The 10 Best LED Ceiling Lights in Reviews

One of the most auspicious lighting being embraced by many homes today is the LED ceiling light. They are known for emitting a more natural light yet saving a lot of energy. Since they come with several designs and styles, most people will always look for the one that fits the style and look of their homes. Unlike other lighting options, LED ceiling lights have a stylish and glamorous look that doubles up to be a house décor. Also, this lighting can be placed in any setting of your house.

Because you wouldn’t be purchasing this lights every now and then, it is prudent to choose wisely. As we all know, there are many LED lights available on the market and selecting the one that best suits you is a difficult task, that’s why we’ve come to help you out. We are pleased to bring you the Top 10 Best LED Ceiling Lights Reviews. The buyer’s guide below these products will even make your selection easy.

#10. Kakanuo Modern Crystal 3 Light Flush H10.4'' X W9.8'' Chandelier Ceiling Light

Whenever, you’re looking for a mini crystal chandelier that suits your bedroom, bar, hallway, bathroom or kitchen, then consider this sparkling acrylic LED ceiling light by Kananuo. The glass touch and feel makes it firm and creates an exceptional and classy atmosphere in your room. Also, this light can mimic different look depending on how you want it to look. You have an option to choose from warm white to daylight white for varied effects. The various exciting patterns on the ceiling gives you a relaxed and happy moment. Installing this light is a breeze, so no need to look for an electrician. Use this LED ceiling lights for rooms measuring 8 to 10 meters square.


  • Has a compact and sleek design that saves you a lot of space in your room
  • Easy to install with detailed instructions
  • The elegant design with a glass touch creates a superior and classy atmosphere
  • Emits right amount of light and energy-efficient


  • Some of the crystals tend to fall off after sometimes

#9. PAPAYA Mini Chandelier Glass Pendant 1 Light Fixture Kitchen Island Ceiling Light

Next, we have PAPAYA LED Ceiling Light that ensures every detail in your home is visible. The light has a contemporary design that takes your lighting décor to a higher notch. Your kitchen will never be the same again if you embrace this lighting. Also, the 57” cord that comes with is adjustable, hence, work well for people with a low or higher ceiling. They only need to adjust to their best fit. The lampshade has a thick glass, which is not easy to breakdown, adding sparkle and elegance to your home décor. Additionally, it is fully dimmable with suiting dimmer switch to bring a perfectly relaxing atmosphere.


  • This small pendant light are installed easily and quickly
  • Fully dimmable with a suitable dimmer switch to brings a perfect atmosphere
  • The adjustable heights will give you a maximum hanging height you need
  • The lampshade is made with thick glass that is not easy to break down
  • Add a touch of glamour and sparkle for your home décor


  • Finding a compatible LED bulbs is difficult because it has a narrow width

#8. TALOYA 20W 12'' Modern Flush Mount 0.98'' Thickness Ceiling Pink Girl (Warm White/Neutral/Cool)

TALOYA Ceiling Pink Girl is a unique LED light that considers user safety as a priority. The free electric insulation of 2mm thickness plastic shell do away with the potential risk of electrical shock or any potential disasters that could be caused by short-circuiting. Also, installation is easy and convenient, so you’ll have to do away with expensive labor cost. If you want a lighting appliance that can lower the monthly electric cost, then this is certainly your option. 20W TALOYA LED compared to a traditional incandescent ceiling light 200W five bulbs (40W each). For individuals who embrace eco-friendly products, this is also another set of products you should purchase because it has no mercury, no IR or UV radiations.


  • The super-slim look and five colorful shells bring your space into the contemporary era
  • These LED ceiling lights have a longer life and higher light output
  • Eco-friendly with no mercury, no UV or IR radiation
  • It offers user cost-effective way to complete the installation even with only one screw
  • Thick plastic shell prevents the potential risk of electric shock


  • This is not a dimmable light

#7. Kekeou 18W LED 13.4'' Ultra-Thin Round 1500 Lumens lush Mount Ceiling Light

Another lighting that can bring a vibrant vibe to your room is Kekeou LED Ceiling Light. The light comes with eye protection design, no Blu-ray hazard, light visual uniformity, thus protecting adequately your eyes away from anti-glare and flicker. Also, this light is high energy efficiency with 1500 lumens which is a perfect alternative for the old ceiling light fixtures. The lighting is suitable for bedroom, kitchen, basement, hallway, stairway, bedroom, etc. This light has an ergonomic design that makes it almost ideal for all places in your house. Besides, it is easy to install, and crisp white light is great for my living room.


  • Great design and a perfect size for your living room, basement, office, etc.
  • Absence of Blu-ray protect your eyes and offer light visual uniformity
  • It is an ideal replacement or old ceiling light fixture
  • Easy installation procedure, no extra spending for labor


  • The remote control does not work

#6. Bewamf Modern Adjustable Cone 9W Warm Light Mini Island Pendant Light

If you want that LED ceiling light with superb features and adorable design, then better settle with Bewamf Modern Pendant Light. Also, if you want something modern, nice looking, simple, light and not too bright, then indeed you’ve found the right product. Installation of this unit is easy because it has a clear guide in the listing. Additionally, the polished silver surface with a contemporary design remains up to date. Once you’ve installed this light in your house, you love the elegant and fashion atmosphere it will bring. The soft and warm light is handy for your bedroom.


  • Easy to install by following the guide step by step
  • Absence of glares is ideal for indoor use
  • It creates an elegant and fashionable atmosphere
  • All the sockets and wires of this LED ceiling light are UL listed


  • This light is non-dimmable

#5. CO-Z 3-Light Mini Chandelier Opal Glass Shade Nickel Finish Ceiling Light

With a sleek and sophisticated design, this three-light chandelier combines with a satin-etched glass to add brilliance to your house. The impressive style and quality make it be an attractive collection. Do you want to have a luxurious décor that fits perfectly in your home? This is the exact choice for you. Made with an extra-thick frame finishing that improves on its durability and its load capacity. Perfect with 25W LEDs making a 75W equivalent total. The presence of satin etched glass shades aid in softening the light, hence distributing it the evenly perfect suit for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and entryways.


  • Durable & safe because it is made with steel frame
  • UL listed for safety and met the world standards
  • It is compatible with three bulbs (max 60W)
  • Simple & elegant design makes it a perfect light for any home décor
  • It can be readily be upgraded to a dimmable chandelier


  • It looks nice, but installation is somewhat difficult

#4. VICNIE 14'' Dimmable Round 20W 1400 Lumens LED Flush Mount Ceiling

Your home sometimes requires a particular type of light that makes your house look magical. With the enhanced features that ensure the LED Source uses at least 75% of energy hence making it stands out more than incandescent lighting. Also, this unit is dimmable 10% – 100%, which is compatible with most standards dimmers, no humming, and buzz-free. What’s even impressive about this lighting is the 50000 hours lifespan which in essence last ten times longer than halogen. Moreover, it distributes light evenly. The light is also bright and warm, which suits perfectly for your bedroom.


  • It uses less energy than the incandescent lighting
  • This lighting is dimmable and compatible with most standards dimmers
  • Has a 50000 hours lifespan which means it can work over 17 years
  • It is safe and comfortable to install
  • This lighting is versatile and can be used almost everywhere in the house


  • The product is overpriced

#3. MO&OK Black Mini Chandelier Crystal Drum Gauze 3 Light for Bedroom

MO&OK Black Light for Bedroom designed this unit with quality and value in mind. Every detail of these products is stunning and adorable. The polished design and durable structure provide this unit with a touch of class. The hanging crystal, however, will swing supremely and adds a simple look to your bedroom. This beautiful modern ceiling lamp suits well the hallway. The soft and warm light creates an appealing atmosphere to dwell in. This is a LED ceiling light that is worth your money.


  • The soft light creates a warm atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable
  • It has a polished designed and durable structure that makes it long-lasting
  • The lamp is sturdy and of high quality
  • The ceiling lighting is ideal for bedroom, closet, hallways, etc.


  • You’ll need professional to install unless you’ve patience

#2. Kira Home Maxine Integrated 20W LED 15'' Round Glass Diffuser Warm White Light

Kira Home Maxine 15” Semi Flush is another perfect incredible light for your home. The lighting is eco-friendly, and it features a bright crystal shade that emits beautiful light. Choose this light if you want a modern lamp for an entryway, living room, bedroom, closet, or hallway. UL has fully approved it for enhanced safety. Installing this unit is a breeze! Impressing about this unit is the classy yet not gaudy design. When on the ceiling this light is so beautiful and colorful, therefore you ought to bring with you to your home.


  • Has a large design that is gorgeous
  • Mounted with an elegant fixture to fit various areas in the room
  • It is ETL listed for your safety
  • Built with a stylish design perfect conversion piece
  • Installation is a breeze


  • It emits too much bright light

#1. Lalula Chandelier 3 Light Crystal Ceiling Fixtures White Flush Mount Light

Are you searching for lighting that offers the highest quality indoor lighting fixtures? Search no more, because with Lalula Chandelier Flush Mount Light provides you what you need. The lighting is UL listed; therefore, it is safe for human use. For this light to be durable, it has been made with high-quality crystals, cast iron with the electroplated process. With durable craftsmanship, this LED light lasts longer, offering you unceasing beauty and style. What’s more, this opulent yet straightforward unit is a perfect addition to any home that requires light plus décor.


  • A perfect addition to any room that requires light and décor
  • It has a simple assembly and easy installation
  • This light is dimmable with a dimmable bulb
  • Has chrome finish wrought iron that makes it durable
  • The lighting is ideal for bathroom, bedroom, etc.
  • This unit is UL listed therefore it is safe


  • Beautiful light horrible instructions

Factors to Consider When Purchasing LED Ceiling Lights


This is the most considered factor in LED light because it defines how the lighting will perform in your house. Wattage is the units used to calculate the energy efficiency of the LED ceiling lights. A good LED ceiling light has more lumens which make its functions well without consuming a high amount of power. Choosing a LED Ceiling Light as opposed to other brands in the market is ideal because these light has proven to work with less energy.

Beam Angle

The beam angles are the area covered by the lights emitting out of the lighting source. An excellent beam angle that works best in a house or an office should be 60 degrees. Other places like balcony and corridors should have at least a beam angle of 90 degrees. Choose to light with your precise beam angle

Light Intensity

The light intensity is directly proportional to the lumen value, which means, a high lumen value will increase the lighting intensity. In science, LUX is the unit for calculating light intensity.

Bulb Color

LEDs bulbs come with varied colors. Depending on your preference, you’ll choose the color that perfectly matches your needs. Because of this color factor, LED Ceiling Lights has gotten it to use in various events like parties, bedrooms, living rooms, etc.
These are but a few factors you need to consider before opting for a specific LED Ceiling Light.


To sum it up, each reviewed product above has undergone thorough test, approval, and certifications for quality check by consumers and experts, no need to fear. The detailed explanation for each product will help you in distinguishing one product from another. Lucky enough, we have compiled our list with affordability and quality in mind, we are confident that you wouldn’t miss your suiting LED ceiling light. Take your lighting experience to the next level today by grabbing one of these incredible lights!

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