Top 10 Best Slow Cookers in Reviews

Among the kitchen tools on the rise is a slow cooker or sometimes referred to as crockpot. They boast high popularity, perhaps because they are versatile and cooks your delicious meal within no time. Besides, they enable you to cook food healthily with less fuss, mess, and cleaning for busy people. With a slow cooker, be assured, your culinary kitchen skills will be taken to a higher level. One other outstanding thing about a slow cooker is that it uses less electricity, yet it still leaves your food with more flavors.

If you have no idea about a slow cooker, but you want to get one, we’re going to offer you a helping hand. In this post, we’ll guide you to a healthier, hassle-free way of cooking. Be assured, you and your family will love the results. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best Slow Cookers in 2020 reviews. Let’s get you started!

#10. PanSaver 24 Pack FDA Certified NSF Approved Disposable Slow Cooker with Sure Fit Band

When cooking food to their optimum level on normal pressure type-cookers, chances of food overcooking are high; however, if you turn and start using this slow cooker by PanSaver, you can never look back any other time. This unit is much convenient and saves you more kitchen time, which in turn improves the food you serve as well as lowering the cost. Even the maintenance cost of cleaning is quite low because it doesn’t need any soaking or scrubbing. The food flavors and cooking time are well-maintained for a delicacy of its own time! Besides, it’s from the USA and fully certified to come in direct contact with food. Be sure to choose this model if you find it suits your needs.


  • This model offers a need appearance and keep the liner in place
  • It’s safe for direct food contact backed with a certification
  • It uses useful disposable liner bags to cook even better
  • The cooking appliance is convenient and cost-efficient


  • It’s not accurate to their sizes

#9. COMFEE All-in-1 Multi-Cooker 5.2Qt Large Capacity Rice Cooker Slow Cooker Instant Keep Warm

Are you interested in cooking everything? COMFEE all-in-1 cooker might be your ultimate kitchen appliance, and it can work as a rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, stew pot, slow cooker, soup pot, etc. The 20 cup ultra-capacity can serve your family with a delicious meal. Besides, the 24 hours delay time is convenient for you o save time and prep food when you need it.

Additionally, the digital panel and LED display make it quite easy to read and use. Even better, it can automatically turn on to keep food warm for 12 hours, making food always ready. The non-stick cooking surface offered an easy way of cleaning and made of BPA-free food-grade material.


  • The LED display enables you to read and use the system with ease
  • Has a 24 hours delay timer to save time for you conveniently
  • Comes with a large capacity to be able to serve your family
  • Made from BPA-food grade materials that are safe and healthy


  • It doesn’t have any specific instructions with recipes

#8. Hamilton Beach Extra-Large 10Qt Dish-Washer Safe Go Portable Slow Cooker with Lid Lock (Black)

Cooking can sometimes be challenging more so for those who have very tight schedules; however, with Hamilton Beach Extra-large Stay in or Go Slow Cooker, prep any kind of food effortless. This handy 10 quarts slow cooker is ideal for almost everything from holiday-pot roast to game-day chili. With a capacity of 10 quarts, this unit can accommodate 12lb roast or a 10lb roast. Besides, it features both slow and high cook settings with a warm function, ideal for buffets, or even when dinner ends up at late hours. What’s more, the full-grip handles enable you to carry this cookware with ease, and also both the stoneware and the lid are dishwasher safe.


  • The glass lid and stoneware are dishwashers safe for hassle-free maintenance
  • Constructed with a full grip handle that enables you to carry the cooker with ease
  • Comes with both high and low settings to allow you to cook many dishes
  • Has clip-tight sealed lid that prevents messy spills
  • The 10-quart capacity is ideal for feeding crowd


  • The gasket seal is a bit rough

#7. MasterChef 13-in-1 6Qt 13 Preset High & Low Pressure LED Display Delay Timer Slow Cooker

As the name suggests, MasterChef 13-in-1 6Qt electric digital multiport is phenomenal cookware that can deliver excellent cooking results. The 13 programmable functions offer a wide variety of cooking potentials that makes it more versatile for any modern kitchen. Besides, it has high and low-pressure cooking options with a LED display that can automatically control pressure using the different functions. You can count on this unit to deliver you yummy food within no time using the two levels of cooking. This kitchen tool is a rice spoon and a measuring cup for accurate measurements. The non-stick pots are easy to maintain because you don’t have to soak or scrub.


  • Comes with auto-pressure control and delay the start time for convenience
  • The measuring cup and rice spoon offers better cooking results
  • It features high- and low-pressure cooking for efficient cooking
  • Has 13 cooking programs that enable you to cook with easy
  • Allow you to prepare meals in no time using high-pressure


  • Doesn’t come with detailed instruction for use

#6. SOUSV Multi-Cooker Programmable Delay Timer Function Slow Cooker Yogurt Maker Food Steamer

Cooking is not a cup of tea for most busy individuals since they have no limited time to do the kitchen routine; they opt for simple meals. However, technology has gotten better, and advanced slow cookers are currently widely spread on the market. But SOUSV multi-cooker has won the heart of most customers because of its affordability and efficiency. It has intelligent cooking programs that mean you’ve spend more of your time doing constructive things while your food is cooked. Besides, with the precise cooking temperature, delay adjustment, and time, this cookware suit any contemporary kitchen. Even better, this unit will automatically lower the temperature to keep the food warm and to prevent them from overcooking. Furthermore, the non-stick inner pot keeps food against sticking and makes cleaning quite easy.


  • The control panel has all the required controls for hassle-free cooking
  • It is lightweight and has ergonomic handles for easy handling
  • The non-stick surfaces make cleaning a breeze
  • Delivers perfect cooking results every time


  • It’s a bit pricier but delivers excellent results

#5. New House Kitchen 9-in-1 Programmable Multi-Functional 2.5Qt Aluminum Slow Cooker Pot

Whether it is cooking stew or curry or soup, New House kitchen slow cooker delivers a great delicacy. It has a capacity of 2.5 quartz, thus suitable for smaller families. Not only can it be used as a slow cooker but also a pressure cooker, steamer, or a rice cooker. With up to 9 programmable presets, then you can cook your food as per your desires. Also, it has a delay timer that allows you to set it 24 hours in advance. You rest assured of a safe kitchen appliance as its exterior remains cool when in use and has a carry handle that has a locking feature. Moreover, it comes with a rice paddle and a measuring cup that you will get started with your cooking.


  • Versatile because it can be used as a steamer, rice cooker and more
  • Easy to operate as you just need to press some few buttons
  • Has a dishwasher safe inner cooking pot thus easy to clean
  • Saves your countertop space since it has a sleek design


  • Broad at the outside but has a limited inner capacity

#4. CASORI 11-IN-1 Programmable Multi-Cooker 6Qt Delay Timer & Auto-IQ Recipes Slow Cooker

Are you looking forward to cooking a small portion of food? COSORI slow cooker is the right choice to consider. This kitchen appliance has up to 11 cooking functions that can be easily accessed with only two dials. It’s up to you to select the one that you desire by rotating the dials. You dont have to worry about arriving home late to prep foods because you can set the delay timer so to do the hard job for you before you can come home. Both the inner pot and the steam rack are easy to clean since they are dishwasher safe. Additionally, it has a temperature setting that ranges from 86°F-400°F, so it’s all up to you to decide on your desirable degrees.


  • Has three temperature settings to keep your food warm for up to 8 hours
  • The smart double handle enables you to move this appliance quickly
  • Stainless steel exterior that complements your kitchen decor
  • Safe for use since all its parts are free from lead and BPA


  • It is only available in a six quartz size

#3. Fissler 6-Qt Stainless Steel 18 One-Touch Programs Multi-pot Pressure Cooker Slow Cooker

Are you looking for a high-quality slow cooker? Well, look no further than Fissler slow cooker for the best results. With 18 cooking functions that are easy to select, you can prepare your favorite delicacy in no time. This cooking unit is of high-quality stainless steel and durable aluminum materials. Its temperatures range from 113°F-194°F to allow you to choose suitable temperatures for faster cooking. Also, it has a delay timer of up to 24 hours for advanced cooking. You are guaranteed your safety as it has a safety pressure release that gets rid of steam by the backside to avoid burns. Cleanup is easy since it is dishwasher safe.


  • Made sturdy to enable you to perform your operations in a stable way
  • Comes in a capacity of 6 quartz thus suitable for smaller families
  • The cool grip handles to prevent you from burning your hands
  • Has a three-layered base for faster distribution of heat


  • Lacks clearly instructed guidelines for assembly

#2. Calphalon Dark Stainless Steel Ceramic Cooking Surface Digital Sear Brown Sauté Slow Cooker

Calphalon has dipped their toes into each aspect of your kitchen with its massive capacity of 5.3 quarts. It has a ceramic cooking surface that heats up quickly and lasts longer. You can use it for cooking paella, curry chicken, tender pork, and many other foodstuffs. Overall, it is from high-grade stainless steel materials that are durable and resistant to rust. Also, it has two heat settings to choose from for the best results.

Moreover, this pot works well with electric cooks, gas cookers, or induction cooktops. You can sear, sauté, slow cook, or brown your food, depending on your needs. Finally, it is an ideal gift for a friend or family member with a small family.


  • The auto warm mode keeps your food warm for a more extended period
  • Has LCD digital display to enable you to control the modes
  • Easy to clean since it has a non-stick ceramic coating
  • Stays in place because the lid has a rubber gasket


  • It retains a bit of smell after it has been cleaned

#1. Chefman Multi-Function Oval 8Qt Extra-Large 18 Programmable Presets Slow Cooker

Chefman slow cooker is a great kitchen appliance to take your culinary skills to a higher level. These eight quartz capacity cooking units hold different foods regardless of their shape and sizes. It has a stainless steel finish to complement your kitchen decor and to last long. The cool-touch handles allow you to serve your food, whereas keeping your hands safe from burning. With up to 18 preset control, you can easily set how you would love your food to cook. Not only can it be used as a slow cooker but also as a steamer or pressure cooker. Besides, it comes with various accessories like a steam rack, steam basket, rice spoon, and many more. All these accessories are dishwasher safe making it easier to clean them.


  • No need of measuring cups since it has to measure marks inside
  • Easy to lock lid that stays in place for an ideal pressure cooking
  • Has an oval shape to accommodate all types of foodstuff
  • Includes a recipe book to guide you on your cooking


  • Weighs 24.2 pounds making it difficult to carry

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Slow Cooker

The Power

Most slow cookers are electrically driven; however, each model operates with different power requirements. Paying closer attention to your needs, you ought to consider the right slow cooker to purchase. Remember, the slow cooker with higher wattage, which means an increase in the energy cost, which will have a significant impact on your general bill.

The Materials

This aspect is not mentioned often, but it’s the paramount factor to consider when purchasing the best slow cooker. The truth is, slow cookers come in contact with your food, and using inferior quality materials will significantly impact your health and general well-being. Luckily, we have presented to you some superb models that are from suitable materials and don’t affect your health negatively.

The Number of Cooking Programs

We’ll have to inform you that slow cookers come with varied cooking presets. If you need hassle-free cooking and save more time on your cooking, opt for a slow cooker with many cooking programs. Most common in the market is low, medium, and robust heat cooking. Even better, it’s wise to consider a model with a timer to enable you to cook food with precision.


As you do with any appliance, maintenance is very crucial to a slow cooker. If you want your tool to serve you for long without any fuss, proper maintenance needs to be done. It’s worth purchasing the model that offer some easier mechanism of cleaning, for instance, removable parts and stainless steel materials. Also, machine washable and dishwasher safe are other aspects that make a slow cooker be cleaned with ease.

The Capacity

This aspect has to do with the number of people that will take food from this pot. It’s essential to keep a note of the number of individuals, to ensure you are buying the model with the right capacity to suit your family. The more people it will serve, the more capacity you’ll have to purchase. Also, our impressive list above contains slow cookers with different sizes.


Whether you want to prepare a roast or an instant rice pudding dessert, a slow cooker is here to handle anything you may throw on its way. It leaves your dishes moist and tender that everybody will love. Besides, the kitchen tool is easier to use and uses time right without the need for checking food progress now and then. We assure you that the list we’ve presented you on slow cookers is explicit and go east or west, nothing beats our well-research selections. You can make your judgment, but the ultimate conclusion you’ll come to realize is that the choices are excellent and meet most consumers’ needs. Cook like a pro and save your precious time by letting slow cooker to do the hardest part for you!

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