Top 10 Best Solar Security Cameras in Reviews

Indeed, a solar security camera might be the perfect way to secure offices and homes. You don’t want to miss any scene of your home in case of an incident or occurrence. Suppose you live in an area where the electric network is a problem. You won’t install the electric cameras on your premises, and that’s where solar security cameras come into play. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly because they make the most of solar energy. This solution will save you on cost, particularly on maintenance costs.

Now, most people’s biggest problem is how they’re going to acquire the best solar security camera. That should not bother you anymore because we’ve offered you a detailed review. Of course, the market provides numberless options for these solar-powered devices; however, we’re interested in providing you the top-ranked solar security cameras in this post. Let’s find out what each of these ten brands offers.

10. ZUMIMALL 2-Way Audio IP65 Waterproof Night Vision Solar-Powered 1080P Wi-Fi Camera

Zumimall Wi-Fi Camera is a solar-powered security camera equipped with an AI human-shape detector. This smart human detection technology helps in eliminating false alarms that might be triggered by other objects. This wireless camera has the ability to detect any motion and quickly relay its response instantly. It also allows you to customize your alarm settings so that the camera can only trigger the alarm within the scheduled period. This eco-friendly camera comes with a rechargeable battery and a solar panel. It uses a reliable and stable 2.4G connection. The camera uses a PIR motion detector to differentiate human motion from other motions. This smart motion detection helps in prevents the camera from triggering a false alarm. With 1080P HD resolution, the camera delivers clear images. Additionally, the Infrared LED lights provide a clear night vision.


  • Cloudedge App allows sharing with multiple users
  • Dual audio facilitates real-time conversation
  • It is a waterproof camera with IP65 ratings
  • Infrared lights provide night illumination.


  • Does not come with an SD card for local storage

9. BuTure PIR Motion Detection 2-Way Audio IP65 Waterproof Security Camera Outdoor w/Solar Panel

Buture camera is an upgraded security camera designed to provide eco-friendly surveillance within your home. This is an outdoor camera equipped with a non-stop supply of power. Also, it has an integrated 6400mAh rechargeable solar-powered battery. The camera works with a stable 2.4 Wi-Fi connection. It can record live stream videos with 1080P FHD. This camera uses image-processing technology to produce clear and crisp videos. The camera is equipped with a built-in speaker and microphone that allows you to have a two-way conversation. You can speak through the app with the person standing within the camera range. With the AI PIR motion detector, the camera can differentiate human-shapes from animals and other objects and prevent a false alarm. Additionally, it has 6-Infrared LED lights for use during night surveillance.


  • Supports encrypted cloud storage and local storage with SD card
  • Has a resolution of 1080P and IR lights for night vision
  • Has a built-in rechargeable battery and solar panels
  • Designed with AI PIR motion detector


  • Does not support 5G Wi-Fi

8. SUNGLIFE IP67 Waterproof 2-Way Audio Wireless Rechargeable Solar Powered Security Camera

Sunglife camera is an outdoor solar-powered camera that provides easy viewing and clear quality videos with 1080P full HD. It is equipped with 8-Infrared LED lights that deliver sharp video images during the night. This camera comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that is powered by the solar panel. This wireless design of the camera makes it simple and easy to install. IP67-Waterproof ratings make the camera ideal for use during all the seasons without any limitations. It is equipped with PIR motion detection technology that triggers an alert via your mobile app when it detects motion. A built-in speaker and microphone allow two-way communication. Further, the camera supports local storage with an SD card up to 32GB.


  • Designed with two modes of storage and two-way audio
  • Has been equipped with 6 IR LED lights for night vision
  • Has an integrated solar-powered battery
  • It is a 100% wireless solar camera.


  • Not compatible with windows

7. SPADE 1080P IP65 Waterproof 1080P Wi-Fi Wireless Solar-Powered Security Camera

Spade Camera allows you to remotely get access to your home’s security anytime wherever you will be. It comes with a mobile app that synchronizes your camera with your phone and gives you full control through a simple dashboard. This app allows multiple sharing with up to 10 people. Also, the camera is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac devices, or Windows. Spade solar-powered camera is designed with built-in rechargeable batteries rated 7600mAh. The mounted solar panel is used to charge the batteries continuously. This camera provides full HD 1080P videos and clear night visibility facilitated by IR LED lights. Furthermore, the camera has 33 feet Range of visibility and 140o viewing angle.


  • Equipped with a custom siren and smart motion detector
  • Offers real-time communication with two-way audio
  • Has infrared lights for night visibility
  • Allows multiple-account viewing


  • Aiwit’s app needs an android emulator software.

6. SOLIOM Wireless IP Camera S60 Wide Angle Range Outdoor/Indoor Solar Security Camera

Soliom security camera is a 100% wireless solar powered camera with a built-in battery. It works with an upgraded user-friendly Soliom+ App that allows local storage with SD cards or payable cloud storage services. The app comes with one month free trial of cloud storage. The app also allows two easy pairing configurations, which are either via sound wave or scanning QR code. It is made of IP66 rated waterproof, non-corrosive material, and rust-resistant bracket, making the camera withstand different weather conditions. With the built-in speaker and microphone, the camera can facilitate a two-way conversation with your visitors. Additionally, this camera has noise cancellation reinforcement.


  • Has a reliable built-in battery for constant power supply
  • Equipped with a system of accurate motion detector
  • It is designed with a dual-way audible audio
  • Comes with an integrated solar panel


  • Does not come with an SD card

5. Compark 10400mAh Night Vision 2-Way Talk1080P Wi-Fi Wireless Security Camera Outdoor

In the middle of our list is Campark AP25 Wi-Fi outdoor security camera. This advanced surveillance camera is cost-effective and reliable. Apart from using solar energy, it also comes with a rechargeable battery that stores charge for when solar energy is not available. The PIR detection relays accurate alerts on a timely basis. Besides, it delivers plausible outdoor performance with IP65 waterproof. What’s more, this Wi-Fi security camera works seamlessly with Alexa for voice control.


  • Fully waterproof to work in all-weather conditions
  • You can check all corners of your house with ease
  • You can share a Wi-Fi camera with family
  • Offers good surveillance results


  • It’s a little bit pricier.

4. Koogeek Cloud SD 3 Antenna IP67 Waterproof Wi-Fi Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Koogeek solar-powered security camera is a non-stop power supply yet wire-free system. It comes with three foldable nighty-degree solars with a rechargeable battery that can hold up to 10400mah. You can rest assured that wires and the presence of power lines are a thing of the past. Just after the sun is up, the battery will be fully charged after about 12 hours. Whether it’s in your house or garden, you can always happen all the occurrences remotely from your phone. You’ll never encounter loss whatsoever by buying this camera.


  • Can store videos and images in cloud and SD card storage
  • Durable enough to withstand all weather conditions
  • Can serve as both indoor and outdoor camera
  • It’s pretty simple to set up.


  • Slightly expensive

3. FUVISION 2-Way Audio PTZ IP Security Camera w/1080P Video Motion Detection for Indoor/Outdoor

If you are looking for a quality solar outdoor security camera, this model FUVISION is at your disposal. It’ll keep recording no matter the circumstance – whether it’s raining or shining. The built-in rechargeable battery can hold up to 12000mah for full support when solar energy is not available. It also boasts a loud two-way talk that enables you to keep the communication with your loved ones flawlessly, not to mention it noise cancellation feature for clarity. Moreover, it features a wall-mounting base with a very adjustable solar panel.


  • Built with advanced motion detection capability
  • Can capture night scenes without any problem
  • Perfect as an outdoor security cameras
  • It’s an IP65 weatherproof.


  • The installation is a bit confusing.

2. FACAMWORD 1080P Waterproof Wireless IP Dome Outdoor PTZ Security Camera w/Solar Panel

Keeping vigil to your home is now easy and cost-effective, thanks to the rise of the FACAMWORD PTZ security camera that has made it possible. If you didn’t know, this kit entails the most sophisticated cameras around the globe. Even though they look similar to the typical dome-shaped cameras, this novel cameras feature an artificial intelligence software installed in it. Having PIR and solar panels, these essential outdoor cameras don’t need any power to get working. Also, it is a wireless IP camera. Besides, it won’t keep videos not unless you access its range, which ensures its efficiency and saves you a lot of space of cloud storage and SD card. Finally, you can zoom images in/out and pan/tilt the camera remotely to monitor different house locations.


  • Offers both cloud and SD card storage
  • You can monitor your house remotely
  • The picture quality is second to none
  • Comes with strong color night vision
  • It’s 100 percent wire-free.


  • Not the best but worth for the price

1. REOLINK 2-Way Audio Wireless Pan Tilt Solar Powered Wi-Fi Security Camera System

The safety of your home should not be compromised just because the electric line is not passing near your premise; Reolink Argus PT solar panel is offering you the best alternative to secure your home. This technology is 100 percent wireless and will transmit the videos and images directly to your phone or computer without any hitch. The camera can also rotate remotely as it monitors all the corners of your home in real-time. Other than that, this system protects your items and alerts you on any occurrence timely, plus it records seamlessly to enable you to playback and download.


  • Wireless connection for convenient connection
  • Offers seven days free secure cloud storage
  • You can easily connect with a free mobile app
  • Uses panoramic cameras with pin & tilt


  • Doesn’t integrate with blue IRIS

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Solar Security Camera

Solar Panel Capacity

The energy derived from the camera’s solar panel is dictated by the panel’s efficiency and size and the solar intensity. A standard panel that can suit this type of work can output about 265 watts. The datasheet of such a camera should be checked to be changed to the solar camera’s consumption. To acquire the best performance from the solar cameras, the solar panel should be placed facing the sun without barriers like fences, trees, banners, etc.

Data Transmission

Ideally, you should have a wireless network connection to necessitate data transmission. Most solar cameras have ONVIF protocol, where it can be put into VMS solutions that works using this standard. On the other hand, other models use the cellular communication protocol for video transmission. It’s the best solution for areas where there isn’t any internet access. Of course, putting together a Wi-Fi network isn’t viable, and there is a need to leverage on cellular networks.

Safer Installations

To prevent issues like vandalism and theft, it’s a good idea to ensure that your solar-powered camera isn’t placed is an easily noticeable way; you can place on top of a roof or a pole where people can’t reach to it. Rely on simple video features like loitering, motion detection, and alarm as a deterrent.

Easy Installation

The solar security camera needs to be designed with convenient installation. You should be capable of installing the camera in almost any space. Since these cameras don’t need any cables, they can be easily set up in places without power points like maritime vehicles, stables, crops, construction sites, or temporary sites. So as you make a buying decision, base your decision on the ease of installation.


We’re sure that you’ve found this piece helpful as you’ll be shopping for the best solar-powered security cameras for your home. These units offer stellar performance, and they’re very simple and easy to install. Even better, they are long-lasting. The most exciting thing about these cameras is that they can relay live videos and images through mobile or Wi-Fi to your computer or mobile for review. Other than the solar panel, it comes with a rechargeable battery used when you don’t have the sunlight.
Moreover, this device is useful in your farm, parking, warehouse, business, home, etc. And to ensure you acquire the best solar security camera, we’ve offered you this step by step guide. Best of luck!

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