Top 10 Best Tennis Tables in Reviews

You’ll agree with us; table tennis is one of the exciting indoor games suitable for individuals of all ages. Whereas most people like this game, the process of choosing an ideal table is not a joke. But if you read through this review, you’ll find it easier than ever. Several companies manufacture boards; however, the quality of the boards varies across the brands. And for that reason, you ought to evaluate before paying up for any tennis table.

We know how painful it’s to buy a unit that doesn’t live up to your exceptions. And it wise to always put into consideration all factors to enable you to find the best tennis table. If you’re looking for the best models in the market, then hold on, we’ve researched for you. Here is a comprehensive list containing the best ten tennis tables in reviews.

#10. GoSports Mid-Size Indoor Outdoor Portable Table Tennis Game w/Net 2 Table & 4 Balls

This table tennis table by GoSports is suitable for any individual who needs a functional and fun tennis table. The board measure 6” x 3” when unpacked for play while when folded for storage it measures 3” x 3” x 4”, hence offering you unlimited freedom to play anywhere and store in out of sight. It features heavy-duty aluminum legs and frame that ensures the table is kept sturdy during competitive plays but remains lightweight for portability and convenience. Besides, it has a compact design that makes it a suitable option for smaller spaces and an excellent addition to any apartment, game room, office or any individual who’s tired of coping with the full-size table. So, settle the score now with GOSPORTS table tennis!


  • Comes as a complete set with two paddles, four balls and game net
  • Has a premium construction to makes it sturdy and durable
  • It a perfect choice for competitive tennis games
  • Can set up instantly with easy storage


  • The packaging isn’t done well

#9. Franklin Sports Indoor Outdoor SypderPong Table Tennis Volleyball & 4 Square Game

Here is a game for everyone! Franklin Sports has revolutionized table tennis, volleyball and 4 square into one bundle game. The unit enables you to play in both indoor and outdoor environments because it utilizes newly crafted reversible leg stakes. This sport can involve up to 6 people – three on each side, and played by all ages. This is an excellent sport that’s ready to stir up a group of people at any sporting activities or even BBQ. What’re you still waiting for? Grab your set and join the party!


  • Crafted with max tension to generate great bounces
  • Includes handball for excellent hand-eye coordination
  • The quick attach net assembles easily & painlessly
  • Built with durable and sturdy materials


  • Sometimes comes with missing pieces

#8. EastPoint 2-in-1 Leg Leveling System LED Electronic Scoring for Hover Hockey & Table Tennis

If you’re thinking of acquiring the best table tennis for your home, then go for EastPoint table tennis. And while the standard tables allow you only to play table tennis, these ingenious options will enable you to play hover hockey. The ultra-smooth air-powered and tough GlazeTek play area will ensure your guest and family are entertained for long. The latest power corners offer additional bounce and enjoyment to the game. Its sturdiness and durability are unrivalled, and this it can withstand the rigors gaming plus it setup under 15 minutes. Moreover, it has all accessories that include 2 pucks, two pushers, two balls, 2 table tennis paddles, post system and net.


  • Leg levelers ensure easy setup & perfect balance play
  • Quick setup makes it ready to play in minutes
  • Has scratch-resistant play area that lasts
  • Offer two great games in one kit


  • The paddles aren’t typically of table tennis paddles

#7. MaxKare Foldable Ping Pong MDF Surface Indoor Table Tennis w/Caster & Easy Attach Net

Playing table tennis is fun and exciting with friends or family members, but without the right playing tennis table, the game wouldn’t be as good as it should. MaxKare knows it right and has to design top-notch accessories that allow you to play like a pro. It comes with a high-quality net and post set. Besides, the clamp style enclosure makes it seamless to assemble and disassemble the net within no time. The playback position allows you to play individual to sharpen your skills and have sufficient training. Moreover, the eight wheels fixed enables it to be moved quite easily.


  • Fixed with wheels that make it easy to move
  • The four lockable casters offer added safety
  • Built with high-quality materials that last
  • It’s easy to assemble and disassemble


  • It’s only ideal for indoor playing

#6. ESPN Lockable Caster Fold-Up Design New Super Table Tennis Table w/Table Cover

If you need a beautiful playing table, ESPN tennis table is the best choice in the market so far. This table is equipped with an 18mm playfield to ensure that you can play comfortably with enough space. It has oversized aprons that make it ideal for additional strength and keeps it more stable. Additionally, it features 3-inch lockable casters that make it easier to move this playing table from one place to another. You can use it for single player action or store in areas with smaller footprints since it can be easily folded. The post system and matching system contributes to a more enjoyable match with the two opponents.


  • Designed from high-quality materials that last longer
  • Spacious enough to ensure a comfortable play
  • Sturdy to ensure steady and stable operations
  • Available in black, multi-color and white colors


  • Takes more time to setup

#5. Rally & Roar Portable Indoor 15mm Quick Assembly Playback Mode Ping Pong Table

Fifth on our list is this high-quality tennis table from Rally and roar. This unit is easy to assemble, unlike the ESPN model since it does not require any extra tools and comes when preassembled thus take some few minutes to assemble it fully. It can be easily folded into two halves for individual practice or storage purposes and locks safely with the safety latch. With a thickness of 12mm and the best-crafted tabletop, you rest assured of an uninterrupted play and the best ball bounce. The steel table aprons keep this unit sturdier and strong during any intense games. Also, the frame and legs have a steel coating to keep them resistant to rust particles.


  • Adjustable height leg levelers ensure a desirable height
  • The wheels make it easier to move from place to place
  • Stands up independently when folded to ease storage
  • Can be easily folded to save you on storage space


  • The table surface easily scratches off

#4. JOOLA Tour MDF Indoor USATT Approved Ping Pong Table Tennis Table w/Single Playback Mode

You can now improve your table tennis skills with this tennis table from JOOLA. It comes with a clamp-style net that can be easily adjusted, making it easier to assemble and attach within some few minutes. It can be separated into two halves for solo practice or as two separate tables. The four corner ball holders and the two magnetic abacus scorers keep your home looking more stylish than never before. Additionally, it is supported by powder-coated steel legs with leg levelers keep it sturdier and easy to adjust its height for a comfortable play. The 5/8 inch charcoal tabletop has several layers making more durable with the best bouncing ability.


  • Each ball holder can support up to three 40mm Joola balls
  • The rubber leg levelers keep your floors from scratching
  • Caster wheels have locking devices to keep in place
  • Ensures even bounce with the 1.5-inch tube aprons


  • The assembly instructions aren’t that clear

#3. STIGA Portable Pro Tournament Level Net & Post Set Quality Indoor Table Tennis Table

STIGA tennis table is equipped with a wide range of features for more enjoyable playing time. This playing unit can be easily separated into two halves when you need to store it or when practising alone. The 72-inch net comes with a steel spring clamp post system that steadily holds the net into place and can be easily assembled or dissembled within some few seconds. Additionally, the table won’t open unexpectedly because it has a safety latch on the underside that locks the tabletop into an ideal upright position. The table surface is designed from high-grade MDF materials that are well known for their strength and durability.


  • The net system can be easily adjusted for height and tension
  • Steel legs have levelers to adjust it to a comfortable height
  • Has a coat paint on both sides that gives it a smooth finish
  • Safe and more convenient with the self-opening legs


  • A bit heavier thus hard to move around

#2. Killerspin MyT7 Innovative Storage Foldable Ping Pong Table w/Matte Black Top

Are you looking for a sturdier tennis table? Look no further than Killerspin tennis table. This table has an 18mm table surface that is from high-grade MDF materials that are long-lasting and strong. With the adjustable feet, you can easily customize it into a desirable height to meet all your playing needs. The repeat roller coating surface prevents any scratches and ensures the best bouncing ability for an enjoyable match. Moreover, you can fold it into two halves for solo playback or ease storage purposes to save your space. It has storage pockets that enable you to store up to 8 ping pong balls and two ping pong paddles.


  • Has large wheels that make it easier to move around
  • You can use it at home, bar, office, schools and more
  • Can be assembled within some few minutes
  • The matte black top is stylish & elegant


  • Has nothing that connects the two halves

#1. Butterfly Indoor Scratch-Proof Top Strong Frame Professional Centrefold25 Table Tennis Table

When it comes to a more professional and durable tennis table, you got all those with this brand from Butterfly. It has a 25mm table surface that is well designed to ensure a consistent and efficient bounce. With the simple fold and roll system, you can easily fold it for storage purposes and secure it with the safety latch to prevent it from opening unexpectedly. The four outer legs can be easily adjusted to an ideal height for a comfortable and enjoyable play. Besides, the 4-inch caster wheels making it easier to move around and can be locked into place while playing. Its legs contain 2-inch steel that makes it more durable.


  • The wheels are made of rubber to avoid scratching floors
  • Saves your time since it comes when fully assembled
  • Built scratchproof thus retains its original look
  • Crafted well, therefore, looks beautiful and elegant


  • So heavy while unloading from the truck

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Tennis Table


The ability of the ball to bounce solidly depends on the thickness of the board. As a rule of the thumb, the thicker the board, the better the bounce you’ll get. For experts, a table of between 0.7-inch to 1-inch thick is ideal, while for amateurs, thicker tables are the better options.


Opt for tennis table that has a rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame with sturdy MDF surfaces. As such, these units can withstand the rigors of daily use. This aspect is even more critical if you’re purchasing a tennis table for outdoor tournaments. With a durable tennis table, you can enjoy everlasting gaming without the hassle of replacing your tennis accessories.

Portability of the Table

Some people set up their tennis table in a specific place like the basement or recreational rooms; however, some like carrying them from place to place. So, if you’re looking for a tennis table that you can carry along, then it the best idea to opt for the models that can pack up with ease or primarily comes with wheels for effortless movement. Besides, other models have built-in handles for hassle-free transportation.

Additional Features

Before you can spend your hard-earned money, you opt to consider some other additional features to ensure you’re getting what you best need. Check the safety functions like lockable wheels, lockable play, storage positions, protective corners and more. Also, the clamps that hold the net in place should have a soft enclosure to prevent table-scratching. Even better, others should come with built-in storage space underneath the table.


Whether you’re an expert or just starting to play tennis, the best secret is to have your tennis table in your home. As such, you’re playing with your family member or friend at any particular time. This game helps your body get fit because the entire body is involved in one way or the other. Don’t just settle for any offer, cross-check what each set comes with and ensure it meets your budget needs. Purchasing the best tennis table has never been easier. If you want to choose a solid tennis table with any fuss, then this post will set the record straight. Rest assured, the choices are durable and will undoubtedly stand the test of time. Marvelous shopping!

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