Top 10 Best Ski Helmets in Reviews

Whether you are an avid skier or an amateur skier, bracing yourself with a ski helmet is very important. By this, we don’t mean that ski pants, ski socks, balaclavas, or scarfs aren’t essential – all gears contribute towards giving you the best and safe skiing experience. However, before you can think about other equipment, it’s fundamental to invest in the best ski helmet. Being mindful about oneself safety is paramount because accidents occur when you least expect.

Like other ski gears, ski helmets come in different types, and not all models offer the same comfort and protection. Due to that, the chances of acquiring the best ski helmet diminishes. However, we went out of our ways and researched these models. Our research gave rise to the top ten best ski helmets in reviews. These ski helmets are stylish, safe, and functional, be sure to check out.

#10. OutdoorMaster KELVIN with ASTM Safety Certification 9 Options Ski Helmet for Men & Women

OutdoorMater is here to give you what you’ve waited for long to get. Think of it this way, a combination of safety, style, and value, all geared towards making your skiing experience incomparable. We understand that many regular skiers would like to have good-looking and safe ski helmets, and that’s what this apt model offers you. And to make things more sweater for you, you don’t have to spend a fortune to acquire yourself a high-end ski helmet, and this gear is budget-friendly. If you one to conquer your next crispy, snow-filled day in the slopes, then this a stylish unit to consider. All measurements are well-catered for in the package.


  • The removable ear pads & inner fleece liner are easy to wash
  • Well-ventilated to offer you long hours of comfortable skiing
  • ASTM has fully certified it for guaranteed safety
  • Built with a size adjustable dial for a perfect fit


  • It has air vents on top of the helmet that makes it a bit uncomfortable

#9. VELAZZIO Valiant Adjustable Venting Goggles & Audio Compatible Safety-Certified Ski Helmet

If you are looking for a good-looking and professional ski helmet that takes safety very seriously, the VELAZZIO Valiant ski helmet stands a high chance of being your ultimate choice. The combination of premium EPS foam and high-impact ABS shell offers you a more durable guard against daily abrasions, knocks, and falls. Perhaps, it has been fully-certified by ASTMF2040 and CE EN 1077 for safety. Additionally, the dial button at the back customizes your fit while the adjustable climate button delivers all-day comfort no matter the weather conditions. Even better, the earphone space comes with ear pads that enable you to enjoy your favorite music as you shred the mountain. Moreover, it comes with a goggle loop that holds your goggles in place even during a worse fall.


  • It is all-weather conditions helmets since it comes with adjustable climate control
  • You can customize your fit by using the dial button at the back for enough comfort
  • You can enjoy your favorite music because it comes with an earphone space
  • The shell is from high-impact ABS material for long-lasting protection


  • The vent on top doesn’t stay closed

#8. JetBlaze EN1077 & ASTM Safety Certified Snow Snowboard Ski Helmet for Men Women & Youth

Your skiing journey can now go as you had planned because JetBlaze Ski Helmet will offer you the comfort and comfort you need. The ski helmet has an in-mold construction that makes it lighter, more durable, and provides you better performance. Also, it is built with twelve air ventilation holes that enable you to feel comfortable when skiing. The holes in the ear pads will allow you to hear clearly and offer you enough safety when skiing. For extra-comfort, this helmet comes with an adjustable size dial. The product has undergone thorough ASM, and CE certifications, security is guaranteed. It also comes with one-button climate control to offer you comfortable regardless of the climate condition. The removable liner and ear pads make it easy to wash.


  • The two reinforced layers you can be assured of superior protection
  • Guaranteed safety will full certification by ASTM & CE bodies
  • The removable liner and ear pads are easy to wash
  • The size adjustable dial offers a perfect fit


  • The adjustment knob sometimes becomes difficult to turn

#7. TurboSke Lightweight Audio Compatible ASTM Certified Snowboard Ski Helmet for Men & Women

Whether you’re in a snow center or on the slopes, the TurboSke ski helmet will offer you the best skiing experience. This model by TurboSke comes as an all-purpose ski helmet, with remarkable features that boost sleek and cool design; works anywhere. Its lightweight and rugged construction make it stand up to daily use. Besides, the earpads and the inner lining are removable for a hassle-free washing. Further to that, it comes with proper ventilation that offers sufficient airflow to enable you to stay cool while the goggle ventilation system prevents the goggle from fogging up. Additionally, the ear pads and liners are completed with fleece, which enables you to stay comfortable and cozy. In summary, this is a smart ski helmet for someone who treasures comfort, durability, protection, and style.


  • The ski helmet meets ASTM F-2040 standards for protective headgear
  • The unit has a removable lining that makes it washable
  • Fit snugly into your head with the dial fit system
  • It is super-light and offers incomparable safety


  • The vents on this helmet are fixed open with no option to close

#6. MOON 100% UV400 with Detachable Goggles Lens Active Ventilation System Snow Ski Helmet

When it comes to genuine ski helmets, the MOON ski helmet doesn’t miss to appear at the top of the list. It is well-ventilated for long hours of comfortable skiing. The unit is also an in-mold design with EPS foam that absorbs impact to protect your head and also lightweight for comfortable skiing. In addition to that, it passes US ASTM and EU EN1077 standard regulations. Moreover, it comes with a detachable adjustable orange lens that offers 100% UV protection. The lens is anti-fog from the inside and scratch-resistant from the outside. With this model, you can always have a wide field of view.


  • Has an adjustable dial and straps that fit snugly into your head
  • Comes with an exquisite that offers you maximum comfort
  • The detachable hook and loop lining are washable
  • The lightweight and reliable protection offer


  • The straps tend to be loose after some few days

#5. Ledivo Adjustable Venting Goggles & Audio Compatible Removable Liner Safety Certified Ski Helmet

Your helmet does not necessarily need to feel like encumbrance, which is why the Ledivo ski helmet offers you the comfort that you desire. Not only can it be used for skiing but also snowboarding, ice climbing, cycling, motorcycling, and many more. It has a combination of EPS foam and high impact shell to keep your head comfortable. Depending on the weather conditions prevailing, you can adjust the vent to control the amount of heat to let out. Goggle loop keeps the goggles in place with no space between the helmet and goggles. You can ensure that the helmet fits your head perfectly by turning the dial. Moreover, you can wear this helmet without rubbing your chin since it has a soft chin pad.


  • Made lightweight such that you won’t feel its weight when skiing
  • Capable of protecting your heads because it absorbs any shocks
  • Has ear pads to allow you enjoy your favorite music as you ski
  • Easy to clean since both the liner and ear pads are removable


  • The earpads are situated back too far on the helmet

#4. Megaloceros 2 Different Sizes Liners ASTM Certified Shockproof Lightweight Snowboard & Ski Hemet

There is no more impressive ski helmet as compared to the Megaloceros ski helmet. First, it has a high-quality EPS foam and durable shell that lasts long. The vents are 20 in number, 10 of them are independent, and the rest are adjustable vents for use during different weather conditions. Besides, it comes with two sets of interior pads for replacement purposes. You will always feel comfortable when in this helmet since it has plush interior pads, plush ear pads, and an additional thinner pad. The fact that is of one-piece structure with a hollow design in the middle makes it both sizes weigh less than 500 grams. Using the rear dial adjustable system, you can adjust it to fit you perfectly.


  • Equipped with an elastic drawstring to prevent any damages
  • The pads are thickened differently to meet different needs
  • Has a detachable ear lining for easy maintenance
  • Durable as it is from high-grade materials


  • The Velcro pads at the inside are a little bit cheap

#3. Odoland Shockproof Windproof Protective Snow Ski Helmet & Goggles Set for Kids & Adults Sports

Thanks to its build quality and design, Odoland ski helmet is what’s best for sports enthusiasts. This ski helmet is from premium materials that are safe for use. Adults can use it, youths, or kids of any gender when skiing, snowboarding, and skating, or any other snow sports. The dial can be adjusted for a comfortable fit even you are on the go. With the removable pads, you have an additional thickness on your helmet for extra comfort. When skiing, neither the helmet nor goggles move around to avoid any injuries or hurts. The helmet is built with 12 vents, whereas the glasses have flow-tech venting design for proper ventilation when out there skiing. They are available in 12 different colors to enable you to choose the color that best suits you.


  • Made shockproof to protect you when accidents occur
  • Has a quick release system to put it on or off easily
  • The goggles have adjustable bands for a perfect fit
  • Can be used during various winter outdoor sports


  • The buckles are not tight; thus it keeps on slipping off

#2. Smith Optics Lightweight In-Mold Audio Compatible Snap-fit SL Ear Pads MIPS Ski Helmet for Men

Do you want to stay level headed on the mountain? Keep your head in the game with the Smith Optics ski helmet. This skiing helmet weighs about 1.9 pounds, making it easy for you to carry it around without feeling its weight at all. With thorough welding, this helmet absorbs any impact acted on the shell, thus reducing injury levels on your head. More so, with the 12 vents, you are assured of proper ventilation while skiing. Also, it has been equipped with snap-fit SL ears to keep your ears safe and comfortable for an extended period. The earflaps reveal the space for a speaker to insert.


  • Removable earflaps making it easy for a cleanup or replacement
  • Available in 7 colors to allow you to choose your best color
  • Has a compact design thus it can fit into your backpack
  • Works well with any outdoor tech audio systems


  • The goggle clip at the back of the back is a little bit flimsy

#1. OAKLEY Hybrid-Shell 10'' High 11'' Wide 9940-02J-A Closure Mod 5 Adult Snowboarding Ski Helmet

Looking for the best fit can be a pain in you-know-what form many helmets in the market. Thankfully, Oakley ski helmet takes the custom fit to the next level. It has a height of 10 inches and a width of 11 inches, signifying that it’s large enough for different head shapes. The shell is from high-grade materials that are durable and absorbs any impact. You can quickly put it on and off because it has a quick-to-release buckle on the chin strap. Besides, it is safe for use since it has been certified by ASTM F2040 and CE EN1077. With the helmet on, you can hear any sounds just as much as you could do when you are not in them.


  • Comes with a vented carry bag for easy transport purposes
  • The boa adjustment system allows you to fit the helmet
  • Have adjustable vents to maintain a proper ventilation
  • The ear pads have enough space for earphones


  • Without a correct size, it sits high on the head

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Ski Helmets

Given that you keep a few things in mind, shopping for a ski helmet shouldn’t challenge you. Of course, the obvious thing to consider is safety, since it’s the job of the helmet to offer you protection in case of an accident. In a broader perspective, check out for the main features you should consider for a more fabulous skiing experience.


The safety of your head lies on the ski helmet you choose. It’s therefore advisable to ensure the type you want should meet all the safety requirements. Accidents occur untimely, and with good helmets, you can always avoid those deadly injuries. And the way to know a safe and unsafe ski helmet is by checking whether or not it complies with the safety standards governing the manufacture of the helmets and other safety equipment. The most common standards include; ASTM, F2040, and CEN EN1077.


The second consideration to pay attention to is the construction of a given ski helmet. This aspect determines how its performance and the comfort it offers you when on your head. The most common options you might want to consider in this juncture are a hard shell and an injection-molded helmet. Even further, some models leverage both constructions to offer the best of the best helmet. In-mold models are lightweight with a proper ventilation system for excellent breathability. On the other hand, the shell helmet is thinner with an ergonomic shape. However, if you opt for these options, you must be ready to spend a little more.

Size & Fit

Appropriate sizing for a new ski helmet is a vital step when shopping for one. Here, it’s not just about comfort, but from a broader perspective, we insist on helmet efficiency. If you want the helmet that best works for you, don’t go for an oversized or tool small option. It’s worth noting that these units come in various sizes, based on head circumference. These measurements are in centimeters; therefore, you can always take the measurements of your head and check to see if it is the right choice for you.


The market offer myriads types of ski helmets. But a half shell helmet is, of course, the renowned type and popular choice for most skiers. This helmet type usually covers the whole head, although it leaves your ears, which are covered by removable soft ear pads. These helmet model are known to be comfortable and works effortlessly even in warmer weather conditions when you remove the pads. Other types you might get interested in are full shell and a full-face helmet.

There is much consideration you might want take into account, including ventilation system, shell, shock-absorbing liner, padding, weight, chin straps, ear covers, skin goggle compatibility, camera mounts, and MIPS.


The best skiing helmet is for sure the essential gear you’ll purchase. In case something unfortunate occurs, this equipment ensures your head is fully protected. That’s why you should not leave anything to chance when making a selection. As we mentioned earlier, a good ski helmet should have a well-constructed outlook and meets all the safety standards set. Besides, it should have the right size and more comfortable to wear, lest you’ll have to take it off.

In summary, all the Ski Helmets we reviewed are well ranked, and most of them are highly styled and affordable. And if you follow every step of this article, rest assured that you’ll find the one that suits you perfectly. Great skiing experience ahead!

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