Top 10 Best Picnic Bags in 2022 Reviews

Among the ways to make the most out of an outing is eating in the open air. Even though this is commonly associated with eating junk foods, you can rest assured to have a very good time. Carrying the food baskets with you might turn out to be tedious everywhere you go. A better alternative will be getting a good picnic bag since it allows you to carry everything you want in a stylish manner. Unlike other bags, this one can store food and beverages at your desired temperature. The good thing is that these bags have different capacities to accommodate the needs of different people.

In the market currently, there is a wide range of picnic bags that are available for sale. They come in different designs to suit different occasions. In this regard, you need to consider a series of factors to help you single out the best picks. Luckily in this article, we have catered for all that since we highlight some of these key factors later in the post. In the meantime, have a look at the selection of the best picnic bags that you can choose today.

10. ONIVA Picnic Time Rolling Bag

This is a portable rolling portable cooler that comes from one of the best brands known as ONIVA. You will appreciate that it comes with soft-sided and durable polyester construction to prove that it will stand the test of time. Apart from that, it comes with an insulated main storage area that has a removable and heat-sealed PEVA liner that will keep your beverages and food at the desired temperature.

Another thing to appreciate about this picnic cooler is the fact that it comes with a zippered front pocket which is spacious enough for the paper plates, utensils, and water bottles. The cooler also comes in a wheeled design with a telescoping handle for very convenient transport. You will also appreciate that this cooler is made to last now that it comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Comes with a soft-sided and durable polyester construction
  • Its main storage area is well insulated
  • The zippered front pocket is very spacious
  • Comes with in-built side handles


  • It is not packaged well

9. Travelers Club 18 Inch Insulated Rolling Cooler

This is an 18” rolling cooler that comes with an insulated main compartment. Apart from that, it comes with 2 side mesh pockets and an extra front pocket. With its long telescopic handle, you will appreciate that it will be easy to carry and will also remain as mobile as possible. The best thing is that this picnic bag comes at a very affordable price.

The picnic bag also prides itself on blade wheels that will guarantee a very smooth rolling experience. Owing to the quality construction of this picnic bag, you will appreciate that it will be durable and very easy to clean. This picnic bag proves to be very ideal for outdoor activities including tailgates, sporting events, get-together, and many more.


  • This is an 18” rolling cooler
  • Features inline blade wheels for a smooth rolling
  • Ideal for picnics, camping, and other outdoor activities
  • Comes with a long and telescopic handle


  • None for now

8. Guay Outdoors Cooler Bag with Swivel Wheels

This picnic bag comes with extra-large padding that will keep your drinks and food hot or cold depending on your desired temperature. You will therefore be able to enjoy fresh and very delicious meals during your outdoor activities. The cooler will be great for events such as pool parties, hiking, tailgating, fishing, and related activities.

The trolley outdoor bag also features a waterproof and leak-proof lining that will prevent any spills inside your bag. You will also appreciate that the liner is very easy to remove and attach it back to maintain hygiene. This lightweight picnic bag also comes with a telescopic handle and 4 wheels that will ensure that you find it very easy to roll around. With its multiple compartments, you will have space for all your essentials.


  • Thick paddings to keep your food and drinks cold or warm
  • Comes with a leak-proof and removable liner
  • The cooler bag comes with multiple compartments
  • It is very convenient and portable


  • Poor quality handles

7. HappyPicnic Backpack with a Cooler Compartment

One of the features that you will appreciate about this picnic bag is that it comes with a large and insulated food compartment. It is actually large enough to hold up to 36 cans very conveniently. The cooler backpack features an extra beach mat as well for convenience. Its portable handle meaning that you will be able to take it anywhere that you want.

This beach backpack also comes with some heavy-duty shoulder straps which are very strong. The best thing about these shoulder straps is that they are very easy to adjust which ensures that weight is distributed evenly for comfort. This backpack cooler features food-grade materials and has a lightweight design which makes it convenient to carry.


  • Comes with a large and insulated food compartment
  • Features a waterproof blanket
  • The main compartment is insulated
  • Made with high-quality fabrics


  • None identified

6. apollo walker Picnic Bag with a Cooler Compartment (Blue)

This is an all-in-one backpack that comes with comfortable and padded straps to make sure that they are very comfortable. Apart from that, there are multiple storage compartments to ensure that you have enough storage space. Even better, the backpack cooler comes in different color options to make sure that you find your ideal color option.

What makes this picnic bag better than its competitors is the fact that it is 15% bigger in comparison to its competitors. Apart from that, it comes with a premium insulation lining to make sure that your food remains cooler or warm for an extended period of time. With its soft shoulder straps, you will find this bag very comfortable to carry. Customer satisfaction is also guaranteed for this purchase which should give you enough confidence to buy.


  • Padded straps for added comfort
  • Available in different colors
  • Features soft-padded shoulder straps
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction


  • Poorly packaged

5. Nature Gear Picnic Backpack - Insulated Design

This is a 4-person picnic bag that has all that an amazing picnic bag should have. It will therefore be ideal during the outings and trips with your friends, loved ones, and family. Among the essentials that it comes along with include a wine cooler, a waterproof blanket, and wine glasses among others. The other thing that you will appreciate about this picnic bag is that it has a high-quality construction which makes elegant and durable.

Another feature to appreciate about this picnic bag is that it comes with a custom insulated lining that will maintain the right temperatures for your food and drinks. You will also appreciate that this picnic bag comes in different color options that give you the confidence to buy your ideal color. Apart from that, this is a risk-free purchase and you should therefore buy with confidence.


  • It comes in a temperature-controlled design
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • It is both elegant and durable
  • Available in multiple color options


  • Durability is not guaranteed

4. Arctic Zone 44-Can Insulated Rolling Tote - Gray/White

If you are looking to keep your food and drinks cold or hot for hours, this is a picnic bag that you need to have. The other feature to appreciate about this picnic bag is that it comes with an innovative radiant barrier. What this barrier does is reflecting as opposed to absorbing to ensure that your food remains fresh for a long time.

Another awesome feature about this picnic bag is that it comes with a leak-proof lining that will keep the bag free from bacteria. It also comes along with exterior accessory pockets and a retractable handle that will make it very convenient to use. The picnic bag proves to be ideal for picnics, groceries, and use at the beach.


  • Keeps your food cold or hot for hours
  • Ideal for picnics, groceries, and the beach
  • Safe and leak-proof lining
  • Comes with a retractable handle


  • It is not adult-friendly

3. Picnic Time Insulated Wine Basket

This is a 2-bottle wine carrier that comes with a cheeseboard. If you are looking for the best wedding gift or an anniversary present, this one will be the best. The construction of this picnic bag involves durable woven wicker and a polyester canvas which makes it very comfortable to carry. Apart from that, this wine basket comes with well-padded and adjustable shoulder straps for carrying convenience.

The other feature to appreciate about this wine basket is that it comes with a 6” cutting board and a stainless steel corkscrew in the exterior pocket. Owing to the fact that it has been made with quality fabrics, the picnic bag will basically stand the test of time. This wine is also made to last now that it comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • This is an adorable 2-bottle picnic bag
  • Features an adjustable shoulder strap
  • It has a wooden handle
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • None for now

2. Picnic at Ascot Cooler with Wheels- USA-approved

The designers of this cooler have more than 25 years of experience priding themselves on the construction of high-quality wine carriers and picnic baskets. Its sewn-in steel rim and the side supports will prevent sagging and any water spills. You will also appreciate that it folds flat to make its storage very easy.

The construction of this cooler features heavy-grade materials to make sure that it remains resistant to punctures. You will also appreciate that its materials are food-grade meaning that your safety will never be compromised. The picnic bag also comes along with carrying handles and shoulder straps that make it very easy to lift even when it is full.


  • It features an innovative design
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty
  • Made with a rugged exterior for durability
  • This is a 12-hour cooler


  • Too small

1. INNO STAGE Wide Picnic Bag for 4, Navy Blue Color

We finally sum up this review with this picnic bag that is 25% larger compared to its competitors. This bag also prides itself on an elegant and practical design, especially with its handle strap. Its main compartment is wide open with a supporting wire allowing it to hold up to 26 tins. With its well-insulated design, you will have your food warm or cool based on your preferences.

The other amazing feature to appreciate about this picnic bag is that it comes with a wooden handle for the cutlery. Its main compartment also comes with a 2-way zipper to make sure that the contents are very safe. Whenever you will be planning your next picnic, this is a cooler that you will not want to leave behind at all.


  • Features a practical and elegant design
  • Comes with wooden handles for durability
  • It is larger than its competitors
  • The main bag has a 2-way zipper


  • Poorly packaged

Factors to consider when buying a picnic bag


If you are looking to keep your food and beverages either warm or cold, you basically need to get an insulated backpack. The main consideration here should be the period of time that the insulation can maintain desired food or drink temperatures. If you really want an insulated picnic bag, however, be ready to spend a little bit more money than the common bags.


This is yet another important consideration that you should never overlook when placing your order. If you are planning to carry the bag over a long distance, you need to get concerned about its weight. Make sure that the bag becomes very comfortable to carry along. Other than the weight, it should have comfortable handles or shoulder straps to achieve that.


This factor will be dependent on the space you need for your items. When traveling over long distances, you will need to have so many snacks with you. This will be the same case if you will be traveling as a family. On the other hand, traveling over short distances and with a small family won’t require giant bags. Basically, choose a bag that will perfectly accommodate all your carrying needs.


As you can see from the compilation above, there are so many picnic bags available today. That does not however mean that each and every bag will be worth buying since your needs won’t match those of another person. In this regard, we narrowed down the massive list to a list of 10 best picks. With these, you will easily single out the best one for your outdoor needs. Most importantly, this review has also highlighted key features that you need to look at when doing the purchase. It should therefore be very easy to choose the best pick based on your needs. All the best!

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