The 10 Best Queen Size Mattress in Reviews

When shopping for a new queen size bed, it’s also good to learn about the best queen size mattresses that’s goes handy with the bed. This will enable you to choose the excellent option that suits your needs. Besides, it is a wise idea to know the one that fares well with you to avoid parting with your cash with an unsatisfying item. New queen size mattresses are being manufactured and the market is full of many models.

If by bad luck, you have no idea about the materials, terminologies and selling points of this queen size mattresses, buying them can seem a bit confusing. And you don’t want to pay your hard-earned money but something you aren’t sure about. However, we’ve done the daunting task for you. Upon researching these best units, we were able to put up a list of the top ten best Queen Size Mattress for reviews. Why don’t you go through this review to also get your best suit?

#10. Vesgantti 10.1'' Innerspring Multilayer Ergonomic Design Breathable Foam Queen Size Mattress

Are you suffering from back and neck pain and you’re looking for a queen size mattress to end this agony? Look no further than Vesgantti queen size mattress. The multi-layer foam and pocket support system and offer a comfortable feel. And, this is the mattress to correct your sleeping posture. Also, the multi-layer foam is breathable and comfortable for good air-circulation to remove excessive heat on it. Because of the multi-layer and pocket spring design, this mattress absorbs vibration and noise, you wouldn’t disturb your companion during tossing or turning. It comes in a sealed box that is portable and restores to its initial size within ten seconds.


  • It is quite, therefore, you wouldn’t disturb your partner as you toss or turn
  • Breathable to keep your body dry and comfortable when sleeping
  • The greatest relief for individuals with back and neck pain
  • Comes as a vacuum rolled packed for easy carrying


  • The corners collapse when sat on

#9. Avenco 10'' Innerspring Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Queen for Supportive & Pressure Relief

Avenco queen mattress is here to offer you heavenly comfort. This innerspring hybrid mattress will give you a sound sleep by offering you good pressure relief, support, and a constant sleeping temperature. The premium medium-firm mattress has five independent pocketed innerspring for great comfort and support. Also, this mattress is ideal for any sleeping position. Avenco comes without any harmful substances and it is fire-proof. This mattress is a high-end unit that you should give a try. Purchasing this mattress is a great win for you if you wish to maintain a healthy and comfortable sleep every night. Have this as a gift idea for those you love.


  • Any individual with any sleeping position can use this mattress
  • It is eco-friendly with no harmful substances and fireproof
  • Fully certified with CertiPUR-US foam for the latest sleep
  • Motion isolation for a peaceful undisturbed sleep
  • Offer better support and pressure relief


  • You wouldn’t feel to get out of bed in the morning

#8. Zinus Extra-Firm Support 10''Highest-Quality Foam Individually Wrapped Coils Queen Size Mattress

For a great sleep and comfort, you need to unwind Zinus queen size mattresses and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Built with iCoil pocketed springs to offer you firm and durable support from hundreds of coils to lower motion transfer, thus you wouldn’t need to disturb your partner as you sleep. Also, the spinal alignment is left in place. The compression technology makes this unit transported effectively. The top layer is one and a half inches for great comfort and the foam high-density layer is one inch for even greater support. Besides, it offers extra-firm support throughout the night. Fully certified with CertiPUR-US for performance, durability, and content.


  • It is cost-friendly and affordable yet standing as a high-quality mattress
  • The individually wrapped coils lower motion transfer for a peaceful sleep
  • Extra-firm support enables you to stay in place throughout the night
  • Comes with an extended ten years warrant


  • It very saggy in the middle

#7. Live and Sleep Classic 12'' Medium Firm Advanced Support Luxury Foam Pillow Queen Size Mattress

This Live and Sleep Classic queen size mattress is designed to offer support and comfort. From a contouring 3-inch top layer with cooling memory foam that matches to your shape and also a faster recovery factor. Secondly, the 2-inch breathable airflow convoluted foam becomes the second layer that works closely with the top layer to offer comfort and support. And also becomes the ultimate choice for the best sleeping experience. The three layers work in hand to offer you the relaxation you desire and the sleeping experience you need.


  • Offers sufficient support and firmness with no morning pains
  • Fully certified for free-chemical materials from CertiPUR-US
  • Soft fabric cover will ensure you stay comfortable and cool
  • Offers you long-lasting comfort and relaxation
  • Perfect contour brings luxury hotel touch


  • The mattress tend to start sagging on both sides

#6. Molblly 14'' Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Certified Queen Size Mattress for Support & Comfort

Do you want to purchase a queen mattress that you wouldn’t feel to get out once you are on it? The solutions lie on Molblly queen size mattress. The mattress is gel-infused to help in regulating body temperature and get rid of excessive turning and tossing. By that, it means you wouldn’t disturb your partner while sleeping. Moreover, a premium pressure relief system is made of four layers foam with breathable covers offering you an exceptionally comfortable sleep. The foam has a state-of-the-art design that supports every part of your body evenly, thus, lowering the pressure points and aligning the spine accordingly.


  • The mattress is easy to set up because it comes when sealed in a box
  • Has a hypoallergenic cover that is washable for great convenience
  • The mattress offers good heat dissipation and improves on support
  • Brings comfort and great relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom
  • Made from certified materials that meet all criteria of quality


  • No complaints, a perfect item to have and packaged well

#5. ClassicBrands Mercer 12'' Innerspring Pillow-Top Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress (White)

Classic Brands queen mattress is the latest advanced mattress that leverage on the latest technology to deliver you the greatest sleep. Design with a high-end memory foam to offer you great sleeping experience. Also, edges of the mattress are design with safety in mind, hence, you wouldn’t fall when you sit by the side. Its memory foam is of high-quality thus acting as a pressure reliever and naturally hypoallergenic. Furthermore, the unit meets CertiPUR-US standards for durability, emissions, and performance. This is a great deal to replace your traditional mattress to end the morning challenges like back pain.


  • It is durable because it is made with high-quality memory foam materials
  • Offers you a quite sleeping experience because the mattress is comfy
  • The pillow top has a cushion firm feel that is resistant to allergens
  • The 8-inch wrapped innerspring lowers sensation movement
  • It is the cheapest mattress compared to other alternatives


  • After a while of use, it wouldn’t be firm as you bought it

#4. Warm Harbor 12'' 4 Layers Memory Foam Breathable Supportive Queen Mattress with CertiPUR-US

If you wish to get a restful and a silent sleeping experience at night, then it is a great idea to try Warm Harbor queen mattress. It is made up of four layers that will ensure you have a fantastic sleeping experience. The first layer is made of breathable materials that offer superior airflow for comfortable sleep. On the other hand, the bamboo charcoal memory foam will help you in sleeping nicely. Lastly, the base foam layer will offer the greatest support for anything above it. Moreover, this foam mattress was specifically designed to help you in aligning your spine well and candle your body. Last but not least, this mattress is a great choice for all kinds of sleepers.


  • Great for all kinds of sleeper including back, side and stomach sleepers
  • Offers support, comfort and the right sleeping atmosphere you deserve
  • It is the easiest mattress to set up on your bed and fits with all bases
  • The top layer foam is breathable for a superior airflow
  • Has a cover that is removable for easy cleaning


  • Produces a bit of unpleasant smell in the first days of use

#3. Sweetnight 10'' Infused Gel Memory Certified Queen Size Mattress for Cool Sleep & Back Pain Relief

Are you facing a challenge sleeping at night because of bad support, sweat, sagging, back pain or your partner disturbing movements? Sweetnight queen size mattress is here to end your sorrows. It will enable you to sleep well and feel refreshed after a night of sleep. This mattress offers you unique spinal alignment for the stomach, back, side sleepers, heavy or lightweight. The 10-inch medium foam mattress will ensure you get the maximum support, comfort and reliable sleep. Sagging is an issue of the past, this mattress is firm yet acts pliable on your body. Besides, it is skin-friendly which means that it is safe for use.


  • Has a breathable top layer to ensure their free air-circulation to avoid sweating
  • Offers you great and comfortable sleep throughout the night
  • Easy to setup since its comes with a compacted design
  • The mattress fits all kinds of bed frames


  • It does have little odor when coming out of the package

#2. Inofia 12'' Hybrid Innerspring Double Breathable Soft Knitted Fabric Queen Size Mattress Certified

Are you looking for a mattress that will enable you to wake up in the morning fresh full of energy? The Inofia queen size mattress is your greatest solution. At the top of the mattress is a dual-layered super breathable soft knitted fabric that will aid in absorbing moisture and regulate your body temperature. The foam making up this mattress is free of harmful substances like mercury, lead, flame retardants and other heavy metals. Seven zoned individually encased coils work independently to cradle your entire body. Moreover, it has a non-slip bottom and a solid-quality cotton blanket to enable you to get the support for the whole mattress.


  • Create a perfect symmetry to cradle your entire body in comfort
  • Comes to win a compressed shape that is easy and quick to set up
  • Offer stronger edge support compared to Vesgantti model
  • It is one of the breathable mattresses to sleep on


  • The mattress quickly sags as time goes by

#1. Casper Sleep 11'' 3 Layer Premium Foam for Breathability Bounce & Support Queen Size Mattress

What a great way to re-imagine the sleep from the ground up! Thanks to Casper Sleep queen size mattress that has made it possible. This mattress is an award-winning model and at one time it was crowned one of the Time magazine’s best inventions. The quality unit is sold at an affordable and friendly cost. Being fully certified by CertiPUR-US, this unit offers ideal support, breathability, and coziness. The zip-off cover is well-designed for easy removable. Besides, the charcoal color hides splotches or spills or the unit. This mattress offers great support to the entire body, lowering the chances of getting neck and back pains.


  • Easy to clean the upholstery zip-off the cover and offer enhanced durability
  • The unit is free of harmful and ozone-depleting emissions and chemicals
  • Offer enough support breathable and cozy to while sleeping on
  • It is fully certified with CertiPUR-US standards for performance


  • It seems too darn thin but performs equally well

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Queen Size Mattress

In this section, we’ve provided you with the important consideration that you need to take into account before choosing your next queen size mattress. They include;

Sleeping position

Queen size mattress has different taste in terms of sleeping position. There are those choices that are best for side sleepers, back sleepers and others best for stomach sleepers. It is prudent to consider your sleeping position before buying one of these units. For healthy sleeping, the mattress also should match your needs.

Mattress type

There are various types of queen size mattress that you’ll need to choose from. They may include memory foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid. For our review, we find hybrid and innerspring being the best because it offers you great pain relief and support. Besides, they look at premium models and cost-friendly. You can also compare the other models available if you have an interest in them.

Organic materials

For eco-friendly shopper or someone who suffers from various skin allergies, chances are that you would want to consider an organic mattress. Here, you need to consider a mattress that is 100% plant-based foams or latex as well as flame retardant materials. For assurance, it is required of you to check the certification policy that guides the unit. The list above meets all these requirements.


The last thing to consider is the budget. As you have already seen, a queen size mattress isn’t a cheap unit, so, you need to spend what you’ve already set aside. For that reason, avoid being swayed by too cheap mattresses because you might buy something that is of poor quality. Also, don’t over-spend money on a mattress that would later cause you a lot of stress. Be certified and stay on your budget.


We hope that this review has great help to you. If you haven’t purchased one already, why don’t you try one of these options? You’ll surely like the way it supports your back and relief back pain. And the wide range of prices we have offered you will enable you to get the one that meets your budget needs. Use the consideration above to guide you in getting that ultimate queen size mattress. What else do you expect? Nothing but a peaceful and silent night. Make sure you take it home as a surprise gift to your loved ones at home. Have a great shopping experience!

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