Top 10 Best Toaster Machine in Reviews

How sweet is your toast? Are you into lite toast or a little soft with some crispy? Well, the choice comes down to the model of a toaster machine you choose. One thing to appreciate about a toaster machine is that it enables you to have some simple snacks in minutes. Also, they have proven to be lifesavers for families with boys. These machines come in 2-slice and 4-slice models, and both are excellent choices for any family. However, if you want to save more time, you can opt for the 4-slice toaster.

Acquiring the best toaster machine on the market needs a keen comprehension of how these machines operate. Remember, a good toaster machine should come with the right speed, excellent control levels, and even browning. Also, the machine should be versatile to allow baking of different foods. In this post, we present to you some of the top ten best toaster machines in the market that will make your shopping a breeze. Read along to learn more.

#10. Homeart 4-Slice Artisan Stylish Multi-Panel Control Easy Cleanup Toaster Machine (Cream)

First off, Homeart Artisan Toaster is a four-slice unit that features stainless steel chassis with red color painting and an electroplating décor on the knob. The bottom settings include a cancel, defrost, and reheat, bagel with an adjustable browning control. For centering the slices, it comes with a self-centering function. Besides, the crumb tray collects the bread particles for easy maintenance. The cord storage system offers a comfortable working environment. On power requirements, this toaster machine uses 120V 60Hz 900W. Moreover, with stylish retro details, this unit can add an aesthetic value to your home. What’s more, it comes in a variety of colors for you to choose your best.


  • The dual control enables you to control toasting of each set of slices separately
  • Has a self-centering function that ensures the slices are well toasted
  • The hidden slide-out crumb tray offers a simple cleanup
  • It can toast four slices at a go hence suit a large family


  • It gets too hot to touch during and after use

#9. AICOK 2-Slide 1.6'' Slots Stainless Steel with 7 Bread Browning Settings Toaster Machine

For a two-slice toaster with a stainless steel body, AICOK toaster machine can toast your way. It offers you a simple way of prepping breakfast in minutes. This toaster does look not only compact but also give impressive results. Even better, the reheat, defrost, and cancel settings offer you more options to select what you need. The extra-safety tech that comes with a multi-hole design on the lower side makes this unit to cool quickly for a touch exterior, which offers care to your kids.


  • Comes with defrost, reheat and cancel button for convenience control
  • 1.6-inches extra-wide slots ensure thick size bread is toasted well
  • A compact brushed stainless steel body to save you more space
  • The discreet removable crumb tray enables effective cleaning


  • It is not durable enough to last for years

#8. Vestaware 2-Slice 1.5'' Extra-Wide Slots 6 Shade Settings 825W Stainless Steel Toaster.

Vestaware stainless steel toaster is here to enable you to have breakfast in style within minutes. It lets you have crispy skin, fragrant, exceptional flavors, and rich in nutrient bread slice. With reheat, defrost, and cancel functions, you can rest assured to choose what you like. Besides, the rubber pads fixed at the bottom of this toaster offers a non-slip ability for stable and robust positioning. Additionally, the high-lift function enables you to bake small bread. The removable dishwasher safe crumb tray ensures cleaning is never a hassle again. The extra-wide slots let you insert a variety of bread.


  • Has six toast shade settings that suit light to dark toasting
  • This unit is power efficient thus saving you on power coast
  • It is easy to maintain and clean because it has a crumb tray
  • The extra-wide slots accommodate different bread size


  • It can only accommodate two-slices at a time

#7. Hamilton Beach Digital 2-Slice Extra-Wide Slot with Bagel & Defrost Setting Stainless Steel Toaster

Choosing this model by Hamilton Beach will offer you more benefits than you anticipated. First, with the two extra-wide slots with a unique bagel setting, you can expect to get yummy bagel right in your home. The defrost button enables you brings frozen waffles to a warm golden finish by thawing and toasting the food. On the other hand, the small food items like English Muffins, a feature is known as toast boost, offer slices of bread a high-lift for hassle-free removal. To add on that, it has an in-built digital display that shows the selected toast shade setting.


  • With toast boost feature you can lift smaller items like English Muffins
  • Built with a digital display that displays the selected toast shade setting
  • The bagel, defrost and cancel buttons offers convenient control
  • Cleanup is quickly done with the removable crumb tray


  • The toasting results are not reliable

#6. KEEMO 2-Slice Retro Small Stainless Steel with Bagel Cancel & Defrost Settings Toaster

Preparing delicious breakfast has now come to pass with KEEMO thick stainless steel 2-slice toaster. The sleek blue designs bring a classic retro appearance to your kitchen. Besides, it has simple controls, and the browning control ranges from one to 6 and three selections for defrosting, bagel, and cancel. Whether you’re prep cheese bagel or sandwich, this is a reliable toaster to offer you with crispy evenly outcome occasionally. The cleanup is easy because this toaster comes with a removable crumb tray. Also, the cord wrap storage beneath the bottom offers convenient storage. Finally, the LED indicating buttons give you a clear way of noting the progress of your toast.


  • Has a compact and small size to save you a lot of kitchen space
  • The cord wrap storage design offers convenience storage
  • It has undergone ETL & FDA safety certifications
  • The removable crumb tray offers easy cleanup


  • The sound of the button is a bit annoying

#5. Keenstone Retro Compact 6 Shading Controls Stainless Steel Wide Slot Toaster (Black)

If you need a high-quality toaster, then Keenstone toaster machine has it all. It is from high-grade stainless steel materials that never rust. With 1.5 inch full slots, you can quickly toast most bread and bagel, whereas the high lift lever pops up to avoids getting burnt. Also, it has three modes (bagel, defrost, and cancel) and six browning settings that range from light to dark. You can easily change its position in the kitchen since it only weighs up to 3.19 pounds. Additionally, it is available in 4 different colors to enable you to choose that which blends perfectly with your kitchen decor. This toaster has been certified by ETL and FDA, thus safe for use.


  • Saves your kitchen space because it comes with a cord storage
  • Has anti-overheating and anti-leakage features to keep it safe
  • Easy to clean after to use since it has a removable tray
  • Made lightweight thus easy to carry when traveling


  • Has a smaller size thus no suitable for toasting a lot of bread

#4. YLLUFFA Toast Evenly & Quickly Stainless Steel Cool Compact 2-Slice Wide Slots Toaster (Black)

Are you looking for the best toaster machine? Look no further than the YLLUFFA toaster machine. You can use it to toast bagels, buns, multigrain bread, homemade bread, and English muffins. It has two extra-wide slots, each measuring 5.4 inches long and 1.4 inches wide. You can use different settings to toast different like the bagel setting is toasting cut sides, whereas the defrost setting is for toasting frozen foodstuff. With seven adjustable browning controls, you can quickly toast your bread as per your needs or someone else. This toaster is from high-quality stainless steel materials that are durable and do not rust.


  • When the bread is ready the carriage handle springs out
  • Only weighs 3.05 pounds thus easy to carry with you
  • The cancel button aids you to avoid burning food
  • Has a sleek design to save your kitchen space


  • The slots do not accommodate larger sizes

#3. OUSMIN 2-Slice LED Timer Display 4 Function 1.5'' Wide Slot 7 Shade Settings Toaster Machine

OUSMIN toaster machine never fails to perform its assigned tasks. This toaster is made of food-grade stainless steel materials that are long-lasting, rustproof, and has no weird smell. It has seven adjustable shade settings where 1-2 is for light shade, 3-4 medium shade, and 5-7 is for a dark shade, hence enables you to toast as per everyone’s desires and choose the right degree of toasting. The two full adjustable 1.5-inch slots accommodate different varieties of slices of bread, whereas the four functions help to meet your daily toasting needs. Moreover, under the bottom of the toaster is a removable tray that can easily be pulled out to clean any crumbs.


  • Has a compact to save your countertop or kitchen space
  • The LED countdown timer display is easy to set and read
  • Saves your time since it gets heated up at a faster rate
  • Well-crafted to complement your kitchen decor


  • Heavier when compared to the YLLUFFA model

#2. Keenstone 2-Slice Retro 6 Bread Shade Settings Stainless Steel Bagel Toaster (Beige)

Try out what Keenstone toaster machine has to offer you, and you aren’t going to regret it. It is available in 3 different colors to enable you to select that which best complements your house decor. This unit has three different functions: bagel, defrost, and cancel function to meet different needs. Also, it has six different shade settings for a light, medium, or dark shade toast. The removable crumb tray collects all crumbs, and it is convenient to clean it each time you empty. This kitchen equipment only weighs 4.51 pounds, which makes it easy for you to carry it. You can get it as a Christmas or birthday gift for your friend or family, and he or she will love it.


  • Safe for use since it has been certified and approved by ETL and FDA
  • Has 5.5 inch long slots that accommodate various types of bread
  • The lift lever automatically pops up when the toast is ready
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last long enough


  • Single bread operation can cause different toasting results

#1. Chefman 2-Slice Pop Up w/ 7 Shade Settings Extra-Wide Slots 850W Stainless Steel Toaster (Silver)

Do you need a toaster to suit your kitchen needs? Chefman toaster machine is an exceptional need for all that. With a brushed stainless steel exterior, you rest assured of its durability and a useful looking feature. This toaster has seven different shade settings and three functions to suit the diverse needs of your entire family. The two full slots enable you to toast different types of foods, which include buns, muffins, bagel, and many more. Moreover, the high lift lever automatically pops up when the toast is ready to avoid burning your fingers. You can easily collect any crumbs with the removable crumb tray at the bottom, and you can easily detach it for a cleanup.


  • Versatile as it can be used to toast various foods like the bagel
  • Automatically shuts itself off when the toasting is done
  • Easy to transport because it only weighs 3.45 pounds
  • Easy to operate since it has clearly labeled buttons


  • The temperature control does not remain constant over time

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Toaster Machine

The Size of the Slots

This first consideration to take when shopping for the best toaster machine is essential because it determines the slices it can fit. In most cases, most toasters are constructed with a 1.5-inches slot slice; hence it can accommodate both the large and the small slices.

Multi Toasting function

The ability of a toaster to toast more than one’s slice is to determine the number of slots it has. Multi-functional factor comes in when you want to save time and prepare toast to your family instantly. If you wish to meet such needs, you need to acquire a 4-slice toaster.

Defrost Option

Another significant aspect you might want to consider is the defrost option. With a universal defrost, it means it serves best for toast and bagels. Besides, this function also is more critical for toasting frozen foods. Check on the instructions to ascertain that the model you want to give a try has this function.

Ease of Maintenance

The presence of a removable crumb tray serves a vital role in collecting toast remains and particles that drops while toasting, therefore, offering an easy cleaning way. Besides, most toasters are from a stainless steel material that is easy to clean without staining.


The other thing to consider is the ease of transportation, and the general construction dictates whether it’s easy to take to different locations or not. Go for a model with a compact and small construction to enable you to maneuver around with ease. Besides, ensure to acquire a model with ease of storage.


As you have seen above, bread toasting is not a big deal. As a fact, it among the simplest ways of preparing a tantalizing breakfast. Leveraging on any of the above ten toaster machines is the most excellent way to ensure your slices of bread are toasted excellently. We tell you what, these units are efficient and a breeze to use. Even better, they add aesthetic value to your kitchen, plus it fits into a small footprint. You can also go the extra mile looking for other models, but one thing we assure you is, our suggestions are unbeatable. Choose right, and your kitchen culinary skills will go a notch higher.

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