Top 10 Best Steam Irons in Reviews

While the traditional and regular irons have offer exemplary performance, there are still other modern and newer irons that can do better. These units help to get rid of wrinkles from your clothes within no time. Steam irons offer reliable and durable ironing performance. On top of that, the iron is electricity efficient and will offer you exactly what you need. Unlike dry irons, these newest models leverage on steam- a mixture of heat and water, to get rid of wrinkles in any type of cloth.

And because most people know about the regular iron, it is not easy to understand about this contemporary iron, and it is for that reason why we decided to put together this article. We have tested and reviewed tons of steam irons, however, in this article, we delve into the top 10 best steam irons in reviews. We are certain that after you read through this post, you’ll be in a better position to buy one for your home.

10. BEAUTURAL Anti-Drip Self-Cleaning 1800W Thermostat Dial Double Layered Steam Iron

For maximum safety, while ironing your clothes, it would be of a greater idea to get this steam iron by Beautural. With a power of up to 1800 watts, you are assured of a quicker heat-up and a higher steam output. To keep you safe, it automatically switches off after 8 minutes when left vertically and 30 seconds when left horizontally. The soleplate’s ceramic coating is well designed to prevent scratches and lasts longer. Besides, it has 5 different temperatures that allow you to use it on different fabrics such as wool, nylon, silk, linen, cotton, and many other materials.


  • Equipped with a longer power cord for flexibility
  • The self-cleaning function keeps it’s clean at all times
  • Has a tank that filters water to prevent calcium buildup
  • Does not allow any water leaks at low temperatures


  • Has few steam holes at the bottom

9. YABANO Lightweight Anti-Drip Professional Large Water Tank Steam Iron (Teal)

Regardless of the kind of cloth that you are ironing, Yabano steam iron offers you smoother results. You can use it on silk, cotton, linen, nylon, and so on because it has variable steam and temperature control. It features the newest rapid heat technology that ensures a faster heat-up to save your time. The non-stick soleplate distributes heat evenly and smoothly glides through most fabrics for greater results. Either when the temperatures are too low and when it is not in use the anti-drip technology prevents any water leakages. Additionally, it is well designed to prevent clothes from sticking during higher temperatures.


  • Has a transparent water reservoir for easy monitoring
  • The spray function helps to get rid of wrinkles
  • Easy to maintain with the self-cleaning system
  • Features a longer cord for convenient ironing


  • Not suitable for ironing smaller items

8. Sharper SI-755 Versatile Dual Voltage Quick Heat Up time Mini Steam Iron (White)

You are assured of well-sanitized surfaces and fabrics with this steam iron brand by Sharper image. It produces steam that can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria present in your fabric for healthier living. The water tank heats up within the shortest time possible to prevent you from waiting for too long to perform your operations. With the three temperature settings and one steam control, it means that you can use it on different fabrics that require different settings. This 350-watt machine is powerful enough to get rid of wrinkles from almost all fabrics. Better still, you can fill water in the included measuring cup for better results.


  • Has a non-stick soleplate that resists rusting
  • The 8 feet power cord ensures maximum reach out
  • Easy to transport since it has a compact design
  • Suitable for use anywhere with the dual voltage system


  • Takes a while to iron a garment

7. Mueller 8 Ft Cord Retractable Cord Professional Grade 3 Way Auto Self-Clean Steam Iron

If you need to get rid of wrinkles on delicate fabrics, it would be a grand idea to try out Mueller Austria steam iron. It is equipped with a stainless steel soleplate that glides smoothly through all fabrics and lasts longer. This unit heats up in less than a minute to get you ironing your clothes in a shorter period. Moreover, the 8 ft. retractable cord ensures maximum reachability and also easier storage after use. You can as well steam out wrinkles in your hanging clothes using the vertical steam function. That aside, you can leave this unit in a face-down position without scorching or burning your clothes or ironing board.


  • Easy to maneuver around with the longer cord
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable tasks
  • Has easy to adjust settings for precise controls
  • Matches your home decor with modern design


  • The cord does not retract back fully

5. BLACK+DECKER Size Cord Reel Stainless Non-Stick One-Step Steam Iron (Blue)

With only one use, you will fall in love with how Black+decker steam iron handles its tasks. It is equipped with a stainless steel soleplate that ensures even heat distribution on every corner of your fabric. You can easily regulate and optimize steam levels with the easy to read steam control to meet all your needs. Featuring the steam burst and spray mist button, you can easily control the amount of moisture. Better still, the spring-loaded cord easily unreels and retracts for convenient usage and storage. This makes it one of the best gifts for your friends or family members.


  • Has adjustable temperature settings
  • The pointed tip ensures easy navigation
  • Equipped with a larger capacity water tank
  • Safer for everyday use with auto shut off mechanism


  • The cord gets in your way while ironing

4. PurSteam Professional 1700W Stainless Steel Self-Cleaning Scratch-Resistant Steam Iron

Pursteam world’s best steamers steam iron is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your needs. The stainless steel soleplate offers you the needed durability and even distribution of heat. Depending on the type of fabric, you can easily adjust the temperature settings. Besides, the axial steam holes are well aligned to ensure maximum production of steam whereas distributing heat evenly. Since it features a 1700 watt power and rapid even heat technology, you can easily glide through different fabrics within the shortest time possible.


  • Can be used on silk, cotton, nylon, and linen fabrics
  • Prevents accidents and burns with the 3-way auto-shutoff
  • The anti-calcium systems prevent mineral buildup
  • You can use the vertical steam function for hanging clothes


  • The tip is not very pointy

3. MOOSOO M 470ml Anti-Drip Auto-Off Non-Stick Soleplate Portable Home Steam Iron

Quilters and sewers can now have a smile on their faces with Moosoo m steam iron. This powerful unit features a ceramic soleplate that is durable and scratch-resistant to glide through all types of fabrics. It reaches the maximum temperatures in no time thus you can use it as a steam iron or a dry iron. With only a weight of 2.9lbs, you can easily carry it from one place to another without feeling much of its weight. You can easily adjust the temperature settings in 4 different ways to iron different fabrics such as linen, silk, cotton, polyester, and many more.


  • The stainless steel soleplate is easy to clean
    Has a larger capacity water tank to minimize refilling
    Automatically turns off with no operations
    Anti-drip system prevents unwanted dripping


  • Difficult to see the remaining water level

2. MARTISAN Retractable Cord 1500W Cordless Carry Lock Ceramic Soleplate Steam Iron

Keep your clothes in perfect status at all times with Martisan steam iron. This equipment has a 5 range temperature dial which enables you to use it on different fabrics that require different temperatures. On heavier fabrics with tougher wrinkles, you can use burst steam function for optimum results. Besides, you can easily manage the long cord since it easily retracts back after use for convenient storage. Even better, it is equipped with a translucent water tank so that you won’t be bothered to frequently refill it. You will always need to turn the steam selector to zero before adding water.


  • Has a quick power base for quick recharging
  • You can use the spray feature for dried clothes
  • Well designed to prevent any water leaks
  • Made sturdy for safer and stable operations


  • Heavier compared to Moosoo m model

1. SINGER 300ml Tank Capacity 1750W Auto-Off Delay Mint Steam Steam Iron w/one point Tip

All the sewer’s exacting needs are fulfilled in a better way with Singer steam iron. This appliance features an on-point tip that makes it easier for you to reach areas such as cuffs, buttons, and pleats. You can cover your entire project without having to frequently refill the 300ml water capacity thus more convenient. The soleplate is made from stainless steel materials that are durable and scratch-resistant. Additionally, it has a longer cord which makes it easier for you to maneuver around. You will never face any difficulty trying to adjust the button controls because they are marked out.


  • Heats up immediately after turning it on
  • Has a power of 1750 watts for optimum results
  • The handy cord wrap ensures easy storage
  • Designed from durable and rust-resistant materials


  • The cord gets tangled while moving around

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Steam Iron

Auto Shutoff

The first and key factor that you want to consider when purchasing the best steam iron is the auto-shutoff feature. This feature is very critical for most people. As you know, we are normally forgetful, and by bad luck, you leave the iron turned on, it might cause disaster if not switched off. That’s is why the auto-shutoff feature should be available in any steam iron to shut off the iron when left idle for a few minutes. Look for the mark “auto-shutoff.”

Adjustable Steam Settings

The other important feature to pay attention to is the adjustable steam settings. This aspect is important if you wish to have a steam iron that changes steam amounts in regards to the heat settings. This is even important to newbies or infrequent steam iron users who don’t like to control the iron manually.

Corded or Cordless

Consider this factor to be sure of the convenience that you desire. Even if you opted for corded irons, opt for the models with retractable cords for convenient storage and organization. If you are comfortable with handling the cord, then select a model with a cord that is seamless to handle. Even that being the case, cordless models define the current market.


Some models have the potential to use their boiled water to clean the steam vents. The mode of cleaning is very critical more so if you have hard water, which is prone to mineral buildup. So, look for a steam iron with a self-cleaning feature to make everything easy.


Thank you for coming through and checking our reviews, we trust you’ve found this post to be helpful to you when making a buying decision. Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift for a friend, the listed options are more than enough. The goodness with our review is the fact that we have included pros and cons for each product, you won’t make a wrong decision. We’ll keep on updating this information, so check out for any addition in the future. Have a smooth buying experience!

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