Top 10 Best Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer in Reviews

If you need reliable equipment for storing food and other supply when at home or outdoor, an ideal and most convenient gear is a fridge, but as you know, the standard refrigerator does not offer on-the-go needs. The portable and compact mini-fridges cooler and warmer have come to suit your travel needs. These units not only cool your food but also warm them as well. Also, their mini-size means you can always grab an ice-cold beverage anywhere you will be.

Currently, there are tons of mini-fridges cooler and warmer in the market. You could be wondering how you’ll go about choosing the one model, but we have done intensive research to make your selection right. And out of that research, we managed to put together a comprehensive list of the top ten Mini-Fridge Cooler and Warmer in reviews. With the list and the guide below, we can rest assure you that you will get the model that will meet all your demands.

#10. Frigidaire EFMIS462 Retro Portable Mini Cooler 12 Can for Home or Office –Renewed

Although Frigidaire mini-fridge cooler is a refurbished product, its performance has proven its second entry to the market is not for granted. It has been cleared and tested for any defect and performance, and it is constructed more compact with no visible flaws. The mini-fridge can hold 9 liters or 12 cans. It is built with a thermoelectric cooling system that makes it operate quietly and efficiently. Designed with a convenient carrying handling for portability needs. The locking system is constructed solidly, and the door has hinges. And finally, it is easy to clean because the inside is fully insulated.


  • Has a compact and portable design for convenient carrying
  • Comfortable hold up to 12 cans of beverage for your needs
  • Cleaning and maintenance is simple and easy
  • It keeps all your drink securely stored


  • The temperature only goes down up to 48 degrees

#9. Teami 10L Compact Mini Fridge Cooler for Skincare Perfect for Bedroom or Office

If you though the mini-fridge is meant for edible items only, you’re wrong. Teami, 10-liter skincare, enables you to keep all your skincare products to stay chilled and fresh for long. In so doing, it can always use your skincare products until they are entirely unlike the other scenarios where you throw before being depleted. Imagine it can extend the shelf life up to 30 percent. It is perfect for oils, toners, masks, moisturizers, serums, makeup, jade rollers, nail polish, etc. But that doesn’t mean you can buy it as a snack freezer. It is constructed with two lightweight handles to make traveling easy. Besides, the two removable shelves enable you to customize your inside fridge.


  • Able to extend the shelf life of your skincare products to 30 percent
  • It is compact and perfect for an on-the-go use
  • Built with two lightweight handles for easy traveling
  • Has a thermoelectric design and eco-friendly


  • It is quite smaller

#8. Think Gizmos AC/DC Portable Thermo-Electric Mini Fridge Electric Cooler & Warmer

Are you looking for the awesome looking and high-performer mini-fridge? Think Gizmos electric cooler and warmer is at your doorstep. The 10-liter model is built with a super-useful carrying handle for easy portability. With an integrated dual-function semi-conductor, the mini-fridge can operate quietly. Moreover, it is lightweight, durable, and energy-efficient. Even better, it includes a gasket in its lid for an air-tight seal. It is also easy to clean, odor, and stain-resistant. Furthermore, it comes with all the cables required to get you to start chilling or warming your food. We assure you, this mini-fridge offers you a money guarantee, grab it!


  • Has a lightweight and compact construction to meet on-the-go needs
  • Constructed with carrying handles for easy portability
  • It saves you energy cost because it uses less power
  • Operates quietly without disturbing others


  • It takes time to reach its set temperature

#7. AstroAI 4L/6 Can Thermo-Electric Mini Fridge 600 AC/DC Cooler & Warmer (Black)

Hey, are you hungry? Thirsty? Here is the perfect deal, AstroAI mini fridge cooler and warmer to store drinks, snacks, or meals. The refrigerator can hold six can, which means you can chill them at once. It has a small size and can fit well into a small footprint and operates quietly. It also enables you to cool all your skincare products to prolong their shelf life. Both DC and AC power it; hence the mini-fridge is readily available for both your indoor and outdoor needs. When turned off, all the items will stay cold for the period you may want (given that the door is closed well).


  • It can keep your items cold even after it has been switched off
  • The cooler operates silently (25DB) for a peaceful sleep
  • It is versatile and offers both indoor and outdoor use
  • Has a compact design to fit into a small footprint


  • It is small in the inside but functions well

#6. Gourmia GMF600 4L/6 Can AC/DC Thermo-Electric Mini Fridge Cooler & Warmer

If you need a more relaxed and warmer engineered with thermoelectric technology, Gourmia GMF600 mini fridge cooler and warmer will meet your needs. This unit is an excellent solution for offering you cold drinks and warm food on the go. It can cool your glasses up to 32 °F (below the ambient temp) and warms your food up to 150°F (ambient temp of 75°). It includes a built-in fan to dissipate heat, and the thermoelectric Peltier element ensures efficiency and reliability. It has a perfect size that fits most of your frequent and favorite beverages. In addition to that, the compact and lightweight design makes it unit to suit travel needs.


  • Constructed to be lightweight and compact for on-the-go needs
  • It is a reliable and efficient mini fridge cooler and warmer
  • Has a cozy capacity to hold all your favorite beverages
  • Uses both AC and DC power to convenience


  • It may not fit all your lunch containers

#5. Guay 4L/6 Can AC/DC Portable Thermo-Electric Mini Fridge Cooler & Warmer (Blue)

Guay portable mini fridge cooler and warmer is another new unit in this list. The six can capacity offers you a spacious location to store all your favorite drinks intact. Also, if it is food, you can keep about 4 liters with ease. For safety purposes, this model complies with all North American safety standards. Besides, all its components are constructed with high-quality materials for the best performance. It is built to offer easy use and portable for on-the-go needs.

Moreover, it uses both AC and DC power thus can work both indoor and outdoor. This unit does away with the need for a microwave. Own it; you have a 100% money guarantee deal!


  • It is safe and efficient since it doesn’t use any harmful coolant
  • Capable of keeping all your drinks cold and refreshed all time
  • Built with a rugged and durable design for a long-lasting use
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • The fan noise is quite noticeable

#4. Cooluli Concord 20L Compact Mini Fridge Cooler & Warmer with Digital Thermostat

The Concord-20LDX thermoelectric mini fridge cooler and warmer is the source of style and efficiency. You can switch from cooling to warming with ease because an easy to read display. It uses a digital thermostat to control temperatures set; therefore, it doesn’t leave any room for errors. When your temp is obtained, the fridge goes into ECO mode to save you half the amount of power. If you need to store wine, snacks, drinks, skincare, this is the cooler to count on. The 20-liter unit is more spacious for all your necessities for the on-the-go needs. The molded insert carry handles each side makes movement easy and convenient. Additionally, this unit is used everywhere.


  • Has a modern design with compact and spacious storage
  • It is ultra-powerful, yet it operates quietly and efficiently
  • Built with ECO mode that saves you more energy
  • It is 100% environmentally-friendly


  • Not convenient for taller bottles

#3. CAYNEL 20L Dual-Core Cooling System Compact Portable Mini Fridge Cooler & Warmer

When it comes to real sophistication, CAYNEL portable mini-fridge cooler and warmer will prove to you that nothing is impossible. First, it has an adjustable temperature control with just a touch of a button. The digital display enables you to check the progress of your warming or cooling. It is for that reason why we recommend this mini-fridge to use to keep skin care, medicine, drinks, dairy, etc. since they need precise temperature. It uses dual-core cooling that is 3X faster than the one-core cooling system. Even better, it is compact and portable for use anywhere anytime.


  • The dual-core cooling system is faster and highly energy efficient
  • 100% Freon-free and ETL approved for guaranteed durability
  • Adjusting the temperature is just the touch of a button
  • Its operation is energy efficient and ultra-quiet


  • The side storage doesn’t fit much

#2. OMORC 10L Personal Mini Fridge Cooler & Warmer with LED Display AC/DC (White)

OMORC mini-fridge cooler and warmer is here at your disposal. This high-end cooler and warmer uses precise temperature control to offer better cooling and warming of your items. Whether you enjoy an ice-cold drink or a tantalizing warm food, purchasing this unit is a win-win. It is built with an easy to operate LCD to enable you to set and check when the temp is attained. Additionally, it uses a dual-core cooling system and eco mode to cut the cost of power by half. It also operates quietly to ensure you sleep peacefully. What’s more, this is a versatile item to go for because it uses both AC and DC power adapters.


  • The dual-core cooling system and eco mode lower power cost
  • It offers versatile to use because it accepts AC and DC adapters
  • Has an intuitive LCD control panel that is easy to operate
  • Offer precise temperature for storing different stuff


  • Produces a disturbing electric whine sound

#1. Cacat 20L Compact Single Door Mini Fridge Cooler & Warmer with Temperature Control

Still, wondering which type of mini-fridge to take home? Well, Cacat mini-fridge cooler and warmer is here for you. The model is perfect for chilling drinks and food, having the ability to chill up to 25 Celsius (below its ambient temp). Its motor operates quietly, and the fan circulates the air evenly to offer both cooling and warming needs. Also, it comes with a warm function that enables you to keep food warm up to 65 Celsius. This unit is ideal for office, home, travel, car, or outdoor use. The storage capacity for this mini-fridge is 20 liter.


  • Has a lightweight and convenient design to be fully portable
  • Comes with 20-liter storage space to suit all your edibles
  • It is multi-function and can keep drinks, foods or fruits
  • It is environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient


  • Doesn’t get drinks cold enough

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer

As we earlier mentioned, this units comes with various models and design, and to get the most out of your purchase, consider the below factors.


First off, consider the size of the mini-fridge you wish to have. Here, it will depend on the various items you be storing inside the unit. In case the things you want to store come in a bundle, you can opt for the mini cooler and warmer that fits them all. For instance, if you are going on a trip with your family members, you’ll need to package, let’s say a large bottle of soda and even some fruits on a larger storage unit. However, there are compact and small models that offer portability needs.


As a rule of thumb, a product that will well-crafted last. Don’t pay for something that will wear off before you can make use of it. And in line with that, it is worth checking the material making up the mini-fridge. Remember, low temperature attracts moister and hamper liquid; hence you should ensure the material is fully rust-resistant. Besides, the construction should be fully intact to prevent unprecedented detachments.


Thirdly, consider the rate at which the fridge cooler and can take to attain its optimum performance. The model that responds fast and cool or warm your drinks or any other items is preferable. In so doing, you can lower the waiting and queuing time.


Last but not the least thing to consider is the price. The amount that you pay for a mini-fridge cooler and warmer matters a lot. How much to plan to spend in buying this unit? Which features are you targeting the most? If you can answer those questions correctly, you can rest assured to get your best price tagged item quite easy. Our review includes a wide range of mini-fridge at different rates.


We hope after you have gone through the above list, you have at least gain something out of it. Don’t mind about our ranking; you can always make your judgment. Each mini-fridge cooler and warmer come with their features that differentiate one from the other. It’s for that reason we encourage you to go for the one that satisfies all your requirements. But, whichever model you select, they all have one goal; cooling and warming all your edibles. If you choose right, we can promise you an exhilarating moment in your office, on a trip, or at home enjoying your favorite drink.

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