Top 10 Best Ninja Slacklines in Reviews

Slacklining is becoming a common act that involves walking or balancing a suspended line of a flat woven tape that is stretched between two supporting ends of poles or healthy trees. Using a ninja slackline kit comes with a lot of benefits, including improving sore strength, improving balance and posture, relieving stress and anxiety, alleviating depression, and so on. Besides, it’s fun slacklining and, therefore, foster family bonding. If you want to slackline optimally, it’s necessary to go for the best ninja slackline kit.

Most of these units are safe, with several attachments included that allows even beginners to slackline with ease. Even better, they’re flexible and convenient to be used at end year events, get together, birthday parties or any other event where fun is required. Most importantly, it’s suitable for both adults and kids no less than five years of age. To help you pin down to the best choice, we’ve compiled for you a matchless list of the top ten best ninja slackline. Let’s find out what each selection offers.

#10. American Ninja Warrior 34 ft. Ninja Line By B4 Adventure for Outdoor Fun Toy (114)

Here comes an exceptional slacklining kit, American Ninja Warrior training unit. This kit enhances your skills so that you can take part in a challenge like a pro. It’s effortless to assemble and store, hence you can take along your training kit. Also, it’s suitable for the park, camping and competing with friends to know who can be the fastest ninja. You can customize your ninja line unit using six included obstacles and add to your kit to create exceptional ninja training. Besides, it features 11 pockets that allow you to space your barriers to create a more strenuous training environment. It boasts a reinforced ratchet that’s made of powder steel coated, having rubberized handles for maximum comfort. If you need a kit for agility and balance training, you have found the right set. What’s more, it includes a carry bag with book bag straps that enables you to carry the kit with ease.


  • Fully endorsed & licensed by American Ninja Warrior
  • Comes with a carry bag for portability needs
  • You can customize the kit to your course
  • It’s easy to set up almost anywhere


  • The measurements given are a bit off

#9. Driftsun Sports 50 ft. Training Line & Tree Guard Protectors Slackline Complete Kit

If you want to have fun while improving your training skills, then there’re high-chances that you are looking for the best training line. If so, Driftsun Sports Slackline complete kit is here for you. This kit is an ideal package for both beginners and experts who want to up their overall balance and have unlimited fun. Most importantly, this unit is from high-quality, durable nylon webbing that is also weather weather-resistant and built to stand the test of time. With deluxe ratchet, tensioning and releasing is a cinch. Besides, it’s designed with an easy setup; hence you’ll spend more of your time enjoying slacklining and less time putting together. This exemplary kit is a handy gift for college students, teens, athletes, and families. In summary, the Driftsun Sports Slackline is durable, affordable, easy to store, and convenient.


  • It’s weather-resistant to ensure your kit withstand the elements
  • Design to suit ages of 5 and up, hence entire family can use it
  • Ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced skill level
  • Has an easy setup that saves your time


  • The direction of using the ratchet could be a bit clearer

#8. ChooseDaily 40 ft. Backyard Ninja Warrior Course w/8 Obstacles Monkey Bar Slackline

ChooseDaily backyard ninja warrior is sturdily designed to fit the needs of most households. You can confidently have this kit for your soon being sure that it wouldn’t break or injure your kid. The quality of this monkey bar slackline is second to none. And also, the fact that it’s easy to install makes it a popular selection for most households. The obstacle course phenomenal, and your kid’s skills can be improved within no time. Besides, it’s stable and no chances of sagging throughout all points. It’s a great kit to take a challenge with friends in the neighborhood. This item can be a superb present for your grandchild or child during Christmas, birthday, or holidays.


  • Come with all parts included for a thrilling challenge
  • Great birthday, Christmas gift for your kids
  • Built with a sturdy design to last
  • Easy to set up and use


  • A bit difficult when applying tree strap

#7. Zen Maestro 65 ft. Slackline Kit Complete w/Tree Ratchet Protectors & Carry Bag

Zen Maestro slackline kit is an excellent choice for both new and expert slackliners. Both the training line and the arm trainer will boost the techniques of both adults and kids. Even better, it’s longer compared to other starter kits with up to 65 feet, and 57 feet walk line. Also, setting up this kit on larger trees a walk in the park because it comes with 5 feet tree protectors. All the components of this kit have been manufactured of high-quality material; you can expect guaranteed usability. Additionally, it comes with an illustrated specifications on both parts that offer better protection and performance while using it.


  • It’s perfect for both beginners and experienced slackliners
  • Includes a carrying bag that makes transportation easy
  • Made from superior quality materials for reliability
  • Has an easy setup and takedown


  • The instructions are not well-detailed

#6. Gym 2 Dance 6 Rungs Climbing Ladder & 7 Monkey Bar Swing Kits for Outdoor & Indoor

Why do you have to end the fun when it snows, rains, or gets dark? Gym 2 Dance kit is not limited to a straight line that is seen on the slackline, and the ceiling anchors can be erected in any pattern to leverage training capacity and configuration. Plus, the new climbing ladder can be easily attached to the ceiling anchor or the slackline for effortless reaching and off the obstacles. Besides, the stainless steel ceiling supports can support 500 pounds. If you want a 24/7 Ninja training fun, you now know where to find it. And even more captivating, this kit is reliable and affordable.


  • Climbing ladder ensure you climb and off the obstacles safely
  • Built with super-strong anchors that offer reliable support
  • Provides you more fun compared to the standard slacklines
  • All the hanging hardware are included for easy setup


  • Still new in the market

#5. Gentle Booms Sports Ninja Warrior 56 ft. Kids Slackline Hanging Obstacle Course Set

If you are looking for a high-quality ninja slackline, then this brand from Gentle booms sports is the best choice. This is designed from heavy-duty materials that last longer. It is designed for use by both beginners and professionals trying to improve their concentration, balance, and strength. Additionally, it is made durable to withstand a maximum weight limit of 440 pounds. The kit includes one slackline, a ratchet, a small slackline, carry bag, tree protection, and one gift box. You are safer using this slackline since it is soft and non-slip to avoid sliding when using. It is an ideal gift for your friend or a family member during birthdays or Christmas holidays.


  • Easy to install since it only takes you some few minutes
  • It can be used in parks, parties, backyards and so on
  • Comes with a carry bag making it more portable
  • It can be carried from one place to another


  • Doesn’t support a weight of over 440 pounds

#4. Sunny & Fun Portable 50 ft. Ninja Slackline Monkey Bar & Ladder Kit w/Carry Bag

Let your kids have more fun this coming holiday season with this versatile ninja slackline from Sunny & Fun. You can use it in your backyard, when out for parties, during fitness classes, and so on. It is ideal for use by children with the age of 3 years and above. Moreover, this kit has two monkey bar holds, 50 feet slackline webbing, three rope monkey fists, tree protectors, a ladder, and two gymnastics rings. All these help your children to develop coordination, improves focus, strengthen the brain, and increase self-regulation, and many more. The slackline is from strong and durable materials that do not break that easily when hanged between two posts or trees.


  • The rubberized handles are comfortable to hold
  • Has seven obstacles that can be easily customized
  • Lightweight and comes with a carry bag
  • Strong enough to support children


  • The ladder isn’t safe since it is too long.

#3. Slackers 36inch Ninja line 3 7 ft. 10mm UV Resistant PE Ropes Slackline w/Ratchet Cover

When it comes to Slackers ninja slackline, your children will undoubtedly be entertained. This set contains 3 PE ropes, a 36-inch ninja line, four clear tubes, and a 36-inch slackline. All these are from high-quality materials that last for a more extended time. It can be used by both kids and adults between the ages of 5 years to 83 years. You can have installed in your backyard, schools, camps, and many other places. This is an ideal gift for your family this coming holiday season when out camping or hiking together. Assembly is a hassle-free task since it only takes you a few minutes for your children to get enjoying themselves.


  • The ninja line has 14 pockets for more entertainment and fun
  • Designed from sturdy materials to support more weight
  • It takes some few minutes to assemble it
  • Lightweight making it easier to carry


  • Not recommended for children below five years

#2. CTSC 95 ft. Zip Line Kit w/Stainless Steel Spring Brake & Seat Convenient for Kids

It’s more exciting for your children if you buy them CTSC ninja slackline because you are children remain safe as always. It has a 5.3 feet stainless steel spring break that is durable and safer to prevent any sudden stops that might cause accidents. While playing, your children can comfortably hold on to the zip lines since it has non-slippery rubber grips. The zip line kit comes with a seat that makes your children ride more comfortably. It is strong enough to withstand a maximum weight capacity of up to 250lbs.


  • Can be used by both children and adults between 8-60 years
  • Has an adjustable rope knot to suit your child’s height
  • The rubber grips are non-slip to avoid sliding
  • Sturdy to keep your children stable when playing


  • It takes more time to install it completely

#1. HeartSong 100inch Green Kids Backyard Zipline Kit w/Adjustable Seat & Non-Slip Handle

Your children rest assured of the best riding experience with HeartSong ninja slackline. This unit is a perfect outdoor playing tool for your children since it is long enough to accommodate more children for more fun. It can be used by children with the age of 8 years and above because it helps to improve balance, focus, and athleticism. The carriage handles ensure a firm grip as it prevents sliding when your children are out there playing. Additionally, this kit includes an adjustable seat, steel cable, tree protectors, rubber brake, hanging hardware, and carriage with handles. Also, safety and installation are well outlined for a more straightforward setup.


  • Support children with a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs
  • The seat can be adjusted to suit your child’s height needs
  • SetupSetup is hassle-free with a step-by-step guide
  • It’s affordable and reliable kit


  • Needs more people when setting it up

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Ninja Slackline


Before you can make any purchase consider the attachment that it comes with, and some of the essential accessories you should be looking for include ratchet protectors, training line, tree protectors, mainline, training line, ratchet for the mainline, and so forth. With such accessories in your kit, you’re sure to do your workout straightforwardly.

Safety of the Kit

Here, you should consider whether the kit you’re purchasing meets or surpasses the set-out safety regulations. Opt for those kits that meet all these regulations. Besides, consider the max weight that the unit is capable of holding. In case you come across that doesn’t meet your weight needs, keep off by all means. Check out the breaking weight on the manufacturer’s label to be sure of its support.

Skill level

You should not purchase any ninja slackline kit without considering your experience. Superior-quality and many accessories shouldn’t alone make you believe that you found the right package, instead, you should also consider your skill level. Ideally, if you’re a newbie, opt for kits that suit beginners and the like. Nevertheless, you can find those versatile models that can satisfy all three skill levels –beginner, intermediate, and expert levels.

Ease of Installation

Since these are units that are becoming popular in many households, most of them have easy to install mechanism. At least go for the models with easy process of putting together to allow you to have fun slacklining. Those that come with step by step guide are better because you don’t have to guess-work anything.


There’s no doubt; slacklining is one of the most significant ways of spending your free time. It boosts your general health yet maintaining the appropriate fun. Whether you want a model for an adult or a kid, we got your back. Read through our review, we’re confident that you’ll come across one of the best ninja slacklines. And even encouraging, we’ve offered you some of the things you should consider to enable you to differentiate the models. You and your family members can now enjoy slacklining thanks to this meticulous selections. Shop like never before!

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