The 10 Best Mini Projectors in Reviews

Certainly, the world is rapidly changing technology-wise. Unlike in the past few years where few people accessed video devices, almost every individual today get access to these appliances. Watching has been made even more enjoyable with the introduction of a portable mini projector. It let you watch at the comfort of your home or in a camp place. This device is versatile thus capable of working in almost any environment. The ergonomic design ensures it fits perfectly into your purse making it easier to travel with it whichever place you go.

Whenever you’ll go shopping for a mini projector, there are many considerations you have to make for the best shopping experience. As you know, there are many mini projectors models on the market, henceforth, a well-thought decision making is required. In either way, we have almost done everything for you. We have selected the top 10 rated mini projectors for you to give a try. Our review has also touched on some of the important consideration you should adhere to. So, here is our list.

#10. Jinhoo 2019 3500 Lux 176 Inches Projector Size Wi-Fi Mini Projector

If you want to have a theater experience at your home, then Jinhoo Wireless Mini projector should be topping your list. This unit emits vibrant colors and clear pictures. Also, it comes with a nice size and compact design. Additionally, the device is connected with Wi-Fi, unlike other brands. The Wi-Fi connection is a breeze! Besides, the speakers are good and fans work well as well. Keystones and focus function responds well when you adjust. Lastly, this system is compatible with HDMI, USB, AV, VGA, etc.


  • The image is quality is excellent even in the dark
  • It is compact and lightweight that ease portability
  • Wi-Fi connection that is both compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Equipped with HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, etc. interfaces


  • Keystone and focus require prior adjustment for clear images

#9. WEILIANTE Full HD Portable 2800 Lux Wireless Mini Projector

Are you troubled with the MHL connection? Well, all your sorrows have come to an end thanks to WEILIANTE Movie Projector that comes with advanced technology. Using this unit will cater to the demands of the market. Also, this HD mini projector comes with a Wi-Fi function thus ease the connection between your projector and your smartphones. WEILIANTE Wi-Fi Projector enables your iOS device through the ALC directly. Moreover, it supports AV, VGA, HDMI, 3.5MM Audio slots which makes the connection to external devices like laptop, amazon fire stick, Roku to this projector. This comes handy to your newly built cinema room at home.


  • With the Wi-Fi function, you can build a wireless connection with ease with your other device
  • Built-in dual stereo speakers offer a surround sound style experience
  • This projector has a super easy plug and plays setup
  • It displays a clear crisp display which is easy to use
  • Comes with good size and therefore it is moveable around different rooms


  • Some contents cannot be due to proprietary rights (e.g. Netflix, amazon prime, etc.)

#8. VANKYO Leisure 3600 Lux Video Projector with 236 Inches Display & HiFi Built-in Speaker

VANKYO Leisure 430 Projector for Home Entertainment has brought a difference in the entertainment zone. If you wish to enjoy a continuous home entertainment then this is a suitable device to leverage on. May it is music, video, games or even photos, it will display crystal clear images. The device has an HDMI input that connects to TV sticks, Game consoles, PC, Laptops, DVDs, etc. Additionally, it also comes with a VGA input and USB input as well as a 3.5mm AUX output. Leisure 430 projector is perfect for playing the game, sharing a photo, party and also makes a good gift idea.


  • Leisure 430 mini projector offers easy installation procedures
  • It gives you 236” big screen watching experience
  • Uses the advanced color engine to provide vivid colors and excellent contrast for images
  • The projector is easy to operate with many ports including, VGA, USB, HDMI RCA, etc.


  • This projector get plenty loud

#7. YABER 4000 Lumen Full HD 1080P 200 Inches Display Portable Projector

Taking the seventh position is the YABER Y60 Portable Projector that leverage advanced German LED light source, super-high quality materials with the dedicated manufacturing process. The native 1280x720p resolution and 4000 lumens brightness that ensures you’ll get crisp and crystal clear images. Also, 4000:1 contrast ratio contributes to image quality. With a native resolution of 720p, you can rest assured that you certainly get quality images of the time. Besides, YABER Y60 is compact and lightweight making it more convenient than a large mini projector. Together with that, this unit is also made of luxurious and fashionable metal that has stronger wear and higher temperature resistant.


  • Compact and portable that makes it more convenient than large projectors
  • The portrait LCD panel technology offers an excellent image for the best viewing experience
  • The Y60 can reduce the projection size (-25%) by remote control unlike others that change the projection distance
  • Made of stronger and high-temperature resistant materials than other cheap plastic projectors


  • Used for home cinema and video games NOT recommended for presentation

#6. VINIBRIGHT F10 Full HD 1080P Supported 2800 White Light Mini Projector

Designed with a small size yet delivering high resolution, VINIBRIGHT F10 Light Mini projector makes your image clear with its high resolution. The exclusive 4” ultra-high temperature and light transmittance LCD Panel offer a wide color range for real image projection. This F10 mini projector has advanced visual features and flexible connection option that makes it ideal to be used as in video entertainment or even home theater, small business, entry-level education, etc. The device’s lamp has 50,000 hours of life. Besides, it is highly efficient and energy-saving. In summary, this projector is the best among other projectors because it is +60% brighter.


  • The appliance is +60% brighter than other projectors on the market
  • The display is intuitive and user-friendly
  • F10 is high-efficient and energy-saving
  • It produces incredibly clear and audible sound


  • The item should have been a bit lighter

#5. Hompow 4500 Lux Brightness 50000 Hours LED Full HD 1080P Video Projector

If you want to enjoy a movie even during the day, then you better adopt this 4000 lumens projection that emits 100% brighter light than others that only have 2800 lumens. Hompow enables you to enjoy a movie in a clearer mode without having to strain your eyes. The enhanced color contrast ratio of 3000:1 allow color restoration thus offering you vivid visual enjoyment. This unit suits well games lovers and movie enthusiast. You can use the HDMI or MHL cable (not included) to connect directly to the projector thus enabling you to share videos, photos, and many more items instantly. Also, the dual stereo speakers offer you 3D sound for an immersive and impressive experience.


  • Enables you to enjoy games and movies with family on a big screen
  • Designed with a noiseless friendly design that is suitable for your home environment
  • Readily adjust the height of the projector to suit all your needs
  • 50, 000 hours long light bulb lifetime makes it reliable as a TV


  • Doesn’t come with an HDMI and MHL cables

#4. FUJSU 3800LM Home Movie Projector for Laptop, PC iPad, Android Full HD Video Projector

Another best home movie mini projector is FUJSU LM. The device has an in-built speaker that offers powerful and Hi-Fi stereo sound which are strong enough for your home theater. With a native resolution of 1280×800, this mini projector can support 1080P video hence offering you a rich and sharp image. This versatile tool can either be mounted on a ceiling or set on the table for office or business presentation. Also, you can mount the screw to raise the front of the projector for a better view. Furthermore, this appliance comes with advanced noise suppression technology and ventilation system that ensures everything is maintained low while you get maximum entertainment experience.


  • This video projector won’t overheat and the fan noise reduced for a better experience
  • The projector is also versatile can be mounted on the ceiling or set on the table
  • It supports 1080P video source that offers you with sharp and rich image
  • Built with stereo speakers that offer powerful stereo sound for home theater


  • Suits well people with small houses

#3. GuDee Full HD Video Projector 1080P for Laptop, Smartphone, HDMI, USB& Fire TV Stick

Are you tired of the tiny TV screen that inconvenience you as you try enjoying your favorite TV show or movie? Now you can comfortably relax your eyes from your TV to a marvelous large screen, Gudee Full HD video Projector. The projector offers excellent performance with 4500L brightness, 5000:1 contrast ration, 200” display with full HD 1080P resolution. This video projector leverage on LCD TFT technology & LED light source to give you an amazingly sharp image. This device is +80% brighter than the other TVs projectors and less harmful to your eyes.


  • It is an ideal projector for PowerPoint presentation
  • Equipped with many ports making it compatible with many devices
  • Utilizes LCD TFT tech & LED light source to offer you amazing sharp images
  • Comes with an amazing cooling system that offers awesome heating dispersion without any noise


  • It is slightly heavy than their alternatives

#2. OKCOO Full HD 1080P 4500 LM 200 Inches Display for Presentation Mini Video Projector

Whether you’re looking for a business or an entertainment projector, OKCOO Full HD Mini Video Projector is your suitable choice. This unit has more than five features that make it outstanding among the other options on the market. First, the sealing design and efficient radiation passage greatly improve general stability and durability. Secondly, the LED light source that has 50000 hours lifetime suits all day today watching. Also, the free switching between the 16:9 and 4:3 pictures mode boost on clarity and image quality. Moreover, the low power consumption makes the projector to be more energy efficient. To make it more enjoyable the projector has optical keystone correction and picture keystone adjustment for enhanced functionality.


  • Endowed with a various functional interface including AV, VGA, HDMI, AV, USB, etc.
  • It is low power consumption thus making it more energy efficient
  • The sealing design and efficient radiation passage improve the overall stability
  • You’ll get reliable quality and after-sale service
  • The sound of the projector is excellent


  • No connections for additional speakers

#1. Vamvo Outdoor Movie Projector 200 Inches Projection Size Support 1080P Video Projector

Topping our list is Vamvo Outdoor Movie Projector. This professional projector uses innovative materials and upgraded cooling system thus all the heat dissipation problem are well sorted out. That will ensure your device is fully protected. Vamvo 3600L has 2 HDMI, 2 USB, VGA, AV, and SD slot. Connect to your television and other devices to enjoy good gaming or video watching moments. Use this projector for home theater, outdoor theater, and small offices. If you need to deliver cinematic wonder in any space, then this will make your wishes come true. Also, this unit uses an LED light source and LCD technology that maximizes on the lamp while reducing losses. Lastly, this device can support resolution 1920×1080.


  • You can readily customize your viewing experience
  • Adopt new innovative materials and advanced cooling system for full protection
  • It allows for multimedia connectivity that keeps your enjoying your gaming or movie
  • The higher resolution offers brighter and crispier images


  • The manual is difficult to understand with multiple settings

Factors to Look Out For When Purchasing a Mini Projector

Business or Entertainment

It is noble to be sure of the environment your projector will be working. For instance, if it will work in entertainment places, then a projector having up to 2000 lumens is desirable. This is because they perform well even when the lights are on. Other business or that for the academic purpose have lumens up to 6000 that ensure it is brighter for clear visibility.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

The mini projectors that work in outdoor environments have higher lumens level for images to be displayed clearly. This calls for lumens over 5500. But for indoor purpose, projectors having 1000 lumens is desirable because it is in the room.


Brightness also is dependent on the lumen level – the higher the lumens the higher the brightness as well. If you’ll be using your mini projector in a business environment a brighter projector is good.


Another crucial factor for a good mini projector is the resolution. This factor determines how the images and videos will display clearly on the screen. For a higher resolution projector, the pictures and images will appear crisp and more real.

Zoom Range

The zoom range also determines how you can adjust the image size to match the screen for many people to watch or see.


Of course, the main idea of acquiring a mini projector is because of its compact and lightweight design that ensures it is portable. The small size projector also ensures it fits well into your backpack or purse without any trouble. Additionally, a portable mini projector allows you to go anywhere with it without a feeling of carrying luggage.


You can see for yourself that you can attain your best projector with ease if you stick to our guide. We can rest assure you that you’ll enjoy a good movie watching moments with your family members or friends continuously. These mini projectors bring a sense of realism. So, as you make your selection, keep the factors we’ve given you on the fingertips so that every step you take is guaranteed to come out a success. We hope that once you’ve gone through our review, you’ll be able to get what you yearned to get for ages. Ensure to check on real customers review at the last section of each product on the e-commerce site.

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