Top 10 Best UV Light Sanitizer Boxes in Reviews

You’ll concur with us that life is technology-driven. It comes with it a fast-evolving lifestyle that is not limited to advanced ways to keep clean. Good hygiene has now become important in the wake of the widespread COVID-19 pandemic. Having said that, not forgetting the normal flu season, it is important to stay up-to-speed on your hygiene habits and ensure you have sufficient supplies of sanitizers, wipes, and soaps every time. UV light sanitizer box is one of the essential supplies you don’t want to miss in your household.

After doing extensive research, we managed to come up with a roundup of some of the best UV light sanitizer boxes in reviews. Also with that, we have put together some key factors you wish to consider before making a choice. So, read this article and be sure to grab yourself a sanitizer box that meets all your handwashing needs.

10. SVVY BEAUTY Portable UVC Cleaner Light Sanitizer Box Lamp for Phones, Travel, Glasses, etc.

Living in a dirty room makes us a bit comfortable and therefore considering Savvy beauty LED UV light sanitizer box is better. It can kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria for a healthier life. You can use it to clean your phone by utilizing 253.7nm UV-C wavelength. Additionally, it allows you to clean and disinfect both sides of the item that you are using within only 20 seconds. With the light bars on the bottom and topside, you can complete your sanitization process within the shortest time possible. It is easier to operate since all you need to do is to put the items into the internal chamber for sterilization.


  • Free from Mercury and chemicals thus safer
  • Has a compact design for easy storage
  • When sterilization is complete it lights up blue
  • Can be used for remotes, phones, and more


  • Requires extra precautions to keep it clean

9. Tommee Tippee White Steri-Steam Ultra UV 3-in-1 BPA-Free Electric UV Light Sanitizer

Say goodbye to germs at any time at any place as you desire with Tomme tippee UV light sanitizer box. It enables you to sanitize and sterilize up to 6 bottles in only 5 minutes thus saving your precious time. This makes it easier to prepare your baby’s milk and formula in a short period. Besides, it kills up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria with natural killing steam leaving no residue behind. Depending on your needs, you can either remove the contents after sterilization or leave them for up to 24 hours thus ideal for nighttime feeding. You can use it to store all your baby’s extra stuff because it is spacious.


  • Smaller in size thus save your counter space
  • Suitable for breast pumps, pacifiers, and bottles
  • Matches your decor with the matte textured finish
  • Has softly rounded sides for extra safety


  • Leaves everything staying soaku wet

8. LOFTER 4-in-1 Detachable Portable High-Capacity Disinfection Dryer Light Sanitizer

If you are looking for a high-quality UV light sanitizer box, this brand by Lofter is a great choice. It is designed from high purity quartz materials which have a higher output rate and cleans up to 99.9% germs. The dryer mode allows you to use constant temperature drying technology to avoid damaging the fibers of your items. You can use it to disinfect larger items such as sofas, bathtubs, tables, and many more. Since it is equipped with two touch buttons, you will always find it easy to operate at all times. Depending on your needs, you can easily choose between the 4 modes to suit all your necessities.


  • Allows you to dry your items within 3 hours
  • Has a hollow structure to dry water drops
  • Ensures easy hanging with the hanger design
  • Features a larger capacity to sterilize more items


  • It lacks a good handle at the middle

7. Coospider Sterile Tote UVC Ozone Smell Portable USB Input UV-C Light UV Cleaner Bag

When it comes to a more compact UV light sanitizer, this brand by Coospider is an ideal choice. It has a foldable design thus it is easier to carry it from one place to another without feeling much of its weight. This unit is also spacious enough allowing you to sterilize several at the same time. Additionally, it is powerful enough because it only requires 10 seconds after turning it on to start working. The touch buttons are very sensitive to enable you to choose the desired mode. Also, you can use it to clean a wide range of items such as clothes, phones, boots, masks, and many more.


  • Comes with a tote bag for convenient transport
  • Has a sleek design to complement your decor
  • Eliminates bacteria without any harmful products
  • Larger in sizes to fit various items at the same time


  • Lacks clear instructions

6. TCBunny Beige Multi-Purpose Waterless UV Sterilizer Baby Bottle UV Light Sanitizer

TCBunny UV light sanitizer box is equipped with a wide range of features to meet your sterilization needs. You can use it to disinfect various items such as jewelry, clothes, and electronic devices, and so on. It is designed from safer materials and has passed various safety tests making it one of the safest products on the market. Its larger capacity allows you to fit in up to nipples and baby bottles at the same time. You are also assured of complete sterilization of your feeding gear because it activates for 20 seconds after every 2 hours. This makes it an ideal gift for your loved ones.


  • Free from a harmful product such as BPA and lead
  • Designed from quality materials that last longer
  • Saves space since it occupies less storage space
  • Can be used to sterilize anything at home


  • Heavier compared to Coospider model

5. GROWNSY Tableware CPAP Baby Bottle Clothes Beauty Tools UV Light Sanitizer Box

Paying attention to your baby’s health is an important thing to do and you might want to consider Browns UV light sanitizer box. This unit disinfects up to 99.9% of germs to keep your little one healthier. Not only can you use to sterilize baby bottles but also electronic devices and kitchen wares. The knob is well designed to ensure comfortable operations by persons of different ages. Better still, it has a built-in HEPA filter that intercepts all particles to prevent secondary pollution. Not only can you use it at home but also beauty salons, care centers, kindergarten, and so on.


  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable operations
  • Comes with a readable manual for easier usage
  • Ensures quick and effective sterilization to save time
  • Features a lifespan of more than 6000 hours


  • Lacks a bulb at the bottom part

4. Munchkin Kills Up to 99% of Germs Great UV Light Sanitizer Bag UV Sterilizer Baby Products

You now have a safer and easier way to sanitize anything around your home with Munchkin UV light sanitizer box. With only one touch of a button, you can sanitize up to 99.9% germs in fabrics, dolls, and more. Since it only uses UV light alone, you are assured of a safer unit free from chemicals and heating. It is powered by 21-gold plated UV LED beads with over 3000 hours lifespan. When the flap is open, it automatically shuts off to keep children safe at all times. Moreover, it comes with a rechargeable battery pack that makes it ideal for use while traveling.


  • Folds into a compact size for easy storage
  • Has a lightweight design thus more portable
  • Ideal for sanitizing dolls, tablets, and other accessories
  • Well-rested to meet all the safety standards


  • It takes up to 5 minutes per cycle

3. 59S XL UV Disinfection Box Extra-Large UV Light Sanitizer Bag w/24 UVC LEDs for Glasses & Cell

It takes the shortest time possible to kill bacteria with 59s UV light sanitizer box. This equipment wipes out up to 99.9% airborne contaminants in only 3 minutes. The diodes are positioned below and above this unit to ensure that the items are sanitized from all angles. Both the advanced sensor and UV leakproof zipper prevents any unnecessary exposure during operations. Whenever the cover is opened during disinfection, it automatically shuts off to avoid any accidents. It can be used in offices, beauty salons, care centers, hotels, and many households.


  • Can be used to sterilize tableware, toys, and more
  • Sterilizes from all sides to ensures 360° disinfection
  • The reflective inner side is easier to clean
  • Only weighs 1.32 pounds thus more portable


  • Difficult to unzip the back corners

2. PAPABLIC 4-in-1 Touch Screen Control UV Sterilizer & Dryer Pro Sterilizer w/Dual UV-C Lights

You can always keep your entire family safe and sound with Papablic UV light sanitizer box. It allows you to sterilize your daily essentials in only 11 minutes to save time. Unlike steam, this unit virtually disinfects items such as toys, utensils, and pacifiers. With the 4 in 1 design, you can easily start your sterilization process within the shortest time with only one touch. Furthermore, it is equipped with two replaceable bulbs with a lifespan of up to 6000 hours. Its spacious capacity allows you to disinfect a larger amount of items per unit time to save your time.


  • Has auto shut off timer for safety purposes
  • Made sturdy for stable and safe operations
  • Features an easy to read timer for easy tasks
  • Does not require regular descaling or cleaning


  • The drying setting takes up to 40 minutes

1. WABI BABY Ultra-Violet Countertop UV-C Sterilizer Low Heat Lighting Sanitizer w/Touch Panel

For the much needed sanitary efficiency, the Wabi baby UV light sanitizer box becomes the best choice. This versatile unit can be used to disinfect cosmetic tools, baby feeding gears, kitchen wares, electronics, and so on. With an effortless one-touch, it automatically dry’s and sterilizes your items within 30 minutes. It has a dual ventilation system that ensures faster drying and cleaner airflow. Besides, it features an easy to read display that allows you to check the remaining minutes to finish a cycle. Maintenance is such an easier task because all you need to do is to wipe both the interior and exterior using a clean towel.


  • Takes a few minutes to fully set up it up
  • Equipped with an easy to operate the touch panel
  • The door opens wide enough for easy access
  • Has a sleek design to free up your counter space


  • Produces some sounds during operations

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best UV Light Sanitizer Box

Storage Capacity

The first thing that you want to consider when buying the best UV light sanitizer box is the storage capacity. When considering this, you need to consider your needs and requirements. These boxes come in different sizes and it’s upon you to choose the size that meets your needs. If you’re looking for a sanitizer box to use in a large space, then you need to opt for a larger UV light sanitizer box and vice versa.

Material Build

Because a sanitizer box doesn’t do any hard operation, it’s usually good to shop for a product that is from excellent material. While shopping for a sanitizer box you should ensure that the product is from stainless steel material. As such, the durability and safety of the product are key while ensuring the unit lasts.

Power Consumption

As you know, a UV light sanitizer box uses light to get rid of the bacteria and viruses from the material’s surface. Most of these devices use between 2 to 4 bulbs with respect to the material that will work on. As such, these devices don’t consume high electricity. That is why it is usually advisable to opt for a model that uses less electricity to save you on a lot of utility bills.


Again this is another factor that you need to pay attention to when shopping for the best UV-C sanitizer box. With a timer function, you can set the operation timing seamlessly. You can set the timer such that it works depending on the material that is placed inside.


If you want to ensure your phone is free of bacteria and germs, the above products are the top in the market you need to try. These surface sanitizers come in different sizes, and it means it will offer you myriads of benefits. Aside from this, these units offer different light intensities, and as such, it enables you to select the lighting that will work on your surface with ease. Even better, they are portable and compact, which implies that you can carry them on the go. Finally, these units are not limited to one surface, it can be used to sanitize earphones, hearing aid, keys, phones, etc.

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