The 10 Best Portable Jump Starter In Reviews

If you drive, you will agree with us that it is a real disappointment when your car’s battery dies on your way to work. In such a situation, the only way will be calling a stranger to help you jumpstart the car. However, with the portable jump starters, you will never get such inconveniences. Jump starters are basically accessories which are designed to give the car batteries some charge. The selection of the car jump starters will be defined by the model of the car as well as its specifications.

You might be wondering which will be the best jump starter for your car. Regardless of whether you have used the jump starters before, you might still need to read this article. This is because the article enlists some of the best portable jump starters available in the market. Approaching the end of this article, there is a brief buying guide. We, therefore, expect you to have a smooth shopping time after reading this article.

The 10 Best Portable Jump Starters Reviews

10. POTEK Portable Jump Starter, 150 PSI Air Compressor


This is a high-performing car jump starter which is equipped with an 18AH lead-acid battery to cater for your needs. It is available in several sizes which gives the buyer several options when purchasing. Additionally, it comes with a 150PSI tire inflator which only takes six to eight minutes to get the tires inflated. It is ideal for bikes, cars, balls as well as other inflatables.

Although its pricing is a bit high, you will appreciate everything about it.
The jump starter is equipped with 2 AC charging ports and a USB port so that you can charge your phone, kindle and even your TV. To let you know the battery status, it has been equipped with an LED indicator. These are some of the great features you will enjoy after purchasing this jump starter.


  • The LED indicator lets you know the battery status
  • Portable power on the go
  • 150 PSI tire inflator
  • Well-designed handle for portability


  • Durability is not guaranteed

9. Wagan EL7561 Portable Jump Starter

By Wagan

This is a powerful and portable power source which is made to offer AC, DC and even USB power anywhere you need it. Its 260PSI air compressor can be used in inflating tires, the pool toys, and even sports equipment. It is also equipped with an LED working light and an AM/FM radio which make it unique from its competitors. Although it is new in the market, it has great features to offer.

You will realize that it has been equipped with a comfortable handle which helps to make its portability a breeze. The LED flashlight also allows you to know the battery status which guarantees its safety. Again, it has a reverse polarity protection feature to make sure that the car battery remains safe.


  • Powerful 1000 amps jump starter
  • LED work light and inflators accessories included
  • Well-designed handle for portability
  • It has a reverse polarity protection


  • Still new in the market

8. BEATIT G18 QDSP Portable Jump Starter with Wireless Charger


This G18 has been specifically designed for high displacement vehicles. It, therefore, gives life to all vehicle types regardless of the size, weather or location. The fact that it is UL-certified, you can always rely on the performance of this jump starter. It is capable of working with battery cars, vans, trucks and even motorcycles provided they are 12V. It has a compact sizing which allows it to be carried everywhere you go.

The advanced lithium-ion battery has a quick discharge technology which allows it to withstand different environments as well as the challenging temperatures. With this jump starter, you can be guaranteed that safety will be prioritized. It will help in preventing any short-circuiting making jump starting convenient and safe.


  • Comes with a quality EVA carrying case
  • Spark proof design to prevent short-circuiting
  • Advanced lithium-ion battery for quick power discharge
  • It gives life to any vehicle, size, and weather


  • Defective on arrival

7. SUAOKI U28 Jump Starter Pack with LED Flashlight, UL Certified


This is a powerful combination of a 2000A peak jump starter which is meant to boost the 12V boats and vehicles. It has a very powerful battery which allows it to handle the task in a very diligent manner. With an in-built LED light, you will be able to easily identify the battery status of your car. The compact and lightweight design for this jump starter allow it to be taken everywhere you go.

Included in the package is the battery clamps which helps to prevent short-circuiting. Apart from that, it has overvoltage and under voltage protection feature. In short, we can say that this portable jump starter guarantees safety. You do not have to mid about its high price since it offers value for money.


  • This is a portable power source
  • Guaranteed safety
  • It has an in-built LED light
  • 3-in-1 combination


  • Poor battery clamps

6. JUMTOP QDSP 22000mAh Portable Jump Starter


This car lifesaver is capable of jump-starting your vehicle in seconds 60 times better. It is equipped with a 2200mAh battery which offers a peak current of 3000A. You will appreciate the fact that it is ideal for trucks, motorcycles, boats and even tractors. The multi-functional design for this accessory allows it to charge even laptops, smartphones and even cameras. This, therefore, means that it offers value for money.

Its lightweight and compact design allow it to be transported to everywhere you go. Additionally, it is equipped with dual USB ports allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously. Backed with a warranty of 12 months, you need to be confident when buying. Additionally, a money back guarantee of 30 days has been provided to cover any manufacturing defects.


  • It has intelligent production clamps
  • Backed with a warranty of one year
  • Portable with dual USB ports
  • It is UL-certified


  • Fragile packaging

5. AUTOGEN Portable Jump Starter


This car jump starter is made to charge all the 12V devices such as tire pumps, the car fridges as well as the vacuum cleaners. With its 2800mAh battery, you can rely on this jump starter to charge your cellphones, pads and other electronics. It similarly comes with a bright LED flashlight which makes its operation much easier. You, therefore, do not have to worry even if your car battery dies at night.

This jump starter comes with a mistake-proof connection to guarantee that you connect the cables in the right manner. It also comes with a warranty of 12 months which helps to guarantee that the purchase is risk-free. Additionally, it comes with a money back guarantee of 30 days which should give you even more confidence to purchase.


  • It has unbeatable power
  • 12 months warranty with friendly customer service
  • This is a massive portable power bank
  • Patented mistake proof protection


  • It is ideal for a single car

4. Beatit Yellow 14000mAh Portable Jump Starter

By Beatit

Beatit is a well-known brand as far as jump starters are concerned. Its powerful and compact design are just some of the main reasons why buyers fall in love with it. It is capable of jump-starting vehicles rated at 600 amps with up to thirty times of power. Its super compact size allows it to conveniently fit in the glove box.

It has a capacity of 1400mAh and a smart USB port. This, therefore, means that you will be able to charge your laptops, smartphones among other devices. Its advanced and intelligent protection clamps will protect the battery from short-circuiting or even overcharging. The manufacturer places a warranty of two years on this product to guarantee its quality.


  • Dual USB charging ports
  • It has intelligent protection clamps
  • Powerful and compact design
  • Backed with a warranty of 2 years


  • Not ideal for all vehicles

3. LEMSIR QDSP Portable Jump Starter


LEMISIR jump starter is among the portable and lightweight jump starters that you will ever want to purchase. It features an advanced QDSP technology which produces current 3 to 5 times more compared to the normal jump starters. The extended jumper cables will easily connect to your battery in a safe manner. You will also appreciate the mistake and spark proof protection feature for this jump starter.

Its UL multi-certification, as well as the 2 years warranty, are enough reasons for you to purchase the jump starter. In case you have issues with the jump starter, the support team will be ready to help. The manufacturer prices the jump starter in an affordable manner as well to accommodate people of all budgets.


  • It has been UL/FCC and CE certified
  • Backed with a warranty of two years
  • Comes with an advanced QDSP technology
  • Compact and lightweight for portability


  • Poor customer support

2. Arteck Jump Starter with Clamps and an LED Flashlight

By Arteck

Here is another compact-sized jump starter which is ideal for anyone who is shopping on a tight budget. This gadget will allow you to jump start the car up to twenty times when you are away from the electrical mains. It comes with some heavy-duty clamps as well as cables which provide a peak current of 300 amp. This device will also conveniently charge the phones, tablets among other devices at a lightning speed.

One thing which is not compromised in this gadget is safety. This is why it is equipped with protection features for protecting your devices from short-circuiting, it also comes with a bright LED flashlight which makes its operation much easier. To boost your purchasing confidence, a warranty of 2 years has been provided on this jump starter.


  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • It is backed with a warranty of 2 years
  • Short circuit protection feature
  • LED flashlight lets you know the battery status


  • Inadequate power for drained batteries

1. Kinverch Portable Jump Starter with 1-USB Power Ports

By Kinverch

Next on the list is the Kinverch portable jump starter which has a single USB port. It has adequate power to jump-start your vehicle without turning to others for help. Its 12-volt power outlet sockets will allow you to charge all the 12V appliances such as vacuum as well as the mini fridge while on the go. It similarly comes with 2A USB port allowing you to charge the iPhone, kindle as well as the pad.

This unit is a 150PSI air compressor which will allow you to inflate the car tires or other inflatables with ease. Again, the LED light will let you know the status of your battery to prevent overcharging. With its affordable price, everyone will have access to this jump starter regardless of their budget.


  • It comes with a 12Ah battery
  • Equipped with a 1500PSI air compressor
  • Available at a pocket-friendly price
  • The LED light lets you know the battery status


  • Does not last

Factors to consider when buying portable jump starters


This is something you do not want to miss out when shopping. What will surprise you is those jump starters which have similar functions and efficiency vary in size. Normally, it would be ideal for you to select a compact and lightweight jump starter. This is going to make it easier for you to carry the jump starter in your car to everywhere you go.


The latest portable jump starters are equipped with some brilliant safety as well as prevention technology. What this does is to prevent the vehicle as well as the vehicle owner from detrimental damage. The starters, for instance, are equipped with a smart approach to the CPU to tell you when things are not working correctly. When you wrongly connect the cables, the alarm will be set off automatically.


The pricing of these products is yet another thing to keep in mind when you will be doing the purchase. You will get a variation in price according to the features of your jump starter in terms of capacity and its capabilities in general. However, it will be foolish for you to compromise quality when opting for an economical deal.


All the above jump starters work well and you can definitely rely on them. We have only reviewed ten of them to make it easier for you to make a good decision. It is not mandatory for you to spend huge amounts of dollars on jump starters. The list above has affordably-priced jump starters whose quality is far much better than the pricey options. These reviews together with the buying guide above will help you get a good jump starter. What we highly recommend is for you to read through the review because we believe what you are looking for is right above here. Enjoy your shopping.

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