Top 10 Best PC Gaming Keyboards in Reviews

Give yourself the best advantage when it comes to either gaming or typing with the best devices. If you are a game enthusiast, you will for sure need a good PC gaming keyboard to keep you enjoying every bit of your game. A killer keyboard ought to deliver the required responsiveness, accuracy, and comfort regardless of how long you operate it. This allows you to triumph over your enemies in style, functionality, and many other factors. Whether you are playing today’s best free games or best PC games, you will always need the best keyboard for an immersive gaming experience.

With the myriad of options available in today’s market, it gets so tough as any boss battles to settle on the best. Anyway once you find the perfect model, each interaction with your PC offers you a brimming with phenomenological delight at all times. Therefore, we have made your work easier by compiling a whole list that will aid throughout your entire searching process. The list below consists of the top 10 best PC gaming keyboards that you can always make your choice from.

10. Alienware Low Profile PC Gaming Keyboard with USB Passthrough and Media Controls

At every stage of your adventure, you can enjoy seamless audio with Alienware PC gaming keyboard. Featuring aluminum construction, you are assured of a stronger and durable unit. It is equipped with low-profile keys for smoother triggering and better control. You can easily customize the RGB lighting from up to 16.8 colors to allow you to pick one that suits you the best. The dedicated audio controls allow you to adjust your audio to enjoy every moment you operate it. Ideally, you can easily control the intensity of your game with the dedicated media keys and easy-to-access USB passthrough.


  • Has a slim profile to ease both storage and transportation
  • The switches on the top plate give it a modern look
  • Allows you to maximize reaction times with 3 section layout
  • Responds quickly and operates quietly avoid disturbances


  • Has limited RGB profiles

9. Boyi Cherry Blue Mini Jokee Keypads Mechanical Type-C Switch PC Gaming Keyboard

You can gift your loved ones this coming holiday season with Boyi PC gaming keyboard. The keycaps are made from PBT components that are abrasion-resistant and extremely durable for long usage life. You can type or game at any place of your choice thanks to its mini size and lightweight design. With the anti-ghosting keys, you can operate the keys individually without any obstacles. Moreover, you can keep typing for a longer period without feeling any fatigue since it has a scientific stair-up keycap design. While using the 3 layers programmable download mode, you can easily use the DIY user mode in three different modes to suit your entire needs.


  • Offers you a natural 4 degrees tilt to keep you comfortable
  • Only weighs 1.85 pounds thus easy to carry around
  • Works well with Windows, Win7, Win8, and many more
  • Has a solid build with a metallic top plate and plastic bottom


  • You cannot adjust the screen brightness

8. Kraken Yellow Switch Compact Sized PC Gaming Keyboard for Professional Gamers

Kraken PC gaming keyboard is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your typing needs. It is equipped with inbuilt RGB lighting effects that allow you to perform your tasks as you desire. The yellow optical switches are very fast allowing you to take advantage of video games. This makes it a great choice for pro gamers, twitch streamers, YouTubers, and many other persons. With only a weight of 1.69 pounds, you can easily carry it around whenever you are traveling. Additionally, you perform your typing or playing in a more convenient since it is equipped with very sensitive keys.


  • Has a compact design thus takes less storage space
  • Saves your time since it takes a few minutes to connect
  • The included USB cable makes it easier to plug into the system
  • Compatible with XBOX, PlayStation, PCs, and many more


  • No con so far

7. Yunzi Black Programmable Customizable PC Gaming Keyboard with Optical Switch

Are you looking for a compact PC gaming keyboard? Look no further than this brand by Yunzi. It has a minimalist design making it easier to fit it into your backpack whenever you are moving around. You can use it for a longer time without feeling any hand fatigue since it has an ergonomic design. Even better, this hot-swap keyboard enables you to change switches at any time without soldering. Since it only weighs 1.69 pounds, you can easily carry it with you in case you are moving from one place to another. With some fiddling around the drivers, you can easily customize the RGB lights to meet all your needs.


  • Comes with extra caps for Mac operating system
  • Made sturdy to ensure safer typing and gaming
  • Designed from durable quality materials
  • Takes a few minutes to fully assemble it


  • The keyboard does not have adjustable feet

6. Epomaker Wired Hot-Swappable Water Resistant PC Gaming Keyboard with RGB Backlit

Even for the daily on-the-go lifestyle, you can enjoy gaming with Epomaker PC gaming keyboard. It is designed from high-grade ABS and PBT components that are strong and last longer. With the water-resistant and dustproof keyboard design, this unit is more practical in case you spill any liquids on it. In addition, it is compatible with various operating systems from Android and windows to Mac/iOS. Featuring an N-key rollover, you can enjoy your typing without pressing any multiple keys. While playing games, you can enjoy different color effects arising from RGB to suit your entire needs.


  • Equipped with type C cable for fast and stable connections
  • Well designed to prevent the letters from fading away
  • The keycaps remain sturdy and oilproof for a long period
  • Has an onboard memory that saves the last configurations


  • The housing is made from cheaper materials

5. Havit Blue Switch Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard for Laptop and Computer Games

For PC games, you would have a more enjoyable time with Havit PC gaming keyboard. It is equipped with an ultra-large wrist rest area which enables you to type more comfortably. This unit creates such a colorful gaming environment with RGB lighting effects and 7 color effect for a gaming mouse. The gaming headphone is equipped with soft and breathable fabric that offers you exceptional comfort throughout your gaming time. Additionally, the mouse features various lighting options which allow you to operate it as you desire. This makes it a great gift for game lovers.


  • Equipped with an adjustable microphone to suit your needs
  • The dual large drivers pump out the needed audio quality
  • Allows you to see at night with the RGB lights
  • Comes with longer cables for convenient operations


  • The keys are a bit noisy

4. RK Royal Kludge Brown Ultra-Compact Wired PC Gaming Keyboard for High Performance

Indulge in more enjoyable gaming sessions for a better experience with RK Royal Kludge PC gaming keyboard. This unit is perfect for playing games and typing because the blue switch gives clear feedback each time you press any key. The dedicated software enables you to conveniently assign macros and customize per-key lighting to suit your entire needs. Additionally, it is equipped with ergonomically designed keycaps that will help reduce any hand fatigue during long-time usage. You can as well use a type C USB cable to transmit data and recharging purposes since it is compatible with most PC devices.


  • The brown switch is easy to trigger compared to the blue switch
  • Has special padding that keeps it more stable and steady
  • Features high-quality ABS construction for longer usage
  • Easy to carry around and store with its compact design


  • The stabilizers are a bit rattly

3. Razer Cushioned and Quiet PC Gaming Keyboard with Individually Backlit Keypads

When it comes to a lightweight PC gaming keyboard, you can put your trust in this brand by Razer. It only weighs 2.09 pounds making it easier for you to carry it from one place to another. With the inbuilt key rollover ghosting, you can execute up to 10 commands at the same time for all-around gaming performance. Moreover, it is designed from high-quality components to withstand accidental falls without any damages. You can as well easily remap all the keys and keypress combinations with the help of Hypershift. Also, you can easily adjust the backlit colors to suit your needs as you type.


  • Designed from high-grade materials that last longer
  • Allows for softer clicks to avoid any disturbances
  • Equipped with adjustable feet to suit hand height
  • Made sturdy to ensure safe and stable operations


  • The customization driver is not user friendly

2. Lushujun Wireless Mechanical RGB USB-C Rechargeable Bluetooth PC Gaming Keyboard

A mushy keyboard won’t be such a good thing if you are into typing the whole day. Lushujun PC gaming keyboard is ergonomically designed to allow you to type for longer periods without feeling any wrist pains. This offers consumers the best touch typing experience anywhere at any time. The switches and keypads are designed from high-quality materials to withstand longer usage time. Better still, it has a minimalist design to take up less storage space while offering you the needed experience as other keyboards. You can use it at home, office or while traveling.


  • Equipped with a 2000mAh battery that lasts for 10 hours
  • Comes with software that remaps certain keys
  • Allows Bluetooth connection of up to 3 devices simultaneously
  • Ergonomically designed for more comfortable operations


  • Has few light options

1. BlueFinger Wired Lightweight Ergonomically Designed PC Gaming Keyboard with Backlit

If you are looking for a high-quality PC gaming keyboard, this brand by BlueFinger is a great choice. It features a high-grade ABS construction well known for its strength and durability. All the 104 keys on the keyboard have a backlit function that never fades away to allow you to see clearly. With the 19 nonconflict keys, you can hold or press multiple keys simultaneously for optimum performance. The adjustable high-definition microphone offers you the best sound quality for better communication in gaming actions. On the other hand, the mouse pad gives you a larger space to move your mouse around.


  • The mouse has rubber pads at the bottom to avoid slipping
  • Does not require any drivers thus easier to use at all times
  • Compatible with laptop, computer, PS4, Xbox One, and more
  • Made lightweight thus easier to carry from place to place


  • The headset is made of cheaper materials

Factors to consider when purchasing a PC gaming keyboard

Switch type

You can choose to either settle on mechanical or rubber membrane key switches depending on your needs. Those with mechanical switches can be a bit heavier on the pocket compared to those with a rubber membrane. On the other hand, they can as well be louder while in use. You can get one with a rubber membrane if you prefer a cheaper and quieter model.

Keyboard connection

Keyboard connection dictates how fast or slow your input registers to your computer or PC device. They are wired and wireless keyboards available in the current market. You find most gamers going for wireless models. Sometimes wireless keyboard can cause unreliable connections compared to the wired models.

Materials used

Everyone desires to purchase a longer-lasting unit for longer usage life. With this, you will have to consider the materials it is constructed from. Most of the models above feature metallic and plastic construction that always assures you of a strong and durable unit. This will greatly help you to save costs that could arise from frequent replacements.

Level of comfort

Regardless of how you are gaming or typing, you should remain comfortable at all times. Most of our brands above are ergonomically designed to offer you the desired level of comfort. Some are equipped with wrist stand to avoid any wrist pains. Others are tilted to a particular angle to prevent any hand fatigue.


A good PC gaming keyboard is a great investment if you are into gaming or perform tons of typing works. Depending on your needs, you will need to consider some factors while foregoing the less important ones. All the brands above are well designed to fulfill your desires in the best manner possible. Now, you no longer have to worry about long typing sessions because you are well catered for during such scenarios. Using the above-mentioned considerations, you will indeed pick the best gaming keyboard.

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