Top 10 Best Remote Control Cars for Kids in Reviews

For many decades, remote control cars have become the best gifts one can give to a kid, whether it’s for their birthday or Christmas. For most kids, the idea of being in a position to control a toy car using a remote control is nothing than wizardry, which is the reason the kids draw huge enjoyment from it. These toys not only entertain your kids, but they also help to improve cognitive development in the long run. So, with that in mind, what are the best remote control cars for kids? Well, that’s the reason why we’re presenting to you this post.

It’s not an easy task to choose the best remote control cars because there’re tons of options available to choose from; however, we’ve made the selection for you. Upon completing research on these models, we narrowed down and found the top 10 best remote control cars for kids in reviews. Let’s find out what each model has to offer.

#10. Sharper Image 2-in-1 Reverse Design Remote Control RC Flip Stunt Car Toy for Kids (Red/White)

Are you searching for an extra-ordinary and electrifying remote-controlled car? Want to gift your young one an exceptional and sensational RC car? Here is the solution, Sharper Image rally RC car. This phenomenal vehicle impresses everyone with its breathtaking flipping action, spins and stunts. And with an innovative design, this RC racer will offer your endless kid hours of enjoyment! Besides, the bright LED headlights provide the car with the capability to see even in a darker environment. What’s more, you and your kids can simply perform mind-blowing stunts and move through obstacles akin to a real rally car.


  • Has LED light that makes racing in the dark thrilling
  • You can effortlessly perform gravity-defying stunts
  • Comes with an eye-catching design
  • Best gift for your child


  • Kids tend to outgrow it easily

#9. Blexy 2.4GHz High-Speed Rock Off-Road Electric Fast Race Buggy Remote Control Car for Kids (Red)

The next model on our list is Blexy RC car. It has a professional and accurate chassis design that makes this car extra-textured. What’s unique about this model is the tough irregular tires that offer a strong surface grip; hence it’s capable of operating in the different road surface. On the other hand, it has an adjustable direction spinner on the base, which help the car when negotiating a corner either right or left. Besides, with a 2.4 GHz RC car enables many cars to work simultaneously with facing frequency issues. Whether on mud, land, sandy beach, grasslands, wetlands, rocky or mountainous areas, this car can breakthrough very quickly and fearlessly!


  • The battery can withstand up to 20 minutes of playtime
  • It’s waterproof and can go through puddles easily
  • Made from high-quality material for durability
  • Can offer you up to 25km/h


  • Could be better if the batteries recharged faster

#8. DICKIE TOYS Speed 1.8 MPH Full Driving Functions 3 Channel Radio Control Happy Truck Vehicle

Do you want to have an exceptional experience with a remote control car? DICKIE TOYS is an easy to operate and fast car that can be used ridden by both adult and young ones. This unit is capable of turning the playroom into a race truck while the child into a pro driver. Even better, it doesn’t only feature a sound and flashing light on the remote control, but also a push button that can spin circularly in any direction. And all this is possible because of the easy to operate the remote control. If you want to train young drivers, then this is the best device to go for.


  • Has an easy to operate the remote control
  • It suitable for both beginners and professionals
  • The controls are easy to learn and master
  • Uses a rechargeable battery that’s durable


  • Not suitable for kids under three years

#7. Top Race Functional 15 Channel Remote Control 2.4Ghz Transmitter & Metal Shovel Toy

Your boy will never get enough of this thrilling heavy-duty Excavator toy model-TR-211. It’s detailed and a realistic replica of an actual excavator. Besides, it’s built with a 1:14 scale and with a powerful motor for high-performance. The size of this model is 16-inch long, 9-inch tall and 7-inch full. Even being an excavator, it has an easy to operate. Additional, it has 100 feet control distance with a powerful 2.4 GHz transmitter. Every piece of this toy is from high-quality material for long-lasting use. What’s more, it uses 400Mah rechargeable battery for the truck with a USB charging cable.


  • Offers more fun to play with on your construction site
  • Has a 100 feet control distance for convenience
  • Built with a detailed and realistic design
  • It’s durable as a real excavator


  • Could be better with a bucket for digging

#6. SYMA S109G 3.5 Channel Easy to Fly Stable RC Helicopter w/Gyro for Beginners –Brushed Motor

Are you looking for an awesome little helicopter? Look no further than SYMA S109G RC Helicopter. This unit flies and hovers in a very stable way better than many quadcopters having the same size. Besides, it doesn’t move backwards or forward as fast as quadcopters, however, the helicopter s IMO, easier and more fun to fly. The design is excellent, not to mention it phenomenal built. Even in case you crush this helicopter, it will not have scratches on them. In about 30 minutes, the batteries running this toy are fully charged to offer your kids endless fun. It’s ideal to be flown indoors.


  • Cheap compared to other quadcopters of the same size
  • Comes with a lithium-polymer battery that’s long-lasting
  • The helicopter is suitable for beginners
  • It’s stable and easy to fly


  • It doesn’t come with a wall adapter

#5. NQD All-Terrain 4WD Off-Road Remote Control 1:12 Scale High-Speed Climbing Car

Here is the best present for your kid –NQD off-road RC car. It comes with a cool appearance, and it’s very flexible to operate. And because it’s from safe plastic material, parents will feel relieved while kids take their time to enjoy playing with this best car. It has a scale of 1:12 that makes this RC car more realistic and original. Aside from that, it’s a four-wheel-drive hence making it more powerful than a two-wheel drive. As if that’s not enough, it has a 1200mAh battery that offers powerful performance. It boasts advanced materials that make it more resistant to a collision.


  • Has shock absorbers that make the car more stable
  • Built with a reliable battery that offers powerful performance
  • Comes with a long-lasting chassis
  • It’s a 4WD that can go through any terrain


  • The controller feels cheap

#4. HIBRO RC Car 1:12 Scale 6WD Off-Road RC Military Truck 2.4 GHz High Speed LED Light RTR

HIBRO RC Military Truck is one of the unique designed truck that simulates a real military truck structure. It’s flexible and capable of moving even in harsh terrain. The tires are from real rubber that offers sufficient grip while you ride along. Besides, it comes with a front LED light that provides enough light to ride the truck even at night or in dark environments. Aside from that, it has a flexible steering system that allows the track to make actual turns. Even better, it has a 2.4 GHz remote control tech offer interference-free operation with an operating distance of up to 55m. Again, it has a 1.5mm thick C-shaped steel body structure that offers everlasting performance.


  • Built with LED lamps to operate the truck even at night
  • The remote control can work up to a distance of 55m
  • Can adapt to all-terrain with a stable movement
  • Has a durable body structure to last


  • The battery drains off faster

#3. Best Choice 12V Kids Ride-On Truck Car Spring Suspension w/Parent Remote Control (Black)

If you have a kid age between 3 – 5 years, this small yet powerful ride-on by Best Choice is a perfect kit for young racers who want to drive RC cars like grown-ups. It features adjustable seatbelt, lockable doors, grid windshield and bright LED headlights for off-road rides plus a 12V motor that ensure performance is kept higher. You can now leave your child to ride manually or even use the remote control to guide them by yourself securely – the remote control is built with both reverse and forward controls. The plastic wheels that it comes with are durable and will never deflate whatsoever! Additionally, it comes with a built-in AUX output that enables kids to plug in media devices to ride while dancing to their selection of music.


  • Can be controlled manually or via a remote-controlled
  • Has a powerful 12V for powerful performance
  • It’s safe and durable to ride in all-terrain
  • It’s ideal for kids age 3 -5 years


  • The battery can only work for 6 minutes

#2. Uenjoy 12V Mercedes-Benz G63 Motorized vehicles for Girls & Boys w/ Remote Control (White)

The runners up in our selection is Uenjoy Mercedes-Benz RC car. The unique thing about this toy is the changeable appearance that fascinates the kids and in the long run, offer them an exciting driving experience. With double mode operation, it makes handling quite easier even when training your child to drive. It features working radio, Bluetooth, built-in music, USB port, and AUX cable to play own music. For safety needs, the wheels have a spring suspension system. If you need the best gift to give your child for both indoor and outdoor playing, you won’t go wrong by getting this for him or her.


  • Changeable appearance offer the different driving experience to kids
  • Double lockable door design provides a comfortable ride
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor playing
  • It’s effortless and easy to operate the car


  • The instructions are not detailed

#1. Fitnessclub 3-Speed 12V Powered Kids Ride-On w/2.4 GHZ Bluetooth Remote Control (White)

Kids can now take their riding experience to the next level with Fitnessclub RC car that offers nothing than high performance. With wheels equipped with spring suspension mechanism that enables your kid to have a smooth ride. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor playing. Besides, it features two forward speed and two reverse speeds that enable your kid to have full control of the car. You can connect your music device with a USB to play your favorite music while on the ride. The two-mode design of operation makes handling effortless. Aside from that, the double door design ensures your kids safety. This car is the best gift you can buy for your kids for charismas or as a birthday gift.


  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor playing
  • Double door design ensure your kids safety
  • Offers your kid a smooth ride in all terrains
  • Perfect gift for kids age 3+


  • The chassis isn’t durable

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Remote Control Car for Kids

Types of Vehicle

Of course, the market is currently flooded with many types of remote control cars to choose from. Most of these toys vehicles fall into buggies, trucks and cars categories. It’s ideal to choose the type that will work for your kid and meet all the necessary needs you’ll like to perform. For instance, cars wouldn’t manage an off-road environment, but a truck can. Buggies, on the other hand, can work on both on-road and off-road racing.

Price Range

The second aspect to consider is the price. At least, start by acquiring a basic model for your kid to get to learn his or her taste and preference. If your kid is a beginner, you can go for a cheaper but high-quality RC car. In such a situation, you should have a budget laydown before making a purchase. Purchasing a lower-priced RC car might tend to compromise the quality of the toy, yet again, going for a too priced model that necessarily promise quality.

Power Source

Remote control cars are mainly powered with electricity. In essence, it uses a rechargeable battery to power the motor of the vehicle and is very easy to start. Once the battery is fully charged, you need to put in the car, and there you go. Electric powered cars are much cheaper than nitro models; however, they’re slower and not powerful enough.

Remote Control

This is a utility that connects the kid and the car wirelessly. Such remote control uses radio transmitters to communicate with the car. Most of these controls have a simple design for kids to learn them quickly. The models we’ve reviewed uses 2.4 GHz pistol grip for effective performance.


You should consider the age of your child before sealing a deal with any of the RC cars. For instance, a three-year-old can’t handle an RC car meant for a five-year-old. As a fact, they may not even get the interest to use the car. Luckily, the age is always indicated on the package to aid you to make an appropriate buying decision.


There’re only limited gifts that can thrill your child when they get it. An RC car is the number one choice any kid can dream of getting. These advanced toys are feature-rich and more powerful to entertain kids to the fullest. Before you can make any purchase, consider the ease of use, durability and comfort. In essence, the most reliable and durable remote control car will enable your kid to use it for long. With this post, you’ll never have to guess-work the best gift for your kids. Welcome back for more!

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