  • Can be used for grating, shredding, and slicing
  • Best for onions, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, etc.
  • Drain basket can be used as a food fruit bowl


  • Cutter heads can be damaged if stored anyhow

#8. Fullstar 6-in-1 BPA-Free Cheese Slicer Mandoline Chopper for Vegetable and Fruits

You now have all your kitchen problems solved with just a purchase of a Fullstar vegetable chopper. The 6 interchangeable blades have all your shopping needs catered for fully. This vegetable chopper can be easily dissembled if you want to clean it. You can use a dishwasher when cleaning it. This item is packaged with a finger guard and protective gloves that keep your fingers safe while slicing smaller pieces of veggies and fruits. The blade box keeps you chopping accessories in an organized manner hence you can easily access them.


  • Made from non -toxic materials for healthy meals
  • Keeps your kitchen clean with no messes at all
  • Non-slip base provides for stable operations
  • Cleaning brushes in safe cleanup purposes


  • Its thickness is constant and cannot be adjusted

#7. Fomuson 12-in-1 Upgraded Julienne Detachable Handle Vegetable Slicer Multi-use

It everyone’s desire to get kitchen work done faster, Yes? You need to get yourself a Fomuson vegetable chopper. This good appearing vegetable chopper is from high-quality stainless steel material that is rust free. Also, it features 6 interchangeable blades to get you 6 different shapes of fruits and veggies. The egg separator helps you separate the yolk from the egg whites in just a matter of seconds. Besides, it is packaged with a finger guard that protects your fingers from the sharp blades. Lastly, it is much healthy using it because it made from hazard-free materials.


  • Perfect gift for a friend or a family member during any occasion
  • Fashionable model and adds aesthetic value to your kitchen
  • You can easily fold this kitchen and store it in a less space
  • Versatile as it can be used for various purposes


  • You are limited to only one blue color when purchasing it

#6. MOICO 18-Types Adjustable Stainless Steel Blades Safe Mandoline Slicer for Kitchen

You will never get disappointed shopping for the MAICO vegetable chopper. This fruits and vegetable chopper will excite you because it has all your chopping and slicing needs catered for. During your chopping work, you can raise it to a height of 13cm to allow collecting of the chopped stuff. The 4 non-slip feet allows for comfortable operation without sliding. Additionally, it has a push rod that keeps your hands safe when slicing. You will not have to change blades each time as you can use the adjustment knob to set your slicer. This life-changing item is also the best gift for a colleague or family member during any occasion.


  • Easy to clean as you can wash it using clean running tap water
  • This mandoline slicer can slice your food into different sizes and shapes
  • Packaged with a clearly instructed manual to guide you when using it
  • Made portable hence you easy transport purposes around your kitchen


  • Does not do well when cutting tomatoes

#5. WAKOKO Food Cutter Slicer Dicer Manual Slicer for Garlic Potato Fruit Vegetable Chopper

WAKOKO vegetable chopper is one of the best brands in the market. Even with the densest veggies or fruits, its blades don’t become blunt. Also, the superior-quality stainless steel material gives it a long-lasting use. Plus, the stainless steel material is also rust-free and corrosion resistance. The parts from plastic materials are also durable enough to get your slicer working for a long time. What’s more, it has several accessories like onion chopper, vegetable slicer, julienne slicer, egg separator and more. You’ll surely love this brand because it gets your work done effortlessly and efficiently.


  • Can be easily assembled and dissembled with no extra tools
  • The non-slip base provides stability when chopping
  • Soft grip handle allows for comfortable operations
  • The brush is efficient for cleaning the sharp blades


  • It can be cleaned using a dishwasher

#4. TOROTON 14-in-1 Veggie Food Cutter Chopper Spiralizer Manual Mandoline for Fruits & Veggies

Your cooking has been made much easier and quicker thanks to the TOROTON vegetable chopper. Built with 10 interchangeable blades to get you desirable results. Aside from that, its base is from non- slip rubber that offers stable chopping operations. This kitchen appliance is usable on most fruits and vegetables as it does the slicing, dicing, chopping and cutting your foods. Besides, it has a 2.1l storage container that allows you to keep your veggies and fruits directly. You can easily disassemble this item in case you want to clean it.


  • Occupies less space in your kitchen hence your kitchen space is saved
  • As compared to WAKOKO model, it can be washed in a dishwasher
  • It is usable anywhere because it doesn’t require electricity
  • Makes even and precise cuts just as you desire


  • You have to hold the lid when chopping your fruits or veggies

#3. Xeeue Onion Chopper Pro Grater Salad-Maker Kitchen Food Veggie and Fruit Cutter

This is one of the kitchen equipment that makes your kitchen much easier. Purchasing this kitchen appliance will offer you nothing but the best. The reason being, it is from stainless steel materials that do not rust. With this kitchenware, you got two methods of cutting your fruits and vegetables. Also, you can cut your fruits into 7 different shapes. These shapes include a shred, thin, big, small, slice or thick shape depending on your choice. At the bottom are 2 non-slip bars to prevent sliding. The cleaning brushes are useful when cleaning this chopper. The handles are also safe in case you are chopping your veggies or fruits into smaller pieces.


  • All its parts can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Well instructed manual guides you in the usage of this chopper
  • Using the hand protector has your hands safe with small pieces
  • Made lightweight and saves on your kitchen space


  • It can only be used for chopping vegies and fruits nothing else

#2. Swongar Pro Multi-Functional Vegetable Grater Chopper Durable Veggie Slicer 8 Blades

If you require a high-quality vegetable chopper, then, Swonger vegetable chopper might meet your needs. Made from stainless steel materials to gives your chopper a long-lasting use. The tool comes with several accessories like peeler, 8 different blades, handguards, cheese grater, etc. The blades help in slicing different shapes of your fruits. You can size your fruit or veggie into small or big dices, smooth and wavy shape, and either thick or thin slices. Also, it has a drain basket and storage box for more convenience when chopping your veggies/fruits.


  • Great Christmas gift for a friend or a family member
  • The materials making chopper is rust-free and corrosion-free
  • Easy to install and requires no extra tools whatsoever
  • Retains the original flavor of your fruits and veggies


  • The blades are very sharp and can hurt if you touch it with bare hands

#1. Caanawels Pro Mandoline Vegetable Chopper 8-in-1 Multi-Use Cabbage Potato Garlic Dicer

It is of a great advantage having the best model chop your veggies. Caanawels Pro vegetable chopper is worth is the ultimate tool for your kitchen. The 7 interchangeable blades give you the best sizes of your fruits and vegetables. These blades are julienne slicer, fine slicer, chopper, dicer, etc. The blades are from German superior stainless materials that are very sharp and long-lasting. If you want to clean, this kitchen equipment is easy to disassemble and wash the accessories individually. Safety is enhanced, as you can wear the cut resistant gloves when slicing your fruits and vegetables.


  • This versatile equipment performs most of the slicing and chopping work
  • The handguard protects your hands from cuts on the sharp blades
  • Saves your time as it chops your stuff within some few minutes
  • Saves your spaces as it occupies less of your kitchen space


  • The size of the veggies and fruits should not exceed that of the blade frame

Factors to Look Out for When Purchasing the Best Vegetable Chopper

Even though vegetable choppers have a simple way of functioning, they come with a few considerations that enable you to make the appropriate choice. They include:


A good vegetable chopper is the one that is capable of prepping more than one food. Buy a chopper than can work as a slicer, nut grinder, chopper, cutter, etc. That’s will help you save on your cost of buying another unit for close function.

Ease of Use

You desire to have a vegetable chopper than you can use with ease, yes? The surest option to go for is that one choice with easy assembling procedures and easily interchangeable blades. The manual choppers are the best since they don’t require a sophisticated operation.


The third thing to consider is the precision of cutting. Most experienced cooks wouldn’t like the chopper because of its number of blades but because of the precision of work it does. If you are that kind of cook, have the one with sharp blades for precise cutting, chopping or slicing.

Ease of cleaning

Any kitchen tool or appliance is rated according to the ease of cleaning. How doesn’t it get cleaned? The one with removable parts is ideal because it offers you simple cleaning ways. Also, dishwasher safe units are desirable because it makes even cleaning a breeze!


If you want to take the shortest time prepping food, then the best tool to have in your kitchen is the best vegetable chopper. We have done everything for you, it is now upon you to choose the one that meets your needs. In addition to that, these tools are rugged and capable of withstanding any rough use. Also, it is versatile and can double up as a spiralizer or juicer. The interesting thing about these units is that they are affordable. That makes your kitchen move to the next level by purchasing one of these vegetable choppers, you wouldn’t regret whatsoever!

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