Top 10 Best Mini Waffle Makers in Reviews

If you are looking to spice up your lunch of breakfast, you will need the best mini waffle maker. This product is very simple to use since you will only need to pour the regular waffle batter and close the machine and later turn it on. These waffle makers arrive in distinct sizes and shapes allowing you to choose the one that is good for your family. They are known to make thin, fluffy, and delicious waffles bringing the change in your meals. Provided that you get the best, you are going to make the best waffles at the comfort of your kitchen.

Currently, there are so many mini waffle makers for sale to meet the needs of different users. For that reason, getting the best might be an uphill task if you do not know what to look for. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best mini waffle makers that will probably suit your needs. Additionally, there are some features you should consider when buying which have also been enlisted in the article. For all this information, let us get started with the review.

#10. BELLA (13991) Non-Stick Waffle Maker w/ Removable Drip Tray

We begin this review with this waffle maker that allows you to enjoy the Belgian waffles at the convenience of your home. You will appreciate that it comes with 9 browning settings and a rotating feature as well. Additionally, it has been made with cool-touch handles so that you remain safe throughout the cooking process.

Other features that you will appreciate about this product is the fact that it has non-slip feet, a non-stick surface, and a removable drip tray. Its folding handle on the other hand is going to allow for very compact storage. Given that it has a non-stick design, it will give you the versatility of preparing different food types.


  • With this waffle maker, you will be able to make Belgian waffles at your home in a matter of minutes
  • Non-slip feet and a non-stick auto-locking cooking surface with dishwasher safe parts for easy cleaning
  • Non-stick versatility that allows you to cook different food types and batters
  • Comes with nine precise browning settings and a rotating functionality and cool-touch handles


  • Breaks within a very short time

#9. Marvel MVA-278 Waffle Maker, Blue

With this waffle maker, you are going to prepare one waffle that is approximately six inches. One of the convenient features of this product is the fact that it comes with the power and ready light indicators. What’s more, it prides itself on a non-stick surface that makes it easy to clean after use.

Operating at 760 watts of power, it will help you prepare your waffles within the shortest time possible. What’s more, it has a cord wrap design to bring you the convenience you deserve especially during storage. You will also be pleased with the affordable price of this waffle maker.


  • It comes with non-stick baking plates where you will only need to sprinkle little cooking spray
  • Safety first since it comes with power indicator lights to allow you to know when the waffle is plugged in
  • It operates on 760 watts power which makes it perform its task within the shortest time
  • The waffle maker comes with a convenient cord wrap for a convenient storage


  • Durability is not guaranteed

#8. Dash Mini Waffle Maker for Individual Waffles - White

On the next list, we have this product that will allow you to make more than waffles. It can conveniently make Paninis, the hash browns as well as biscuit pizzas. You will appreciate its lightweight and compact design making it ideal for the small kitchens or for the people on the go.

Another awesome feature that you will appreciate about the product is that it is very quick and simple to use. It also comes with a non-stick surface for even and consistent cooking results. The waffle maker also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty in case there is any manufacturing defect.


  • It has a compact and lightweight design since it only weighs 1 lb. making it ideal for the small kitchens
  • Just plug it in and you are ready to go now that it only takes a few minutes to heat up
  • This waffle maker has a non-stick design surface to provide even and consistent results
  • You need to buy this mini waffle with no worries since it comes along with a 1-year warranty


  • It is under-powered

#7. Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker w/ Non-Stick Removable Plates

The flipping action for this product allows it to make thick and fluffy waffles. You will appreciate that it has non-stick and removable plates which means that the cleanup will be hassle-free. Additionally, this waffle maker has an adjustable browning control depending on the way you want your waffles.

This mini waffle maker has been made in a stainless steel design so it will look very good on your countertop. You will also appreciate that it has been made in a compact design for the small kitchens. Since this product comes from one of the most reputable brands, you ought to buy with confidence.


  • It comes along with a flipping action that makes fluffy and thick waffles and makes them crispy on the outside
  • The mini waffle is equipped with non-stick and removable plates for easy cleaning after you are done
  • Adjustable browning control to make lighter or darker depending on your needs
  • This mini waffle has been made in a stainless steel design equipping it with a modern look


  • Does not close right

#6. StarBlue Double Waffle Maker

The innovative design for this waffle maker allows you to cook two waffles simultaneously. You will appreciate that the product has 5 delicious as well as delightful recipes so that you can make waffles with no delay. Another feature that you are going to fall in love with about this waffle maker is that it has been made with non-stick materials for easy cleanup.

If you are looking for a waffle maker that will create mouthwatering waffles, this is the product that you need to go for. Being made in top-notch quality, it means that it will give you the best results. The best thing is that it is priced very fairly.


  • It has an innovative design with dual waffle makers allowing you to cook 2 waffles simultaneously
  • Features sleek cooking plates made with non-stick materials for simple cleaning after use
  • With this product, you are going to get 4” tasty and thick waffles for a very memorable lunch, or breakfast
  • This is a household name known to make quality waffle makers and guarantees a refund of money


  • Poor packaging

#5. Uncanny Brands Waffle Maker

This is the best way to make waffles conveniently at home. With this mini waffle maker, you will have the convenience of creating two waffles if different sizes. What you need to do is basically pour batter on your entire plate. This product will be a great gift idea for kitchen users.

Another reason why you will fall in love with this product is that it remains a fun kitchen décor. It will, therefore, bring drama to your kitchen landscape. Since it has a non-stick surface, you will appreciate how it is to clean this product.


  • This waffle maker can perfectly make 2 different sized waffles in a hassle-free manner
  • Full-color design with a Dark Lord on its lid in order to bring big drama in any kitchen landscape
  • It has been UL-listed for safety and comes with a non-stick surface for easy cleaning
  • Makes a great kitchen gift and has been priced at a very affordable price


  • None identified

#4. KUTIME Pancake Pan with Seven Flapjack Faces

If you are looking for your baby to love his or her breakfast, this waffle maker should not miss in your kitchen. It comes with seven fun smiley faces that are definitely attractive to kids. The good thing about the waffle maker is that it has a versatile design. You can use it for pancakes, fried eggs, and omelets as well.

Another feature that makes this product worth buying is the fact that it has an even heating design for consistent cooking results. Additionally, it comes with stay-cool handles that guarantee your safety while cooking. In case you have any issues with the product after buying, the support team will be ready for you.


  • Your baby will love their breakfast since this waffle maker has been made with seven different and fun smiley faces
  • It features a non-stick surface that makes it very easy to clean after use
  • Non-rivet and keep-cool handles for proper heat insulation
  • Comes at an affordable price and has a reliable support team


  • It will chip very easily

#3. BCOWW Waffle Maker

This waffle maker is known for making fluffy, delicious, and thick waffles which will be good for your kids. The product is made in a quality design using stainless steel to guarantee durability. It also prides itself on non-stick grids for easy cleanups. It also has adequate power to make sure that you get the waffles ready soonest possible.

Basically, this is an elegant tool for breakfast since it allows you to create delicious waffles at home. It has also been equipped with the ready light to make sure that you have a convenient time with the waffle maker. It is essentially safe and very stylish to use.


  • Your mouth is going to water with the smell of the waffles which come in a fluffy and delicious design
  • The premium waffle maker has been made with quality stainless steel and has large and non-stick grids
  • You will be able to top with the maple syrup, seasonal fruits, and other favorite jams to add delicacy
  • Equipped with a ready light that will help you to time your waffles not forgetting that it cleans easily


  • Lacks a replacement guarantee

#2. Presto 03512 Stuffed Waffle Maker

If you are a lover of the Belgian style waffles, this is the right product for you. The convenience of this product is that you are able to add your favorite toppings. With this product, it will be possible to make delicious and stuffed waffles with sweet foods.

Another feature that people like about the waffle maker is that it has a very simple operation. You only need to pour the batter and later add the stuffing ingredients. It also prides itself on a rotating design to evenly spread the batter. With its in-built tongs, you will lift, remove, and also serve your waffles hassle-free.


  • This waffle maker allows you to prepare Belgian-style waffles with your ideal toppings inside
  • Comes with in-built waffle tongs that will allow you to lift, remove and also serve your waffles
  • Cooks your waffles in minutes and makes them crispy on the outside and tender inside
  • Its rotatable design allows it to flip in 180 degrees in order to evenly spread your batter


  • Stops working after a short time

#1. Calphalon Intellicrisp Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel

Let us sum up this review with this waffle maker that is made of stainless steel. You will appreciate that it has ceramic coated plates that will give up to 20% even heat for fluffy and crisp waffles. Another feature that makes the product unique is that it has a high-contrast LCD display.

Other than cooking evenly, you will also appreciate that the waffle maker cleans with ease after use. What’s more, its stainless steel construction will make sure that it serves the user for a long time. Its countdown timer on the other hand will track the cooking progress.


  • The cooking plates are ceramic-coated in order to deliver 20% more heat for fluffy waffles
  • It comes with a countdown timer in order to track the progress
  • The locks will easily close for convenient storage in a vertical manner
  • It features a high-contrast LCD display to clearly show the information that you need


  • Poor packaging

Factors to consider when buying mini waffle makers


A good mini waffle maker is normally defined by its durability. No one would like to get a waffle maker that will serve them for a very short period of time. To make sure that your waffle maker will stand the test of time, you must make sure to check at the materials used to make it. The materials must be of the best quality to guarantee that the waffle maker resists breakages.


The least you will want is a waffle maker that will give you a hard time when it comes to cleaning. For this reason, you should pick those waffle makers that have a non-stick cooking plate. Non-stick surfaces also have other advantages other than simple cleaning. For instance, they provide an easy release for the food once you are done cleaning. Additionally, you will have clean and consistent cooking results.


Whenever you will be shopping for these products, you need to ensure that you get a mini waffle that is lightweight and compact. This is going to make sure that you have an easy handling of the tool and you have an easy time carrying it wherever you want. Additionally, a compact mini waffle maker will make sure that it occupies the least storage space.


In modern days, good waffle will be a necessity in most households. You, therefore, need to make sure that you are not left behind by choosing one for your family. Regardless of whether you are a new buyer or you want to replace an old one, this review has something for you. We listed the top 10 best models to make sure that you do not struggle to shop. Additionally, we highlighted essential factors to keep in mind to guarantee that you make an informed decision.

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