The 10 Best Long Bridesmaid Dresses in Reviews

Being part of a bridesmaid of any wedding is something that many of the ladies look forward to. The fun, the excitement and the continuous entertainment associated with it are undeniably is alluring. Looking glamorous as a bridesmaid is what you must put effort. However, looking gorgeous will not be an individual struggle but a team. Therefore, every individual who will participate as a bridesmaid ought to positively contribute to the best dress to make the wedding colorful.

You’ll agree with me that shopping for bridesmaid dresses is absolutely a daunting task with various interested individuals. Neither are they come cheap. The fact that many girls have different tastes, sizes, and styles offer a big challenge in making a conclusive selection. To end these uncertainties, we’ve rounded up the best 10 long bridesmaid dresses for you. You must select them fearlessly because we have done prior real review with individuals who have used the same dresses. Read with me for more…

The 10 Best Long Bridesmaid Dresses Reviews

#10. Karever Women's Sequined Long Bridesmaid Dress

By Karever

If you want a bridesmaid dress that will match well with your wedding, then Karever Sparkly sequin bridesmaid dress works you out. It is designed with pleat and one shoulder to boost your look and maintain your beauty. You can either select the custom made design or chose the size you want from the size chart. The dress comes with many colors including rose cold and black. If you want to make your wedding a memorable event, then this is the best type of bridesmaid dress to invest in.

The zip in the back is ergonomically designed to enable easy fitting and wearing. Karever will enable you to walk steadily and in a comfortable manner. Think of no other bridesmaid dress, make effort to acquire this sizzling make from a karever bridesmaid dress.


  • Great for the price
  • Good quality and beautiful
  • Matches well your wedding, since it comes with many colors
  • Zip at the back for easy wear


  • Underarm rub

#9. Cute V-Neck Long Bridesmaid Dress

By Lover Kiss

Elegant and soft chiffon V-neck bridesmaid dresses is a long dress having slit formal evening dress that is capable of turning your wedding to be wonderful and colorful. The auspicious look adds up to making your wedding unforgettable. It has all sizes, so it’s your job to deliver the right measurements and you wouldn’t be frustrated with the end results. Additionally, the cut of the dress is really flattering. You can comfortably raise your arms. More interesting is the cut for the legs since it’s not too high and thus keeps it classy.

The dress in by itself is very elegant. The material in which the dress is made from is very amazing and the style will fit you so comfortably. The quality of this dress is the best, true to color and so attractive. As long as you provide the right measurements, the dress will fit you perfectly.


  • This dress is good quality for the price
  • True to its color
  • Style fit so comfortably
  • Different size available


  • A zipper would have been better

#8. Lace Prom Long Chiffon A-line Long Bridesmaid Dress

By StayPretty

Want a unique bridesmaid long dress made from fabric materials that makes you comfortable? Go for Lace Prom Long Chiffon A-line bridesmaid dress. Makes you stand comfortably and made from high-quality materials. A perfect compliments of the gown. The short-sleeved design offers a well-fitting style for a glamorous look.

With this dress, you’ll definitely be surprised by the pleasing and lively appearance during a wedding. Stylish and simple, this A-line Chiffon is timeless. Well known for its close-fitting shape and a long necklace with beaching and sequin. Try out this bridesmaid dress for an amazing and memorable wedding event.


  • Design with comfortable chiffon fabric
  • An appropriate choice for wedding events
  • Cost-friendly
  • Well-fitted design and style


  • Slightly long for some customers

#7. YORFORMALS Women's Halter A-Line Long Bridesmaid Dress


In order to make your wedding come out a successful, the bridesmaids should look perfectly beautiful, and this is only possible if the selected bridesmaid dress offers comfort. One of the preferred choice for comfort is YORFORMALS Women’s Halter A-Line Long Bridesmaid Dress. Some of its design features include elegant halter neckline, a line silhouette, beaded, floor length, invisible bra inside, corset lace up back, fully lined and boned.

The fashion halter formal gown is designed with beads and crystals decorated on waistline making it look stunning and eye-catching. The popular dress is design with pockets, therefore, rendering it to be ideal for your special occasions like wedding. This is a gorgeous dress that you can’t miss to have at your wedding. The dress that offers queens resemblances yet at an affordable price.


  • Corset back offers you the ability to adjust to your comfort
  • The pockets are wonderful, super deep to hold your phone or even snacks
  • Made from an amazing material
  • The shape is fabulous


  • The dress is a little too long

#6. Immagicdress Rose Gold Sequins Long Bridesmaid Dress

By Immagicdress

Imagine if getting a brand of bridesmaid dress that offers you options of choosing from their five styles available. The only brand that has made this possible is Immagicdress Rose Gold Sequins Long Bridesmaid Dress which comes handy for your wedding event. They are designed with a floor length with a sexy and shiny look. Every lady wants to look pretty gorgeous with charming shinning on their attire. Undouble, Immagicdress is worth giving your resources because it stands out as the best bridesmaid dress.

Want a well-customized bridesmaid dress well fitting for you at no charges? This dress is what you are looking for. You only need to submit the bust, waist, hips shoulder to floor measurements and your dress gets done. Have a splendid time as you make your movements during your long-awaited event with this kind of a dress.


  • Offer five styles to choose from
  • Best dress to lit up your wedding
  • Offer customized made dress
  • Cost friendly


  • It is a little long but can be easily fixed

#5. Zhongde Women's A-Line Long Bridesmaid Dress

By Zhongde

When it comes to the well-established brand that has been continuously making a good looking dress for the past 10 years, Zhongde Women’s A-Line Long Bridesmaid Dress is truly the number one brand. They have a long floor length with a chiffon lace scoop neck tank straps sleeveless back zipper and keyholes ruffles. The two layers of fabric make the dress opaque, no one can see you through whichever the case. Covers all the proper areas and make you feel good inside when you wear.

Make your wedding fabulous by acquiring a dress that will make your bridesmaids feel loved and cared for. If you choose this brand, you wouldn’t go wrong, because it offers a magnificent look while generously making your wedding fantastic.


  • Wonderfully custom made, bridesmaid dress
  • On top holds a very nice chiffon material
  • Good quality and beautiful
  • Makes your wedding amazing


  • It is too long but can be altered

#4. AW Chiffon Long Bridesmaid Dress


AW Chiffon Long Bridesmaid Dress takes the fourth position as the smartest and unique bridesmaid dress that can be used in a wedding. The zipper is designed to allow easy opening and closure. Features an A-line, floor length, sexy V-shape neck, pleated front, overall ruffles, and sweet butterfly sleeves, fully lined, and padded enough for no bra option. Sweet and romantic, perfect for a wedding occasion. Moreover, the 16 sizes make this brand to fit almost all ladies with varied body size while the 21 plus trendy colors offer you an option to choose the best. Not forgetting, is the customizable designs at the same cost.

One you should know about this dress is the fact that it has been made from high-quality fabrics with well-experienced designers who hand make every single dress thus offering the best wearing experience. Your event can be a big day if your bridesmaid wear this dress from AW Chiffon


  • Offers various colors and sizes
  • Made from high-quality fabric material
  • Padded enough for no bra option
  • Offers the best wearing experience


  • Simple alteration might be needed

#3. Lavender Maxi Long Bridesmaid Dress

By Anabella Women

Lavender Maxi Long Bridesmaid Dress is a perfect dress for bridesmaids. A dress that has always stick to its simplicity and classic look while standing as the fashionable dress. It fits the body wonderfully and the elastic feeling the shoulder part and the waistband makes it fits perfectly without irritation. The abundance of the fabric material offers a beautiful flow as you walk along. This Lavender dress seems flattering and can easily fit various body types, sizes, and shapes. Furthermore, it works well for women who are pregnant who would like to be part of the bridesmaid team.

If you think you been seen through with this dress then its high time to retract your thoughts, because it has cotton lining hence making it not to be seen through. Colors are not limited, made with many colors like lavender, green, peach, cream and many more, although lavender has been a liking of many because it looks amazing.


  • Fits your size perfectly
  • Easily fits different body shape and types
  • Available in many colors offer your option to choose
  • Cannot be seen through because of the cotton lining


  • No cons, beautiful

#2. JASY Women's Spaghetti Satin Long Bridesmaid Dress


If you’ve been yearning to get a sleeveless bridesmaid dress that meets what you want, then you should try out JASY Women’s Spaghetti Satin Long Bridesmaid Dress. Suitable mostly for weddings. Look amazing and elegant. The material from which it is made from is soft and from high-quality material. Customers who have had the privileged to wear the dress have felt that this dress was designed for them. It is designed with many colors and size, so you have the option for selecting what best meet your requirements. Customization is not left back either, you can customize your dress while maintaining the cost at a lower limit possible.


  • Varied sizes and shapes offer you an option to choose your best
  • Made from a fabric material, high quality
  • Can be customized to meet your need
  • Fit well and offer different color choice


  • Could be even good with a zipper closure

#1. Sexyshine Women's Backless Gown Long Bridesmaid Dress

By Sexyshine

As the name suggests, Sexy shine Women’s Backless Gown Long Bridesmaid Dress gives you the sexiest and shiny look in a wedding event. The multi-way wearing within 2 long straps makes you change into different styles and feeling for any style and occasion. Also, highly elastic fabric polyester, milk silk, stretchable and forming down smoothly adds up the desirable features of the best bridesmaids features. Make your wedding rise to the next level by opting for Sexyshine long bridesmaid dress today!


  • Made from highly elastic fabric polyester material
  • Suitable for many occasions
  • Offer different colors and sizes to fit anyone
  • Flattering and fun


  • Straps thin around the bust

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Long Bridesmaid Dress


As we had said before, bridesmaid dresses are damn expensive and choosing the one that meets your budget is much considerable. Always stick to your budget, don’t but go for a bridesmaid dress because of it too cheap, because it might end up comprising the quality you had intended to get.


Wedding event is accompanied by joy, so having a bridesmaid dress that offers great comfort is desirable. Because bridesmaid dresses are of different sizes, every individual who part of the bridesmaid team should wear the right size which in return offer the required comfort. Avoid buying too tight bridesmaid dress or too bulky.


The color goes handy with the occasion. Well, uniformity is what you’ll like to keep. Choose the color that matches well with the wedding. The bright and attractive color is recommendable.

Body Shape

The preferred choice should fit well to your body shape. There are bridesmaid dresses that fit well to everyone without causing dressing problem. Make a research on the style and design that will fit your body shape before settling down to any type.


There many long bridesmaids dress available in the market, but the reviewed collection managed to take the lead having amazing and incredible features. Their unique style makes that wedding you’ll be attending colorful and memorable. As long as you make your pick well, everything will go on as planned. With the above long bridesmaid dresses, we are sure that your wedding will be stunning and adorable. The buying guide also helps you to make a concise decision.

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