Top 10 Best Portable Power Stations in Reviews

If you’re planning to go for a picnic, camp, trip or remote area where power supply is a challenge, you need to brace yourself with a portable power station. With such kind of a machine, you’ll be guaranteed of continuous power supply throughout your adventure. These units are compact and lightweight to make it convenient to travel with whenever you’ll be going. You rest assured to get eco-friendly, reliable and consistent power supply. More than that, portable power stations are versatile with USB and AC outlet; as such, you can seamlessly use it to power laptops, smartphones, among other portable devices.

While a portable power station offers myriads of benefits, it’s a challenge to find the best choice because there are several brands and types in the market today. But after working intense research on these units, we were lucky to sort out the best. That said, here is our today’s selection of the top 10 best portable power stations you may want to consider in reviews.

10. OMORC 250W Peak Mpow Portable Power Station w/2 AC 2 USB Outlets & 3 Ports Solar Generator

When it comes to a more powerful portable power station, this model from Omorc gets to be the best in the market. It is equipped with a large capacity battery of 42000mAh that provides more power to charge electronic devices. This makes it ideal for you to carry with you while out camping, hiking or other outdoor events because you can use it to charge your phones, computers, TV, fans, drones and many more. The three DC ports can be to use appliances such as car air fan, air pump, holiday lights and car charger. Additionally, it only weighs 3.5lbs and has two handles which make it more portable during your outdoor activities.


  • The battery management system ensures safer ways of charging
  • Has 4 different ways to charge different electronic devices
  • Operates quietly making it ideal for CPAP and many others
  • Ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable operations


  • The grips aren’t well-textured

9. AIPER Flash 150 Solar Generator 162Wh w/110V/150W AC Outlet & AC3.0 Portable Power Station

AIPER portable power station is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your recharging needs. It has various outlets that allow you to charge varied devices from home appliances to personal electronic devices. You can recharge it from a solar panel, wall socket or a car for convenient purposes. The battery packs in a compact manner and the whole unit only weighs 3.86 making it easier to store or transport it. Besides, you can use it to recharge smaller devices rated below 150 W such as drones, phones, USB small fans, cameras and other devices. This makes it an ideal partner while out camping, hiking, hunting and many other outdoor activities.


  • Equipped with an LCD that shows the status of each port
  • Can be used to charge other devices while it recharges itself
  • Has a built-in flashlight for lighting during emergencies
  • Comes with a well-instructed manual for easier setup


  • Not ideal for charging ovens and toasters

8. AIMTOM 12V DC Carport Pure Sine Wave 230Wh 110V 200W AC 60W USB-C Portable Power Station

Whether you experience frequent power outages or loves outdoor events. Aimtom portable power station is an ideal solution. This compact unit can be stored in your car trunks without taking much storage spaces. Its lightweight design makes it easier to carry it from one place to another without feeling its weight. Additionally, it operates to ensure that you can get to do some other tasks without any disturbing noises from this unit. With the varied, you can use it charge devices such as phones, laptops, TVs, mp3 players and so on. All your sensitive gadgets and electronic are well protected since it features a pure sine wave AC power.


  • Equipped with a battery capacity of 62400mAh to charge most devices
  • You can recharge it using a solar panel, car charger or wall socket
  • The built battery management systems keep your devices safer
  • Retains charge for a longer time for more convenience


  • The handle is from cheaper materials

7. LNSLNM 500W Dual AC 110V Outlets Solar Electric UPS Portable Power Station for Hurricane CPAP

Now you don’t have to worry about your electronic device running out of power because LNSLNM portable power station offers the best solution for you. This item is equipped with a large-capacity rechargeable battery that allows you to charge your electronic devices while out camping or hiking. It is designed from lead-free materials that assures you of a much safer and eco-friendly unit. With a weight of 6.5lbs and carry handle, you can easily carry it to the place of your choice at any time you desire. Moreover, it is completely fumeless and odorless for a clean, safe and silent portable energy.


  • The pure sine wave inverter protects any sensitive devices
  • Sturdy to ensure stable and safer charging operations
  • Equipped with multi-output ports for varied charging
  • Lightweight thus easier to carry from place to place


  • It doesn’t power larger tools

6. OUTERA 110V/300W 298Wh Outdoor Solar Generator Portable Power Station for Laptops

During hurricanes or storm, we are prone to power outages and therefore you might need Outera portable power station as a backup. The large capacity 298wh battery retains the charge for a longer time to allow you to charge your devices while travelling. With the pure sine wave power, you can now have a peace of mind because all your sensitive devices are protected from overcharging or short currents. When the unit is getting hotter, the built-in cooling fan will automatically on to maintain constant temperatures. Also, this power station has various ports to allow you to charge your phones, laptops and other outdoor electronics.


  • Has a flashlight with three lighting modes to suit your needs
  • You can charge it using a solar panel in 7 hours of the full light
  • Only weighs 6.5lbs, you can take it anywhere with you
  • The LCD screen shows you the charging status


  • Should be kept away from the wet surface since it isn’t waterproof

5. BOSALY 110V 300W Solar Generator Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet Portable Power Station

If you’re looking for a more lightweight portable power station, this unit from BOSALY is an ideal choice. This unit only weighs 7.59 pounds making it easier for you to carry it from one place to another without feeling its weight. It has a 296Wh aluminium-lithium battery that allows you to charge varied devices. This battery takes up to 6.5 hours to fully charge it making it ideal for use during camping trips and power outages. You can use it to charge your laptop, phones, monitors, tablets and many other small power appliances. Additionally, it comes with a clearly instructed manual that makes it easier to fully assemble it.


  • Takes less storage space since it has a compact design
  • Has a sine wave inverter that ensures safe powering
  • Equipped with a portable handle to ease transport
  • Made from high-quality materials that last longer


  • It has a plastic casing

4. Jackery 110V/200W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet Portable Power Station Explorer 240

You don’t have to run short of power during outdoor events because Jackery portable power station has your back. It is equipped with 67000mAh battery that allows you to charge your phone, tablet, laptop, mini cooler and other devices while on the go. It only weighs 6.6 pounds making it easier for you to carry it from one place to another. Moreover, it has a compact design thus occupies less storage space in your car trunk. This unit automatically turns in 6 hours when being drawn under 10W power to save power. With the pure sine wave technology, all your sensitive devices are well protected.


  • It’s safer for everyday use since it doesn’t produce clanging fumes
  • The smart display shows you the wattage and battery remaining
  • More convenient because it retains the charge for a longer period
  • Has a solid handle that makes it easier to carry around


  • Doesn’t support devices of more 200W

3. BALDR CPAP Backup Battery Portable Solar Generator Power Station 330W for Home Use

Do you need a convenient source of power while out camping? Baldr portable power station is an ideal choice. This item is equipped with 297wh power capacity to allow you to charge drones, cameras, tablets, phones, GPS, computers and many other devices. It takes up to 5-8 hours to fully charge this device using this solar energy. Besides, it only weighs 7.1 pounds thus you can easily carry it to your place of choice to curb any power outage. The battery management system enables you to improve the utilization of your battery and extend its service life. This makes it an ideal gift for your loved ones this coming holiday season.


  • Equipped with wireless charger for emergency charging purposes
  • The built-in multi-mode flashlight makes it more convenient
  • Doesn’t produce any fumes or gasoline thus eco friendly
  • Sturdy to ensure safe and stable powering operations


  • A bit heavier as compared to the Jackery model

2. TACKLIFE P30 299Wh Solar Ready Battery Generator w/Pure Sine Wave for Outdoor Camping

As a camping enthusiast, it is ideal to have a convenient source of power that’s why you might want to try out Tacklife portable power station. It has a huge capacity 299wh lithium battery to keeps you well sorted during power outages or emergencies. With the dual pure sine wave ac outlets, you can now power a wide range of devices at the same time. You can charge it using an AC outlet, carport or a solar panel because it is equipped with pre-installed maximum power point tracker for a fast charge. It is free from any fumes or smelly gasoline thus ideal for everyday use.


  • Equipped with a solid handle for easier transport purposes
  • Has 4 USB ports to allow you to charge electronic devices
  • Easier to assemble with the clearly instructed manual
  • The digital display is easier to read and operate


  • Not ideal for devices rated 300W

1. A-iPower RV Ready 2000W SUA2000iV Lightweight 58dB Compact Portable Inverter Generator

Are you looking for a more compact portable power station? Look no further than A-iPower portable power station. It has a compact design thus it takes less storage space in your car trunk or any other place. This unit produces a starting power of 2000watts with a running power of 1600watts to charge various electronic devices. You can use it to charge laptops, televisions, phones, tablets, computer and many more. With only a weight of 46 pounds, you can easily carry it around making it ideal for camping, RVs, tailgating and so on. Furthermore, you can use it to charge sensitive devices because it features a pure sine wave power.


  • Operates quietly under a noise level of fewer than 58 decibels
  • You can double the power by combining two generators
  • Has a built-in fuel gauge to remind you of refueling
  • Easy to start and requires no complex connections


  • It doesn’t have a fuel shut off valve

Factors to Consider When purchasing the best Portable Power Station

Power Output

The initial factor to consider is the power output. If you didn’t know, power stations come with varied power capabilities. Some allow small power while some are more powerful and can accommodate up to 1800 watts. You, therefore, need to choose the power station that’s enough to suit your power needs.


Well, most portable power stations are charged via AC power. But you can also select a power generator that can be readily charged using solar panels. Solar-powered stations are useful more so when you’re going to remote places where electricity supply is not available. Besides, some models have the capability of being charged with car cigarette DC power charger.

Weight & Size

When you’re looking for the best power station to take with you to a camping place or a picnic, you need to choose a model that is portable and lightweight. It should be compact as well. With such a kit, you’ll not be bulked with too heavy units.

Extra Features

Some sophisticated power stations come with additional features that contribute to their exceptional performance. For instance, some portable power stations come with built-in LED flashlights that are more important. Such a feature is very important when camping or hiking. Other than that, others have jump starter for a vehicle battery.


We’ve just cleared tabling to you some of the leading portable power stations in reviews. They’re extremely clean and harmless and will meet all your power needs. Besides, they feature excellent wattage and price. You’ll never face any other challenge because, with the guide above, you’ll shop for the right kit flawlessly. Other than that, we hope this post has offered you sufficient information regarding the best portable power stations.

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