Top 10 Best Throw Blankets in Reviews

Staying warm in whichever place you are in your house is now possible with the introduction of throwing blankets into the market. Whether you love relaxing on your couch, bed or chilled movie theater, throw blankets are the best gears that offer exceptional warmth and comfort. Even better, since they come in splash colors and distinctive patterns, they offer you a great choice to use on any occasion and mood. Unlike the wool and heavy guilt blankets, throw blankets are lightweight, enabling you to cuddle it for maximum comfort.

It’s obvious, no one would want to spend a lot of money on a blanket that doesn’t offer the comfort and warmth they need. And also, with many throw blankets flocking the market, the chances of making the correct decision dwindles. But if you follow this review, you wouldn’t get lost. We present to you the top ten throw blankets for reviews. Let’s have a look at the list.

#10. Craft & Kin Luxury Teal Ultra-Soft Plush Fluffy Fleece Chenille Throw Blanket Full Size (61'' x 47.5'')

Yes, you’d like to cuddle up with Craft & Kin’s chenille throw blanket if a chance is granted to you. This blanket is will, for sure, give you the comfort and warmth you’ve yearned to get. Since it’s from 100% premium chenille plush fabric, this model is known to be light and comfortable. Also, it turns your living space into a hospitable space with good plush chenille throws. It’s crafted with beauty in mind, and for sure, you’ll be proud to show it off. After a while of use, this blanket remains thick, fluffy, and doesn’t shed. Further to that, it is machine washable on cold water and gentle detergent.


  • Made with 100% premium chenille plush fabric for a long-lasting use
  • Design uniquely and attractively to offer a hospitable living space
  • Easy to maintain because it’s machine washable and tumble dry
  • It still retains its fluffiness, remains thick and doesn’t shed


  • It’s a beautiful blanket, but tassels seem to shed

#9. SOOFTA Flannel Lightweight Cozy Pompom Fringe Throw Blanket for All Season (Yellow, 51'' x 63'')

SOOFTA Flannel lightweight throw blanket is the best selection when it comes to offering comfort and warmth. Even better, it is a suitable choice for all-season use. With a lightweight design, this blanket is stored with ease and carried anywhere. It’s the best option for traveling and backpacking. Moreover, it is from high-quality polyester material, making it durable. It’s a perfect choice for kids and animals like ferrets and dogs to warm them up in their rooms. The model is also super-breathable for a refreshing sleep or nap. The yellow color makes it suitable for outdoor use because it doesn’t attract dirt that easily.


  • Lightweight design makes t suitable for traveling and backpacking
  • It’s from 100% microfiber polyester which is soft and durable
  • The best gift you can buy for your kid or pet
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use


  • It comes in a small size suitable for children and pets

#8. Softan Faux Fur Cozy Warm Fluffy Variation Print Minky Fleece Throw Blanket (Brown, 50'' x 60'')

You can take a nap or relax while on your couch or chair in your living room with Softan Faux Fur throw blanket. For guaranteed quality and healthy living, this model is 100% microfiber polyester material. Also, with that material, your blanket is left super-soft, lightweight, and resistant to shedding. It’s also suitable for all seasons. Additionally, it’s the best addition to the beauty of your home. The materials making up this unit are safe even for people with sensitivity. Cleaning this throw blanket is quite natural because it’s machine washable. This unit is perfect for snuggling up on the bed, couch, park, or chilled movie theater.


  • Machine washable with cold water for hassle-free maintenance
  • It adds extra texture to your décor for a classy living room
  • Offers you maximum warmth and comfort all-day
  • It is for a luxurious feel and elegance


  • One side isn’t the same as the other side

#7. EverGrace Fluffy Cozy Chenille Luxury Tassel Throw Blanket for Couch & Bed (Dark Green, 60'' x 50'')

If you thought the previous throw blanket is the best, then wait until we unravel this next exhilarating model. EverGrace chenille throw blanket is super-soft and comfy you’ll drift off to dreamland in comfort. The model is from 100% breathable polyester, which is wrinkle and fade resistant. Besides, it keeps you cozy with no fuzzy balls. It’s an excellent collection for wrapping yourself while you watch TV on a sofa or while napping on the bed.

Furthermore, it’s a handy unit to carry for office or travel. Having superior woven craft distinguished this blanket from others because it wouldn’t shed, and the shape remains intact and firm. The glamorous tassel makes this throw blanket an excellent home decoration for the couch, sofa, and bed.


  • It’s versatile and cozy, can accommodate two people comfortably
  • It is super soft and lightweight to meet portability needs
  • Has superior woven craft for a long-lasting use
  • This chenille throw blanket is stylish to fit any room


  • There are loose threads along the edges of one side

#6. Chanasya Chenille Velvety Texture with Tassel Super-Soft Classy Throw Blanket (Blue, 50'' x 65'')

Do you want to feel an exciting atmosphere in your living room or bedroom? Well, Chanasya Chenille throw blanket is your ultimate choice. It is a soft and slim, lightweight polyester blanket, an excellent choice for you to snuggle up on the bed, couch, park, chilly movie theater, or an ideal gift for any event. Besides, it adds an exotic, stylish touch into your bedroom or living room hence making it magnificent. Even further, it is machine washable with soft water and tumbles dried for hassle-free maintenance. What’s more, it has a simple design yet classy to enable you to have enough comfort and warmth.


  • Suitable for snuggling up on the bed, couch or chilly movie theater
  • Has a unique design that adds exotic style to your home
  • Made of super-soft and cozy polyester material to last
  • It’s a versatile model that suit outdoor and indoor use


  • It’s too thin, and the color is way off

#5. Stone & Beam Casual Striped Soft & Easy Care Fringed Classy Throw Blanket (Black, 80'' x 60'')

Turn any room or bed into a comfortable and inviting space with Stone & Beam throw blanket. This unit is of high-quality acrylic cotton wool materials that are durable and soft. It is casually-striped to complement well with your bed or the decor of your bedroom. The fringed ends give it that beautiful and amazing look. With dimensions of 80- x 6-inches, it large enough to cover you entirely or fits well on a king bed or a queen-size bed. Moreover, you can snuggle with a throw blanket on your couch or sofa for a cozy feeling while watching. It is an ideal Christmas or birthday present for a friend or family member.


  • Lightweight such that you won’t feel its weight when sleeping
  • It comes from high-quality materials for a long-lasting use
  • Suitable for washing using a machine and tumble dry low
  • Has a soft texture to keep you comfortable all through


  • It is a little bit thin thus not very warm

#4. DECOMALL Fringe Soft Striped Throw Blanket for Couch Sofa Armchair Bed (Beige Multi, 50'' x 60'')

You will be able to stay comfortable and warm all year round with this luxury blanket from DECOMALL. It is from super-soft polyester chenille yarn materials that bring the ultimate comfort and long-lasting use. It has subtle pops of color with variegated stripes that give it a modern design. They are available in different colors, which include red multi, blue multi, grey multi, and beige multi to complement well with your house decor. With a weight of 1.8 pounds, you can easily carry it with you or wrap it around your body without feeling its weight. The fact that it is made soft is an added advantage to you feeling comfortable at times.


  • Folds easily for easy transport and packaging purposes
  • Versatile since it can be used on beds, sofa or a chair
  • Can cover your entire bed as it has a larger size
  • Has tasseled ends that give it an elegant look


  • It is smaller in size as compared to Stone and beam brand

#3. AmazonBasics Cable Knit & Faux Throw Blankets for Bedroom Den Living Room (Brown, 50'' x 60'')

If you want a good blanket for a sound sleep at night, AmazonBasics throw blanket is probably the best choice. It features 100% polyester construction that makes it one of the durable throw blankets in the market. Wherever you need extra warmth, be it in the bedroom, living room, or den, it will offer you the best of the best. This throw blanket is available in a variety of colors to enable you to choose the best color to complement your house decor. With a size of 50 inches by 60 inches, it covers your entire bed or body. Besides, it features a double sided construction with lush faux fur and a cozy cable knit polyester that makes it more attractive.


  • Easy to wash and carry as it only weighs 2.05 pounds
  • Has fuzzy fabric that does not shed on your clothes
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last long
  • Ideal holiday gift for a friend or family member


  • The cable kit side is a bit of an open weave

#2. Rivet Bubble Textured Decorative Fringe Lightweight Throw Blanket (Grey & Cream, 48'' X 60'')

Nothing beats the well-performing bed blanket that can stun you with the warmth quality it brings during the coldest days. This throw blanket is of 100% acrylic fabric type materials that assure you of its durability and softness. It has a soft texture that gets you that cozy feeling, whether on your bed or draped on a chair. With a larger dimension of 60 inches on its length and 48 inches on width, then it can cover your entire bed. On the cream, the background is the bubbles of yarn rest for a modern look and softer feel. Moreover, it has a knotted fringe that adds up to its coziness. Finally, it is available in different colors to allow you to choose that which perfectly blends with your home decor.


  • You can use it in your living room, den, bedroom or family room
  • Large enough to cover adults from head to toe while watching
  • Made lightweight for easy portability and comfort purposes
  • Has nubby rounds on the outside for decorative purposes


  • It is not large enough for a king-size bed

#1. THE LOOMIA Sophie Turkish Cotton Boho Throw Blanket Black Stripes (Cream Ecru Base 65'' x 85'')

The LOOMIA throw blanket is what you will want to wrap around yourself when it’s snowing. This throw blanket is of 100% Turkish cotton materials that are soft and comfortable. It is versatile since it can be used as a throw blanket for your couch, bed, as a beach blanket or picnic blanket. Also, it has a herringbone zigzag pattern on an off white to cream cotton base for both modern and traditional look. Besides, it has vertical black stripes and fringes on all sides for a fresher design and looks. You can never feel its weights as it only weighs 2.8lbs and has a width of 65 inches and a length of 85 inches.


  • Suitable for use during both summer nights and winter days
  • Breathable to prevent you from sweating during hot nights
  • Well-crafted to complement well with your house decor
  • Designed from plush materials that are soft and cozy


  • Has a slight smell when used for the first time

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Throw Blankets

Type of material

If you expect to purchase a sturdy throw blanket, then it’s paramount to consider the materials used to make your preferred option. Besides, it will also dictate the comfort you’ll have from the blanket. On that respect, ensure to select the blanket with durable materials with a soft feel. Additionally, the material you of a standard throw blanket should resist fading, shrinking, and shedding. Some of the common materials you might want to consider are fur, cotton, polyester, microfiber, etc.

Ease of Care

Keeping your blanket clean is the most important thing you can do. And to ensure it remains clean always, you should choose the model that has easy cleaning procedures. It is essential to consider a machine washable model because it’s much convenient to clean and dry.

Size of the Blanket

This factor is also essential to consider. By just looking at the size of a throw blanket, you can always make a judgment on whether it suits adults or children. Also, it’s essential to know the place you wouldn’t want to use your blanket. There are many sizes of this unit, and therefore, you should consider the size that will offer you enough warmth with a soft feel.

Cost of the Blanket

Last but not list, you should consider the price of the blanket. Price differs in most cases because of the brand and the quality of the product. It’s vital to stick to your budget, which means that you’ll buy a blanket that matches your budget. Our list contains models with different prices, and you can always look for your best.


Although you can still compare different throw blankets out there in the market, we have offered you the list of the best selections at your disposal. We have taken into account various individuals’ need, and hopefully, you’ll come across the model that compliment your needs. And to affirm our selection, we do a thorough research before coming up with the list. You should not freak or get confused any further while shopping for the best throw blanket. We hope that this review has offered you helpful information regarding the best throw blankets. Trust us; this is the right place for the right products!

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