The 10 Best Snow Throwers in Reviews

Winter season is normally notably with a lot of snow and ice building up on patios, pavements, sidewalks, sidewalks driveways among other areas. As a result, driving or walking in such places tend to be a challenge. But how can such a dreadful scenario be dealt with? Well, you need the best snow thrower that will throw away snow more effective than the traditional shovel. These electric units will instantly clear snow.

Nowadays, there are different models of snow throwers or sometimes referred to as ‘snow blowers’ in the market, hence it’s advisable to be sure of the best suiting snow thrower. But because we want you to feel relaxed as you look for the best snow thrower, we have done the hard part for you. In this article, we review the top 10 best Snow Thrower for reviews. Read along and you wouldn’t miss the one that impresses you.

#10. PowerSmart DB5017 15 AMP Electric Motor 30 ft. Throwing Distance Snow Blower

Take a chance and get yourself this less pricey snow thrower by PowerSmart. The unit can clear snow on patios, driveways or sidewalks without leaving any traces. The steel auger can be adjusted up to 180 ° to throw snow in your desired direction. It throws snow up to a distance of 30 inches. Besides, the tips of the auger have rubber which prevents the auger from freezing when blowing snow. This item weighs about 35 pounds making it easy for you if you want to carry it. You never face any difficulty putting it together as it is made simple for operation and usage.


  • It is a good gift for a friend who experiences winter frequently
  • Clears snow at a faster pace thus saves your time
  • Made of durable materials to last long enough
  • The steel auger does not rust easily


  • The long cord is a bit disturbing

#9. WEN 5662 18-Inch 13.5 AMP Adjustable Chute 20 ft. Throwing Distance Electric Snow Thrower

Wen snow thrower replacing your shovel to blow snow is a great deal for you. Besides, it has an adjustable maximum throwing angle of 180° thus, it can throw snow to the direction that you desire. You can easily maneuver since it has 6-inch wheels at the back of this unit even during tougher conditions. If you want to carry with you, you can collapse its handle with ease. The strong auger throws snow up to a distance of 20 feet. It also scoops deeper snow leaving your driveways or sidewalks so clear and passable. With one auger rotation, about 1150 cubic inches of snow will have been cleared. You are assured of a good job done within a few minutes.


  • It has a lightweight design hence easy to carry it anywhere
  • The rounded chute prevents any snow from clogging
  • Your pavements remain safe as it only scoops snow
  • It can clear a large amount of snow at once


  • If you run it on a dry path with no snow the motor gets hot

#8. Earthwise SN72018 13.5 AMP 18'' Width LED Light 700lbs/Min Electric Corded Snow Thrower

Are you looking for a snow thrower with the best blowing results? Look no further than Earthwise snow thrower. The amount of snow that this unit clears at a go is impressive. Built with LED lights that enable you to clear snow even during night hours or misty conditions. Also, it has a powerful motor that throws about 700 lbs. of snow in a minute and to a distance of 30 inches. You can as well throw snow to your desired direction as you can adjust the chute to a maximum angle of 180°. Moreover, it is easy to maintain this model because it doesn’t require any gas or oil. In conclusion, this is a perfect gift for a friend or family member residing in snowy environments.


  • The handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip
  • Clears perfectly even during heavy wet snows periods
  • Easy to assemble as it requires fewer tools to do so
  • Built with large wheels for easy movements


  • The wheels are a bit small to withstand tougher conditions

#7. Greenworks 2600202 20'' 13 AMP Light Adjustable Multi-directional Chute Electric Snow Blaster

Your snow clearing work is now easier with Greenworks snow thrower. And it clears snow up to 20 inches on width and up to 10 inches in depth. You can manage your throwing direction because it has an adjustable chute angle. It is also equipped with powerful LED lights that make it easier for you to clear snow when it’s dark. Moreover, it is more comfortable to use because it produces less noise during its operation. It weighs approximately 32 pounds meaning that you can easily carry it. The clearly instructed manual makes it easier to use.


  • Can be used on either small or large-sized yards
  • Easy to maneuver with the adjustable chute
  • The handle can be folded for easy storage
  • Produces no gases or any strange odors


  • The extension becomes very rigid on cold driveways

#6. TACKLIFE 15 AMP 20'' 4-Blade Steel Auger Rotatable Chute 3000RPM Electric Snow Blower

Get ready for winter with a TACKLIFE snow thrower. The unit has a 15 Amp motor that throws 800lbs of snow in just a minute. You can use it on sidewalks, patios, large and middle-sized driveways. The 180° chute allows you to throw snow in different directions. With this unit, it can blister snow up to 30 feet away. The 20-inch width and 10-inch depth will ensure that blow the same inch of snow. The auger is covered with an anti-freeze rubber to prevent it from freezing and extend its usage time. It takes less than 20 minutes to get it working.


  • You can easily hook the power cord to avoid having to pull it all time
  • The handle does not freeze for a comfortable grip and usage
  • The overload protector prevents any motor damages
  • Easy to use and maintain and requires no extra tools


  • At times you need to manually remove the clogged snow

#5. Snow Joe 24V SB18-CT 18'' 48V 4.0 Ah LED Light Adjustable Chute Cordless Snow Blower

Everyone desires to keep their home looking good even when it’s snowing. This is all possible with Snow Joe snow thrower. To begin with, it has a chute crank that is adjustable to up to 180° to clear snow in all directions. It also has 1200 brushless motor that clears 14 tons of snow when fully recharged. When it is fully recharged it runs for up to 50 minutes clearing snow. In a single pass, it clears snow within 18-inches width and 10-inches in depth. Additionally, it has a strong steel auger that efficiently clears any snow in your pathways. The scraper bar allows for clearing without damaging pavement.


  • Made of high-quality materials that give you a long usage life
  • Eco-friendly as it does not emit any harmful gases to the air
  • Has headlights that allow for clearing snow when it’s dark
  • You can avoid accidental starting using the safety button


  • You incur more cost to purchase the battery and its charger

#4. Earthwise SN74016 Cordless Brushless Motor 300lbs/Min 40V 16'' Width Electric Snow Shovel

This Earthwise snow thrower makes your life easier during the snowy time. Also, it has an adjustable handle that helps you to adjust to your comfortable fit while you work. The brushless motor clear 300 lbs. of snow in just a minute. You would waste a lot of time doing this kind of job because the machine is quick and effective. Additionally, it thoroughly clears snow on the driveway or sidewalks leaving a clear path. It’s clearing width is 1-inch whereas its clearing depth is -inch. Moreover, it can throw snow up to 3-inch of distance. The -inch rear wheel makes it easy for you to maneuver on most residential places like decks. With the adjustable throwing direction, it means that you can throw snow in the direction that you desire.


  • You can use without the extension to avoid disturbances
  • Designed lightweight to ease portability purposes
  • The auger is resistant to the cold temperatures
  • Easy to operate as it can be done by anyone


  • The small wheel can’t accommodate wet snow well

#3. Toro 38381 18'' Width 15 AMP 1800RPM 160-Degrees Adjustable Chute Curve Snow Thrower

With the right conditions, this machine works great for the best results. Toro snow thrower has a 160° rotating chute that allows you to clear snow in different directions. Also, its clearing measurements are o18-inches for the width and 12-inches for its depth. It can blow snow in your decks, patios, and driveways. This equipment has a throwing distance of 30 feet for a clean path. It also has a cord lock to avoid power interruptions. The handle is made foldable for easy storage. The 6-inch wheels have the best traction ability to work best snowy environments. With the inverted funnel housing and a curved rotor eliminates any snow clogging and clears more snow in a short time.


  • Has an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable use
  • You just need to plug it in and it starts clearing snow
  • The zip deflector allows choosing different modes
  • Made lightweight for easy maneuverability purposes


  • The wheel is a bit small thus you might need to drag it a times

#2. Snapper XD 82V MAX 1697185 20'' Single –Stage Brushless Motor Dual Lights Snow Thrower Tool

It is now more convenient to drive through snowy pathways or sidewalks with the use of Snapper snow throwers that clear snow within no time. The 180° chute throws snow up to a distance of 20″. Additionally, it contains some dual lights for easy visibility when blowing snow during dark hours. The brushless motor technology provides enough power to clear snow in a larger area. Besides, it requires a battery of a maximum voltage of 82 volts. Also, a charger is purchased differently to recharge your snow thrower when it runs low.


  • Has a clearly instructed manual to ease its operation
  • Has a higher runtime as compared to other models
  • Has a collapsible handle for easy storage purposes
  • The push-button allows you to throw more snow


  • Snow throwing ability can be limited with different snow conditions

#1. Earthwise SN74022 22'' 40V 4.0Ah Battery 600lbs Snow/Min Cordless Electric Snow Thrower

Do you need your pavement and paths cleared perfectly during snowy moments? Get an Earthwise snow thrower to sort you out. Earthwise snow thrower has bright LED lights for snow clearing during dark moments. This snow thrower is much powerful as it throws snow up to a distance of 30″ with a speed of 600lbs per minute. You leave the cord behind for a hassle-free snow blowing. It clears snow within a width of 22″ and depth of 12″. The 180° rotating chute allows you to do your work in any direction. With this equipment, you can clear snow in a 1200 square yard in just an hour. Besides, it is an electric device therefore you would not need gas or oil to maintain it.


  • Snow can be cleared during early mornings or late nights
  • Best suitable gift for a friend or a family member
  • You can clear snow in all directions
  • Easy to operate with some few buttons


  • For heavy wet snow, it has a lesser runtime

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Snow Thrower

Clearance surface

The snow throwers come in different designs and sizes. For this reason, they offer the capability of throwing a certain amount of snow per unit time. The one that clear large amounts of snow at the same time are desirable. So, if you need one with this performance, go with the blower with at least 30-inches wide clearance. Besides, you should also ascertain that it is capable of clearing up to 20-inches clearance.

Engine Type

The engine type of snow thrower is to determine the performance of snow blowing. For that matter, the CC series is mostly preferred because of its ease to start. As you make your purchase, ensure to check on the specification to ensure that it delivers an excellent job. When the engine is more powerful, it will take less time to clear a huge amount of snow. Moreover, the engine should be able to start seamlessly. What’s more, an engine with an electric start is desirable because it’s reliable for high-performance.


Movement is another factor that will ensure your snow thrower performs well. The one with large wheels is good because it will make movements a breeze. And also, the wheels need to be rugged and strong to offer prolonged services. In addition to this, you should check the presence of handles. The presence of handles with grip will enable you to use the blower effortlessly.Other factors that you should check out when buying the best snow thrower can include; ease of use, the price, the headlights and warranty of the snow blaster.


When looking for an affordable snow thrower that clear a huge amount of snow at a go, then consider one of these suggestions. They’re the best-ranked tools that will bring you’re the pavements and patio on track. Generally, the above snow blowers are strong effective when it comes to taking the snow out of the pathways or driveways. Also, this list includes products with electric engines that start quickly for efficient performance. We hope this review is going to offer you helpful information with regards to snow throwing and guide you towards purchasing the best. If you haven’t acquired one, the list is at your disposal now, go with what you find meeting your needs.

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