The 10 Best Shred Paper In Reviews

Offices produce many waste papers, and some document may contain sensitive information. To ensure proper and safe disposal, you can opt for a shred paper. Shredding document into small pieces ensures that there is no hint of individual data or company information being read hence keeping the fraudsters away. It is an excellent way to reduce thefts of personal or business information.

To help you in selecting the best Shred Paper for your office, in this article, we are going to review the top 10 best Shred Paper reviews. Go through each of the products listed below and pick one that suits your needs.

10. Nakabayashi Co, Paper and Card Ltd Three Ways Manual Shredder (Black)

Nakabayashi Co paper shredder offers maximum power to shred papers in seconds. Besides shredding the papers, you can also use it to shred cards, CD/DVD, and paper clips. Ideally, this unit has a 0.87-gallon bin that has a see-through window that will allow you to see when the bin is full. In addition to that, the Manual Shredder does not produce a lot of noise, making it ideal for office and workplaces. Moreover, it has a compact size and will fit perfectly in a small spot or on a shelf.

This unit can shred paper into small size of 0.12 inches * 0.78 inches unreadable particles, also the unit is integrated with lifting handle that will ensure easy emptying.


  • Small in size to fit easily one a small sport or a shelf
  • Does not make a lot of noise hence when working hence environmental friendly
  • Features an Integrated lifting handle for easy carrying and emptying
  • It is a way manual shredder that destroys CD/DVD, credit cards and A4 paper


  • Is slow in its working

9. Fellowes P-30C Powershred Cross-Cut Shredder

If you have an office environment that handles a lot of sensitive or extremely personal information, then the Fellowes P-30C is definitely worth looking into. It usually shreds six sheets per pass into 5/32 inches x1 11/32 inches cross-cut particles. In addition to that, it offers up to three minutes non-stop shredding before 40 minutes cool down. The Cross-Cut Shredder will shred plastic credit cards, staples, and papers while delivering powerful shredding performance all the time.

The Shredder comes with four-Gallon bin that has an easy lift-off head. The bin has an integrated handle that allows hassle-free waste disposal. All in all, the Shredder cuts approximately 400 particles per sheet.


  • It shreds six sheets per pass into 1 11/32 inches x 5/32 inches
  • 4-gallon bin with integrated handle and integrated handle for hassle-free waste disposal
  • Have up to three minutes non-stop shredding
  • Comes with a patented safety lock that will disable the Shredder to ensure added protection


  • Does not provide enough security

8. EZBASICS Cross-Cut Paper 5-Sheet Credit Card Shredder, White

EZBASICS is an excellent brand for shredders that is perfect for shredding confidential documents, Clips and Staples and Credit Cards. It has a compact and stylish design; thus, it will fit anywhere in your office or room while amplifying your rooms décor. Furthermore, this Credit Card Shredder has an ultra-low noise design with 58 dB Noise Level making. With that, it is going to maintain your quiet office or indoor environment.

The unit can destroy 5 sheets capacity paper and will shred them to 3/19 inches x 1-3/16 inches. You can use it to shred sensitive information from pay stubs, bank statements, bills, old tax records, credit-card bills, ATM receipts to unwanted papers. The device runs continuously for five minutes and requires 30-minute cool-down.


  • The Shredder is compact and stylish and will fit anywhere to amplifies your décor
  • It has 5 sheets capacity cross-cut Shredder
  • It has an ultra-low noise design with 58 db. noise level
  • Perfect for shredding staples, clips. Credit cards and confidential documents


  • Bin capacity is not enough

7. AmazonBasics Cross-Cut Paper 12-Sheet Credit Card Shredder

The AmazonBasics Cross-Cut Credit Card and paper shredder should be in your office or home. The Machine offers excellent performance, and it is highly reliable. In addition to that, the Shredder will cross-cut paper 12-sheet capacity papers and reduce them into small unreadable papers measuring 7/32 inches by 1-9/16 inches. And yes, the Shredder comes with large 4.8-gallon bin with lift handle making it easy to easy the Shredder.

Ideally, this credit card shredder measures 14.1inches by 10.1 inches by 16.3 inches, making it compact in size. Besides that, it has an auto start and anti-jam auto-reverse feature to minimize the paper jam. Lastly, the Machine is backed with a one-year limited warranty.


  • Has 4.8-gallon bin with a lift handle for the easy lift up and waste disposal
  • 7-min continuous run time with half an hour cooldown
  • Destroy papers into measuring 7/32 inches by 1-9/16 inches small papers
  • It can Cross-cut paper with 12-sheet capacity and destroy credit cards


  • Is slow

6. Sentinel FM84B 8-Sheet Microcut EZ Lift Paper Shredder

Sentinel FM84B offers high-performance Shredder where it shreds a bunch of eight sheets at once. This compact and lightweight Shredder is perfect for offices with small spaces and mobility. What’s more, it comes with a convenient EZ Lift handle that makes the shredder portable. You can quickly empty the waste bin whenever it is full. Another thing, it will reduce the paper size into 1500 unreadable particles.

The unit has an Overheat LED indicator to ensure safety. To avoid jamming of the Machine, the unit has a manual reverse. Lastly, the Shredder has been UL tested for safety and came with a one-year limited warranty.


  • Letter-size sheet is reduced into over 1500 unreadable particles.
  • Compact and lightweight Shredder that fit into small tight spaces
  • Comes with a convenient lift handle that makes it easy to empty and portable
  • It is UL tested for safety and comes with one year warranty


  • Is not as fast as other shredders

5. Excello Global Products 2 Minute Run Time Cross-Cut Shredder

The Excello Global Products an incredible cross-cut shredder that is perfect for any office or home. It cuts across 10 – 10 Sheet Per Minute and has a continuous Time of two Minutes. In addition to that, the Machine has an auto-start feature, and you just need to insert paper, Credit Cards or CDs shredding them automatically. Another thing the cut shredder has 2.5 Gallon Waste Bucket with handle making it easy to dispose of the gathered waste.

The Machine does not produce a lot of noise and has a Noise Level 72 dB. Moreover, it is built using high quality and heavy-duty materials, making it durable and long-lasting.


  • CrossCut ten Sheet Per Minute and Shreds 5.3 feet per minute
  • Features a Handle on Top that ensures easy emptying
  • Stylish and will complement with any office or home décor
  • Produces low noise of up 72 dB making it environmentally friendly


  • Is not speedy

4. Boxis AF80 AutoShred Micro-Cut 80-Sheet Paper Shredder

This is a compact size and stylish designed Paper Shredder ideal for personal use. It will give you the option to shred secure documents instantly and instantly. Besides that, it reduces a letter-size sheet paper into 1500 unreadable particles that are easily disposable. The Shredder has a compact size and has a large bin capacity; hence, you does not need to empty the Shredder more often. Another thing, the Paper Shredder has Casters that ensure mobility and features locking system for stability.

The Paper Shredder allows you to drop up to 80 sheets in the tray and are reduced into unreadable micro-cut particles. It also runs for 10 minutes continuously and leaves it to cool down.


  • Reduces a letter-size sheet and credit cards into small particles that are unreadable
  • Runs for 10 minutes continuously and requires a short time to cool down
  • Comes with a Casters for easy mobility with locking to ensure stability
  • The Shredder has a lightweight and compact design to fit at any place


  • The bin size is small

3. Aurora AU1210MA 12-Sheet Micro-Cut Run Time Shredder

Are you looking for real heavy-duty paper shredder? Here is Aurora AU1210MA Shredder for documents, credit cards, and CD. It will cut them into small pieces measuring 5/32 inches by 15/32 inches, security level P-4. Moreover, the Shredder comes with a 5.0-Gallon pullout bin that features LED indicator lights to show door open status, overload, bin-full, and overheat. Also, to prevent jamming of the papers, the unit has an auto jam features to clear the paper jam.

At any rate, the Shredder ensures the ultra-quiet operation and will not produce a disturbing sound to other office members. Lastly, the Machine boasts 60 minutes continuous run time.


  • Will shred credit cards, DVDs, CDs and papers into small pieces
  • Comes with 5.0-gallon pullout basket meaning emptying is less often
  • Has an Ultra-quiet operation making it environmentally friendly
  • Has Auto-reverse advanced features to clear the paper jam


  • Is not suitable for home use

2. KODAK Cross-Cut 18 Sheet Paper Shredder

With this 18 Sheet shredder, you will be able to destroy a lot of paper in just a few minutes. KODAK Cross-Cut Paper Shredder is also an energy-saving system that will provide optimal energy efficiency. In addition to that, it will shred A-4 papers into 5/32 inches x 1-1/2 inches that are easily disposable. The Shredder is not only perfect to shred papers but also staples, credit cards, CDs/DVDs, paper-clipped documents, and junkmail.

This product will shred papers up to 20 minutes before the cool-down period. It comes with a six-gallon pullout bin that features handles making it easy for waste disposal. The product measures 21.31 inches H x 15.38 inches W x 10.44 inches D and comes with a 2-year product warranty.


  • 100percent jam-proof system to ensure faultless paper shredding
  • Shreds credit cards, CDS/DVDs, and paper clipped documents
  • Includes 6-gallon pullout bin for easy emptying
  • Ultra-quiet shredder performance making it ideal for office and workplace


  • Bin could be larger

1.Kobra Hybrid-S Cross-Cut 12-14 Sheet Capacity Paper Shredder

Kobra Hybrid-S Paper shredder offers high performance when it comes to shredding and have a 12 sheet capacity. One of the best thing about this Paper Shredder is that it provides 24-hour continuous shredding without overheating; hence, it doesn’t require to cool down period. It is a Cross-cut paper shredder with carbon hardened steel cutting knives that is powerful enough to shred staples and paper clips, credit cards, and more.

The product is covered by a one year warranty against any defects in workmanship. Also, the cutting blades are coved by a five years warranty against any defects. After the shredding is completed, the Machine will automatically shut-off.


  • Allows 24-hour continuous shredding hence there is no cool-down period needed
  • Comes with Sturdy cutting knives that will cut through paper clips, staples and credit cards
  • One year warranty against any defects in workmanship and materials
  • Auto shut-off when shredding is completed


  • A bit pricy

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Shred Paper

Type of shredding

The kind of shredding in a machine is essential depending on the type of document you want to cut. Mainly, we have micro, cross, and strip cut. Each of these shredders is made to fit different environments. Nowadays, the most common type of Machine is a cross-cut shredder.

Shredding speed

The shredding speed is critical. However, this depends on where you work. If you are working in a busy office, you need to go for a fast machine. Heavy-duty shredders can shred up to 100 sheets, and personal Shredder can range from anywhere from 10 sheets.


You need to look for a machine that will meet your shredding needs from documents, staples to cards, paper clips, DVDs/CDs, and more. You need to select a machine that can shred any type of materials at the same time.

Durability, security, and space

You also need to purchase Machine that will serve you for a long time without breaking. Also, ensure that it takes small space in your home or office for efficiency, and it uses advanced security.


These are the top 10 best Shred Paper for your business job or office. Each of the Shred Paper listed above is efficient, affordable, durable, and easy to use. In addition to that, they will provide an efficient way to destroy documents securing them from third parties. Get the best model from the list that will suit your needs in term of functionality, price, and load capacity.

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