Top 10 Best Mesh Wi-Fi Router in Review

A mesh router is a satellite device design to spread speedy Wi-Fi signals from any part of your home. If you seem to have dead zones in your internet connection then it is the best alternative. The mesh Wi-Fi Router will enable you to have control in your home and the outside range like garage and backyard. Although some are designed to specifically be accessible in a room or two, we find it convenient to use a mesh router that has access to a long-range.

The mesh router tends to come with different working speeds and coverage. Many of these products in the market are priced if compared to a single point. Which means you will browse in any corner of your household. We have research and tested some of the top products from different manufacturers and we promise you that any of our reviewed products are all your knees. Read through our review to find out more about their outstanding features and benefits.

#10. Meshforce Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi system M3s

If your house is 2+ rooms and you need speedy internet access then this 1 set of dual-band wireless router then mesh force routers is the best option for you. This device will speed up internet access in your two-roomed house. This M3s gigabit mesh wi-fi system can connect up to 60+ devices. More it’s 3times faster speed makes it a reliable device when you are moving in and out of your home. Other outstanding features are the parental control system which gives you control over what your children will access on the internet and also the devices they should use. Your phone will also keep seamlessly connected even outside your house.


  • Meets all consideration factors
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Capable for use for up to 60 devices
  • Equipped with Gigabit Ethernet
  • Covers up to 6+ rooms including backyard and garage


  • None

#9. WAVLINK Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router System

This 3 pack covers 3000 sq. Ft coverage which means it is worth the purchase for large houses. It uses a flexible system that can hold 10 satellites as you need. Its coverage depends on how you place it in your home. The MIMO technology used makes it a reliable device as each dual-band delivers up to 1200Mbps data speed. The same technology used ensures that data is sent to the various terminal without interfering with each other. We also find the smart WiFi LED of this dual-band AC1200 to be convenient as it shows the WiFi strength.


  • Its flexible system can satisfy all your needs
  • The best connection for lag-free gaming and HD video streaming
  • The blazing-fast wired performance of the gigabit Ethernet ports makes its speed 10 times faster than the standard speed
  • The beamforming technology used extends signal coverage
  • Touch and connect feature makes it easier to share it with friends


  • Have no parental control feature

#8. Tenda MD3 Nova Wave 2 802.11ac

This dual-band mesh WiFi system supports from 1100-3200 sq.ft coverage to bring you high internet speed and eliminating the dead zones in your home. We like this device because it meets all our consideration factors thus; you have no worry if you purchase. What makes it outstanding than the previously rated is its compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant. You can also link up to 60 devices making it worth sharing with friends. You will have full control of this system because the Tenda WiFi does everything for you.


  • The seamless WiFi roaming gives you internet access in any location of your home
  • The parental control feature and it’s easy to set up makes it convenient
  • Its MIMO and beamforming technology helps to support many devices
  • Compatible with major ISP’S


  • None

#7. TOTOLINK T10 Whole Home and Mesh WiFi System

It is one of the top products that good network coverage which you can rely on downloading, video streaming and gaming. It uses MIMO technology and the wave two wireless AC technology to eliminate lag and buffering while connecting many devices. Also, it allows you to connect up to 64 devices while maintaining the optimal bandwidth. Comparing it with the previous products, it covers up to 4500 sq.ft which is wide. The 3-gigabit ports and 2 LAN ports make it more reliable and convenient.


  • Has quick and easy setup
  • Meets all consideration factors
  • You can connect to smart mesh networking with only one touch to the T button
  • It’s of value to your money


  • None

#6. ROCK SPACE Whole Home WiFi System

If you are experiencing dead zones in your 5380 sq.ft home then purchasing this product will ease your struggles. This 3 pack dual-band WiFi mesh system has a simultaneous speed of up to 1167 Mbps. Also, the QoS function ensures you get a better gaming experience every time. What makes this product outstanding includes the built-in firewall and encrypted WPA2- PSK to guard your network. It also gives you full control of your device through the RS WiFi app that will help you will your set up process. The MIMO technology used also helps to transfer data to various devices.


  • Meets our consideration factors
  • Secure, reliable, and convenient
  • Easy to set up through the RS app
  • Supports seamless roaming


  • None

#5. TP-Link Deco Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

We rank this product at this position because to us it is one of the best deco M4 3pavk systems that you should consider for your home. This router covers up to 5, 500 sq.ft for your household. We find its working ability with Alexa to be more outstanding as it gives you more control power over your device. That is not all, the parental control feature enables you to limit the sites that your children visit online. Also, you will manage your deco either in our away from your home through the deco app. Its high speed of AC1200 makes it reliable and convenient for use in the backyard.


  • It meets all our consideration factor
  • Seamless and stable WiFi mesh
  • The advanced mesh technology makes it easy for the decor to adjust
  • Fast and stable
  • Ranked the top product in 2017 and 2019


  • None

#4. Mercku Mesh WiFi System Hive Whole Home Coverage 5000 sq.ft

Mercku one of the top companies with 25years of experience in the tech industry and that is why we consider this product. We believe that the company has used advanced methods to come up with this brand making it outstanding. It is an AC1200 smart security 5pack, 1 M2+4 designed to clear the dead zones in your home. It uses WHEMS antennas to provide speed internet coverage. Also, it gives you a seamless experience supported by the mercu mobile app. It’s the ability to support up to 8k streaming devices is what makes it unique.


  • It meets all our consideration factors
  • It is fast and clear
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Has enhanced performance through the WHEMS antenna


  • None

#3. Netgear Orbi Home Whole Mesh WiFi System (RBK 13)

Although this product meets all our consideration factors, we rank it as 2nd runners up because of its uniqueness. This product remains outstanding from the previous products as it uses an armor advanced threat protection. This means that your connected devices are protected from viruses, malware, and data theft through the built-in NetGear armor. We also find its ability to connect with any network provider to be outstanding. The wired 1 gigabit Ethernet port makes it compatible with any of your devices.


  • It meets all consideration factors
  • Fast and secure
  • Covers up to 4,500 sq.ft
  • Powerful mesh technology makes it a reliable connection


  • Has lots of negative customer reviews

#2. Google Best WiFi 4 Pack Smart WiFi

When talking about products of value to your money then this Google assistant WiFi deserves that. We rank it as our 1st runners up because it meets all our consideration factors. This device has a coverage distance of up to 7000sq ft thus; no more dead zones in your household. It also works with any internet provider to provide you a seamless coverage for your home. More so, the automatic updates of this product to keep your Wi-Fi internet safe and sound. Each neat has a Google assistant to keep your home connected.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Compatible with all internet providers
  • Fast and reliable
  • Covers up to 7000sq.ft


  • A detailed description of this product is not provided

#1. Netgear Orbi Whole Home Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 System

We provide this product as our top best for any household. This device overpowers the previously rated products because of it’s unique design, outstanding features, and capabilities. It offers the latest WiFi 6 which has 4 times capacity to deliver fast speeds. Also, you can set this device and have full control thought the Orbi app anytime anywhere. It is the only device currently using the ultra-fast gigabit of up to 6Gbps for all your internet purpose. You may realize that this is the only tri-band backhaul product in our reviews and is also the best because it meets all our considerations.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Covers up to 7,500sq.ft
  • High speed of 6Gbps
  • Connects up to 60+ devices


  • The auto firmware update makes it inconvenient

Factors to consider before buying a mesh Wi-Fi router

There are various factors to consider before settling for a reliable Wi-Fi router for your home. The mesh wi-fi routers are categorized into two types, router or satellite combos and the straight forward routers. Understanding the difference between those two will help you decide which system is best for your household. We will guide you through the features you can consider before making decisions. It includes;


It is a side of a network that transports data packets out of the internet and into the router. A wired backhaul can also be connected by the use of Ethernet cable to connect access points to the router. Although many people find it tiring as you will have to drill holes on the walls.

AP Steering

You should consider one that supports AP Steering as it automatically directs the wireless clients to an access point with the strongest connection which directs it back to the router.

Band Steering

This feature helps to detect if the client device is dual-band capable. The router will then push dual-band clients automatically to the least congested network, normally on a 5gz frequency band.


It is an optional feature to consider but we recommend. It improves the wireless bandwidth by focusing on radio signals to allow more data to reach the client and less to the atmosphere.

Dual-band or tri-band

The dual-band operates discrete networks of 2.4 GHz and 5Ghz frequency band. Some tri-band router normally splits the 5Ghz frequency into two to create a second network. Other tri bands operate on 2.4 and 5Ghz discrete network bands.

Ethernet ports

A good mesh router should have at least 2 hardwired Ethernet ports either wide area network or local area network. You can also consider one that uses auto-configuring ports that supports both LAN or WAN depending on what is plugged in. You can even increase Ethernet ports by plugging in an Ethernet switch.

Parental controls

Nowadays it is so difficult to control what children view and do online but with mesh Wi-Fi router it is now possible. Consider one with a router-based parental controller that will restrict where a person visits and it also restricts the s time for one to be online.

Wi-Fi speed ratings

Most manufacturers market 802.11ac routers and 802.11ac client adapters. A dual-band router can deliver 400Mbps and 867Mbps for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency band respectively normally described as AC1300 router.

Quality of service (QoS)

This feature describes the ability that a router has to identify different data pa keys in the network. It is from that point that it determines if it will assign high or low priority. If you want your router to give out network trafficking then considering this feature is important.


From our description above, you will realize that we only talked of two categories of mesh Wi-Fi routers. Do not forget there are also traditional routers which to offer more tweakable settings. You will benefit from any of the products above to satisfy your home needs and have full control of your home. Although we find traditional routers to be more favorable because of its in-built features and also being higher-end routers thus; fast internet performance. The mesh WiFi router overpowers it because it can connect many devices whereas traditional only one at a time.

We believe that with any of our products above, you will be able to limit the time your children have access to the internet and also manage your home. These products are of value to your money and that is why we try to save your buying struggles.

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