The 10 Best TV Wall Mount in – Buying Reviews

The old TVs are quickly being overtaken by the latest Plasma and LCD TVs. And this elegant purchase is usually accompanied by a TV wall mount. In essence, a wall mount is able to securely and comfortable setting your TV set in the right position and gives you a chance to tilt to your smartest position. Not only have the TV wall mounts proven to save a lot of space as a substitute for TV stands, but also has made it so easy for individuals view.

Even though a wall mounts might sound like another junk of accessory, it is prudent to know that the mount is made of varied material and offer you a specified range of tilt for the best view, which match vividly well with a certain type of TV model.

Shopping for the best TV wall mount can be a daunting task since we have varied types of wall mounts available in the market. That being said, it is wise to settle down for what impresses you at an affordable price. We have gone out of our ways and sampled the top 10 best TV wall mounts for you. If you wish to secure your TV for a longer period of time, then you should follow with me as we unravel this list.

The 10 Best TV Wall Mount – Buying Reviews

#10. PERLESMITH Full Motion TV Wall Mount

If your plans are to purchase a TV Wall Mount that can be customized for the best viewing experience, then PERLESMITH Full Motion TV Wall Mount should be what your preference. You can swivel up to 90 degrees depending on the TV size and can also be rotated +/-3 degrees for enhanced viewing. Forget about the eye and neck strain because with this mount, you can tilt your TV set to about 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down. The retraction back to the wall is also possible, therefore it saves you a lot of space because it can expand up to 16 inches. Installation is easy and fast. Comes with detailed instructions with labels included. The arms are very strong and can support up to 132lbs. This alone improves on its reliability and stability. Additionally, this mounts can holds TV between 37” to 70” with their average weight being 60kgs.


  • You can customize your viewing experience
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Universal compatibility
  • Reliable and stable


  • No cons found currently, the design is well-thought out

#9. VonHaus TV Wall Mount

Ever desired to place your TV in the surest place for you to get the best and perfect viewing position? VonHaus TV wall Mount ends your desires. Have 180 degrees sideways swivel, a 5 degrees upwards tilt and a 15 degrees downloads tilt. In fact, this is the known cleverest wall mount you can trust. It comes as a complete bundle which means everything is set for you to make your installation a breeze. To make you enjoy an everlasting watching, the package comes with adjusting and extending mount, 4 X cable, a spirit level, and HDMI cable. The mount is compatible with many models of TV which makes it be used by almost any brand of TV. Further to that, the impressive reach makes it be used even when someone has a small room. When it is folded, the TV brackets shows a slim shape of about 2” which can expand to about 16” in few seconds.


  • Easy setup
  • Impressive reach
  • VESA compatibility
  • Perfect tilt and swivel


  • The lag bolts that screw into the stud can break

#8. Everstone Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket (For 32'' – 80'' flat screens)

Everstone Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket has a slim 2.8”look when erected on the wall, which makes it a perfect mount for ultra-thin LED TV. This unique mount fits perfectly most 32- 80” LED, Plasma flat, LCD curved TVs and screen TVs. The mounts can fit so well 16” and 24” stud with masonry, not meant for drywall only. The brackets are made with heavy steel material, which makes it support a maximum load of 165LBS. Unlike other mounts that have flocked the market, Everstone has a unique feature which makes tilting easy and simple. The tool-free knob makes tilting to a certain angle easy and smooth. In addition to that, accessing the cables is convenient with a low profile of 2.8”.


  • Easy to set up and comes with all necessary hardware
  • Tilt for better viewing
  • Has a universal design which makes it useful with many TV models
  • Offer a sturdy and awesome mount


  • Requires better installation instructions

#7. EVERVIEW Full Motion TV Wall Mount

EVERVIEW Wall mount can work well for screen between 23” – 55” TVs up to 88 LBS. viewing is made comfortable since the mount can be tilted up to 12 degrees and 12 degrees. Installation is very simple and easy. The instructional manual provided makes everything a breeze. If you desire sturdy and safe wall mount, then it’s your turn to test perfectly good mount from EVERVIEW. Besides, this TV anchor is made from high-quality materials and cost-friendly. Furthermore, it is more reliable and even the screws are coated and fit both brick wall and drywall with stud. Relax in your sofa and enjoy pleasant moments watching your favorite soap using this amazing wall mount!


  • Makes viewing more comfortable
  • Easy installation with decent instruction
  • Brackets unit are sturdy and safe
  • Fits both brick wall and drywall with a stud


  • No cons work perfectly good

#6. Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Frustrated with the generic TV stand that occupies a lot of space and does not hold your TV set firmly? Your frustration ends now with the introduction of the best TV Wall Mount by Mounting Dream. Installation takes a few minutes and your screen is erected firmly and in a steady position. Sometimes when we are used to TV stands that are usually known for their screen glare issues, you get irritated, with this brand, you have a full reason to smile because their tilting and low profile makes it have amazing design. Wondering whether this mount fits well with the model for the model of the TV? Well, mounting dream TV Wall Mount is compatible with a TV with a length between 37” to 70” and weighing up to 132lbs.


  • Compatible with different types of flat screen sizes
  • Offer desired tilting with a low profile
  • Can be used on solid concrete wall
  • Easy installation procedures


  • Best option. Have no cons

#5. USX MOUNT TV Wall Mount

Getting a TV wall mount that can fit other universal TV is desirable. You might want a TV stand that serves any latest TV technology that comes on your way. That being said, USX mount TV wall is a full motion TV which best fits mots of screen size between 26” – 25” with VESA size of 75 x 75 mm up to 400 x 400 mm. The TV anchor can bulge out to 18.95” and can retract back to 2.81” which saves you a lot of space and present your house look great.


  • Universal design
  • Adjustable view comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Saving space


  • Could be better with another set of hands

#4. Pipishell TV Wall Mount

How about making your life better with Pipishell TV wall mount. The design is ergonomic and has been constructed to be durable and reliable. And the fact that it comes with all the needed requirements and hardware makes it complete and fully set for the easy installation process. The instructional manual will take you through a simple installation process. The model meets all the UL standards and has been started more than four times. Another unique feature about this TV mount is the fact that it can be installed on both concrete wall and brick wall, although it requires additional hardware requirements which comes with it.


  • Have ultra-strong double arms
  • The mount is universally compatible
  • Easy to install
  • Save space to a wall and a long extension
  • Offer optimized viewing experience


  • The plate can block the plugs

#3. Evestone Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket (For 26''-60'' flat Screens Curved)

This other brand comes with 6-arms which can support length from 26” to 60” TVs. Using this TV mount enhances the load bearing volume and supports your flat screen television more steady. Also, EVERSTONE can save you a lot of space because it can expand and retract back so easily. The tilt and swivel can be adjusted so easily to attain the best viewing position. The viewing angle one can get is wide. Additionally, the TV mount can fit perfectly concrete wall and studs installation.


  • Can hold up to 88 lbs.
  • The installation is easy with 3 steps
  • The swivel and tilt TV bracket is extremely sturdy
  • Save space to a wall and a long extension


  • Instructions do not match

#2. DYNAVISTA Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Need a TV wall mount that can rotate 90 degrees to enjoy playing arcade game or watching a TV series vertically, DYNAVISTA Full Motion TV Wall Mount meets all your requirement. The cost is friendly and made from high-quality materials. The full packaging comes with all the required accessories and can be easily installed. The main thing that makes this mount stands out is the compatibility factor. It is compatible with many TV models, therefore you should not freak when purchasing this brand.


  • Full motion adjustable mount
  • Can be installed so easily
  • Made from high-grade material which makes it durable
  • Compatible with many screen sizes


  • Could be better with a low profile

#1. NB North Bayou Monitor TV Wall Mount

NB North Bayou Monitor TV Wall Mount fits well most LCD, display or LED mount. Has an ergonomic design that ensures gaming and watching experience is on point. The body construction is made with aluminum alloy with durable and sustainable gas spring cylinder, swivel and tilt. Moreover, you can adjust the height of the TV wall mount to meet your most preferred height. Leverage on this mount for video conference, entertainment, real-time exercising or gaming. The versatile design makes it cover your room fully, which means you can view a screen in any angle.


  • Built for the maximum ergonomic experience.
  • Can fit a wide number of screens
  • Durable gas-strut and friction joints
  • Impressive quality


  • Not best for most 40+” monitors

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a TV Wall Mount


The style has to do with the way it makes your TV to stand. Wall Mounts can be articulating, tilting or fixed. Fixed mounts offer the basic erection of your TV, although they don’t offer any chance for movements, which makes it be a worse selection for people who would like to try different angles. However, tilting mounts offer adjustment vertically to about 15 degrees. For articulating mounts, it offers sophisticated adjustments with swiveling.


The other important factor consider is the shape, check the room arrangement. This is so crucial to note because most mounts are not versatile, which means their connection is possible in a flat wall. The shape of the wall will affect the view of your screen. Being dictated by the furniture you’ve, you won’t need a little of swiveling, which I am sure you don’t want to be compelled.

Room size

Room size dictates the size of the wall mount you want to purchase. Staying close to your TV can endanger your eye-sight, which is a fundamental part of the body. A TV wall mounts that maintains your TV to about 16” or less from the wall is desirable.

Mount Strength

Check your TV size before acquiring a wall mount. TV wall mounts are designed to meet specific length requirements for a TV. Avoid going a small amount that will, in turn, frustrate you because it tends to fall.


Since TV wall mounts are built in different ways and with different features, choosing the one with specific features like shape and size should come as your priority. While other mounts are capable of supporting wide types of TVs, some are only capable of fitting to specific models of TVs. Aim at acquiring the amount that will be highly versatile and can accept any flat screen TV.

Apart from securing your television set, a TV Wall Mount is able to enhance your visibility. The tabled list above kept 3 important points in mind; capacity of the product, mounting equipment and third is the swiveling and titling details. Whatever you find suitable for you, take into action and shop. These 10 products have what it takes to make your TV secure and safe. Affordability is what we aim while you get the quality product. With the market getting newer TV wall mounts, we tailored this list for you to make your buying experience great.

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