Top 10 Best Percussion Massage Gun in Reviews

If you have been to a physical therapist office and gym, you must have come across a percussion massage gun. They look like power drills, but its design is to aid in muscle recovery, increase your motion range, and reduce muscle soreness. With three years in the market since its first innovation, many athletes and gym-goers have found it to be a must-have tool. But, different brands pop in daily with a new massage gun making it difficult to find the best. For instance, its innovation has advanced maximumly in that the hypervolts is taking over. Moreover, many companies are now working on next-gen devices, meaning it is becoming more complicated to find a suitable one. Below is a full guide that gives you the best percussion massage gun from top brands to put in consideration.

#10. Cryotex Massage Handheld Percussion Gun

Are you tired of the unnecessary noise made when massaging? Cryotex Percussion Gun is a super silent massager that comfortably massages muscles at an experience of 35dB to 50dB. It operates using it’s a lithium-ion rechargeable battery of 2600mAh. This battery is capable of doing a week’s work out of up to 5 hours a day. This handheld device helps to reduce muscle tension by always concentrating pressure on your muscle tissues. , Whereas improving the blood flow and increasing the range of motion more quickly. This product provides up to 6 different soft and customized head massages that reduce bone damage. The running sound is below 45 decibels, even when at the highest speed ever. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the massage.


  • Deep muscle relaxation through powerful and deep massage
  • Six massage heads besides 20 levels of intensity
  • Ergonomic and easy to use due to it’s lightweight
  • Mighty and quiet upon use
  • Can work for a long time with the powerful battery


  • A little challenging to work on your back by yourself

#9. EA Massage Gun

EA percussive massage gun is an all in one deep tissue massager that can operate anywhere and anytime. For improved blood circulation and easing of the muscle tension, it has a muscle stick used after the exercise. Besides, this product has a premium look that you can give it as a gift to a loved one with muscle tension and pain. With the crafted components and an eye-catching ready to gift box, anyone will appreciate. You can easily track your battery levels using the LED lights. Wonderfully works on stiff and sore muscles in a silent mode without any noise disturbance. Each set has five different adjustable and changeable massage heads to relieve all kinds of muscle discomfort.


  • Five changeable heads and rollers for different massages
  • Three distinct adjustable angles besides the powerful motor
  • Beautifully packaged as a gift
  • Can quickly ease your muscle pains and stress


  • No case

#8. LifePro Pulse Fx Powerful Percussion Massage Gun

If you power through hurdles, tackle your goals head one and rise above challenges, then this can be your perfect choice of massage gun. You are welcomed to soarFX, where we activate recovery rates and gain momentum and strength back to the workouts. This product keeps you comfortable while training by warming up your muscles during the pre-workouts through the vibrations. The deep percussive massage triggers the paining muscles, thereby, the body, in return, regenerates cells and repair the muscles. This leads to a profound relief for the hard to reach muscles. You can take control by adjusting through the three speeds, three angles, and four massage heads to get the right intensity that fits your spot. It comes with a powerful and rechargeable battery that can work for 7 hours consistently.


  • Capable of massaging hard to reach spots
  • Turns pain into gains with better relief
  • Three adjustable angles, three adjustable speeds, and four massage heads to fit all massages
  • Allows you to push yourself to beyond limits


  • Heavy and not comfortable to hold in certain positions

#7. Blusmart Handheld Percussion Muscle Massage Gun

If you need an instant fix for muscle pain and soreness, then this is the main objective for Blusmart muscle massage gun. Just after a long day of work, take this massage gun and put it on the area of tension. Gently glide along with the muscles for some time, then take it off. You can be sure of extreme relaxation. This product has a high-quality brushless motor that can work out up to 48 mm amplitude silently and more comfortably. It’s 2600mAh rechargeable battery can work for 6 hours in every full charge. Multiple vents are put at the top of the body, thus increasing the surface area for heat dissipation. This as well helps to improve power performance and extends the motor life. It automatically powers off after 10 minutes to prevent injuries. The eight versatile massage heads this product outstanding since it is capable of massaging the entire body.


  • Adjustable 20-speed levels
  • Unique technology with a quiet design
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Ergonomic professional and easily portable


  • Too hard extensions

#6. Medcursor Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

For a quick recovery, all you need is the right percussion massager that can apply intense pressure into your muscle tissues. This can improve the blood flow and thereby shortening your recovery time. Medcursor gun massager comes with a 2600mAh of 6 rechargeable batteries that can work continuously for 6 to 12 hours in charge of 2.3 hours. It has three upgrading modes to soothe your pains and aches. With a running sound of 50dB that sounds like a wisper, you can enjoy a quiet time of massage. The lightweight of 1kg makes it easily portable besides an improved comfort of nonslip silicone grip.


  • Three optional modes to suit your pain
  • Delivers deeper and firmer massage
  • Has six massage heads with 4-speed levels
  • Healthy life with a long battery life


  • Not preferable for professional use

#5. HOPOSO Muscle Massage Gun

HOPOSO gun massager utilizes the latest and unique technology with a high-quality brushless motor that gives an in-depth and quality massage without noise. Also, it has a super active cooling system that helps in avoiding overheating and improved working life. You can use the 30 different speed level either in a gentle muscle massage, deep tissue massage, or professional massage to help relieve the joints and muscle pains. An LCD touch screen for speed shift button and power on and off. Also, the screen helps to know the battery and speed status when working out. Longer battery life upgraded 2400 mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can last for 6 to 8 hours.


  • 30-speed settings with six massage heads
  • Powerful massage gun
  • Super quiet and easy to use
  • Rechargeable and portable


  • Much lighter for men

#4. RENPHO R4 Pro Massage Gun

RENPHO is a 90° rotating, compact and powerful percussion massager gun for daily relaxation and relief. Most athletes prefer this product due to it’s a repetitive stroke to generate heat, release tension, and stimulate blood circulation. With it’s carrying case, you can take it with you to the field, training, gym, or anywhere you may require to relieve joint soreness, chronic pains, and muscle tension. You can meet all your needs with the six massage heads and four-speed levels of specific muscle groups. It’s unit glide technology, and high-quality motor gives a continuous powerful vibration with the long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery. To encourage a restorative sleep through relaxation, get RENPHO’s massage gun, and you will be energized and revitalized daily.


  • Ergonomic and ultra-comfortable handle that is effort-saving
  • 90° arm rotation to easen full body massage
  • Six massage heads with four-speed levels
  • Easy to use


  • Not suitable for inflamed nerves

#3. QUINEAR Massage Gun

With 20 speed settings, QUINEAR Massage gun offers deep tissue percussion massage to your body. This device has six interchangeable heads that go in hand with the speed levels ensures you meet your massaging expectation. More so, the quite glide technology used ensures that the 24V brushless motor offers a quiet environment. That means you can use it at the home, office, or outdoors. Also, it is of compact and lightweight design, making it portable and easy storage. After fully charging your device, it can last up to 4-hours while in use. Additionally, the 2500mAh lithium-ion battery can get recharged anytime it’s low on power. In conclusion, it works perfectly well to reduce muscle soreness, body massage, and increase your range and f motions.


  • Has LCD for the battery indicator
  • Accelerates muscle recovery
  • It is of ABS material hence durable
  • Comes with a carrying case for secure storage after use


  • Has a lit sound during deep massage

#2. LONOVE Percussion Massage Gun

The LONOVE massage gun design is to aid recovery, increase your range of motions, and decrease the soreness of the muscles. Its package comes with six applicators to offer full-body muscle massage. The LCD touch display and 30-speed level give you easy control as you will change speed and pressure to meet your need. Besides, you can use this device for up to five continuous hours as it has high energy batteries. The manufacturer guarantees that using this device before your workout will help improve your performance. Lastly, you can rely on it for deep relaxation because of the higher wattage motor that offers more torque.


  • Easy to operate with the LCD
  • Massager for deeper relaxation
  • Reduces injury risks
  • Offers a comfortable and quiet operation


  • Goes auto-off after 10-minute use

#1. ABOX Toncur Massage Gun

The Toncur massage gun is our top-rated product because of its functionality. If you need quick muscle recovery and pain, purchasing this device is the best alternative you have. It transmits ultra-strong percussion of up to 3300 RPM deep into 80 muscle tissue, thus relieving muscle soreness. More so, the brushless motor has 30W torque hence low noise. Meaning its fast percussion speed provides more massage.

Furthermore, the two handles make it different from the rest. You can massage your neck and back in a relaxed position. Lastly, the double ball shape stimulates the targeted muscle directly hence suitable for body use.


  • Suitable for muscle relaxation
  • Six adjustable activators it convenient
  • Removable top thus easy maintenance
  • Easy to use


  • None

Factors to consider before buying a percussion massage gun


A massage gun usually needs one hand, and that is why weight is a vital factor. A suitable device must be lightweight so that you feel confident and safe while in use. You will be able to massage your targeted muscle if the device is lightweight, even if it is at its top speed.

Stall force

The pressure you apply to the head massage gun is what we refer to as stall force. If you need a deeper and percussive therapy, consider massage guns that have higher stall force to avoid inconveniences while in use.


A smooth operation is all you need in a massage gun. Some of the attachments that come in their packages include head attachments. It is because they can work perfectly on different body parts for massage purposes. More so, some devices offer an adjustable head angle, which makes it convenient for use. You should put customizability as a factor of consideration because you have to think about your targeted mus le. More so, you should also consider how many massage therapy you can enjoy while using your muscles.


Believe me when I say, if you do not consider noise as a factor of consideration, then be ready to be irritated. The massage guns use motors, which can be loud, leaving you with unpleasant experiences when using them on the neck and shoulder. Look for a device with adjustable motor noise to avoid inconveniences.


We believe that you have understood the importance of having a personal percussion massage gun entirely. The above devices are lightweight and portable. You can use it anywhere you want as they use rechargeable batteries. When it comes to quality and performance, the above brands to be the best overally. Meaning their devices will not disappoint you while in use. Since a massage gun can be used for multiple functions, please consider finding one that meets the above buying guide. By doing so, you will have found a device of value to your money. Order any of the top 10 best percussion massage guns in review to avoid inconveniences.

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