Top 10 Best Outdoor Electric Grills in Reviews

Outdoor electric grills, as like other electrics gadgets, are not expensive. Nowadays, these barbecue grills are made to serve the same purpose gas grills offered. One indisputable advantage of outdoor electric grills is the convenience they give you and their affordable price. Using an electric grill will call to an end the use of bags of charcoal or barrels of propane. No more struggles to light up the stove or fire. The grill is capable of getting up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit thus enabling a whole chicken or large chunk of steak to cook.

If you are out there searching for the best outdoor electric grill, you might get confused while selecting the one that meets your needs. We understand that there are numerous brands of electric grills on the market. But that should not disrupt you from getting your best appliance. We have your back. Upon reviewing several grills, we managed to come up with a list of the top 10 best outdoor electric grills reviews. Here is the list.

#10. Power Smokeless Tempered Glass with Interchangeable Griddle Plate Electric Grill

To start our list is Power Smokeless electric grill. The grill claims to virtually do away with the smoke associated with the traditional BBQ grill. Unlike charcoal that does not have any mechanism to regulate the temperature, this grill is capable of regulating the cooking temperature. Even if you are following the barbecue recipe, you can grill the burgers you have yearned to have for a long time. The cooking is even and on time so at no case should you get uncooked sections. Cooking is done easily with this smokeless grill because you only need to plug in the power cord and switch on. Also, the non-stick plates are dishwasher safe.


  • The cooking plates are dishwasher safe
  • It cuts down the use of charcoal and propane
  • Comes with extra grill surface that can cook for the whole family
  • Made of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum material that is durable


  • It does not come with griddle plate

#9. Coleman 285 Portable Road Trip Stand-Up Swappable Cooktops Propane Grill

Coleman Road Trip 285 Portable Propane Grill features two wheels for a hassle-free setup, transport or takedown and sturdy quick to fold legs. The grill is suitable to take outdoor for a camping trip or any other outdoor event. To ignite this unit is simple and doesn’t consume any matches. You can select thereafter your preferred temperature to cook your food. If you wish to cook meat, seafood, veggies and so on, you can. Besides, it comes with a locking lid that enables secure transportation. The grill only uses 1 pound of a propane cylinder. The cooktops are swappable with the effortless changeover. Select this grill for sweet enjoyable cooking time.


  • Built with an instant ignition push button with no requirements of matches
  • The grill can be transported with ease because it has fold legs
  • It has improved burner technology that offers you better control
  • The lid is lockable for safety as it is being transported
  • The cooking pan is removable for easy cleaning


  • The water tray is shallow and long

#8. George Foreman GBR5750SCBQ 7-in-1 Removable Plates Electric Indoor Grill (Blue)

If you have yearned for the best electric grill that comes including ceramic griddle, waffle plates, and grill plates, then George Foreman is what you are missing. The grill brings to your kitchen the latest innovation of cooking quickly and in a simple manner. Also, the grill has a removable plate with non-stick ceramic coating, and you’ll get a ceramic griddle and two waffle plates. Besides, the cooking plates are dishwasher safe so cleaning up is a breeze. Using this grill will remove 42% of fat. Moreover, if you want to get precision cooking, then this grill is the best – the adjustable temperature control enables you to select a suitable temperature.


  • Removable plates are dishwasher safe and clean up is easy
  • Has an exclusive sloped design that removes 42% of fats
  • Made with a non-stick ceramic coating that is five-time durable
  • It is a versatile grill that can cook almost everything


  • The grill is smaller than the one shown on the image

#7. VonShef Non-Stick Ceramic Surface Electric Smokeless Outdoor Grill -1200W

VonShef Non-Stick Outdoor Grill offers you maximum flavor with zero smoke. The grill is built with an extraction smoke system that leaves you to enjoy smokeless chargrilled steaks, vegetables, chicken and more enjoyable meals. Also, the 1200W smokeless grill will always deliver the perfect cooking right in your kitchen or at the patio. Moreover, this is a grill to count on because it delivers foods that have less oil. What’s more, this grill has a non-stick surface, that lets you cook with no or less oil. Plus, the non-stick surface is easy to clean after you are done enjoying the sweetest meal.


  • Removable and dishwasher safe making cleaning a breeze
  • Offers you a simple way of enjoying a meal even better
  • Non-slip feet offer enhanced stability during grilling
  • It delivers smokeless grilling experience


  • Your food can cook unevenly if you don’t turn it often

#6. Oberdome EZQ-4016B 3 Heat Combination Settings Electric BBQ for Outdoor Use

Do you wish to save time, space and energy when cooking food in a more advanced manner for outdoor use? Thanks to Oberdome EZQ-4016B Electric BBQ that has come for your rescue. The Oberdome operates on 1750W and has three heat combination settings to regulate cooking temperature. Besides, this unit only weighs 17 pounds for easy transportation. This multi-oven appliance makes your patio fully portable. The well-made top and bottom heaters capture heat and moisture to speed up the cooking time while leaving your food tasting delicious. The ease of use grill allows you to grill chicken, steaks, bake up to 12” of pizza, bread, cakes, cookies, potatoes and so on.


  • A perfect grill for apartment patio and balconies
  • Readily grill, roast and bake just about everything
  • No requirements of propane or charcoal because the grill is electric
  • It is faster in cooking than a conventional grill


  • Cooks like an oven and not a grill

#5. Americana Lock ‘N Go 1500W Double Hood Vents 176 sq. Grill for Outdoor Use (Black)

Americana Lock ‘N Go Grill is the greatest model of cooking appliance with interlocking hood and bowl. The unit has a large and stay-cool wooden handle that allows the grill to be portable and becomes a versatile grill on the market. Also, the 1500W element has been listed on UL and CUL, therefore, it can be plugged to any standard power outlet. Moreover, the double-hood vent offers better temperature and draft control. Furthermore, this unique grill has a heavy-duty pedestal base that ensures the grill is sturdy and durable. Use this unit in most cases for outdoor events.


  • Provides you with 176 sq.” cooking space
  • Uses 1500 wattage of power that has been UL and CUL listed
  • Installation and use is quite simple and easy
  • The double hood vents enable for better draft control


  • The grill sells so cheaply

#4. Techwood Double-Sided Grill Plate 1500W Multifunctional Outdoor Electric Grill (Black)

Things are getting intense and coming next on our list is Techwood Raclette Outdoor Grill. This appliance enables you to have fun together with your family and friends as you bond. Do you imagine many people cooking at the same time but cooking various meals? Yes, this is possible with this magnificent grill. If you are hosting a dinner party soon and you wish to have the greatest fun of the time, then this is a grill that should not miss out in your house. The individual grill pans enable everyone to choose what to cook. You can prep meat, vegetables, seafood, pancakes, and other foods. All the parts of this grill are dishwasher safe. Grab your set right now while the deal is still sweet!


  • Comes with 8 separate trays that are dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleaning
  • Brings all family members on board because everyone is involved in cooking
  • The top plate come with a reversible capability for a delicious crepes
  • Offers you a creative way to prepare your foods


  • Only recommended for cooking many foods

#3. Hot Shot Compact & Portable Removable Grilling Plates Smokeless Outdoor Electric Grill

Hot Shot outdoor electric grill enables you to create classic favorite meals without worrying about smoke, propane or gas. If you are a fun for steak, hot dogs, burgers during summer, then this is a suiting grill to take places during outdoor events. Also, the unit enables you to prepare any foods at the comfort of your patio. Built with an airflow technology that ensures the foods are smokeless and offers you the same BBQ grill quality with no mess experienced. Prepare your breakfast, lunch or even dinner with this versatile grill that has interchangeable griddle plates and grill plates. Have a stress-free cooking experience by leveraging on this auspicious grill!


  • Airflow technology improves on cooking efficiency
  • Designed with a compact and portable manner to fit any outdoor use
  • The dual cooking surfaces offer thorough cooking to your food
  • It is versatile and can cook almost any food that may come along
  • Capable of grilling up to a maximum of four large steaks at once


  • The temperature measurement is not accurate

#2. Hamilton Beach Viewing Window Removable Non-stick Plate Electric Outdoor Searing Grill

How about making a healthy grilling at home with a breeze? Thanks to Hamilton Beach Outdoor Searing grill that has made it a reality. Built with a temperature setting that enables to you set your preferred temperature when food is cooking. Also, the plates and drip tray are dishwasher safe. Temperature can be adjusted from 200 degrees to a high temperature of 450 degrees. If you need those great meat nutrients to be retained, it is a brilliant idea to buy this unit because it enclosed everything tightly. Even better, the grill cooks more than the steaks and burgers, it can grill chicken, make pizza, fish, vegetables, fruits and so on.


  • The removable plates are dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a convenient window that let you see the progress of food
  • Heat control settings eliminate food prep guesswork
  • You can easily grill 4 steaks at the same time


  • It requires a preheat before placing your food to cook

#1. DeLonghi BG24 Perfecto 1500W Drip Tray Adjustable Thermostat Healthy Outdoor Grill (Black)

The first position is DeLonghi BG24 Healthy Outdoor Grill. The cooking surface is made of a die-cast aluminum material which is also non-stick with a special heating element that distributes the heat all over the grill. The adjustable and detachable thermostat is built with five temperature levels. Besides, the grill surface itself is made of non-stick materials thus less oil is used. The presence of the tempered glass lid enclosed the grill to retain moisture. For safety purposes, the grill is made with a cool handle that prevents your hands from getting burnt with the hot pan. Better is the indicator light that lights up to show when the handle is hot. Consider this if you wish to enjoy endless grilling moments!


  • Capable of keeping grilled food warmer because of the tempered glass lid
  • Comes with a large cooking surface to make meals for the whole family
  • Heat is distributed evenly for perfect food preparation
  • The touch handles are cool for maximum safety
  • Has non-stick grill surface thus less oil is used for grilling


  • The non-stick coating on the grill starts to peel off

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Outdoor Electric Grill

As you shop for an outdoor electric grill, here are some important factors that you should consider to get the best of the best choice.


The initial factor to put into consideration is safety. Of course, a good electric grill should not have any exposed flames, the grates should heat up automatically when the grill is turned on. The plug cable should support higher wattage to avoid the explosion. Besides, it should have a fuse to avert any danger that may occur.


Since you are purchasing a portable grill, it is important to check on the size and the design. The grill should have a small size than the charcoal or gas grills to gives you an easy way of handling in the patio. Some that can sit on the outdoor tables are even more desirable.

Fuel cost

Here is the interesting part of these grills. No more need to buy charcoal for over fire grilling or propane as for the case of gas grills. The only cost that you incur is the small electricity bills for the electric grill.

Clean up

If an easy to clean grill is what you want, then the good news here is, all the above grills have non-stick grates that wipe clean so easily.

Heat Control

These automatic electric grills have specific temperature settings. What you need to do is set the heat level you want your food to cook with and everything is kept on control. No guesswork here involved because food cooks at the right temperature.


For sure there is a grill that suits anyone and each occasion. The weather should never limit your family outdoor to come together. Also, price is not the reason that will make you miss your specified grill. You only need to put together all your needs and ensure to pick an electric grill that meets your budget and cooking needs. That’s all. Even if you live in a small apartment, storage should give you a problem, a compact size outdoor electric grill is available for you. An electric grill is an appliance that enables you and your friends to have a good time as you enjoy well-roosted meat. Have fun as you make your purchase!

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