Top 10 Best Sunrise Alarm Clock In Reviews

You are indeed part of the larger club if you can find it hard to sleep at night or wake up at the right time. It is very important and healthy to get enough sleep during the night for a better day tomorrow. Your mornings will always be better than before while using sunrise alarm clocks. They are well designed to aid you to sleep or wake up more naturally. With the soothing sounds and desirable brightness levels, you will always wake up refreshed and free from some irritating sounds. Once you get yourself a sunrise alarm clock, you are assured of better sleep and mornings.

Having said that, what does it take to get the best sunrise alarm clock out there in the market? Without any knowledge, you will be prompted to go through a variety of brands without settling on any. This, therefore, becomes tiresome and some can end up giving up. All in all, we have made your work easier by compiling the best brands that you can choose from. The list below entails the top 10 best sunrise alarm clocks to aid you throughout your choice. It is as follows;

10. Homelabs Touch Control Sunrise Alarm Clock with 6 Color Switch for Bedrooms

You have more than enough reasons to try out this sunrise alarm clock brand by Homelabs. It will emit lights of different colors to suit the needs of different persons. Just before you wake up, it will gradually brighten up to wake you up in a more gentle manner. Heavy sleepers will no longer have to worry because the snooze function will offer you 5 extra minutes to sleep. Also, you can turn on the FM radio to keep listening to your favorite station as you sleep. Moreover, it only weighs 1.2 pounds which makes it ideal to transfer it from one corner of your home to the other.


  • The wide touch screen shows time in 12 or 24 hours
  • Features 3 brightness settings depending on your likes
  • Comes with a backup battery for continuous usage
  • Has a USB port to charge your smart devices


  • The snooze function lasts for a shorter period

9. Pandawill 30 Adjustable Brightness and 8 natural Sounds Sunrise Alarm Clock

Are you tired of waking up to noisy and disturbing alarm sounds? You can try out the Pandawill sunrise alarm clock. This color-changing atmosphere lamp offers you different color options that will keep you feeling comfortable while sleeping or reading. You can as well listen to your favorite station to listen to some music as you enjoy your morning. Whenever you are sleeping, the lights will gradually dim to increase your sleep quality. Furthermore, the snooze function offers you extra 5 minutes to sleep most especially for heavy sleepers. It becomes a great birthday or Christmas gift during the holidays.


  • Ideal indoor decoration to create a romantic environment
  • Only weighs 1.01 pounds thus easy to carry around
  • Has a compact design thus takes less storage space
  • Made sturdy to ensure the most stable operations


  • Lacks a timer option

8. Merece 7 color night light Sunrise Alarm Clock with Dual Alarms and Snooze Function

Do you always find it hard to wake up in the morning? Worry no more, Merece sunrise alarm clock is all here for you. It wakes you up gently in a more comfortable manner making it suitable for use by kids, pregnant mothers, and many more. With up to 30 soothing sounds, you will always fall asleep and get dreaming in no time. The seven colors are soft and warm enough to keep you feeling comfortable at all times. Ideally, you can easily adjust your settings at any time because the buttons are designed at the front part. This makes it a great gift for your loved ones.


  • The buttons are easier to operate and accessible
  • Has two different lighting modes to suit your needs
  • Features two alarms for those with varied schedules
  • Can be used as a reading lamp or bedside lamp


  • The lower setting is still brighter

7. Mesqool Night Light Round Sunrise Alarm Clock with Battery Backup

How about waking up easily in a more natural manner. It feels awesome, right? Mesqool sunrise alarm clock only weighs 1.07 pounds thus you can carry it with you whenever you are traveling from one place to another. It is designed from high-grade plastic components well known for their strength and durability. With up to 7 ringtones, this alarm will wake you up with the most soothing sounds. You can as well adjust the brightness levels in 30 different ways to suit your needs. Even better, the 7 color night lights offer an atmosphere to sleep better throughout the night.


  • Gradually dims when in the sleep mode for better sleep
  • Has a USB port to charge your phone and other devices
  • The snooze function offers you 9 extra minutes of sleep
  • Easy to set it up since it requires a few steps


  • The round dial is smaller in size

6. Titiroba White Touch Control Sunrise Alarm Clock with 3-Level Brightness for All Persons

Always follow your sleep rhythm in your bedroom with the Titiroba sunrise alarm clock. Just like nature, it will wake you naturally to keep you feeling refreshed as the day begins. It has 5 natural sounds to help you to wake as you desire. Both children and kids will always learn to wake up at the right time with the natural sounds using light. You can easily customize your settings as you desire because it is equipped with an easy-to-operate touch control panel. For heavy sleepers, you can turn the volume to a louder volume to avoid missing out on the most important events.


  • Has a sleek design thus takes less storage space
  • The volume can be easily adjusted to suit all sleepers
  • The dimming display can be turned off for a dark room
  • Features color-changing mode to break the monotony


  • Designed poorly with control buttons at the top

5. Heimvision Sleep Aid Dual Alarms Sunrise Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers Adults and Kids

You will always be ready for the day at all times with the Heimvision sunrise alarm clock. It features a natural sunrise which gradually increases the light to help your body wake up naturally. The FM radio or the natural sounds automatically plays to wake you up when it reaches the set alarm time. You will always feel comfortable while reading or sleeping because it has 20 brightness levels and 7 color options to allow you to choose one that suits your needs. Since families can have different schedules of waking up, this clock has dual alarm options to cater to that.


  • Has a lightweight design thus more portable
  • Saves your storage space with its compact design
  • Produces natural light for use by both kids and adults
  • You enjoy FM radio time before waking up


  • The LED clock goes dim when you turn off lights

4. Philips SmartSleep White Wake up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation

Do you need a bedside lamp for your bedroom? Philips SmartSleep sunrise alarm clock is a great choice. It is designed from high-quality silicone materials well known for their strength and durability. Featuring 10 brightness levels, you can easily adjust it to meet all your needs. Besides, it only weighs 1.19 pounds making it easier for you to transfer it from your living room to your bedroom. With the bright yellow lights, you can wake up more naturally for a fresh day. Both the snooze function and beep function ensure that you will wake up on time every day.


  • Wakes you up naturally with the bright yellow lights
  • Designed from quality materials that last longer
  • Has a visible display that is easier to read
  • Features normal alarm tone for use by everyone


  • Has no adjustment for the beeping volume

3. Jall 7 Natural Sounds Wake Up Sunrise Alarm Clock for Kids and Heavy Sleepers

Do you need a reading lamp with healthy lights? You can try out the Hall sunrise alarm clock. This unit can be used as either bedside or reading lamp because you can easily adjust its brightness to suit your needs. You can as well use it to feed your baby at night because it produces soft and warm light suitable for little ones. The sunrise simulation light gradually increases up to 100% when it reaches the set time. Moreover, it has two alarms just in case your partner wakes up at a different time. With the snooze function, you can get extra sleep for up to 9 minutes.


  • Has 7 color changing light to suit different needs
  • Only weighs 1.06 pounds thus more portable
  • The USB charger port aids in charging your phone
  • Volume can be easily adjusted in 17 different levels


  • Abit flimsy since it is lightweight

2. Northern Light Technology White Plastic Sunrise Alarm Clock with more Audio Options

Are you looking for a high-quality sunrise alarm clock? Look no further than this brand by Northern light technology. It is designed from high-quality plastic materials that assure you of a longer-lasting unit. It wakes you up naturally as it brightens gradually after the chosen time. With the sunset feature, you will always find yourself sleeping since it produces wave sounds and white noises. Additionally, it wakes you up with a rooster wake-up call or a dawn chorus. Also, it turns on automatically whenever you are away because it has a security option and nightlight feature.


  • Has an FM radio to act as a wake-up sound
  • Retains all the settings in case of a power failure
  • You can use the snooze feature when not ready to wake up
  • Allows you to choose between 7 different languages


  • The clock is a bit hard to set

1. Philips SmartSleep White and Round Sunrise Alarm Clock with Varied Sounds and Lights

With sunset simulation, you can fall asleep a bit faster than usual with the Philips SmartSleep sunrise alarm clock. Unlike the traditional models, this unit is well designed to wake you up in the most natural manner. It has 25 personalized brightness settings and a smart snooze to aid you in customizing it to suit all your needs. Since it has been clinically approved by physicians and pharmacies, it is set to offer you healthy sleep and waking up routine. Additionally, it only weighs 3.36 pounds thus you can easily carry it from one place to another without feeling much of its weight.


  • Has light-guided breathing to keep you relaxing
  • Equipped with an FM radio to listen to some music
  • You can use it to charge your phone on the dock
  • Features a compact design to ease storage purposes


  • Lacks weekdays alarm settings

Factors to consider while purchasing a sunrise alarm clock

Sunrise and sunset simulation

Different people purchase these alarm clocks for different purposes. This a great consideration for those struggling to wake up or sleep. With sunrise simulation, you can wake up feeling more refreshed and ready for the day. Sunset simulation aids those who find it hard to get some sleep to better their sleep quality.

Adjustable brightness

A good sunrise alarm clock should feature adjustable brightness levels to suit different needs. Some people would prefer dimmer lights especially those with eye problems while others could be okay with brighter lights. It should therefore accommodate all people regardless of their preferences.

Ease of operation

It is always a nicer idea to choose a sunrise alarm clock with a simpler interface to ease its operations. This means that it can easily be operated by kids or adults without facing any difficulty while trying to adjust their settings. This also makes it user-friendly and can be easily operated at all times.

Presence of dual alarm

People have different schedules and therefore tend to wake up or sleep at different times. With this, you will need to purchase one with two alarms. It allows you and your partner to wake up at different desirable times. Most of them feature two alarms suitable for use with a family with more members. Also, it makes kids aware of the time to wake up.


To sum up, the above brands of sunrise alarm clocks will help to improve how you wake up and sleep at night. Since they are equipped with different features, they will differ in their convenience but offer the same results. Depending on your needs and preferences, you will be prompted to pick a brand different from that of your friend. Anyway, they are well designed to offer you all that you need. You will always be assured of better sleep quality than ever before with any of the above brands. So whether you are a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper, the above products remain to be your answer.

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