Top 10 Best Portable Space Heaters in Reviews

When winter is nearing you might want to look for an alternative to keep your room warm without straining your budget. The most preferable appliance is a portable space heater. The unit is ideal because it can heat an individual room the way to want. Also, there are no installation requirements for making the device work, unlike other sophisticated heating systems. Besides, they have a compact shape that enables you to store with ease when the warm weather condition returns. The space heaters are even useful for people with poorly insulated houses.

While that is the case, picking the appropriate portable space heater can seem overwhelming, more so, if you are new to these units. The reason being, the many options available on the market. However, coming to this site is a win for you. We have taken the hard task out of your hand by compiling the top 10 best portable space heaters in 2019 reviews. Without a doubt, you will find your choice on the list below. That said, here is our compilation from the 10th to the 1st units.

#10. Slotal 400W/900W Premium Quiet Electric Ceramic Portable Space Heater

If you want a budget portable space heater for your home, then we suggest that you settle with the Slotal space heater. The simple heater is operated with electricity. The unit is suitable for a medium-sized room. Also, the device is built with two output methods; 900W for maximum heating of your room and 400W for energy saving. Take the heater today to places such as offices, homes, bedrooms, etc. Besides, safety is at the bar with its effectiveness. The automatic overheat protection protects the heater against overheating. Additionally, the tip-over switch will automatically shut off the system when tipped backward or forward. You will surely love this device.


  • The advanced ceramic heating elements offer you faster and more efficient heating
  • The heater is safer compared to other models of space heaters
  • Built with two optional output methods that are energy saving
  • Easy to operate with almost zero assembling requirements’


  • Only suitable for people with medium-sized and below rooms

#9. Brightown750W/1500W Ceramic Adjustable Thermostat Portable Space Heater

Do you wish to maintain a noise-free environment while your space heater operates in your house? The best choice to go for is Brightown portable space heater. The unit is powered with three heating settings. Also, the safe ceramic heating elements are environmentally-friendly and offer comfortable and convenient warming to your room. Moreover, the heater was specifically designed for the bedroom, dorm, offices, kid’s rooms, and many more medium-sized living spaces. The energy-efficient unit enables you to heat your room while minimizing the energy consumption rate. Using the thermostat controller you can adjust the heat being dissipated to your room. Furthermore, automatic overheat protection offers additional safety hence preventing any accident from occurring. Finally, the convenient handle makes it easy to carry from one room to another. Make your purchase today!


  • It is energy efficient because you can regulate the heat coming out of the unit
  • Offers you a chance to personalize your comfort with the adjustable thermostat
  • The automatic overheat protection offer you additional safety
  • Designed with a convenient handle that makes carrying easy


  • The instruction contradicts the device functionality

#8. DOUHE Portable Electric Ceramic Heater with Overheat Protection & Tip Over

If you have no idea about the best portable space heater, then you need a unit that is simple and great. DOUHE Portable Electric heater will surely warm up the air around you. Also, the PTC ceramic heating substance with a convective air duct will offer you a one-second heating up. Gone are the days where you would depend on fireplaces with carbon consumption. This energy-efficiency device is way far from using the traditional heating elements. Moreover, the overheat protection will auto shut off the heater when it goes beyond the set temperature. Plus, the tip-over will also auto-shutoff to offer safe use. Noting beats this unit in terms of energy efficiency. Make your purchase right away!


  • Heat the room in one-second because it has convective air design
  • The overheat protection and tip-over protection for safe use
  • Comes with three temperature modes for varied room heating
  • Operates in a quiet and low noise that doesn’t disturb others


  • The photo of the unit is a bit blur but its working great

#7. Zerhunt 750W/950W (2019 Upgraded) Electric Small Space Heater for Home & Office

Zerhunt Small space heater is the simplest and easy unit to operate. This device will create confidence in your other future purchase because it does wonders. You don’t know how this unit will leave your room warmer than you thought. You wouldn’t feel the gap that has been left by the previous summer season. The success of the unit is the high-quality PTC ceramic heating substances that emit desirable heat quickly and quietly. Also, it is the perfect unit to use under a desk, bedroom, small office, and more small-sized living spaces. Besides, if you want high temperature you can use the 900W output option but if you wish to save power then the best output is the 750W. What’s more, this appliance is the most convenient to use in our homes during chilly weather conditions.


  • Suitable to place in your parlor, bedroom, office, and dormitory
  • Uses PTC ceramic heating substances that works quickly and quietly
  • Has a proper system to save you a lot of energy
  • Offers you warmth anytime & anywhere


  • The cord is only 3 feet long

#6. BAYKA Ceramic Adjustable Thermostat 900W/1500W Portable Electric Space Heater

BAYKA Ceramic electric space heater is bringing you instant warmth to your space at home. The personal ceramic space heater comes with modified features that make this brand the best. Besides, it uses high power intake to dissipate sufficient heat to your room. The multiple heating settings will offer you a chance to use your preferred heating settings. The adjustable thermostat will keep your room to the thermostat settings. Moreover, the extended tip-over button is a safety mechanism that ensures your home is maintained safe always. Additionally, the 70 degrees oscillation function will enable the wind to blow with varied direction as to the one-directional space heaters. Even better, the 1.8m cord length enables you to move the heater with ease.


  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat that keeps the machine to a given temperature
  • Has a user-friendly indicator that shows that the device has connected correctly
  • The long 1.8 M cord offers you a chance to move the heater with ease
  • The70 degrees oscillating function blows wind in a different direction


  • The unit is only perfect for heating small rooms

#5. Air Choice Tower Adjustable Thermostat Instant Warmth Ceramic Space Heater for winter

Air you tired of your old heater that only warmth a quarter of your bedroom? Air Choice Tower space heater is here to sort your troubles. The machine uses PTC ceramic heating elements and delivering the warmth by blowing wind up to 120 degrees. The unit is, therefore, suitable to heat the whole room at a go. Imagine heating your room in just three seconds, leaving you to enjoy the comfort of the warm environment. If you are so bored with the chilly environment that even makes your legs frozen, then you need to take this under the desk in your office for great ambiance. You should grab this option while stocks last!


  • Thermostat control will ensure the system operates on the desired temperature
  • It oscillates 120 degrees that blow warmth to every section of your room
  • Tip-over protection will shut down the system in case it falls
  • Heat up quickly and drives away the chill out of the winter


  • It randomly shuts off with any signal

#4. ASTERION 1500W Ceramic Oscillating Indoor Use Portable Office Home Heater (Black)

If you are searching for a room heater that solves the cold problems during the winter period, then we suggest ASTERION portable space heater for you. The machines come with five functional settings namely; ECO-mode, freeze mode, low setting and high setting, aimed at offering you the best heating to your house. The sophisticated device comes with a timer and remote control that makes your life easy. Also, the anti-dust filter with portable handle and sturdy base are aimed at making the device long-lasting. Moreover, the overheat protection and tip-over switch are a safety mechanism that makes this unit the best. Lastly, the PTC heating material making up this machine is safe for use.


  • Equipped with a filter at the back of the heater that frees the dust issues
  • The remote control enables you to have your desired temp within seconds
  • The portable handle makes the machine convenient for use
  • Comes with a compact and sturdy base to suit indoor use


  • Works better but it is pricier

#3. AmazonBasics 3 Heat Settings Rust-Resistance Steel Portable Radiator Heater (White)

Coming third as our choice is AmazonBasics Portable Radiator Heater. The machine is ideal for a room that is 144 sq. ft. The oil-filled unit heats the room to become cozy and desirable. Also, it gets rid of the chills out of the air space more quickly and efficiently. Whether you need a heater that keeps your room or office warmer, the best choice is the AmazonBasics radiator heater. The presence of the thermostat will ensure your room is heated to the optimum level thus saving you a lot of energy bills. This unit has all it takes to keep your room warmer and safer. Additionally, the radiator heater offers customized comfort thanks to its three varied heat settings.


  • Comes with Snap-On wheels that offer smooth portability
  • ETL-listed with other safety measures
  • Comes with three-heat settings and operates quietly
  • Effective and efficient for any room measuring up to 144 sq. ft.


  • The unit in the knobs seems difficult to adjust

#2. AmazonBasics 750W/1500W with Over-Heat Sensor Portable Eco-Smart Space Heater (Black)

The runner’s up unit is AmazonBasics Eco-Smart Space Heater. The machine is suitable for home, office or any other living space. Also, it is portable with a compact design that makes it easy to carry from room to room. The device will offer you the best option to solicit warmth from. Whether you are watching TV on the couch or seated at a desk, this heater thoroughly warms up your space for greater comfort living. Moreover, this portable unit is small but heats your living space to make it inviting and adorable more so during winter months. The PTC heating elements are environment-friendly thus suitable for home use. Additionally, the thermostat is adjustable and the eco-smart setting will offer your room optimized heat, saving you a lot of energy bills. Make this your choice and you’ll never regret purchasing from us.


  • Comes with ECO-smart settings for energy-saving
  • Can heat a room to 1000 square feet
  • Built with overheat sensor for safe operation
  • Designed with an easy to read LED display


  • It produces a little bit of strange noise

#1. TRUSTECH 1500W Wall-Mount 3 Modes Energy Saving Timer Function Electric Space Heater

Our pick in this list is TRUSTECH portable space heater. The choice has phenomenal features that make it the [BestAZimage dpid=”dpid” alt=”#1 choice. First, the unit comes with a standing base with wall-mounted tools that are super-easy to install. Secondly, the machine is 1500W suitable for an average room of size 500 square feet. Thirdly, it is energy-saving and safe for use at home. The unit can save you from skyrocketing electric bills because it comes with features like the adjustable thermostat and energy-saving mode plus the programmable timer. Additionally, the room heater has built-in overheat protection that keeps you and your family safe.


  • Equipped with an overheat protection that offers great safety
  • The timer function automatically set power-on and power-off settings
  • Capable of heating the room effectively and efficiently
  • The wall-mount and standing base are super easy to install


  • You need to pay more for this high-quality unit

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Portable Space Heater


First off, you need to consider the safety measures that come with the space heater that you wish to purchase. Issues like overheating, are mostly sorted by an automatic shut-off feature thus ensures your life safety is guaranteed. Additionally, the mode of emission contributes to safety, because the heater that emits non-toxic substances is desirable.

Heating Mode

Heat technology is also another important factor that you shouldn’t ignore. The heating mode of any space heater will determine the power source. Most portable space heaters use convection currents and infrared technology. For that matter, you ought to pick the heating mode that is handy to your needs.


To avoid disturbing the rest of your family members, a silent space heater is mostly preferred. A quiet unit is environment-friendly and offers sufficient heat to your room by causing any nuisance. Check the instructional manual to confirm the motor noise level.

Digital Control

If you want the best unit that is controllable with ease, then you need to pick the one with an easy control system. Digital control is efficient and easy to operate therefore becoming the most preferred option. The one with simple touch control is so convenient to work with and offers desirable results instantly. That’s why we recommend for users to purchase the one with digital control because it’s effective.


The products we have reviewed above are the best choices on the market today. Rest assured, your suit is available on the list. Plus, the guide will offer you important information as far as a portable space heater is a concern – it uses and its importance in contemporary society. You’ll also have a chance to make your comparison and own-judgment hence resulting in purchasing something that you have thought wisely. One assurance about these portable units is that they work effectively and they are energy-efficient. We are hopeful that you will get what you have yearned to acquire for a long time. There is no harm if you can still extend your research elsewhere, otherwise, your home for genuine products is here!

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