The 10 Best Stair Carpet in Reviews

Most staircases look dull and boring from the outlook, you can choose to invest in the 10 best stair carpets in reviews to improve on the performance and look within your home. The designs come in different forms depending on the preferences. The stair carpet also prevents slips and falls while climbing up or down the staircases.

They are of wide variety and colors to complement the outlook of the stairs. This is why in our reviews, we have researched the top 10 best-rated stair carpets that satisfy your buyers’ guide. We also provide you with essential factors to consider before investing in a stair carpet, and we hope you find the best choice.

#10. Bungalow flooring stair carpet

Bungalow flooring stair carpet is khaki/ camel in color and can be used for both indoor and outdoor stair treads. Its skid-resistant nature prevents falling or slipping on the stairs thereby safe and can be used on any floor surface. It is made of a rubber border around the geometric ridged design that can hold water up to 1.5 gallons per square yard. It also tends to dry as fast as possible when it comes into contact with water or liquids. Moreover, it has a high-grade construction strand with a durable rubber backing of 20% recycled rubber. It comes in a set of 4 each measuring 30 inches and is shipped while in a roll but unrolled thereafter. It is necessary to clean the floor before applying the stair carpet to keep the durability and quality lasting. You can shake or vacuum clean to dispense loose dirt or do hose cleaning and line dry thereby easy to clean.


  • Used for both indoor and outdoor
  • Eco-friendly quality
  • Reliable shipping
  • Washable
  • Durable


  • Extremely coarse

#9. Red Stair Mats Ultra thin With Slip-resistant Rubber

Shape28 stair mat is a red indoor carpet with a measurement of 9*26 inches. It meets comfort with its beautifully designed colors, ultra-thin and soft cushioning that comforts the feet. It also reduces the risks of slipping or falling while walking up and down the stairs. Easy to install the 7 set treads no need for the sticky tapes that can interfere with the stairs. It has a reusable design that allows for relocation as you desire. Also, the pets and kids are known to interfering mostly with such products but for this, it is easy to clean products. You can either spot clean with a detergent and warm water or throw in a washing machine on cold, air dry and the stair carpet looks new. It is of durable quality and can withstand anything due to its stain and fade resistance. You can, therefore, rely on its safety and durability for the coming years. It also has a guarantee assurance.


  • Comfortable and safe.
  • Cheap to install.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • High-quality product


  • Needs time to off gas

#8. Ottomanson Collection Ottohome 7 pack Leaf Oval Stair Tread

As its name suggests, Ottomanson collection is a 7 pack oval stair carpet, sea foam in color. It is 100% propylene made of premium quality nylon for high traffic areas. It is a low pile stair carpet that allows seamless placement and is strongly bound at the edges to prevent bulks under feet. It is convenient for busy homes with kids and pets. The slip-resistant with its rubber backing makes the stepping safe. It is a shade-free pile that is stain resistant, easy to clean using a mild detergent through spot cleaning or even vacuum cleaning. It is of premium quality and there is an assurance of peace of mind upon purchase.


  • Nice and of high quality.
  • Exclusive design.
  • Attractive floral stair treads.
  • It is easy to clean and wash.


  • Not recommended for machine washing

#7. Resilia-Clear Vinyl Plastic Stair Carpet

If you are a vinyl plastic lover then the Resilia product is the best alternative. It is of clear vinyl, 27*25 inches’ plastic stair low pile carpet with a skid-less decorative pattern making it compatible with any house design. It promotes anti-slip properties as it prevents accidental spills and heavy traffic wear on the low pile stair carpet. That means your kids will be safe while running or playing on the stairs due to the short grippers on the bottom of the carpet that prevents the stair carpet from running or slipping. Also, you can easily cut using a pair of scissors or a knife to fit your surface. That gives you a good alternative to select the best design for your stairs. Moreover, it is heavy duty with no contaminants, recyclable and eco-friendly and flexible to create any custom size for your project needs. It is family-owned, operated and made in the USA.


  • Easy to cut and fit your project requirements.
  • Does not contain prop65 contaminants thus reusable
  • Made of heavy-duty hence durable
  • It is ferret proof.


  • Not much for beauty purposes

#6. Antep Rugs Safe Steps Rug Stair Tread

Are you looking for a stair carpet with more than 13 pieces? Antep rugs are the best alternative. It is a beige/ brown stair carpet suitable for any household. It is proven to be safe and also non- slipping which means your kids, pets, and guest will be safe while using the stairs. It is a durable product from Turkey and also machine made thereby pet, kid and guest friendly. It is 100% polypropylene that is maintained through spot or vacuum cleaning. It is a stain-resistant stylish and designed for style and comfort with the durable rug. Antep rugs manufacturers produce products of high quality that are colorful and can change the design of any room to look like an artwork.


  • Impressive range of colorful rugs
  • Stylish and stain resistant
  • Durable and of quality grade
  • Non-slip


  • Do not dry clean

#5. Edenproducts Patent Pending Non Slip Stair Carpet

Edenproducts is one of the top rated products in the market today and considering one of their products may help you save a lot. It is a brown non-slip stair carpet of 15 sets making it suitable for big households with over 10 stairs. It is soft, reliable, high quality, luxurious and a durable product made of wool blends and unique fiber to resist soiling and staining. It prevents falling and stripping thus a perfect stair carpet specification for you and your family. It is of soft texture and nice to feel under the feet and even to the pets. Its perfect size and can fit your stairs with no worry due to the flexible dimensions. It is easy to clean either through a vacuum cleaner or washing machine without any worry. It grasps the floor surface well without frequent movements or running thus a premium quality product.


  • Cheap to install
  • Blending and decorative colors
  • High quality and of perfect size
  • It’s easy to clean


  • Not adhesive

#4. Jorviz’s 14 Pack Non-Slip Stair Carpet

Jorviz’s 14 pack is a gray in color stair carpet for indoor. It is a premium quality product with a grip type surface on the bottom to prevent further movements. That means it’s very safe for household with kids and pets. The top surface is made of a double polyester fiber that is easy to clean and provides foot traction for protection. Not forgetting that products made of polyester fiber are durable making it reliable. More so, it keeps the feet and paws warm even during winter due to the comfort and soft nature. Its machine washable capability, hands or vacuum using soaps or detergents makes it suitable for all households. It has no damage to the wood and you can trim to your desired size.


  • Nice, stable stair carpet
  • Non-slip and good for slippery stairs
  • Durable and of premium quality
  • Washable.


  • Not self-adhesive

#3. Qingbei Rina Stair Carpet

Qingbei Rina stair carpet is a 14 modern step mat, black and gray in color stair carpet for hard surfaces mainly for the indoors. Its shape is very specific and can fit even curved stairs. Its installation and peel is quick and easy and doesn’t damage the floor surface. It’s of 100% polypropylene that can hide stains and is anti-slip thus preventing unnecessary injuries within the stairs. Hiding stains is an essential factor to consider especially if you have kids in the house that makes it the best option. Also, it is self-adhesive thus extra hold and can work on most woody surfaces and also other type of surfaces without slipping. The stair carpet is machine washable thus you do not need to worry about stains or dirt.


  • Self-adhesive
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Premium and durable quality


  • Mainly for the indoor-only

#2. Seloom Self-adhesive Stair Carpet

If you are searching for a pure brown stair carpet then you are on the right track. Seloom stair carpet is a pure brown 13 pieces non-slip stair carpet with a solid staying power that does not require the anti-slip tape to hold to the floor surface. Its beauty shows up when placed on the floor especially for indoor purposes. It is of durable and thick material of 0.3 inches thick and stain-resistant. It also has an adhesive back rubber that holds it to the floor surface and no need for the glues. It is washable either by hand or machine without shrinking or any other effect. You also do not need someone to help you install as its installation is very easy.


  • Thick quality pile
  • Grippy back thus no need for the glues
  • Uniform size
  • Excellent quality product


  • Not all are machine washable and they are all of dark colors

#1. Luxury Collection 25’ stair carpet

Luxury collection 25′ stair carpet is our top most rated product and one of the best in the market today. It is a grey 25 inches’ luxury Bergama stair carpet that only requires less than 10 minutes to install. Its uniqueness comes in due to its solid staying power. It is mildew, sunlight, and stain-resistant making it very convenient for household use. It is durable and luxurious to the underfoot feel. It fits most standard staircases which is why we consider it to be the best. Its maintenance is done through frequent vacuuming after its installation. More so, you can simply use machine or hands to wash the stair carpet making it convenient for every household.


  • Beautiful
  • Good quality
  • Perfect and lush runners
  • Fits most standard stairs


  • None

Factors to consider before buying the best stair carpets

With various brands in the markets, selecting the best stair carpets can get tricky. By using our guidelines, you will surely find the best. Some of the factors to consider include;


Staircases need the most durable stair carpets since they face heavy traffics unlike the ones within the rooms. Therefore, durability is one of the crucial elements to consider while purchasing one. The carpet should be tailor-made to withstand the heavy traffic, wear and tear.


People have different size of stairs in their homes, the size of the stairs you have helps determine the thickness of the carpet you should have. For those with lengthy stairs, it’s advisable to have the thick carpets for safety hazards. Thin carpets are ideal for small spaced stairs but if the stairs are high you can go for the thick carpets.


Grip effect is more significant in that it reduces the accidental aspects within the stairs. Most carpets are made with an underneath rubber grip to prevent unnecessary injuries while walking up and down the stairs. Most people with pets worry much of this, you should choose a tailor-made stair carpet or rug that can absorb water but maintain its anti-slip quality.

Joined or separated

Even though it looks uniform when you use the joined stair carpets, it depends on your intentions as well. Some may need to cover only the central parts of the stairs therefore its recommended to use the separated stair carpets. It also applies where one has a good range between the stairs, the separated stair carpet is recommended for this.


Majorly carpets are not only for decorations or aesthetic purposes but also to absorb the noise that is produced when the boots and the surface comes into contact. This is majorly seen when the surface is made of wooden floor, it tends to produce a lot of sound that can only be harmonized with a carpet. Comfort is another feature that is highly considered with many, the feet should feel great while walking up and down the stairs.

Care/ Maintenance

The carpet should be dirt, soil, and oil-resistant since it is used in a heavy traffic place. Along with that, it should be easy to clean when dirty as it should be cleaned regularly.


Selecting the best appliance is very difficult; that is why you tend to experience the same when it comes to stair carpets. Before you invest in the stair carpets, you should go through our guides to settle on the perfect solution. Most customers will agree with us when we say you will never go back from a stair carpet once you have tried.
Being that the decision relies on your needs, we assure you that you will make a smart move if you select from the above top 10 best stair carpets. You will not only benefit from the designs and aesthetic value but you will also benefit from its durability which will last for years to come.

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